How to keep a man – laid out point by point

How a woman can keep the man she loves by her side

Women often lose their guard, forgetting that most men are polygamous and there are potential rivals. Often we think about how and what to keep a man, even when the relationship has cooled. To not be left at the bottom of the barrel, follow the following advice from psychologists to save feelings.

Be always there

Representatives of the stronger sex like attention from women. When there is a difficult situation in life in every way to support his man, approve his actions. Strive for a relationship of trust, built on mutual support. Accusations often lead to separation.

Your partner should realize: there is an attentive, sensible woman. But show care and attention without fanaticism. Excessive obtrusive men abhor.

Important. Distance is not a barrier to true love. While away from each other, periodically make calls, send SMS with warm words. Tell your man how you miss him, looking forward to seeing him again.

Be proud of your man

Many girls wonder how to keep the man they love by their side. Here’s a great tip: openly emphasize his best qualities. Give him compliments, but don’t make them flattering. Praise him for his strength, his courage, his attractiveness. Is your loved one attentive, gentle? Be sure to tell him that. Psychologists assure that a woman’s pride in a man pushes him to become even better. Periodically, gently encourage him, and admire him in the presence of others.

Most of the fair sex think that if the guy to talk openly about his shortcomings, he certainly fix them. This view is erroneous. When the time comes, he himself will work to eliminate his weaknesses. Because of the remarks may seriously hurt his self-esteem. Hearing reproaches, it will be difficult for a man to advance in his career. Do not allow your chosen one to feel doubt. Inspire him to new feats, allowing him to assert himself.

Fact. Having a low self-esteem, a man often makes mistakes. And then there are negative emotions in a couple are misunderstandings.

Stir up interest in yourself.

Monotonous behavior leads to boredom. Sometimes make unpredictable actions to add variety to your life. Strive to be an interesting and versatile person for your man:

  1. Surprise with bold actions. Excessive modesty is no longer relevant. Most guys admire a woman’s determination.
  2. Be independent. Independent girl is much easier to keep a man near her. A self-sufficient woman is always free to express herself.
  3. Stay personality. Show your individual qualities. Express your own ideas and opinions, but be able to find compromises.
  4. Be mysterious. Favourite may lose interest in you if you appear to him an open book. Do not tell him about your plans to change the image or buy a new outfit. Learn how to make a positive impression. Knowing your man’s preferences, surprise him with pleasant surprises.

To warm up the interest of your chosen one, behave coquettishly. The beginning of life together does not mean the end of romance and flirting. Playfully touch your beloved, embrace him or her. If you feel that sex has become a mundane routine, make a variety. Making love in a new environment will add newness to a close relationship. Arrange an intimate theme nights. Periodically be the initiator of sex. Then he will want to conquer you.

Be cheerful and cheerful.

As a rule, the male sex do not like dull, inclined to pessimism women. Create a cozy and soulful atmosphere in the house. Meeting him from work, try to be cheerful. Lift his spirits, distracting from everyday life. Sincerely show joyful emotions. Then he will have new reasons to see more often your smile. He will want to be with you all the time. Even solve problems with humor. Guys admire the cheerful representatives of the fair sex.

Become indispensable to him.

Many girls are worried about how to be the only one. For this candidate must feel a dire need of your presence. The strong sex is important trust relationship. Surround him with warmth of your soul, becoming to him:

  • the other half,
  • …a loyal companion..,
  • a trustworthy partner,
  • interesting conversationalist.

Let your beloved understand that in a difficult situation, he can fully trust you.

If you really have real feelings between you, take your man for what he is. Show respect for his manners and habits.

It is important for a man to feel like the head of the family, her protector. Do not command, trying to make him the henchman. Show respect and wisdom. Keep your emotions in check.

Don’t forget about your own interests.

Your interests as a couple may not coincide. Show commitment. Continue to be passionate about your favorite activities. Chances are your loved one also has his or her own hobbies: fishing, watching soccer, playing sports, etc. Respect his interests, but do not lose your personality. It’s great if you share hobbies and interests.

Using only topics that interest a man, you run the risk of losing interest in yourself. Pleasant emotions from socializing with time passes, but the need to obtain new information always remains.

Always stay neat and well groomed.

Getting married, many girls stop taking care of themselves. For them, their own attractiveness loses its former importance. Do not neglect yourself. Take care of your appearance, because men like eyes. They like to look at beautiful girls. What must not be forgotten:

  1. Use cosmetics. Apply makeup even when you are at home.
  2. Do beautiful hairstyles. If there is no time, just style your hair neatly.
  3. If there are flaws in your appearance, learn how to hide them with the help of decorative cosmetics or clothes. Defile in front of a man in an old washed robe and slippers home is unlikely to delight him.
  4. Take care of personal hygiene. Be neat in any situation.
  5. Periodically update the closet beautiful clothes, following fashion trends.
  6. Keep a good physical shape: go to the fitness center, do exercises and jogging.

Stop pissing him off.

The stronger sex cannot tolerate tantrums, tears, and shouting. If a fight breaks out in the dialogue, it is better to take a pause, restraining emotions. Reminding a man that he once hurt you can lead to the collapse of the relationship. Past mistakes and his former mistresses leave in the past. The sight of a resentful moody woman evokes pity, not passionate feelings.

Men are annoyed by women’s ultimatums, blackmail and frequent advice. Categorically unwelcome to manipulate the chosen one.

Be jealous in moderation.

The basis of a strong relationship – trust each other. If you see a reason to be jealous, try to hide it. Guys are not impressed with girls who suspect them of cheating. Respect your partner’s personal space. Some girls look for secret messages or calls on their boyfriends’ phones. Such attempts can be seen as an encroachment on freedom.

It is especially difficult for a mistress not to be jealous of her man for his wife. After all, he is constantly around her, and it seems that he may one day just not come to you. In this situation, help psychologist advice on how to keep a married man:

  1. Meet him well-groomed. Be friendly.
  2. Accept the fact that you do not have him alone.
  3. Many make tough demands on lovers, pushing them toward divorce. If there is a desire to marry a man, exercise caution. Excessive pressure will only push him away from you.
  4. Don’t get used to a married man making him the center of your universe.
  5. Knowing that he has a family, do not make a scene of jealousy.

When it is impossible to keep a man?

Very often some women decide to take extreme measures to keep a guy and tie him to themselves with a child. This is a big mistake – imposing the future baby will only alienate the man. If the reaction to your pregnancy has been negative, leave him sooner.

Also, when there is no understanding and harmony in the family relationship, the spouse will intuitively want to find the woman who will not reproach him and quarrel on every occasion. Often love disappears forever because of the endless quarrels. There are other situations when a woman has little chance of keeping her beloved. Among them:

  • Flared feelings for another woman (adultery),
  • Lack of intimacy,
  • a man is a womanizer,
  • Constant conflict, not only with her partner, but also with his relatives.

If you have real feelings for the man, try to keep the family together. Use in practice all possible ways, do not give up.

How to keep a guy

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When a guy breaks up with you, it can break your heart, especially if you actually like him. Here are a few steps to make sure you stay together for a long time.

Watch yourself. Don’t do things that can ruin the way you look or feel, and always be presentable, but don’t go overboard with your makeup.

Try to talk to him about serious topics. If he is a thinker, he will react accordingly and see that you are interesting instead of thinking that you are always talking about trivia. However, don’t always be serious-remember to have fun, too.

Communicate with him; be open with him about everything. Men hate it when they feel like they can’t get their point across, so if he wants to talk to you about anything, you should listen to him, even if it sounds stupid or useless to you. Being able to compromise is the way to go, because if a man loves you, he will compromise on many things that are important to him; even if you don’t see it, he does.

Trust him in everything, but only if he has earned your trust. Always be honest with him (and with yourself). Never deceive him or keep secrets, but if he breaks your trust, don’t keep telling him everything; that will only hurt you.

Support him on good and bad days. Just be there for him in every way you can, but remember that he needs space to breathe.

Respect him the way you would want you to be respected. Do not offend, insult, or neglect him in any way. Treat him as you would want him to treat you.

Make time for yourself, apart from him, when you are doing your hobbies. Don’t sacrifice that time or your time with your friends for your boyfriend. This will show him that you are interesting and respect yourself, and at the same time give him the opportunity to spend time with other friends and be a guy.

Do something for him that he will remember. This will help you make sure he doesn’t get distracted by other girls.

Tell him that you love him and that he is the only one you want. However, don’t say it unless you really think so. Make sure you are true to those words and never cheat.

When you say goodbye, make sure you kiss him, hug him and whisper in his ear that you love him. However, don’t act clingy and, again, only do so if you really feel like it.

Communication is the key to all relationships. Tell him how you feel and ask him to tell you how he feels.

Find an activity he likes and do it with him. Try to take an interest in what he likes to do. There is nothing better than spending time with someone you love doing what you love. However, don’t insist on doing everything with him at once.

Show him what stage of physical intimacy you are at, and how far you are willing to go so it doesn’t turn out to be a last-minute decision. He may, in fact, feel relieved that he’s not being pressured by sex, that he doesn’t have to think about contraception and emotional issues.

Make the first move from time to time. Men won’t tell you this, but they don’t always like to make the first move. A woman like that can win over any man. So try it; it will work. It’s sexy.

Always look him in the eye (but don’t stare) when you talk. If you look away, he will think you are uncomfortable with him. Your body language says a lot, and guys notice everything.

Compliment him (sincerely). Don’t tell him he’s ‘sexy’; casually call him handsome or Prince Charming. That’s a big difference. Or, if you don’t feel comfortable using those words, compliment him on his hair, clothes or scent. However, never give him insincere compliments.

If you have a problem in one aspect of your relationship, tell him, but make sure it doesn’t sound selfish or demanding or aggressive; make sure he knows you love him and want to work to improve your relationship. He will appreciate your efforts in working on the relationship. However, that doesn’t mean you should complain to him about everything; this will only irritate him and push him away from you.

Tell him you love him often, but not too often, hold his hand, kiss him on the cheek or give him a quick kiss on the lips.

Just because you’re walking together doesn’t mean he can’t and won’t look at other girls. It’s natural for guys to look at other girls, but don’t get mad at him if that happens. Just playfully ask him not to do it again and to be more careful when he’s on a date with another.

From time to time, kiss him gently and sweetly, just like that. This will keep him interested and he will be with you because he never knows when you will kiss him again. If you don’t feel comfortable kissing him on the lips, kiss him on the cheek; physical contact is necessary in any relationship, and if you deny him touch, it will definitely affect the relationship, especially if he is willing to be kissed and touched. Sometimes one kiss is enough to attract a man, and the lack of it will make him want what he can’t get from you, so he will instinctively start looking for a woman who will give him what he needs, and this will lead to cheating or in the worst case scenario, to him leaving you.

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