How to know if your wife is cheating on the body?

How do you know if your wife is cheating? 16 signs and 3 sure ways to find out the truth

Yes, if there is another man lying next to her in your bed.

In other cases, alas, it is not so obvious. Let’s say more – if the infidelity was a one-time and random, it’s almost impossible to know that your wife cheated.

But if she had an affair on the side, and it has been going on for some time – it’s another matter. We’ve collected for you the first signs that could be warning bells of marital infidelity of your other half.

And for each one, we also remembered a logical explanation that has nothing to do with infidelity. So read, compare, but don’t jump to conclusions.

1 A password suddenly appeared on your phone.

How do you know if your wife is cheating? First of all – by a sudden and unexpected change in her behavior and habits. For example, before she never had a password on her phone or laptop, and now she does. This means that she is hiding something from your eyes.

Someone at work took her phone without asking, and she didn’t like it very much. Your wife may also have read a compelling article about the importance of protecting her data and realized how important it is to be a responsible user. Aw, it’s the 21st century – that’s okay!

2 And now she always has her smartphone with her

Many “cheating experts” say that if a woman is having an affair on the side, she’ll start spending a lot more time on her phone (because she’s texting with it) and she’ll also never leave you alone with her smartphone (lest you read the correspondence and see the sudden message that comes in).

She’s installed a cool new game on her phone and can’t tear herself away from it. Or found her former high school friend on social media, who left for America, and now their friendship has flared up with renewed vigor. Or a sadder reason: your beloved begins to have a smartphone addiction. A disease, alas, quite common.

3 She has a new company you’re not welcome in.

Since the spouse does not want to say directly that she has a lover, and you want to see him often, she may invent a new friend or even a few people with whom she allegedly constantly meets now. However, alas, you can not go to a meeting with them: you do not share their interests / you will be bored / just because.

Wife knows you for a long time and guesses that after 15 minutes of talking about the best schemes for knitting needles or face masks, you begin to roll your eyes and look at the clock. Appreciate her right to connect with people who share her interests and the occasional change of scenery.

4 Your sex has become different

You can recognize your wife’s cheating by her behavior in bed. She begins to shy away from making love or, on the contrary, offers to try some new sexual practice that she may have recently tried with someone else.

A woman’s decline in sexual activity, as well as sudden arousal, is quite normal and can be related to a million reasons, from physiological to psychological. And the desire to experiment is quite natural, if you have been together for a long time, and she wanted a change. Don’t you want to do it yourself?

5 You’ve found new flaws

The cheating woman subconsciously feels guilty, but since she doesn’t want to admit it, she tries to make you look guilty. She also unwittingly compares you to her lover, and since their relationship is fresh and now hotter, you are bound to lose in this comparison. And she will voice all her grievances. This may be how she even begins to prepare for divorce.

The cup of her patience is simply overflowing. For several years in a row your wife has been silently cleaning your socks, but she just got tired of it and blew up. Or you’ve actually developed a bad habit you didn’t have before. Think about which option is more appropriate to your situation?

6 “The caller is unavailable” and “I’ll call you back.”

Has it become harder for you to reach her? Is your wife not picking up, dropping the call, or is the caller out of range? From this behavior, you can conclude that she is uncomfortable talking. And when a woman is most uncomfortable talking to her spouse? That’s right: when she’s in the arms of the other.

Do you know where your wife went today? Surely not to “the one spot in town” where there’s no connection? And she certainly doesn’t have a habit of shopping at the store so that she comes back with a hundred bags? If so, you know, only the Superwoman Wife can answer while she’s carrying them.

7 “But good for Sasha!”

Your wife has a new friend/colleague who is good at literally everything. And the stories about what he said, thought, and did never seem to run out. She will, of course, say they are “just friends,” but when a woman admires a man, it sometimes ends in sex.

He’s really good. And you’ll see that when you meet him. And you’ll hear what a wonderful sweetheart he has, five kids and four dogs. Or stories about Sasha are just your wife’s way of unobtrusively and roundabout hinting at what she expects from her man.

8 Working Enthusiasm.

Among the signs of how to spot a cheating wife (as well as a cheating husband) is invariably an increased workload. Having to stay late at the office, going on business trips, snapping out of the house after a sudden call. It’s very convenient – you wouldn’t mind if she did her duty, would you?

She’s telling the truth. Yes, that happens too (and very often). Take a closer look at the little things – in the evenings instead of watching a show, is your wife preparing some kind of presentation, has she gotten a raise or a raise in salary? Be happy for her and support her, she’s doing great.

9 “Don’t meet me.”

Spouse has some event or meeting with friends until late at night, but she says she’ll get there fine on her own and refuses an offer to meet her? Who knows, maybe someone else will give her a ride, or maybe she won’t be at the place she promised to be at all.

Answer the question, please – has your wife ever been independent and willing not to stress you out? And you, if you promised to meet her, wouldn’t call her ten times asking, “When will you be free already?” And finally, your car is perfectly fine, you know very well where to go, and you didn’t have anything planned this evening except to meet her?

10 She’s gotten prettier.

If a woman suddenly starts paying extra attention to her appearance, signing up for a gym and buying beautiful clothes and underwear, more often than not she’s doing it for someone. And it’s a new one.

You’ll laugh, but the reason for this sudden change could be that she suspects you of cheating on her! Or she is afraid that you don’t like her anymore. And women do not always change their appearance for the sake of men – she may want to do it for herself. And that’s okay.

11 Alien Smell

Does she smell like someone else’s men’s perfume or sweat? Explanation here is superfluous: the smell gets on people when there is close physical contact .

. at rush hour on the bus or subway. There are no separate carriages for ladies in our country, so the situation is quite typical. Or she was hugged by a friend, colleague, relative.

12 Traces of Passion

How to know from the body of the spouse – whether she was cheating? Among the physiological signs are bruises on the buttocks and neck from kissing, scratches on the shoulders or back. If they were not left by you, there are not many options.

But even then, they’re not limited to cheating. Maybe your wife has decided to get busy. MMA? She may keep quiet about such a hobby at first, lest you talk her out of it or make fun of her, and bruises, scrapes, and bruises in this sport are a perfectly routine matter. And by the way, “staying late at work” can also be caused by working out.

13 Facial Irritation

When a woman kisses a man who has stubble, it can cause irritation on her delicate skin around her mouth. So if you’re always smooth-shaven, now you know where to look.

You probably have skin problems, too, and you know that irritation can have several causes. And while she probably doesn’t shave her face, this reaction is sometimes caused by a new cosmetic product.

14 She’s turned into a “Snow Queen.”

The spouse withdrew into herself, walks brooding, stopped arguing with you and as if to avoid? Yes, this is often the behavior of an unfaithful wife.

We have already written about why a girl says that everything is fine, when in fact it is not. There are many reasons for this behavior, and you can read which ones and how best to behave in this situation.

15 Wife stopped looking you in the eye

Every person who hides something is afraid that the truth will be discovered, is nervous and tries not to blab. If she hides her eyes – perhaps she is ashamed and thinks that you will understand everything.

You hurt her, and she does not want to see you. Or worried that she will cry and pour out on you all your problems, and you now have enough worries of their own. Anyway, see the previous point and go to the link.

16 She comes home excited, with makeup and hair, different from those with which she left the house in the morning

If a woman has just cheated on you, it will literally be “written all over her:” wrinkled clothes, disheveled hair, no makeup, or just not the same makeup she had from the morning. And it will also be hard for her to keep her cool, especially if this cheating was her first.

She cried at work, so she had to reapply her makeup. Or got caught in the rain. And the excited state is caused by a thousand reasons – from an unexpected inheritance to possible dismissal. But if you and your wife are friends, she’s bound to tell you exactly what happened.

Three sure-fire ways to find out if your wife cheated on your husband

Do you want to detect your wife’s cheating with 100% accuracy, and no either/or is good for you? Well, here are three ways that will give you the answer.

1. Good old-fashioned stalking.

Follow her movements yourself or hire a detective. In the first case you have to sacrifice time, in the second – money. And in both, pride.

2. Call for help from technology

Crack the password on her accounts, take her dirty panties to the lab, or take your wife to take a lie detector test. All of these options will not only give you an accurate answer, but will almost certainly lead to a divorce. Because whether your spouse cheated or not, this behavior of yours will make her angry, maybe even scared.

3. Ask her a direct question.

This is probably the only correct way to behave when you suspect your spouse of infidelity. Yes, she might lie to you. But you love and know this person – we think if you look closely and listen to her when she answers, all questions will fall away on their own.

How do you know by the body if your wife has cheated?

For any man, a woman’s infidelity is one of the hardest tests. It is difficult to deal with the situation with dignity. In addition, if there is not enough evidence, you should not attack your wife with recriminations and accusations. There are several proven signs by which you can tell if a spouse is unfaithful. Let’s talk in detail about what to do if your wife has cheated and how to know from the body that cheating has really happened.

The sure signs of female infidelity

Women are good at hiding affairs on the side. What not only ladies come up with in order to freeze her husband’s head. Let’s look into it. Here are a few things to pay attention to at the slightest suspicion.

Unexpected habits and behavior

If the spouse has a lover, then you can calculate it by the changed behavior and the following, seemingly insignificant signs:

  1. attention to appearance . The wife began to devote all her free time to appearance. She has changed the color and length of her hair, her makeup style has also become unusual to your eye. Before going out to work, the wife lingers long in front of the mirror with a mysterious smile. This could have been at the beginning of your relationship, but not after the years you’ve lived together;
  2. Refusal to make love . This is a serious sign, by which you can already say that the wife has a lover. Or vice versa, in bed the woman will show something new, borrowed from another man;
  3. The wife has a lot of new things, perhaps even jewelry. Of course, she may have set aside money from the general budget, but most likely these are gifts from her lover;
  4. The wife’s behavior has changed beyond recognition. There are constant mood swings. Then she goes brooding and gloomy, and suddenly begins to have fun on an even keel. Explains such changes are simple. The double life presses on the nervous system. Over time, it becomes increasingly difficult for a woman to control the situation, and she becomes nervous. Everything that goes on in her soul is reflected in her appearance, especially on her face;
  5. A wife begins to treat her husband with either too much tenderness or, on the contrary, with aggression. She does not know how best to hide her adultery. This leads to such behavioral fluctuations;
  6. Constant pressure at work. His wife is late at work explaining that she is irreplaceable. On weekends she is also called to work. It is worth to watch the mood with which his wife leaves home. And there and to the conclusion not far away.


Your wife’s phone and text messages are a separate topic. If you don’t know how to recognize your wife’s infidelity, the signs of infidelity are in her phone. When communicating with your wife, pay attention to the following points:

  • When a call comes in, the wife is trying to get privacy, or quickly says she will call back;
  • If previously her phone was in a prominent place, now her wife carries it with her. She takes the phone even into the bathroom, she doesn’t part with it even in her sleep. This is a red flag. Try asking your wife who she was just talking to. In response you will hear an inarticulate explanation. Or all the time she will say that her friends or work are calling. But the voice and facial expression can give away the cheater.

It is enough for the husband to watch his spouse carefully. And when the evidence is so clear that it is difficult to refute – boldly present it.

Tips .

Advice for men. Before you accuse your wife of adultery, analyze your behavior. Perhaps all of these signs you have noticed for a long time, but did not pay attention to them.

Usually in the infidelity of his wife is the husband’s fault. He was fine when the woman was doing her own thing, did not ask him to help, did not insist on spending weekends together. As a result, she chose another man. A man who gives her lack of attention and is willing to come to her aid. So it’s worth thinking hard and looking back at yourself.

Video on the subject

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