How to keep a man-devu?

How to fall in love with a Virgo man. Advice from astrologers

Virgo men are endowed with an analytical mindset, they do not like chaos and spontaneity. They are disciplined, organized and purposeful not only in business, but also in love. So get ready for the fact that falling in love with a Virgo will not be the easiest task.

We have already talked about how to fall in love with Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo, today let’s talk about Virgo.

What is a Virgo man like in love

Virgo man in a relationship is calm and reasonable. He takes a long time to look at a woman and think through every step before he opens his heart to her. Virgo achieves great success in business because of his determination and consistency, but in love, rarely dare to take the initiative. They analyze so long, compare the pros and cons, consider options, that they get married one of the last in the zodiac. But having made the decision, Virgo will not give up on it, and will be a loyal and reliable partner for his beloved. In a relationship, the man will be constant, predictable and stable.

How to attract the attention of a man

Virgo men are impressed by modest, well-mannered, educated women. A girl with perfect appearance, inaccessible and mysterious can attract their attention. Virgo will never pay attention to a woman with a frank cleavage, loud laughter and surrounded by a crowd of admirers. So, if you set your eyes on a man of this sign, forget about leopard print and red lipstick. Give preference to the classics and natural makeup for every day.

Behave quietly and modestly in the company of Virgo. After your “Waiter, champagne for everyone!” he will run away from the date. Reread the book on etiquette, so that in an expensive restaurant there will be no embarrassment. With all of his behavior demonstrate to a man his sensitivity and practicality, do not talk about money and any other subject that will make him think you are self-serving. Order an inexpensive meal and, if possible, offer to split the bill.

As soon as possible, demonstrate to the man that you are a wonderful hostess. During the trip with friends in the countryside, cook your specialty, and if you invited him home, make a delicious meal and do the general cleaning. Virgo will be sure to take you up on the fact that you’re a woman worthy of a serious relationship. Don’t forget to show a broad outlook and a great sense of humor.

How to make a man fall in love with you

Virgo men take a long time to make decisions. So do not be surprised that the confetti-bouquet period delayed, and the cherished marriage proposal is still not visible. There’s no point in pressuring Virgo – until he adds up all the pros and cons and decides that you are the perfect candidate, he won’t even think of offering you something. All this time you will have to be on top of things, because as soon as you relax, the Virgo man will immediately lose any interest in you.

Behave in the company of a man directly and easily. Be conservative in your habits, clothing and makeup. Think and act rationally, do not be feminine and reckless, do not be late for a date and always keep your word – your way to the heart of men Virgo promises to be thorny. Do not provoke jealousy, as your flirting this man will take as an insult, not a call to action.

How to keep a man

A Virgo man wants to see a woman near him who he can trust with a calm heart. He wants a hostess who will keep the house in perfect order and raise the children. But don’t dream of sitting at home and not going to work. Virgo men are pretty stingy, and many of them believe that a woman should work. So, according to astrologers, you will have to masterfully combine work and life.

This sign loves to criticize everyone and everything, but they do not tolerate criticism in their address. It used to say about them: “We do not see the beam in our own eye, but we will see the crap in someone else’s”. Virgo wants to come into a clean and cozy house, where he will be eaten good food, make his bed smelling of frosty freshness, and gently ask about the affairs. He does not want to hear criticism, participate in scandals and wipe women’s tears.

How to win a male Virgo: effective methods how to attract attention and fall in love

Virgo – a peculiar personality, and they need the same peculiar approach. With other people they get close difficult, trust begin not at once.

Many of the representatives of the zodiac sign are closed and withdrawn. A girl who is going to conquer a man-Devo, you need to prepare for the fact that it may not be as easy as it seems at first glance.

What kind of women do Virgo men like?

Virgo men like intelligent, charismatic people who are critical thinkers. They can’t stand frivolity, accessibility, stupidity in women. A man can look closely at the chosen one for a long time, as he always meets someone with the goal of creating a family.

Virgo will not waste valuable time on dates that lead nowhere. The companion should share the views of the young man.

For a guy who was born under the earthly sign of the zodiac, an important factor is the appearance of the girl. She should be clean, neat and well-groomed. Usually young men like modest, nice and shy girls who dress in a classic style and put on your face a minimal amount of makeup.

Girls are annoyed by familiarity, rudeness, boorishness, promiscuity. Many guys hold conservative views that apply to a variety of areas of life.

A woman should understand that the representative of the earth element is a rationalist. He will not choose a couple solely on appearance. It is important to pay attention to his intellectual development, to show intelligence, to demonstrate the versatility of views.

The guy is easy to interest if he sees a lady with similar hobbies in front of him. Virgo likes well-read, intelligent, wise women.

Constructing yourself as a person who the girl is not, in fact, do not. A young man will quickly realize that this is only a way to win his attention, and the interest will soon fade away.

How to win a man-Devo in 15 minutes after acquaintance

In the first minutes of acquaintance a woman should demonstrate to a guy that she is interested in him. But do not be obtrusive too – this will only cause confusion in Virgo. It is necessary to maintain a dialogue with the interlocutor, to express an opinion, but not too categorically.

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Perhaps the humor, the conclusions, the course of thought of the guy will be incomprehensible to a girl, because these representatives of the element Earth are peculiar people.

The most important rule is to be able to intrigue the young man. Also during the dialogues you should be able to listen to your partner, because Virgo people do not tolerate when they are interrupted.

It is not recommended to boast about your knowledge or to start a conversation with discussions. In the eyes of the guy she will be a stubborn scandalist – representatives of the sign of Virgo are categorical and often hyperbolize other people’s character traits.

The young people do not tolerate gemantry, as well as familiarity. It is recommended to behave with them naturally, as well as with other people. It is enough if the lady will be polite and friendly. Telling about problems and difficulties is not allowed – the man will think that in this way the lady is asking him for help. Whining and complaining are not tolerated by earthly symbols.

How to make a Virgo man fall in love with you: 8 main rules

To fall in love with a Virgo, you need to adhere to a number of recommendations.

Here are some of them:

  1. You should not wear vulgar clothes, flirtatious, behave in a playful way. A man will not like it.
  2. It is important to be open, frank, honest. Young people are used to simple and uncomplicated communication.
  3. A woman should carefully watch her gestures and manners. Maidens like well-mannered, intelligent girls who know the rules of etiquette.
  4. In no case should not be familiar, use foul language, especially if the acquaintance took place quite recently.
  5. Emphasis should be placed on the similarity of interests, abilities, to mention the commonality of views, so that the chosen one will also pay attention to this.
  6. It is not recommended to make any offensive or ambiguous jokes. It is also not recommended to use too much black humor. This will embarrass the Virgo.
  7. It is necessary to refrain from criticism, especially in a categorical form. Even if the girl does not like something in what is said, you should express yourself softly, politely, without raising your voice.
  8. Do not rush things: regularly call the guy on dates, invite him to your place, if he does not show initiative. Perhaps he is thinking about the girl, but he is not yet ready for a new romantic relationship. Also, you should not force events, this will repel the chosen one.

Sometimes it is not so easy to start a relationship with this sign of the zodiac. Men tend to take a long time to weigh up the decisions and choose a rational approach to the choice of companion. They do not act on a hunch, obeying flashed feelings and emotions.

But after Virgo knows for sure that he is in love with his chosen one, he will try to push the romance to the next level. From the rationalist to the bone, the guy will turn into a sentimental romantic.

Girls note that these men are able to change before their eyes, and most often these changes are pleasant.

Signs and behavior of a man in love Virgo

To understand that a young man has fallen in love, it is very simple – he begins to demonstrate it in every way: take care of the woman, helps her, says warm words. If a man is sure of his feelings, then after a while he will say so. A romance with a Virgo can develop very rapidly, although usually guys do not rush events and believe that all in good time.

If we are talking about boys and young men, they are embarrassed in the presence of the object of sympathy, they blush, they feel awkward. Mature men are more confident in their words and actions, so this behavior is not inherent in them.

In other words, Virgo will always find a way to demonstrate affection. It can be something very basic and simple, but done from the heart.

The guy will tell about his feelings directly in an intimate setting and offer to start a relationship, hint nicely about it or write a letter, ask him out on a date, start giving some nice things, invite him to his favorite places.

How to keep a man-Devo for life

To keep a man-Devu by your side is possible only with care and warmth. If a woman tries to make a man’s life comfortable, loves him, then he will not have the desire to run somewhere, to cheat, to look for a mistress on the side.

Virgo are very loyal people who honor family values, they believe that creating a strong family is their duty, the goal, the meaning of life. Such a man would also like to get married, while maintaining relations for life.

If, however, the young man decides to leave, it is unlikely that anything can be done about it. It means that he and his chosen one feel bad, they often have conflicts or do not understand each other.

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The main advice for a woman is to respect the lover, to realize that he should have personal time, hobbies and affairs, not to break boundaries. You can not put pressure on a man psychologically, then he will not have a need to leave, to break the union.

How to get a man-Devo?

To return a Virgo, you need to understand the reasons for his departure. If there are no former feelings in the relationship, then restore them, alas, will not work. But with quarrels, scandals, misunderstandings, the problem can still be solved. It is necessary to discuss all the issues that worry the couple, to come to a consensus, to find a compromise.

The guy-Devo is not always ready to make concessions, but if he sees that the woman wants to change for his sake, he will go to the meeting of harmonious relationships.

Actions to avoid when communicating with a man-Devo

When communicating with a man you like, you should avoid the following things:

  1. Do not ridicule the thoughts, interests, inferences of Virgo, even if they seem ridiculous. This will greatly offend the man, and he will break off communication with the lady.
  2. Do not criticize the man’s way of life, his behavior, ideas and activities. This will alienate the chosen one. Virgoes do not tolerate unsolicited advice.
  3. You should not make claims, especially if the young man has not made any promises, not sure about his own desires.

Virgo men are vulnerable, so you should be careful when talking to them. A representative of this sign of the zodiac does not tolerate rudeness to himself, but he himself does not show it.

Nevertheless, such a person is endowed with inner strength, a core, is responsible for the words spoken. Even if people have met recently, the man can be trusted.

If a woman realized that she wronged a loved one, it is necessary to apologize to him. It is important for Virgo to make sure that the offenders admit mistakes. Frank conversations will help avoid a lot of problems in the couple’s relationship. A woman should not be afraid of them or avoid them.

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