How to like a friend?

16 psychological tricks on how to get another person to like you

Incredible facts

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand why we like this or that person.

Maybe it’s because of a charming smile or wit, or maybe you just feel comfortable and easy to be around him.

However, scientists are not satisfied with such an answer, and they do a lot of research to determine the factors that attract us to each other.

Here are some interesting tricks that will help you look at existing dating in a new light and get a relationship going quickly.

1. Copy gestures

When you’re talking to someone, try copying their gestures, body movements and facial expressions. This strategy is known as mirroring, where you repeat the other person’s behavior.

The chameleon effect occurs when people unconsciously mimic each other’s behavior, and this behavior leads to sympathy.

2. Spend more time with the people you want to get to know.

We tend to like people with whom we are familiar.

To demonstrate this phenomenon, psychologists conducted an experiment in which four women had to be present in class as students. Each of the women appeared in class a different number of times.

When the male students were shown pictures of the four women, they expressed more sympathy for the women they saw more often, even though they did not interact with them.

3. Say Compliments.

People will associate you with the words you use to describe other people.

In other words, everything you say about other people affects how you are seen. If you talk about others as sincere and kind people, you are associated with those qualities. The opposite is also true, if you constantly pour dirt on someone behind their back, you will be associated with negative traits.

4. Express Positive Emotions.

People are strongly influenced by the mood of others, and we subconsciously feel the emotions of those around us.

This probably arises because we naturally copy the movements and facial expressions of others, which helps us feel the same way others do.

If you want others to be happy around you, try to express positive emotions.

5. Be friendly and competent

When you show yourself to be friendly, people feel like they can trust you. If you seem competent, they tend to respect you.

Psychologists believe that it’s important to show your friendliness first, and then competence, because from an evolutionary standpoint it’s important to know if a person is trustworthy.

6. Show your flaws from time to time.

People tend to like you more after you’ve made a mistake, but only if they think you’re a competent person.

Showing your imperfections, you become more close and vulnerable, making it easier for others to get close to you.

7. Emphasize common values.

We are attracted to those who are like us. In one experiment, people were asked their attitudes on different issues and then asked to live together. By the end of the experiment, people liked those who had similar attitudes with them on different topics more.

8. Touch

Subconscious touch happens when we touch the other person so discreetly that they almost don’t notice it. Even a light stroking on the back or a touch on the hand can evoke more warm feelings toward you.

9. Smile

When you smile when you first meet another person, there’s a good chance they won’t forget you.

In one experiment, participants looked at pictures of women in different poses: a smiling woman in an open and closed pose, and an un-smiling woman in the same poses. The experiment showed that the participants liked the smiling woman regardless of her pose.

10. Perceive the other as they wanted to be seen.

People want to be perceived the way they perceive themselves. We all want validation of our opinions, whether negative or positive.

So if a person has a high opinion of himself, he prefers those who also have a high opinion of him, and people with a negative opinion of themselves prefer those who criticize them. This seems strange, but it is explained by the fact that we like to communicate with those who respond to us in a way that corresponds to our self-image.

11. Tell a secret.

This is one of the best ways to build a relationship. If we communicate on very personal matters, we feel much closer to each other than if we talk on trivial matters.

So, for example, when you get to know someone, you might start with simple questions, such as asking about a movie the person last saw, and then asking about the more intimate people in their lives.

When you share personal information with another person, they feel closer to you and are more likely to trust you.

12. Show that you know how to keep a secret

People value integrity in relationships. Honesty, loyalty, and trustworthiness are probably the most important components in friendships and relationships.

13. Demonstrate a sense of humor.

Regardless of what we think of the ideal friend or partner, a sense of humor is important.

By using humor when dating, you are much more likely to get the other person to like you, and if you have a funny experience together, it increases the romantic attraction.

14. Let others talk about themselves

Talking about ourselves gives us as much pleasure as eating, money, or sex.

In other words, when you let the other person share a story from your life, it creates more positive memories of your interactions.

15. Be a little vulnerable.

Being emotionally open or closed often explains why some people get along and some don’t.

Of course, emotional openness comes with the risk of being vulnerable and the uncertainty of being accepted.

However, openness is very important in both friendships and romantic relationships.

16. Show that you like them.

When we think someone likes us, we tend to like that person too.

If we know the other person will accept us, we are friendlier to them, increasing the chances that they will actually like us.

Even if you are unsure of the other person’s feelings, act as if you love them and there is a good chance that the feeling will be mutual.

How to fall in love with your best friend?

The worst situation is when you look at a guy with amorous eyes, and he thinks that you are his best friend, trusting all his secrets. He tells you about that “blonde” or “brunette”, advises you what to give her for her birthday, and you realize that you have cornered yourself with this friendship.

Is it possible to fall in love with his best friend and how to do this, if the relationship is not the first year? Before you start transferring relationships from friendship to love, you should make sure that the guy really like, as a man. To do this, you should understand. How love is different from friendship.

Love and friendship

Friendship and love are both relationships. But friendship is based on mutual benefit, friends are equal, trust each other completely, in love one can submit to the other and it brings him pleasure.

Close friendship is beneficial in some way. Friends help each other and are sure that if they need help, it will be given. In love, there is no expectation of return. The feeling is based on passion, and self-giving. In friendship, communication can be shared and enjoyable, in love the presence of strangers makes you uncomfortable.

Friendship is stable, love is passionate, changing. Ready to give freely? Then go for it.

How to fall in love with a friend?

Very often a childhood friend begin to look at the other eyes after parting. He grew up, matured, but you know that this is the best guy in the world – otherwise you would never have been friends with him for a long time. How to fall in love with a childhood friend, because he perceives the girl he has known for years, more like a sister?

  1. The only way to fall in love with yourself guy in this situation – to try to change his view of your relationship. No longer open up to him, as you used to do all these years, but try to listen to him more. Do not come at first call for help, but try to outline the situation so that he himself would find a way out of it, and then admire his ability to solve problems.
  2. The psychology of men is such that they like to be talked about, admired, believed in. It is worth a little distance in matters of love.
  3. It must be said that when discussing in detail the charms of any girl you like feel uncomfortable, male friends should sometimes be put in their place, otherwise they can afford to behave rudely.
  4. There’s a big plus in a close friendship with a man – you already know what he likes in women. Why not play along, open your eyes? A new haircut, a bold cleavage? After all, a man is a man, and to interest him, you should use a woman’s charms.
  5. The problem of how to fall in love with a pen pal, resolved more easily. You need to ask the guy to meet you. Do not worry before the first date – in correspondence for sure you opened up to each other the secrets that you would never dare to tell when we met face to face.

Pros and cons of friendship before love

Huge pluses when you want to interest yourself in a close friend:

  • You don’t have to come up with reasons to meet and topics to talk about;
  • You know his tastes and you will try to fit in;
  • You can always please;
  • You can spend a sufficient amount of time together and not feel that you are imposing.

One of the psychological tips: “How to make your friend fall in love with you. Try to start a conversation where cautiously try to find out his attitude towards the transition from friendship to love, whether he considers this option. Close friendship even allows you to ask directly.

The disadvantages of close acquaintance:

  1. A guy just might not see his girlfriend as a girl and see her as a sister;
  2. In the company of friends you become so “your own guy” That turning into a girl is almost impossible;

If a direct question is followed by a vague answer: “Everyone has a chance,” will it be possible to remain close friends?

Strategy and Tactics

To get close, you need to give a little distance – no other way to move the relationship to the next level will not work. You need to check whether he needs you, whether he will miss you? If he really is a friend, then after a few days will begin to wonder what happened?

From this point on you should behave a little differently than until now.

  • Pretend that there were extraneous matters that you do not want to discuss;
  • If you used to talk about women’s health, now this topic should become taboo – no complaints about your intimate aspects of life;
  • To order the appearance and now in front of him to stop only in the “all-armed”. It is important not to overdo it. But her friend knows whether he likes bright makeup or prefers cleanliness;
  • Try to be new, to show a side of himself that he has not seen. Discuss with him not only mutual friends, and the sphere in which you are friends, but also your own interests – books, plays … Is it really “divide everything in half”, as in the children’s song?
  • You need to connect a sense of humor, in personal communication and company to demonstrate the lightness and wit.

So far he has taken the place of the best friend! It is worth using when dealing with a rival, to emphasize that for him you are one of the components in life. You can even apply the forbidden techniques – if his girlfriend is in your life, you know, in front of her you should touch him, touch his shoulder or hand.

Intimacy in friendship does not commit to anything in the future – very often different-sex friends have friendly sex and one of them deludes himself that he does not care. You should never have sex with a friend if you harbor a non-friendly attachment to him. He will just respect you less.

But if you’re sure you can tie a man to you with sex, and he’ll never meet a better partner, then it’s worth a try.

A new phase in communication

  1. A couple who has a relationship without intimacy, but with erotic play and hints of sex, has a better chance of turning friendship into love. This suggests that the girl is attractive to the guy as a partner, and if a little push…
  2. Often a physiological relationship begins when couples break up on the side. It’s very important not to miss this moment and get a shoulder to lean on…in time. Just don’t jump into bed every time a friend has a fight with a regular partner. This is not called friendship, and it does not grow into love.
  3. Communicating with a friend of the opposite sex must be aware of what really binds. Is it only a desire to share time? It is unlikely that a guy will spend hours and days with a girl if he does not feel emotion for her.

Maybe he is just afraid to admit his feelings? Then he should be helped.

Sometimes you don’t need to find out if a friend is in love or not, either. Marriages of friendship are just as good as unions of love.

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