How to keep her husband from cheating?

Prevent men’s treason in the family: practical tips

How to keep her husband from cheating? It is possible at any age and in very different situations. The world of secrets and tips is now available to you.


  • How to keep your husband from cheating and keep the family safe
  • Tips of a psychologist

How to keep her husband from cheating and keep the family ↑

Exclude infidelity of her husband on the power of every woman. But this always requires a lot of work.

If you are ready to work, not accepting laziness and letting everything go on its own, then read a number of tips that will help not only to forget about infidelity, but also in general to improve relations within the family.

Don’t Provoke.

Often women themselves give their husbands the green light to cheat. To help you understand what we’re talking about, check out some common mistakes:

  • Sexual inhibitions;
  • Constant moral pressure;
  • criticism of his male nature (qualities, figure, character, behavior in bed, etc.);
  • discussion of females (“She’s so cool….”, “She has such a figure! We’re all jealous of her!”)
  • your flirting with members of the opposite sex (texting, smiling, flirting, hugging, etc.)
  • lack of jealousy – indifference (“Who needs you like that?!”, “Where are you going to get away from me?!”)
  • excessive jealousy (he will think that if every time he gets a groundless punishment, then maybe it is time to commit a crime).

Don’t forbid your husband’s hobbies.

To begin with, you must understand that in order to rule out cheating, you need to become a great friend for him, whom he will not want to betray. And such a person will always respect his interests.

Here we need to understand that these hobbies feed him more energy, satisfy his inner world, allow you to relax and get a charge of positive emotions.

It will be great if you share his interests with him. But, since most often it is not possible, do not nag him and give him the right to personal space. You just do not have a way out. Otherwise, your dissatisfaction will gradually begin to oppress him, and you are unlikely to save the family.

If his passion is unacceptable to your standards, try to talk to him very carefully, gently summarizing. If possible, offer him an alternative holiday.

Be present, but not annoying

Being present in his life all the time is necessary to minimize the possibility that he will think of others.

This is actually very simple:

  • Ask about his business, but unobtrusively;
  • Leave wishes or love notes on the refrigerator, mirror, etc.;
  • Remind him of yourself by SMS or MMS;
  • Have fun in his company, etc.

But to remind yourself should be intriguing, often at unexpected moments, and you should do it rather infrequently, otherwise it will look very intrusive.

In order not to quickly bore a spouse, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • The above methods should alternate, come up with something of your own;
  • If you see that your story is boring for him, do not insist that he listen to you (no offense – everyone has different interests);
  • don’t pester him or her at inappropriate moments;
  • direct the purpose of your messages to his personality (compliments, affectionate words, praise, etc.).

Atmosphere in the home

This is where he should strive after all his business. It takes a lot of effort, but the main thing is to start, and later it will become a habit. So:

  • greet and see him off with a kiss and warm words;
  • Unobtrusively ask him how his day was;
  • food should always be prepared for his arrival;
  • Order and comfort are also important;
  • Exclude scandals and nerve racking;
  • When he comes get yourself in order;
  • don’t whine and complain about problems all the time;
  • If you have children, they should be dressed to look neat.

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Learn to understand his psychology.

It is necessary to become the most intimate and close person to her husband. In this case, there are great guarantees that he mentally will not be able to betray you.

To achieve such a result will help the following tips:

  1. Ask why he is doing so and thinks so unambiguously. If possible, do not accompany this with superfluous comments (“And I would do so”, “This is not right at all”). This is his point of view, and you should respect it. Gradually, you will be able to observe his thoughts and actions.
  2. Don’t be stubborn. You should not insist on your opinion. You can say it, but do not grind his spouse, that only you in a particular situation is right. This hits hard on the male ego, which leads to a loss of connection between you.

Pay attention to sex.

This factor is very important if you want to keep your husband from cheating. After all, sex is very important to a man. That is why you should know what you can do.

  1. Go to the experiments that your husband offers. If you find them unacceptable, stop and think about it, because he may begin to look for it on the side. And you need it? Try and give yourself to the feelings. Think about how much your spouse will enjoy two things: the process and the fact that you’re going for it!
  2. Improve your skills . Video lessons, articles, forums, etc. will do for this. Surely you will find there a lot of interesting nuances that you are not accustomed to talk about in society.
  3. Ask him about his desires. Perhaps he has long dreamed of something like this, but does not dare to offer you. Learning his secrets, you can become the most exquisite mistress for him, which he did not want to trade for anyone else.
  4. Do not deny sex. Let you have a fight, let you have no desire, let you busy. Men’s desire should be limited to very rare and for good reasons.

Important! Pay attention and action after sex. It will be great if you just lie down, stroking a man, and do not burden his problems or immediately run to the bathroom.

Take care of yourself

If about the image and hairstyle clearly understandable and so, then there are things that women do not pay attention:

  1. You should not put yourself in order only before going out . For your man can be unpleasant that you are trying not for him but for others. Go home with loose hair (or as your husband likes), in a simple skirt or decent shorts, do not forget about waxing, etc. – It’s not so hard. After all, it is for your husband, you have to be on top, and what they say about you others – do not care. You want to live with him, not colleagues, and other passersby, right?
  2. Constantly pay attention to your behavior. This is especially true when you are out in public. He should not have feelings of embarrassment for his wife, because there will appear not only quarrels, but also reluctance to take you anywhere with him. Listen to all of his advice, trying not to take it as criticism.
  3. Improve yourself. And then he will love you even more. For example, it is not difficult to slightly correct your posture with special exercises, to keep in shape by exercising, etc. The main thing is not to be lazy, and you will be happy!

Good to know! Often women like to say: “You fell in love with me like this, so now put up with it. True, but they themselves are likely to have tried not only to behave a little differently, but even look very good! I do not understand why some women run themselves after marriage, because at the beginning of married life was the time and desire to do everything.

Advice of the psychologist ↑

  1. Trust your husband. But you should not do it blindly. For example, do not completely ignore those stories where your husband allegedly flirted with another woman. Make every effort to find out the nuances. But, please, without fanaticism.
  2. Do not be unnecessarily jealous. No need to run to the phone as soon as he gets a text message, feverishly follow his every move, etc. He will quickly get tired of this.
  3. Talk to your husband about your worries. Tell him how much it will hurt you if he cheats, what you think will happen after that in your life (say that you will leave without talking, your life will collapse, you will not be able to forgive him). Seal it with a pathetic summation that, above all, your children will suffer. The whole conversation should take place calmly (!), in the form of reasoning.
  4. Stay mysterious . So that he does not think about cheating, you should always remain for him a perfect, luxurious and worthy woman, which he will strive for all his fibers. It is important to do throughout his life, so that even in the most desperate period for a man after 40 years you would be able to keep him.

In conclusion, I would like to advise you to keep this article and return to it from time to time. After all, surely you have focused attention on only a few points. And in order to keep her husband from cheating, you need to adhere to as many of these rules as possible.

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No one is saying that you need to change your life right away. Just gradually begin to improve over time.

8 ways to keep your husband. How to save a relationship on the verge of divorce!


8 ways to keep your husband. How to save a relationship on the brink of divorce! It seems like just yesterday your couple was a true role model! He tirelessly admired the grace of your gait, firmly holding his hand when you are especially worried, idolized mole on his neck, and you still remember the smell of roses, which he presented you at the hospital.

But now the familiar and comfortable world is cracking at the seams, threatening to crumble into dust. Total misunderstanding, oppressive silence, tantrums and loneliness together. How could you come to all this? And is it possible to stop a train that threatens to derail?

Here are a few clever tricks that can help save a relationship on the brink of divorce. How to keep a husband in the family and return love? Here are 8 magic pills – 8 ways to keep your husband!
8 ways to keep your husband. How to save a relationship from divorce?
1. Engage emotional self-control mode

There is nothing worse than a resentful woman who spills her venom outward, unable to control the force of her emotions. She pours everything on the head of her husband, giving no breath or defense, and then wonder why the man leaves. If you want to save the relationship, do not rush thoughtlessly dump negative, it is better to take a break and calm down.

Work through the grievances in advance, find the real reason for the conflict, and then come to discuss the disagreement. Men find it difficult to cope with a lot of emotions, their psyche is weaker.

2. Forgive your spouse for past mistakes

If you decide to save the marriage, stop reminding your husband of the sacrifice made. Yes, he hurt, and you are so long been saving up resentment, but now it’s in the past, let the situation go! You yourself are no angel, so why not build a relationship again, from scratch?

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Meditate, try a yoga practice, learn to live a relaxed and positive life. Nothing better than the present moment, you both have a chance, if only to start to notice the best in each other.

3. Give yourselves free rein.

Problems in a family start when both of you try to control each other by imposing your own vision of what is good. “You have to” or “change for our love!” Eventually the man loses himself and realizes that he is no longer welcome. Stop imposing standards, nagging and remaking your partner’s personality by demanding to be treated well.

Leave your husband alone. Give him the freedom to take the initiative, in his choice of pastime, in self-actualization.

Wants to spend an evening in a circle of colleagues? Well, be my guest. And you spend time on yourself, make a new hairstyle, buy a beautiful dress. Let him look at you with new eyes, he will see not just a tired housewife, but a beautiful woman who is happy for him, which is good with him! Also … smile more often in his presence.

4. Share his interests with him.

How to keep your husband? Strong family begins where a husband and wife profess the same values, support common interests. How long have you been interested in what your man lives? He loves to lock himself in his room and make flying machines? So join him in helping out with a little hobby.

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Brought a case of worms and going to take off on a fishing trip? Buy a pizza, rubber boots and volunteer to be a helper. At first it will seem ridiculous and ridiculous, but very soon he will appreciate your enthusiasm and look at everything in a new way. As a bonus, you will be able to spend more time together, there will be new topics of conversation.

5. Learn to trust and rely.

A man is subconsciously good at sensing things. If you showed distrust in him on an empty place, did not want to believe in his strengths and capabilities – what can you catch in such a relationship? It’s like living with the enemy, who constantly holds you at gunpoint and checks for lice, when you just can not relax. Learn to show your spouse patience and respect, since once you chose him, it means that for a reason.

Don’t pester your husband with petty control or interrogation, don’t forbid or stalk him. A man is inspired by a woman who believes in him, and he wants to live up to that.

6. Respond to signs of attention

Another mistake that costs you a lot is not knowing how to properly accept a man’s gifts. Finally, realize that not only flowers and diamonds are worthy of your raptures. If he selflessly looked after you during your illness, thank him, and do not take for granted. Did he hold the door to the store, chase away the angry dog, run in the middle of the night for Belgian waffles? These are small feats in your honor.

Try to celebrate such nuances, better yet, reciprocate by giving the same signs of attention. Mutual appreciation in a relationship is extremely valuable.

7. Give up the habit of complaining.

Sometimes it’s so nice to come to your favorite girlfriend with a bottle of wine to wash your hands over your spouse. And even in a fit of anger want to call my mother and cry out in a warm bosom. But be careful! Looking for support on the side and pouring mud half, remember, you will make up, and the bad opinion of your husband will go around the world like the plague, returning boomerang at the most inopportune moment.

Give up the habit of pouring a bowl of dirt on the head of everyone you meet, after all, you yourself chose this man and now expose the soul of your family. Happiness doesn’t like prying eyes…

8. Become an outlet for a man

You know what kind of woman is dear? Not the one who cooks borscht and makes dumplings like a whirlwind, who raised a beloved son or a real guru s*ksa. Truly irreplaceable becomes the one who loves, believes and serves as a support. Does not drag everything on itself, but inspires a man to accomplish things, serving faithfully when everyone around you will turn away.

Be there for your partner, be his muse and heart, and he would never want to lose you!

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Stop sawing the bough on which your happiness is growing. Stop cutting off the oxygen to someone you want to see alive and full of energy. Learn to trust, be grateful, and also stock up on patience. You have destroyed each other’s happiness for so long, now you need time to heal the wounds and dry the tears. Don’t stop loving…

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