How to like a boy if he loves another?

How to get a guy to like you if he loves someone else: is this even possible?

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How to like a guy if he loves someone else? Make him fall out of love. This is the answer of a vicious manipulator with witchcraft skills. Well, or an overconfident woman. And in general, in life, not everything is what it seems.

  • 1 Makeup, camouflage and other cosmetics
  • 2 The Biggest Secret of Choice
  • 3 Some discoveries.
  • 4 If he’s good, she’ll budge.
  • 5 The key is strategy.

Ideal social media couples may already be on the verge of breaking up, they just need a nudge. But it’s worth deciding for yourself why you should like them. Building a relationship with a conventionally “busy” guy is complicated, emotionally costly and unsafe. Okay, you’ve been warned, now let’s move on.

Makeup, camouflage, and other makeup.

Women’s magazines love to give “actionable” advice. For example, here’s what we read recently:

  • Get a fitness routine. No one likes fat people, and you get seven laps around the stadium, jumping rope, and twisting abs;
  • Watch your diet. Fruits, vegetables, no potatoes or pasta, lean meats. Wait, you’re going to seduce a guy, not win a fitness bikini;
  • Put on makeup and a dress and stilettos and stuff. Of course, the guy’s never even seen a girl with makeup on and stilettos before. That’s so rare.

It’s important to look after yourself, your health, take care of your body, eat normal food and get enough sleep for yourself. This will help you stay healthy and confident. But in the great business of attracting men will not help. Surprise, his beloved may turn out to be a cottontail on legs, but still remain beloved. And you’ll look like Miss World, but go home alone.

The biggest secret to picking.

They are not looking for the most athletic, or the most beautiful. Boys, for the most part, are fixated on their precious persona. No, really, how many guys have you seen who, for example, would start taking English classes if their girlfriend goes? But every other girl will do that.

You can only make a guy fall in love with you if you create the illusion that you are the girl of his dreams. Take a closer look at the object:

  • Check out all of his social media accounts;
  • Preferably – scan his Instagram to see who he likes and who he writes comments to;
  • Draw conclusions about which hobbies the guy has as a social showcase and which ones are real;
  • Finally, go to his sweetheart’s page. What does she post there? If it’s pies and salads and cute babies, you better not fall for it. It’s a woman’s weapon of choice to play hostess to her mother. Maybe in reality she doesn’t cook at all, and she doesn’t like kids either

Some discoveries.

There are times when a guy becomes uninteresting at the point of study. For example, he’s smart in class, but on his page he has reposts from some pseudo-philosophical subpages with the sauce: “Life is what it is.” Or, worse, funny quotes about the superiority of boys over girls.

That’s probably where you should leave the treasure to the competition. He may be infinitely broad-shouldered and even blond, but if he has this in his head, it’s no fun to date him. Think about it, you want to listen to a twisted story on behalf of some not-so-prepared mate, live by the household, and generally make those very pies. Not interested? Keep leafing, there are plenty of good-looking guys, and you’re on your own.

If he’s good, and she’ll move over

Then you take full responsibility. Get to know her. Not on the pretext of a walk outside your apartment at 11 p.m. Just movies, music, sports, books, whatever. Track him down through his public comments and strike up a conversation. You might even poke fun at him. Why, if he’s in a long lasting lasting relationship, he’s probably already forgotten about the jokes from the girls.

Communicate, observe, and definitely try to make it work in real life. You’ll see for yourself if you need it or not. If he trusts you, and begins to discuss with you some personal issues, you know – you almost won.

The main thing – the strategy.

Do not cheerfully offer a guy sex, even if he complains that he and his beloved almost do not have it. Neither should you act like a friend-brother, and drink beer with him on Fridays, discussing girls. Be yourself, talk about neutral topics, but emphasize your femininity. And don’t try to develop topics where his girlfriend is bad and you’re good. Just be that good guy.

You yourself will understand what his “point”, claims to the current love, and how you can be better. Do everything unobtrusively and watch their relationship develop.

Be prepared for the fact that:

  • The girl won’t be happy about your interference, and you might get the full range, from physical abuse to all sorts of shenanigans about work and school;
  • The guy will not pay attention to you, and will communicate with you as a friend, and at the attempt of your active actions will stop communication;
  • Various third parties will get involved – her girlfriends, his friends, your acquaintances, and all this merry company will start to censure you and teach you how to live. Surprise, no one likes prying into other people’s relationships.

If all of this does not scare, and you still want to know how to please the guy if he loves someone else – go ahead, you will not have another chance. Or read the material on how to like a man without a girl!

How to like a guy if he likes another: 10 ways to win his heart

Schoolgirls, female students, women of the older generation worry about the question: how to like a guy if he likes another girl? In adolescence, the objects of sympathy in guys change quickly. Requires a little effort to switch his attention to yourself.

How to like a guy at school: 10 ways

School is not only a source of gaining knowledge. On the territory of the educational institution share experiences, find friends and build love. For a guy to pay attention, you need to remember the ten basic rules :

Young men notice girls who stand out from the mass of people. Do not be like other people, live by your own rules and you will begin to stand out.

  1. Minimum makeup – maximum grooming.

A girl should learn from childhood: a healthy complexion is more attractive than a mask of makeup. The components of this formula: enough fluids, a healthy diet, frequent walks in the fresh air.

Girls-boys, boorish girls and hooligans like guys as a friend. For love, they will choose a gentle and soft person.

From a young age, guys love pretty pictures. For a guy to pay attention, the shapes have to be perfect. Don’t have those? Make them or make them stand out with clothes.

Guys love praise. Compliment him on how great he knows math, plays soccer, and makes crafts for work class. In front of his classmates he will not pretend to be pleased, but your comment will be appreciated.

Do not have a goal to become his girlfriend. For the first time be a good friend. Find a common interest, it will solidify your communication.

  1. A man should feel strong and powerful.

In his eyes, look like a little, helpless girl who needs to be protected, help carry the briefcase home and move the desk. He’ll love that state.

Boys care what their friends think of them. Make friends with them, then they will have a good opinion of you, and the object of sympathy accordingly.

Even the most powerful guy needs care. Show it in helping with homework and hints on tests

You can’t tell everything about yourself. You’re a mystery that he’ll spend his whole life figuring out.

These 10 ways will help you win the sympathy of your classmates. They will become practice before further flirting with a man.

How to like a guy by correspondence?

The simplest and most open – dating by correspondence. Such a technique is widely known among the modern generation of schoolchildren and students. But it also has some basic rules:

  1. Communication should be interesting. If you limit yourself to monotonous phrases like “how’s life”, “what are you planning to do”, then this communication will not lead to love. We must intrigue him so he looks forward to your appearance online. Tell funny stories, share your learning experiences, find common topics to discuss;
  2. Follow the rules of writing. A huge number of mistakes can’t help but be embarrassing;
  3. If a guy doesn’t want to communicate, don’t impose on him, otherwise he will decide that your place is on his “black list.

The modern method of dating has a plus: communication becomes simple, open and relaxed. It becomes possible to create a conversation with several candidates at the same time.

In this video, psychologist Alyona Sergeeva will give some tips on how you can get a guy to like you in just one day:

How to fall in love with a guy who has a girlfriend?

You can communicate with a guy, pay attention to him, fall in love with him, and then find out that he has an object of sympathy, with which the relationship was born. High school love is beautiful, because love is not committed to anything, it quickly emerges and fades away.

Does the guy have a girlfriend? Don’t make a big deal out of it! If you want to, you will fully replace her.

  • Gather information about the productivity of the relationship: the duration of the union, quarrels and the specifics of the relationship. Evaluate the situation, do you want to destroy the harmony?
  • Don’t strive to be like your competitor. Capture her positive and negative qualities, become better than her;
  • Start a conversation with him, find him on a social network, create common interests, strive to make him interested.

If for a long time the object of sympathy does not respond to flirting, it is better not to impose on communication with him, so as not to look silly.

Features of the first date

If you managed to interest a guy by correspondence, then the first date cannot be avoided. To make it go harmoniously, you need to follow the basic rules :

  • The best clothes: a romantic dress or skirt with a blouse. The more delicate the image, the better he will form an opinion about his partner. More charm, less vulgarity;
  • Even if the image looks incomplete, a straight posture will complete it. A woman walking confidently down the sidewalk is hard not to notice;
  • No matter what you say, pay attention to how you do it. Play with your intonation, smile more;
  • If you manage to make him laugh, then the date is already a success. Guys adore ladies with a sense of humor;
  • On a date there should not be a tense atmosphere, communicate with him as with your best friend.

Adhering to five simple rules, your date will impress the interlocutor, he will certainly want to repeat it.

How to eliminate a competitor?

Girls often wonder how to please a guy if he likes someone else, or if there are several other girls who claim his heart. The main mistake becomes mutual intrigue and the desire to show the rival in a disadvantageous light. In fact, it is enough to be yourself, to remain natural and not to be like other girls.

You should act as if you are morally superior to your rivals and do not want to sink to their level. Stay confident and unavailable. Then not only will the object of sympathy pay attention to you, but the other guys will torment themselves thinking about how to achieve your location.

Video tips on how guys like you

In this video, a young psychologist Vlad Topolev will give advice to girls how to please a guy, especially if he has another girl, how to make him fall in love with you:

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