How to keep a Cancer man?

How to keep a man of Cancer

Cancer inconsistent, he peculiar sharp mood swings. He then gratuitously cheerful, then suddenly thoughtful silent. How to attract the attention of Cancer, a man extraordinary and peculiar? A woman needs to be romantic, “home”. Lovers of parties, inveterate careerist, feminist-minded lady – not for Cancer. Such women “the last romantics of the zodiac circle” is frankly feared.

How to understand a Cancer

Cancers are gentle, faithful, they are sophisticated lovers. But at the same time representatives of the sign are extremely demanding to the partner. The question of how to attract a man of Cancer is ambiguous, especially if you are a Lioness, Scorpio or Capricorn.

In communication with Cancer, it is recommended to be careful. Representatives of this sign are very vulnerable and touchy. Do you want to know how to understand Cancer? Use the advice and recommendations of the astrologer. The representative of each sign has a chance to attract the attention of a refined Cancer man. But best of all, it will succeed in the one that is by nature a listener. Cancer loves to talk. A man in the first meeting may pour out your heart. All he needs in this case – the listener. “Confidential” conversation is not a sign of falling in love.

How to fall in love with a Cancer guy

It is difficult to answer unequivocally the question of how to fall in love with a Cancer guy. Representatives of this sign have a lot of contradictory character traits. In addition, they are prone to frequent mood swings. To attract the attention of such men, “hook” them, it is important to be on the same wave with them.

Signs of a man of Cancer in love are typical. A representative of the sign takes the initiative. Cancer seeks to evaluate the chosen one. First of all, this applies to everyday life. His grateful listener simply must be an excellent hostess, able to maintain comfort in the house. If this is the case, the feelings of Cancer are strengthened.

How to keep a man of Cancer

Charm during the first meetings with a representative of this sign is relatively easy. But how to keep a man of Cancer, a woman should think in advance. Dealing with the difficult sign of the zodiac, you need to be alert. The first thing to pay attention to is communication. Most of the life of Cancer passes in conversations. In order not to disappoint your companion and, accordingly, not to lose him, you need to consider several important aspects for a man.

How to conquer the Cancer, a demanding and serious man? It is necessary to become a useful adviser to him. Nothing Cancer appreciates as much as advice. In the life partner of the sign representatives choose practical and reasonable women. At the beginning of relationships and their development is important to delve into the affairs of men, if possible, to give sensible advice. Astute woman who is not indifferent to the work and hobbies of Cancer, – his ideal.

Also, in any conversation with a representative of this sign is important to remain serious. Cancer should not tease. Painful he will take and even the most innocuous ridicule. If a man is offended, the question of how to keep Cancer, will be very sharp.

Another important quality of the chosen representative of the sign should be poise. Disputes, quarrels, hysterics Cancer does not like. A woman who is tied to his fate will have to remember to control their emotions. Cancer sometimes rude and harsh. But the woman should not respond to his barbs hysterical, it will break relations.

Very peculiar multifaceted Cancer, how to conquer this sign, it occurs to many members of the fair sex. At that there are objective reasons. Cancer is an excellent family man. He is able to give a woman everything she needs to fulfill its destiny.

How to conquer the Aries Cancer

The question of how to win a Cancer, for a woman of Aries is practically irrelevant. Bright and extraordinary, she is sure to attract the attention of a man. The first thing that the Cancerians notice in Aries is their “unfemininity”. Women themselves, as a rule, are complexed about it. Cancer in this case, faced with a strong personality, which does not allow a partner to behave either in the dance or in life, does not back up, but stops for a while to decide on a strategy of seduction.

Are you an Aries and want to know how to please a Cancer guy? Be natural. It is also recommended to try to let go of feelings and desires and loosen your censorship. This will allow the Cancer man to get close enough to you for active action.

A female Aries should allow the man to show gallantry. Cancer will court handsomely. He is naturally courteous, gallant, like a prince from a fairy tale for the more than once disappointed Aries woman.

To keep the Cancer man, it is important not to take over the reins of the couple. The best thing Aries can do is to remain a woman, sweet, weak, ready to keep the home.

How a Taurus can win over a Cancer.

Thinking about how to win a Cancer man, a Taurus woman goes through a lot of seduction scenarios. But many of them turn out to be useless in practice. In fact, Taurus does not need to reinvent the wheel to charm, seduce and subsequently keep Cancer. These two signs are astrologically related. One of the main traits of Cancer is a desire for caring. Taurus is the kind of sign that tends to patronize everyone around him.

How to interest a man of Cancer in the first meeting? It’s enough to initiate a conversation about life. Love at first sight with Cancer, most likely, will not work. Men of this sign are not inclined to rush headlong into a love maelstrom. But the Taurus woman also probably does not need it. Both signs are sensible and cautious. This unites them.

The relationship in the Taurus-Cancer couple may seem perfect. Indeed, he is ready to woo his beloved forever. She knows exactly how to please him, to make him happy. But no union is without its cracks and pitfalls. One of these can be a natural dependence on the mother for Cancer. There will always be three parties in such a relationship. From Taurus in this case requires one thing – patience.

How to win a Gemini Cancer

A Gemini girl knows exactly how to attract a Cancer guy. The latter lives by imagination, emotions, feelings. In this, he and Gemini are similar. Sweet communication, romance will continue exactly as long as Cancer does not feel the master of the situation. Owner by nature, he will want to lock Gemini in a cage at home. Seeking nature of the girl is certainly repugnant. Here may find a bone to pick with a stone.

If the alliance is desirable, how to win the love of Cancer is a burning question for Gemini. It is also important to understand how not to compromise your own principles and not to quarrel with the second self, so carefully guarded. Gemini woman often puts her interests (any interests, including hobbies, work and other things) above love. Cancer is difficult to reconcile with this.

That said, it is unlikely that the Gemini woman should expect a Cancerian treason. Favorite, most likely, will retire for a time in a quiet, comfortable place for him and there will wait for the return of his beloved from “wandering. But this will only be the case if Cancer really loves. To fall in love with him, Gemini need to harness the windiness, curb the desire for eternal search, for a minute to stop, to allow the relationship to gain strength.

How to win a Cancerian

How to attract a Cancer woman of the same sign? Points of contact will find themselves. Most often, a spark flares up between representatives of the sign in a casual conversation, for example, about hobbies. But at the same time in a love maelstrom with his head is not in a hurry neither he nor she.

How to fall in love with Cancer, a man of cautious and restrained? It is necessary, first of all, to lure him out of his shell. But first you need to leave your own shell. The shell that protects Cancer from the turmoil of life, does not give them to surrender to the power of feelings. Accordingly, friendly or mate relationships may linger.

However, once the two Cancerians leave their shells, the love fire will be ignited with fierce force. Both of them see marriage as the logical continuation of this fire. The alliance will be strong, but not perfect. Stumbling blocks in the way of Cancer undoubtedly occur. They are typical: money, children, hobbies. The most difficult is the child issue. Cancer women tend to be overprotective. Men are more loyal, they can allow the children a lot. The partner, on the other hand, will only have to tolerate this family conspiracy against her “best motives.”

How the Leo can win over the Cancerian

For the Lioness, the question of how to attract the attention of Cancer can be very relevant. If she likes this man, sensitive, gentle and a little strange, the queen may hesitate. The Lioness may ponder for a long time whether she can put up with his perpetual mood swings. This quality is the calling card of Cancer men. The change of moods is visible to the naked eye. The first meeting between a woman and a man can go under different slogans, from unrestrained joy to languid sadness.

But how to conquer Cancer, for the Leo woman is not a question. An interested man will not be able to resist the royal charms. Cancer usually appreciates the Leo. She feels it. But when developing a relationship, something may bother the proud queen. Intuitively, she senses the cardinal nature of such a gallant and restrained Cancer. Such a man is, by astrological standards, a leader. And in the family of the Lioness there can only be one leader – her.

To further develop the relationship and keep Cancer, ready to admire his queen, the Lioness will have to agree to cooperate, to give part of the managerial powers to her companion. As a result, their small or large kingdom will be managed competently, exist long and prosper.

How to win a Virgo to a Cancer

How to conquer the heart of Cancer woman Virgo? It is very difficult, but possible. The signs are astronomically little compatible. Virgo women tend to make Cancers shudder. They seem to men insensitive, cruel. They are difficult to love, you can only quietly hate, avoid. But as you know, there is only one step from hatred to love. And a man can make it, if a woman helps him to do it.

When thinking about how to fall in love with Cancer, Virgo can do a lot of stupid things. In dealing with a representative of the sign she should avoid excessive rationalism, pragmatism. It is recommended to try more often to show feelings, interest in the affairs of Cancer. The representative of the sign will be able to like a woman Virgo, similar to the mystery, quiet, calm, intelligent. He will also appreciate the ability to show empathy. It won’t hurt Virgo to also be gentle.

To preserve the relationship with Cancer, it is important not to laugh at his endeavors, feelings, words, ideas, thoughts. This is not tolerated by vulnerable men. The loss of trust for them is final and irrevocable. With Cancer, Virgo will not be able to end an unsuccessful conversation with a joke. Such situations are better simply not allowed.

How Libra to win a Cancer

How to get a Libra girl interested in Cancer? There is nothing easier. Libras tend to be feminine, sensual, open to love. This cannot go unnoticed by the sensitive and sentimental Cancer. He will almost certainly pay attention to the angel, whose movements through life are accompanied by a subtle, subtle and melodic ringing of bells.

Over how to understand a Cancer man, a Libra woman will have to ponder. Representatives of this sign are romantic and gallant, but there is something mysterious about them. Constant mood swings of Cancer are a bit incomprehensible to Libra. Fast changes of emotions bring dissonance to the balanced world of a woman. He gets lost, but not for long. Common sense usually takes over. If a Libra woman decides to simply wait out the Cancer changes, their relationship can be long and happy.

It doesn’t take much effort for a Libra woman to hold on to a Cancer, either. These women have almost everything that men appreciate, from femininity to a sharp mind. A stumbling block in the union of representatives of the two signs can be leadership. Cancer is the owner and master. Behind the romanticism of Libra, leadership qualities are revealed. The two will have to learn to cooperate and occasionally give in to each other.

How Scorpio can win over Cancer

How to seduce a Cancer man to a Scorpio woman? First of all, do not rush the events. You can attract the attention of a Cancer in a variety of ways. These men notice bright, sensual women. But they are intimidated by emotional storms. And the latter are the norm for Scorpio. Accordingly, to seduce a Cancer Scorpio should moderate the emotional fervor. It also does not hurt to show a few talents. For example, an appreciative listener, a good hostess.

How do you know if a Cancer likes you? It’s simple, the main thing is to notice in time that he has begun to act. Interested Cancer courts, and beautiful, respectable, gallant. Accepting courting, the woman agrees to his terms of the game (so thinks Cancer). Do you want to play by their own rules (or the new ones made together)? Don’t delay in discussing the terms of the game.

Keeping a Cancer Scorpio can be difficult. Conflicts in the couple can arise because of the indecisiveness (visible), restraint, reluctance to act of the first and because of the emotionalism of the second partner. Scorpio should avoid frequent tail jabs. Cancer will not tolerate attacks, he will simply hide behind a shell of sternness, become tougher, more intransigent.

How Sagittarius can win over Cancer

It is not easy to answer the question of how to seduce a Cancerian woman Sagittarius. She tends to believe in princes. He is, in fact, the embodiment of that very prince. But outwardly, as a rule, Cancer is as far from ideal for Sagittarius as she is for him. These two may simply not pay attention to each other. But if mutual interest is present, the woman can proceed to tactical action.

Cancer loves sweet, sensual, faithful, “comfortable” women, ready to create a family and keep the hearth. At the same time, they are extremely cautious in a relationship. And Sagittarius, as a rule, falls in love quickly, recklessly. If a flow of love poured on Cancer, he will retreat a few steps, hide in a hole and will wait a long time before going out in society.

How do you know that Cancer loves? By his determined action. After retreating, Cancer usually strikes: he grabs the “victim” and does not let her go. If a man starts courting, it is usually with a long-range aim. Cancer is not interested in short-term romances, his goal is a long-term relationship and family (ideally). To get a marriage proposal, Sagittarius needs to live up to Cancer’s expectations.

How a Capricorn woman can win over a Cancer.

If a Capricorn woman thinks how to please a Cancer man, it means that she is really interested in him. To attract the attention of a representative of the sign, the huntress has everything she needs. The main quality of Capricorn, which will not fail to appreciate Cancer, is responsibility. Cancers like to be coddled. The responsible Capricorn fits this role almost perfectly.

How to charm a Cancer, a woman is likely to understand intuitively. A man does not hide his desires and preferences. It is worth satisfying them – and he is yours. The beginning of the relationship between Cancer and Capricorn is usually cloudless. They understand each other. Tenderness, infatuation, sensuality mark this union.

Problems begin later. The reason for them is often the desire of Cancer to turn Capricorn into his property. A strong woman will indulge the whims of her chosen one if she loves. But Cancerians are prone to overdo it. Practicality and prudence will help the couple to avoid conflicts in the future and resolve the existing ones constructively. These traits are peculiar to both signs.

How Aquarius to win a Cancer

Women Aquarius for Cancer are too self-confident. Men feel it, so they try to such representatives of the weaker sex do not approach. How to please a Cancer, if you – Aquarius? First of all, be tactful. To build a relationship with Cancer, Aquarius will have to work hard on themselves. Explosive nature of the woman scares the representative of the sign, forcing him to back away. Aquarius will have to take the initiative in his own hands in this case.

How to seduce a man of Cancer? Try to be sensual, sweet, open tenderness and compassion. If a Cancer man has fallen in love, it’s too early to give up. It is very important to build a relationship correctly, to consider taboo topics. The most important thing is not to try to make a Cancer adult. Representatives of this sign secretly wish to remain children all their lives. They need tutelage, regression. They often think back to the past, to the safety of their parents’ home.

Self-sufficient and strong Aquarius is difficult to understand this. It remains only to take it as a given. To keep Cancer, it is important to respect the main woman in his life – his mother. Conflicts with her are practically a 100% guarantee that the relationship will break down. Cancer always chooses his mother over his lover or wife.

How to win a Pisces to a Cancer

Water signs understand each other very well. They unconsciously pay attention to one another. The question of how to charm a man of Cancer for a woman born under the sign of Pisces does not require searching for an answer in special literature on seduction and other sources. What to do, her heart tells her.

But with how to marry a Cancer man, there may be difficulties. Representatives of this sign usually do not rush to formalize a relationship. At the same time, they are clearly focused on the family. Pisces is left to wait for a marriage proposal. At the same time, the main thing is not to play into the drama. Cancer and Pisces are dreamers, actors, and dreamers. They tend to play theatrical performances for each other. It’s important for both of them not to go over the top.

The union of Cancer and Pisces is generally successful. But she will have to show care, humility, tact, patience, compassion, in fact, heal the man’s soul. This will teach over time the fickle Cancer to filter his whims, to reckon with the opinion of his partner.

Building a relationship with the horoscope in mind is a good decision. Why reinvent the wheel when you can ask for advice from the stars and avoid possible mistakes? The most effective, as practice shows, are individual horoscopes. Make one for you and your chosen one can be a professional astrologer.

How to build a relationship with a man-rak, so he was drawn to the woman, so he fell in love

Before you start a close relationship with a guy and go on a date with him, it is advised to learn how to behave with him if he was born under the sign of Cancer.

An extraordinary personality needs a cordial and friendly girl. Knowing the traits peculiar to this zodiac, you can count on the birth of true love and a serious relationship.

How to communicate with a Cancerian man

The zodiac is attracted to tenderness and delicacy in behavior. He will like the meekness and pliability of character. Sharp and arrogant woman, demonstrating force, will not interest a man of this sign. His intuition will tell him that the lady is not suitable for a serious relationship.

The beautiful and intelligent representative of this cold-blooded sign likes to please all women. He can come to the company under the arm of one lady and absolutely shamelessly start flirting with another girl, but you should not make a scene of jealousy.

This zodiac is not a womanizer at all. He just knows the rules of politeness and does not let any lady get bored at the party.

Is it worth contradicting?

It is difficult to understand the true emotions of Cancer, because he prefers to hide his coldness and love. Do not strive to insist on your opinion in case of disagreement, otherwise you could lose his favor.

The easiest way to win a conflict is to avoid it. Give your beloved man in the small things and in the main things. If everyone stays in their opinion, keep the love and respect. Do not become enemies just because your views on something different.

What they don’t like

The Zodiac can’t stand pushy and aggressive ladies who want to gain the upper hand at any cost. Outwardly courteous and generous with compliments, this man does not like to show real feelings.

Don’t make this man feel jealous and insecure. He will only truly love a loyal and sincere woman.

How to interest

A romantic guy will be interested in a girl with a similar outlook on life.

Surrounding this pair may seem strange, but lovers will care very little. Full harmony will reign in the pair, if romance, emotionality and sincerity are inherent in both.

Representatives of the sign are true knights. They will be interested in the story of a damsel in distress.

Personal tragedy, difficulties at work, insult from a rude neighbor on the staircase – for Cancer these are opportunities to prove their manhood by actions, to protect the fragile girl, to play the role of the savior. The noble and courageous friend will only have to hint that you are sympathetic to him.

How to behave with Cancer, so he is afraid to lose you

Many ladies, being married, live in fear that one day the husband will grow cold to them. After all, the man sometimes began to ignore the beloved, while still a fiancé.

Often quarrels arise from too much intrusive control or lack of attention. Typically, men suffer from overprotection, and women feel as if they are not given enough attention.

Even if your spouse really loves you, he needs to meet with friends, going fishing or playing soccer. Women are ready to forget girlfriends and rush headlong into family life. They are not as interested in entertainment, in which the husband does not participate.

To avoid dissonance, do not bother the man with unnecessary tutelage. Feeling full understanding, he will be afraid to lose you. Spend your time interestingly with girlfriends or doing your favorite hobby (visit the pool, beauty salon). Cancer is afraid of losing a beautiful, well-groomed and self-sufficient woman who supports in difficult moments.

Take an interest in his affairs, praise him for his achievements, victories. It is better that interest was moderate, but praise must be present. A man needs support, tenderness, kind words. This zodiac will not tell friends about their failures, so it is important to support the beloved.

A romantic partner will be afraid to leave his wife, who remains interesting in appearance even after the wedding. Amazing his culinary art, do not forget to wear dresses and touch up your eyes. Your hair should remain neat and fashionable even in the kitchen. Do not forget to take care of your hands. Spouse will not want to lose a caring mother of children and a good hostess.

Do not terrorize your loved one with endless jealousy. No Cancer will not want to part with the wife who trusts him. Let your husband feel that he is needed.

If the faucet in the bathroom breaks, ask him to fix it. If he can not, do not blame. Only with his consent, call a master, whose coming to pay for his husband. Thank him for his help in solving the problem. Men do not abandon female companions, next to whom they feel strong.

The relationship in the family will be strong if:

  • the lady never makes fun of her husband;
  • Does not deceive him, does not deceive him, does not lie;
  • speaks words of love;
  • Shows respect for the parents of the spouse.

Intimate life.

The hardy and romantic Cancer loves to experiment. Be prepared for hot and long nights together in the most unexpected places. Taking a shower together is the water sign’s favorite activity.

It is important for the Zodiac to fully satisfy his partner. He is aroused by lace lingerie, when his partner caresses his nipples and kisses him French.

How to manipulate a Cancerian man so that he himself reaches for a woman

Narcissistic selfish women are better to remain independent so as not to create problems for themselves and those around them. Open your heart and love the chosen one, show your attitude through obedience. Do not hide emotionality, be gentle and kind, romantic.

When a Cancer man will understand that his will be yielded not as a favor, he himself will reach out to you.

If creating a strong family is a joy and a cherished dream for you, don’t hide it from the person you love. He will feel the sincerity and will be glad that he found a life partner.

How does Cancer behave after a quarrel?

Many girls complain that in a conflict situation, the Cancer guy does not take the initiative. He is ready to return to his beloved, but the first steps to reconciliation are waiting from the girl.

It is important to see in the representative of the sign a unique personality, then you will find the right words to bring him back. Be gentle, affectionate and sincere, do not be afraid to show initiative, say a kind word.

What to do if Cancer does not talk?

The mysterious nature of the guy of this cold sign can mislead. With a girl that he really likes, he is afraid to talk, prefers to hide real feelings .

A girl in love with a guy with such unpredictable behavior should have patience. The ability to forgive and show initiative will be useful in the best possible way.

How to save the relationship?

The Cancer man often changes his mood. This sign inconsistent, he was laughing for no reason, then sad. Cancer will not tell directly about the problems, will not express claims, will not show resentment.

The guy of this sign is vulnerable and secretive, so it may be difficult to understand what exactly he was offended. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of his character in order to save the relationship.

If there is a disagreement between you, you must find the cause and follow the plan:

  • be more attentive, watch his behavior to determine the cause of irritation;
  • Do not be too intrusive;
  • Take charge of household chores, your spouse will appreciate it;
  • Treat his relatives respectfully and politely;
  • be unpredictable;
  • evolve, be charming.

Serious sound advice, loyalty, attractiveness and tenderness will bring back fading interest from Cancer.

Cancer compatibility in relationships with other signs

Ladies within their own water element (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) this zodiac understands perfectly.

A favorable alliance is formed with Earth signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus). With caring and gentle Taurus one gets a strong family. Virgo females will balance the fickle nature of her husband, put everything in its place and create a positive mood. A mature representative of the sign will find in a companion born under the Capricorn sign, what he was looking for all his life.

Relationships with partners in the elements of fire and air are difficult. There is a struggle for leadership and abuse of trust. The causes of conflict lie in the confrontation of the elements of water and fire, different perspectives on life.

How to fall in love with a man of Cancer: the conclusion

The water element has gifted Cancer with extraordinary and contradictory qualities. A great influence on his behavior has the moon. To fall in love with a peace-loving guy, whose mood changes like the tides on the ocean, is not easy enough.

The situation, however, depends largely on the woman.

The ability to be a loyal and sincere friend, a gentle mother and a caring mistress will help to make a man fall in love with this cold and mysterious sign. Do not forget to take care of yourself, remain mysterious and seductive. Give support in a difficult moment to a friend and do not hide your love.

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