How to learn how to control a man?

How to manipulate a man wisely and without unnecessary fanaticism.

Relationships between the sexes – a very complicated thing. Of course, many of us want it to be real, without any deception and strange grimaces. But for the most part this is not the case. The harsh realities of life are such that cunning sometimes turns out to be very helpful. Well, we will tell you how to learn how to properly apply it.

Manipulations useful and harmful

Quite often you can hear women say: “What manipulation? I would never stoop to that!” The lady saying them doesn’t want to adjust to anyone and wants everything to be straight and simple. Unfortunately, this is not the case in relationships, and very often she is left alone with her problems in dealing with the opposite sex. For example, a man “unravels” and starts drinking a lot, getting fat, being lazy and rude to her, and she doesn’t know what to do. This usually happens to women who have read too many romantic fairy tales or who were raised by their parents in an environment detached from real life. Any romance is a bit of a game in which you need to be able to show both honesty and cunning.

You can manipulate a man in a good way and in a bad way.

The second option can be seen when a woman does not care what happens to her partner. She uses it solely to satisfy her own needs: not to be alone, to solve her problems, to take revenge on the entire male lineage – the reason could be anything. But she absolutely does not care about him and his desires, although it can be carefully hidden behind the guise of feminine seductiveness.

Such a woman manipulates a man very cunningly. Often she pretends to be an unhappy martyr who will die if the “prince” does not appear. Of course, any man wants to assert himself and feel like a strong and brave hero. He eagerly swallows the bait and finds himself hooked on a manipulative woman who knows what to do with him next. It is because of this image of the villainess that many women hesitate to use trickery in their relationships with men. But things can be different.

Think back to the beginning of any relationship you have. You do not go up to your favorite man and do not say to him directly, “I like you. Let’s go on a date now. Then, if we like each other, we’ll start dating, have sex and, if all goes well, in the future we’ll get married and have children. Everything happens in a different way: you smile, shoot his eyes like in the famous movie, take seductive poses and use a variety of other feminine wiles to inspire him to the feat of approaching you first.

So why should you give up these things at the more serious stages of the relationship? Thus, the difference between good trickery and bad manipulation becomes apparent. In the first case, you use it to lead the man to the right decision and behavior. In the second – you brazenly siphon off his energy and resources. Which of these options to choose and whether to do it at all – you decide.

A simple algorithm

If you do prefer to use manipulation in one way or another, you need to learn how to do it properly. Simply speaking, to comprehend the basics of male psychology and to realize the effective way of interaction with the strong sex. After all, they are a very special people, who are in great need of female energy. Receiving it, the man gives his partner exactly what he needs. Therefore, we offer you a simple instruction on how to manipulate men and achieve everything you want.

  • Understand what your partner wants. It’s very important – to carefully find out his needs and help meet them, especially when it comes to exclusively female functions – support, acceptance, forgiveness, caring. In doing so, you should discreetly emphasize your own role in his little happiness. And let him be just a boy sometimes, who wants to frolic and have fun.
  • Respect his worldview and values. There is nothing worse than a woman who treats her man and his inner world with contempt. It is very likely that your points of view are similar in some respects. And in this case you should not make every bloody war over it. Gently, but emphatically explain that you are entitled to their views, and that if it can not fully share, it certainly respects.
  • Do not make any serious mistakes. In what does this manifest itself? For example, a woman knows exactly what behavior infuriates her partner, and still continues to do it. No, of course, there are relationships built on mutual anger, but do you really want that kind of development? Annoyance tends to build up, and the man tends to want to do less and less for the woman. So understand your partner, and do not unnecessarily provoke him to anger.
  • Support him. Earlier we wrote that a man’s role is to protect a woman, and her role is to support him and give him the energy to protect. This is why our partners need our care and attention to them so much. They manifest themselves in benevolence and psychological attunement to the one we love. A simple example of such support would be the words “I believe in you” or “you will succeed. And if there is a sudden failure, then encouragement and warmth will be very helpful.
  • Watch your emotional intensity. As we know, we women worry a lot more and more often, and for any reason. And we are absolutely normal in this. If a woman is deprived of deep and intense feelings, she will not feel good. And in the same way a man feels bad when he feels too much emotion. He doesn’t understand anything, he gets tired quickly, and he begins to feel irritated. Do you think it will be easy to get anything out of him in this state? So when talking to your partner slightly reduce the emotional intensity – unless we are talking about your positive feelings for him (but even in this case, you should be careful and reasonable measure).
  • Dress the way he likes. Men love with their eyes – it’s a fact. And even if they love with their hearts, they still pay a lot of attention to our appearance. Surely you know his tastes for female beauty, so try to be attractive, but just for him. This does not mean that you should now change your appearance according to his ideals. But abuse the flared jeans, if he likes skinny, probably should not. Or, choosing a new hair color, remember what he likes. It is important to remember that many things that seem cute to us, men are surprised and even disgusted (eg, Uggs). But there are also those that can drive him crazy. The choice is yours, to cause him pleasure or disgust.
  • Stay independent. It is very important to get this advice right. The emancipation of our society has reached such a global scale that there are many women who do not take seriously the male courtship. They try by all means to prove to themselves and others that they do not need the support and care of the stronger sex, because they can all by themselves. But it is not true because of the peculiarities of female nature. The flip side of this process is manifested in the emergence of a category of women who cling to men and do not give them a pass. It is very important to remain internally self-sufficient and to be able to live, even if there is no one around or there are problems in relationships. But this does not mean a complete rejection of everything male in life.

What do men fall for?

In order to learn how to properly manipulate, you need to know what they bite men. All their “delicate” places derive from the peculiarities of male psychology, and it is on them that you need to rely, using cunning. What do they include?

The most important male (and not only!) weakness is sex. Of course, we all love it, but because of the peculiarities of physiology in guys it is a “vulnerable” place.

When there is even the slightest hint of sex, the blood drains from the head of the man and rushes to the appropriate place. The ability to think sharply decreases, but the desire for pleasure, on the contrary, increases. This is exactly the mechanism that takes place, albeit in a less pronounced version, when a man senses a woman’s sexuality. Similar techniques probably used by each of us, wearing a short skirt, a blouse with a deep cleavage or a supportive bra on an important date.

A woman’s weakness works even cooler than sex in some moments. It’s the way of the world that a woman is a vessel for the accumulation of resources and energy. Her primary function is to keep the home cozy and warm in the family. And the man should protect her and give her support, providing everything she needs. That is why husbands often leave strong and successful wives for less attractive, but softer and weaker women.

Especially vulnerable to women’s weakness are sensitive and compassionate men, who in life show a desire to care and support.

Compliment a man. As the saying goes, a kind word to the cat is nice. Just like us, men like to listen to compliments, especially those about their masculinity, strength, perseverance, determination, success, etc. At this point, really feel the rise of self-esteem, which causes positive emotions. But it is important not to go overboard, otherwise praise will be like either mockery or flattery. In both the latter cases, the probability of getting a positive result tends to zero. People almost always sense falsity on a subconscious level, so praise really positive traits.

Appreciation is not the easiest aspect to manipulate, especially with women. Some ladies prefer to surround a man with care and love, hoping that he will stay with them at least out of gratitude. But they make a mistake: in an attempt to “bind” the man, they lose a sense of respect for themselves, and he just does not want to be with a woman. In addition, they often do things for a partner, which in fact he does not need or that he takes for granted. Accordingly, no gratitude here is not expected. The right strategy – to support and help a man in a difficult time of his life, as well as give in when it is not expected and worth the effort.

Guilt is a favorite string to play for many women. But unfortunately for them, men often don’t like to take the blame unnecessarily. On the contrary, they prefer to “dump” all responsibility for the problems on the woman and proudly walk away. And then she is “left with her nose”. Or they take any rebuke as a “brainwashing” and stop responding to it. Therefore, the guilt must be played with wit and rarely – only when a man really screwed up.

But on the male desire to be number one you can “ride” almost indefinitely. We owe this effect to the testosterone hormone and the notorious principles of male upbringing, which state that the real male is always the winner. That is why a man always tries to be the smartest, strongest, most caring, confident, kindest, richest – the list is endless. And all this – a great platform for manipulation! You can at any time hint (just subtly) that if he is so strong, then let him help you move a heavy sideboard to your mom. And all the rest in the same spirit. And be sure to praise him for these actions, showing the legitimacy of belonging to the group of “most-samest” men.

Finally, do not forget the basics of training! Yes, yes, you’re not mistaken – a classical reflex training can work wonders, and not only with men. Let’s take a simple example: every time the husband is going to go for a walk with friends, his wife sweetly stretches, all his appearance promising sex if he stays. It is not hard to guess what the man chooses. Gradually the associative connection between the desired type of behavior and the reward is cemented in his brain, and he gets used to acting that way on automatic. But even if you need a situational effect, you can always promise him something nice, or draw a rosy future outlook, if he would do as required.

Technical tricks

Now let’s talk about some simple tricks that help you learn how to properly manipulate men. There are a great many of them, and we want to tell you about the most effective ones. But you can come up with your own within the general direction of thought given above.

Request for help. It is very bad for a woman to get into the habit of doing everything by herself.

That is why we recommend you to ask the man for help, even in those moments when you can cope with the problem without him.

  • But it’s so great when your partner is given the opportunity to show their strength! The most innocuous situation is when you ask him to open a can or help you carry a heavy bag of things. This technique can be extended to setting up the computer, changing light bulbs, assembling furniture, dealing with officials and much more.
  • Thirty-three pleasures at once. Picture the picture when a man returns home from work, and there waiting for him cooked you a delicious dinner and a woman who is wearing the most beautiful clothes at home or a new set of silk underwear. You can add more pleasures, such as watching an interesting movie or even a duel in his favorite computer game. Or buy him a magazine about new technologies, which he so rarely gets to read. Naturally, the man will mellow out after such a thing, and you can ask him for something.
  • The promise of something special. Do you want your partner to finally do all the accumulated housework or take you to the theater? Promise him a night of epic sex for that! Or suggest that he then go on a fishing trip with friends on the weekend that he has long wanted. Man must want the reward very much, in order to fulfill your request.
  • Woman of mystery. Be silent when you really want to say something to a man – a little distance provokes him to conquer. Sometimes be busy doing things for him so he doesn’t think you’re completely immersed in your relationship. Find an activity that will be just for you, and where he will be “forbidden to enter. Use this technique should be used with caution and not overdoing it, so that the man did not think that you are not interested in him at all.

In order to manipulate the man correctly, you should always remember about the fine line that separates the good from the bad. In other words, control a man, but only for the good of your relationship, not just to get your own benefits. Many women are manipulating just because they do not know any other way. Let cunning serve only as seasoning to a delicate dish of your relationship, and the happiness of love will be guaranteed to you!

How to manage a man – psychological techniques

Hello! From this article you learn about how to manage a man, what secrets you can use, and what ways to forget forever, so as not to push a man away.

Whatever difficulties sometimes encountered in relationships and family life, smart women are able to keep the marriage for many years. And all thanks largely to tricks, tricks and tremendous patience.


  • What it means to manage a man
  • How to learn to manage a man: the most effective ways
  • Secrets of managing different types of men
  • What ways to influence a man can not be used

What it means to manage a man

Manipulation – a psychological method of controlling other people against their will. Actions aimed at replacing other people’s desires with their own, has a fine line with openness.

Manipulator, unlike a sincere person, never applies direct pressure, acts stealthily, secretly and insidiously. The main goal – to obtain personal gain or self-affirmation.

If a girl flirts with a guy because she liked him, it’s openness. And if the reason for sympathy is to use his strength, skills, and abilities, it’s direct manipulation.

A sincere woman desires the attention of a specific man she likes, while a manipulator needs to achieve what he wants, the goal for him becomes more important than the person through whom it is achieved.

Although manipulation pervades our whole life and is often justified to achieve specific goals, it is still important to put the preservation of the relationship with the person you love at the head of everything. Therefore, the control mechanisms should be more subtle, safe and going for the benefit of the other half.

To learn how to manage a man, use:

1. Gender. At home, in the workplace, among friends, look well-groomed and attractive. Men in the first place a woman evaluated by her appearance. You can use erotic elements in your clothes – a slit, lace, mini. Beautifully arranged hair, unobtrusive, but attractive perfume, manicure will emphasize sexuality. Master the language of flirting, half hints, understatement.

2. Knowing your needs. Satisfy the man’s needs, you become useful and irreplaceable for him. Show care, always be close, ready to help in a difficult situation. Surround yourself with care in the home, give small gifts. Man need to let him know that without you it will be bad and uncomfortable. reciprocal good deeds will not keep you waiting. A man will want to do pleasant and useful things, to fulfill your desires.

3. Self-control. Be a calm, cool, level-headed, and balanced person. Don’t show your face that you don’t like your partner’s behavior. If you are in a bad mood, raise your voice, don’t answer in the same way. Don’t get into an argument, don’t show your displeasure. Say nothing, show with a look that you don’t understand what the matter is. The man will calm down; he will feel that he is in the wrong.

4. Little weaknesses. Do not reject his hobbies. Let go without scandals and tantrums hunting, fishing. Allow him to watch soccer while your favorite show is on. Granting his wishes, you will become for him even closer and dearer.

Remember the golden rule – before you take, you have to give something. When a man gets what he wants, it will be difficult to refuse you.

5. Keeping a good mood. Your task is to create a favorable atmosphere in the house. If the husband came from work depressed or angry, his wife should listen, distract from negative thoughts. Instill optimism and confidence that any situation is corrected for the better. Cleanliness and comfort in the house, a delicious dinner will relieve irritation and fatigue. When your husband is happy with everything, he is easier to manage.

Never insult and humiliate. This you just spite him, set against you.

Occasionally you can take the man to emotion, to arrange a small provocation, causing jealousy. But do not overdo it, in everything know the measure.

A man correctly guided “neck” will never guess that they are controlled. He will be sure that the initiative comes from him. The main thing to respect, moderation, care.

How to learn to manage a man: the most effective ways

If you set out to learn how to adjust the male behavior in accordance with their desires, the answers you learn from “The Secret Book for Women, or how to manage men,” written by sociopsychologist and psychotherapist Eugene Kolesov.

To possess the art of subtle manipulation, you need to know the important things for men, which include:

  • Recognition. Success is very important for an established personality. Therefore, a woman who is higher on the social ladder causes jealousy. Praise your husband at the first opportunity for any little thing. Raise his self-esteem in private and in public. Tell your friends how wonderful he is. The gratitude will not keep you waiting.
  • Sex. Be the best lover for your husband. Praise, compliment, and be proactive. Then there won’t be a thought about looking for a replacement on the side.
  • Children. Whatever a man may say on this subject, deep in his heart believes that a child is his continuation and eternal life.
  • Care and warmth. A man needs care and understanding. Be affectionate, comfort, stroke his head, back, hands. This soothes, gives a sense of security, because every man is a little child who needs a mother’s warmth.

Secrets of management men “hidden” in his psychology. Studying his life partner, taking interest in his hobbies, you are sure to find an approach to him.

You will be able to effectively manage a man, if you adhere to the following rules:

  1. Do not limit your freedom. Do not openly dictate to your husband when to come from work, to meet with your best friend. This will cause negativity, the desire to do outrage. He will feel disrespected, limitation of rights and freedom. Offer another option for a vacation that will be pleasant to both. Lead the man to a voluntary refusal for unwanted actions, so he thought that it was his own decision. Hints are good, opinions expressed by others.
  2. Show weakness. Modern women alone know how to cope with difficult situations. But why strain, if there is a man ready to show a weak woman’s strength and ability, to set up a strong shoulder. At this point, a man feels the importance and superiority. You start with the little things in life, for example, to fix the socket, fix the leak in the faucet. Showing generosity, he will respond to more substantial requests.
  3. Be a mystery. No matter how long you have lived in the marriage, do not open up to her husband completely, so as not to become a read book. To maintain interest, remain mysterious for years to come. If there is nothing to hide, then think up an interesting romantic story, unobtrusively hint about it. Restrain your emotions, give evasive answers. To control, you need to be interesting.
  4. Find common hobbies. Find out what books he reads, what movies he watches. It’s easier to find common ground, topics for conversation with a person after reading literature of his favorite genre, watching his favorite movies. And if you bring him unfamiliar information, his interest will be even greater.
  5. Ask lots of questions. If you want to know the truth, you should take the initiative and ask a lot of questions at once. A man loses his self-confidence, forgets prepared answers in advance, and gives away secrets.
  6. Influence through the stomach. Men like to eat tasty and nourishing food. After this, the mood rises, openness and goodwill increase. This is the most appropriate moment to make requests.
  7. Argument your speech. Defend a position using facts. To do this, remember the promise given, but unfulfilled. Be confident in the rightness, speak softly, but insistently. Under the weight of indisputable arguments, the interlocutor will agree with you.

Put your man first. When he realizes his importance, he will have a desire to take responsibility, to become a reliable support and protector.

Secrets of managing different types of men

Men are divided into several psychotypes according to the priority source of information received with the help of the senses – vision (visual), hearing (audial), feelings (kinesthetic). The last type – discrete – is based on logical inferences.

Let’s look at each type in more detail:

  1. Visualists . If you decide to attract the attention of such men, you must conform to his concepts of beauty. Be attractive, dress stylishly, like other representatives of the opposite sex. Any details in your appearance and the interior of your apartment are important. You will be noticed if they like you in appearance. Visuals are characterized by good taste, increased gesticulation, and a closer look. By the way, a large percentage of men are visualists.
  2. Kinestheticians. A type that is quick to approach. Likes tactile contact, gentle stroking, soft touch. For them sex is important. Looking for a woman who knows how to fully loosen up and deliver sensual pleasure. Characterized by a low voice, fast speech. Lead an active lifestyle, engage in sports, social work. To conquer such a man, you need to be truthful and open, as kinestheticians feel falsehood in any manifestations.
  3. Audiologists. Refers to those men who are able to fall in love with the girl, hearing her voice over the phone. Among them, many speakers, musicians, composers. Have a great memory, a sense of humor. To maintain interest in his person, you need to have a conversation in a sexy voice, say more caressing words, and most importantly, the ability to listen. Your speech should become music to them.
  4. Discourses. In the first place put the meaning, content, informative, rather than external signs. Have a lot of complexes, avoid communication, do not go to the first contact. Are rare in their pure form. The reason for this behavior is a negative life experience, which acquired discrete locks in themselves. They like numbers and calculations. When dealing with them can not criticize, ridicule. Talk to you in a quiet, calm voice. Prove correctness with facts and arguments.

If it is difficult to determine the psycho-type on the fly, women use different tricks until they understand what a man likes best. Follow the rules of management, that the man did not realize that he was clearly manipulated to achieve their goals.

What ways to influence a man can not be used

Sometimes women pull the course of gross manipulation, which cause the opposite of the desired action. To a man does not turn away from you, it is not recommended:

  • Make an example of another. Comparison is not in his favor hurts your self-esteem, lowers self-esteem. Man must understand that he is the best for you. Otherwise, there will be another who will sing his praises.
  • Hysteria. Violent confrontations, bashing dishes works once or twice. Then the emotional outbursts will not be followed by the expected reaction. The man will realize that you are manipulating him. This leads to indifference, the breakup of the relationship.
  • Use imperative inclinations. Only a weak, insecure man incapable of making independent decisions can react to such treatment. Your significant other wants to feel valued and respected.
  • Use blackmail. Restrictions of freedom, prohibitions, feelings of guilt cause persistent resistance and rejection. Emotional blackmailers play on the feelings of the partner, shifting responsibility to him/her, as a result, trust is lost, even the strongest ties are destroyed.
  • Imitate . Men in the opposite sex are initially attracted to otherness. If a woman becomes straightforward, rude, uses profanity, interest is lost. This only scares them away, no one wants a “man in a skirt”.

Do not go overboard in their desires and manipulations. Feel the fine line that must not be crossed. Otherwise, the result will be like the old woman in the fairy tale of Catfish.

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