How to leave my husband nicely?

How to leave a man beautifully?

Over time, the passion subsides, and many of the feelings that seemed so endless in the beginning, completely disappear, giving way to melancholy and irritation. Is it worth it to stick to the relationship or better to keep the memories of happy times and stop indulging yourself with illusions? Clinging to the remnants of past dreams is not difficult to turn into a hostage of his own indecision. Let your partner and open yourself up to a new relationship and emotions.

How to prioritize and mentally prepare for leaving

Be sure of your decision. The worst thing you can assume is making a decision in a moment of raging emotions. Try to calm down and turn off the pity and fear in yourself. Imagine you’ve already broken up and weigh the pros and cons.

Try to answer yourself: “What do I expect from life?” and “Is it worth it to go on living like this? If the answer to these questions, you’re already mentally exclude your partner from your life and feel relieved, then do not continue to reanimate the relationship.

Do not put off the implementation of the decision in a long box. This can drag on for years and you’ll wear yourself out with remorse. It is possible that this situation will wear him out, because only a naive or deeply indifferent man would not notice a dangerous change in your mood.

Get ready to show resilience. Keep in mind that you will be much harder than it is. After all, you make the decision and take full responsibility for yourself. It may seem that it is easier to leave everything as is. But it’s cowardice only delay the break-up, making it even more painful later. Alternatively, the man may be glad you left. This will be a hard blow to the ego, but far from fatal. In any case, the initiator of the breakup was you. In general, it’s even easier to take than the fact that he will beg you to change your mind and stay.

And the last thing you should be worried about is public opinion. All the gossip arises for a reason and without that, so do not pay much attention to exhortations of friends and acquaintances, and do not let them influence the decision. Your life is about you and no one else, so collecting rumors and trying to please everyone is a completely thankless task.

You will need a lot of time to recover the energy expended and to heal the trauma of the breakup. But through all these trials can be passed, preserving self-respect and dignity.

How to break up a relationship with dignity

№1. Assess the need and timing of a serious conversation

You shouldn’t declare your position with doubts or a foreboding inability to withstand the oncoming onslaught. You must be sure of your firmness, or the next attempt to return to the issue will simply not be taken seriously. If the only thing stopping you is fear of the future, then take a deep breath and step forward.

№2. Think through all your arguments.

Prepare in advance for possible twists and turns in the conversation. Man is partly unconsciously will try to manipulate you and put pressure on known to him pain points. Do not hesitate to think through sincere and convincing answers, it’s better than if they come to your mind after the conversation. If necessary, ask for advice from a professional psychologist or even a lawyer.

Your opponent’s emotions can trip you up. Try to write down briefly exactly what you wanted to say, then you’ll have a chance to end an unpleasant conversation on the first and last try.

№3. Be cool and reasonable

Your honesty will help a man endure a difficult conversation with the least blow to his own dignity. Do not put someone to blame and recollect grudges. All of these claims exactly nothing will change, except as the last thoroughly frazzled nerves you both.

Answer questions calmly and openly. This is the approach recommended by well-known psychologists. Explain, without unnecessary emotions, the reason for his actions, and cautiously hint that you are also sorry that things turned out this way.

Avoid touching, and remember to feel sadness and regret at parting is quite normal. Get to the end of what you started, don’t expect someone to do it for you.

№4. Leave

When the hardest part is behind you, you need to be consistent and walk away. It’s not easy, but adults have no right to throw words to the wind. In fact, the escape route is cut off and any last chances are out of the question.

Do not announce your decision by text message or phone.

This option is justified only in case of a supposedly inadequate reaction of men to your voiced decision. And even after that you need to find the strength to tell everything to his face during a personal meeting. Make a date in a crowded place, if you are afraid to stay alone with him. It should be understood that hiding forever will not work anyway.

Try to part without negativity

A peaceful option is always preferable, because no one will be happy to see a new enemy, the more so well aware of all your features. Do not scandalize, aggression can only aggravate the situation.

Do not placate with false promises.

If you decide to cut it off, cut it off! Don’t confuse the cards with promises you don’t think to keep. Attempts to soften what you say may sound like an excuse or further humiliate your partner, as if to show your leniency and pity for him. Do not complicate his already difficult situation.

Do not be susceptible to provocation.

By taking the position of the victim, the man can influence you, causing you to feel guilty and forcing excuses. You are not guilty of anything, so excuses are inappropriate in this case. Leaving a grown man, who existed safely before meeting you, should not allow the thought of “he will be lost without me,” as it is absolutely unfounded. Take care of your own problems and try to find your happiness.

Do not control him after the breakup

Do not watch your ex. Whether he is good or bad without you will be equally negatively perceived by you. Now that his life is separate from yours, you should not evaluate his new relationship. Choosing a certain tactic, stick to it, as if you do not want to spy on the previous partner is strictly prohibited.

Is it worth communicating after the relationship breakup?

During the first time it’s better to refrain from any forms of communication. Do not dwell on what can cause memories or nostalgia. If you have to communicate, make the joint pastime as short and insignificant as possible.

Jointly decided to remain friends should not turn your meetings into a farce. After the consciousness perceives the inevitability of this fact, you can build a qualitatively different relationship from the romantic one.

If you are tired of endless problems and realize that feelings have faded and a miracle is not going to happen – make up your mind. Sometimes time works against us and postponing a difficult conversation, you can miss a chance to find your destiny and be happy. In addition, by keeping someone near you who you do not see in your future, you commit a kind of crime. Sooner or later you will have to make this step, so why procrastinate, allow yourself to drop this heavy burden.

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How to leave my husband beautifully!

Husband with a fairy, but swears he swears that more ni ni. However, I do not care at all. Now I have no feelings for him, and I live with him so as not to leave with a bare ass. I’ll make a straw for myself and leave unexpectedly. The question is, how can I leave him in a way that hurts him as much as it hurts me.

If no children – silently go to the registry office and write a statement. From there, call him to come and write a counter. I did so. He wrote it. But then he wrote with boiling water. If you want to do beautifully, do everything naturally and without thinking – changed his mind. And you do not have to do beautifully, and worthy. Without much intrigue. Grow up in the eyes of her husband, if it’s important to you. And if not – then you can do whatever you want.

Your opponent is just waiting for such a generous gift from you in the form of release of living space and a place near your husband, as well as the right to dispose of his finances!) You even send her an invitation card-painting it!)

There was a banal story, on a business trip my husband had a lady. Young and cheeky, my husband thought he had returned home and no one will know, but Madame had other plans, calls and sms. So I found out everything. I packed my bags and went out, he begged, swore his love, asked not to separate with my daughter. I tried to forget, but I could not. Two years of swinging, and then I met someone else and fell in love. My husband found out everything, began to watch, went crazy, begged me not to leave, promised to forgive the betrayal. But I didn’t need his forgiveness and I left for the person I loved.

She does not know what good fortune fell upon her))) You really gave me an idea. I will pack his suitcase and send it to her with a courier and a letter detailing all his wishes for family life! You’re a good girl.

Well, you’re right not to believe him. They all swear, and then go for a walk as well, only more carefully. I didn’t understand about the naked ass? Do you want to beat him up? Are you sure he’s just gonna give it to you like that? He still need to impress people, and if he gives you something, so will this impression to produce? Maybe she’s just like you, she wants to be with him not bare-assed?

Well, if the man is not interested in his wife leaving him for someone else, then there’s nothing to be interested in. Then his wife’s been nothing to him for a long time.

You must be a fool. You’ve even decided to humiliate yourself in front of another woman. You can’t walk away beautifully if the first man you meet doesn’t bother to stick your head in the shit. And he didn’t even have such an intention, he only pulled the string a little bit, as you took and did everything yourself

And what does it mean to leave beautifully?

With a band to the march “Farewell to Slavs”? Or by shitting on your husband, so that he’ll leak?

I didn’t have the brains to leave right away, and now it’s called revenge!

Yes it is. And what about brains, there are circumstances that require patience and waiting, and not shouting hurrah and breast on the grenade.

Yes, because you have to cut it right away, cut it off and forget about it. And “to leave unexpectedly” is ridiculous! What circumstances? House, apartment, car? It’s all based on self-interest and profit, and you suggest to suffer, to wait for all the abomination of such relations for the sake of material benefits? when trust and personal attitude ended right away on the fact of what had happened. I’m sorry, but this is prostitution with elements of S&M.

So if you’re not going to fight for him, then why the mistress of his suitcase to send? Do not you understand that such actions are just a demonstration of your interest in the man? People’s heads are definitely out of whack.

So it’s prostitution to guarantee yourself and your children a comfortable existence? You should proudly fuck off and let no one else live happily ever after in my house, car, etc.?

Even the most disgusted wife who left her husband for the reason she left him for someone else is a kick in the balls for a man.

And if you remove the first ingredient – his woman, how would you judge yourself? You met someone else, fell in love, and the fact that you are married did not stop you.

To be hurt-need to be appreciated and held on. And once he walks-not appreciated-not held on. If you leave him for someone else, you will be an ordinary whore; if you leave him because you haven’t forgiven him, you will be a fool, because “I am everything for her, and she is. “. Just leave when you feel like it, without an explanation and with a smile. Maybe then he will see your dignity and finally see who he lost and become “excruciatingly painful” (-s)

If you took away the first part, there would never have been a continuation. I immediately proposed divorce, my husband refused. I had no moral obligations to him, which I told him right away. As soon as I began a close relationship with another, I told my husband everything and left.

And you are just a surgeon – to cut right away Have you ever tried to go nowhere with your bare ass, proudly taking a couple of small children by the hand?

A man has a complex. If you leave him for someone who has no such complex, it’s a business, a ripping at the seams zipper, at least for a while…

If your husband already has a fairy, it will not hurt much from your departure. Maybe subconsciously he is waiting for it.

Who cares if it hurts, it will not hurt. Look for yourself a good option, you’ll find it will be beautiful. And do not find in any way only you will be more painful. Even now you are thinking how to make it hurt more. A hundred years you need it. Think how to make yourself better.

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