How to insult a woman?

How to offend a girl strongly with words

Don’t think ill of the embittered clown Nikitosia! I understand that the topic of this article, to put it mildly, is out of some norms of decency and morality, but, nevertheless, humiliating the fairer sex of humanity is sometimes beneficial, and to them, too. Let’s not stretch – now I will tell you how to hurt a girl badly with words!

Why is it necessary?

Of course, you should not hurl insults right to left, and humiliate the dignity of women. However, there are situations when it is necessary to humiliate a woman:

  • You need to put in place a pushy person;
  • you need to get rid of a clingy lady, including the mentally challenged;
  • it is necessary to suppress a maiden’s aggression.

In the first case, the picture is approximately the following – the lady behaves inadequately, considers herself the top of the world, does not recognize anyone who is too poor or does not occupy a high position in society. If you insult such a girl strongly with words, then she will understand in her subcortex that she is not ideal, and over time, perhaps, she will begin to behave quietly.

The second option is a little more complicated. Nikitosii had a flirt who naturally pursued him. Even after the official separation she constantly wrote, called, then began to threaten. Convincing didn’t work, so I had to resort to this drastic measure. It worked. It was quick.

The last option – the most difficult. This combines the first two examples considered, and the girl to be humiliated behaves too boldly and sharply:

  • Threatens physical violence;
  • She touches the man’s relatives;
  • shows an extreme level of uncultivation and rudeness.

The fact is that such a woman understands only her own language – boor, boorish, etc. Sorry for the harshness, but that’s the way it is. Consequently, an insult to the young lady will be more understandable to her than a thousand other words.

In any case, it is not good to do this, but when there is no other way to solve the problem, you have to resort to brutality and moral repression.

5 Ways to Humiliate a Woman

You should not stoop to the level of a drunken lumpen, and rush terrible swear words and curses. A true gentleman insults subtly, gently, but so that the lady will streamline for a week!

  1. Go over her appearance. The strategy is this – point out her obvious shortcomings in the series of obesity, crooked legs, plucked hair, etc. Moreover, you need to make her aware of their shortcomings, so she understood – you’re telling the truth, not a scare, do not exaggerate. Example – fat lady with a lot of inflated self-esteem. To begin with, we ask the question, whether she wants to go to the gym. At a perplexed look or counter-question we answer something like this: if you adjust the figure, then the men in droves on you. It would seem that nothing of the sort, but she knows about his shortcomings will be unpleasant, painful and sad. The same can be said for hair (hairdresser/beauty salon), crooked legs (podiatrist), teeth (dentist), and any other part of the body that needs a specific correction. Remember – to hurt a girl badly with words, sometimes it pays to tell the truth!
  2. Point out tastelessness in clothing and jewelry . For example, the girl you’re about to insult has bought herself a new dress. You look at it, smirk smugly, and say that she looks like a granny from the 50s of the 20th century in it. Do the same with the other accessories – jewelry, hairpins, brooches, etc. Said – wait for reactions and objections. Most likely, the girl wondered what the reason for this opinion, and you quickly switched to the first item, and give out that the new dress it strongly obese, and you can not understand, she got fat or not. At this stage, by the way, you can start using harsher words – you have to let her know that you want to hurt her badly, she should realize this.
  3. Hit her mental faculties. This is a classy way to hurt the girl badly with words, but you have to prepare a little bit for it. Start some intelligent conversation with her, preferably from history. Why is that? It’s taught at school, some elementary things about princes, kings, generals, etc. everyone should know, at least at a primitive level. A great topic is the Great Patriotic War. Discuss some famous battle with her, but with “subtleties.” Nikitosius finds it hard to believe that an average maiden, even an intelligent one, knows the details of the Mid-Don operation at Stalingrad. When she gets confused, immediately go on the attack – point out that she does not know the most basic things, probably in all other sciences is the same tree, and, apparently, because of this she is unable to pick up normal clothes (point 2), and can not take care of her figure (point 1).
  4. Doubt the quality of an intimate relationship with her . True, there is a subtlety – you should have had sex, even if it was a long time ago. Here I will not disperse – greatly offend the girl’s words can be an indication that she is sedentary log, like a paralyzed in bed, and is only able to improbably fake it. The rest the young lady will tell you herself – enjoy the result!
  5. Go through her parents . I want to warn you right away that this is too much, even for unprincipled brute like spiteful clown Nikitosius, but works without fail, especially in combination with paragraphs 1, 2 and 3. What do they say? She has bad taste, unattractive looks and poor intelligence. Whose fault is that? That’s right, the one who brought her up. Consequently, to severely offend the girl with words, without resorting to direct insults to her person, without using foul language etc., is to point out that her mom and dad didn’t care about the child’s upbringing, they themselves are not distinguished by beauty, taste and brains. The logic is – shitty parents are the reason why she herself is crooked and slanted. That’s it, the resentment will be harsh and most likely lifelong.

However, before you hurt the girl badly with words, remember – it’s not hard to do. It will be much harder to make up with her if the need arises. The more it will be difficult to return the relationship with the lady, if you decide in such a barbaric way to break up with her. In short, first think three times, and then use these invaluable advice embittered clown Nikitosius!

How to offend a girl with words

Everyone can encounter insults from others, and the feelings that manifest themselves at this moment are quite unpleasant.

Of course, it is easier to answer also with bad words, it is easy and simple. However, this can lead to unpleasant and sometimes dangerous consequences.

There are many phrases that can be used to sass and humiliate a person, and sometimes bring the offender to tears. Here’s how to do it, you can learn below from ways to insult without swearing.

How to humiliate the guy beautifully?

The human psychology is so constructed that even one insolent word can cause great offence.

It is not necessary that it was a foul word, to humiliate, insult, beset, put in its place can be cultural words. But not everyone can do this.

Often there are unpleasant situations between a girl and a guy – a quarrel, misunderstanding, and sometimes a fight with insults.

Here in the latter case, it is worth using several techniques to humiliate and insult the offender with clever words, so that he would not raise his hand again in the future.

The table shows the qualities that are considered sacred for a guy.

If you want to take revenge on the offender, you can use phrases mentioning these qualities in a bad light in correspondence or in words:

How to insult a woman without swearing?

Sometimes women themselves are asking for humiliation and insults. It is not necessary to respond to the swearing in swear words, you can answer harshly and competently without foul language. The phrases will sound hurtful and unpleasant, even worse than foul words.

Women take criticism of their appearance painfully. It is important to choose the right and beautiful words, you do not need to call directly: you’re ugly, you’re ugly, and help to understand it delicately.

For girls will be offensive and unpleasant phrases with a hint of ugly appearance:

  • When God created women, he decided to save money on you!
  • I would offend you, but just advise you to look in the mirror!
  • Your words are the helpless barking of a filthy mongrel!
  • It’s amazing, you’re not smart and you don’t have a face!
  • It’s a pity to spit in such a face!

There are other ways to get back at a woman.

I’m hurt by phrases that mention being too popular with men:

  • There’s no place to put a test on you!
  • All your dignity you have already given to other men!
  • You’re a father’s shame and a mother’s tears!
  • You’re a quality men’s slut!
  • Your whole life is to serve your master’s sugar!
  • No normal man would even look in your direction!
  • Your attraction ended ten men ago!
  • To be associated with you is to disgrace yourself!

Phrases should point out the shortcomings of the mind, they should make her look like a fool in front of everyone.

Consider a few appropriate choices:

  • If you were smart, you’d have a decent man!”
  • Men don’t walk away from smart women!
  • Here, look at you and at first glance it seems that you – a fool! And then you look and just right – a fool fool fool!

How to send a man away culturally?

Sometimes there are cases when you want to send a strange person who annoys you with their uninteresting and empty talk.

However, you should not answer sharply at once, it can strongly offend the interlocutor, you can do it with cultural words without foul language.

Learn a few simple tricks:

    During the conversation, try to ask questions that relate to another topic, so you can move the conversation to another interesting direction.

Clever swear words

A person can be easily offended by clever swear words. The phrases may contain a hint of illness, defect, weakness, appearance, status and other important qualities.

You should use them if the offender has offended without reason, insulted or even raised his hand.

Consider smart phrases without swearing:

  • You’re right to giggle. No laughing with your teeth!
  • If you get under a hot hand, you’ll fly under a hot foot.
  • ♪ Teeth ain’t hair, they fly out, you can’t catch ’em ♪
  • You remind me of the ocean… You make me just as sick.
  • I probably need to look like a sucker to fit you.
  • No need to feel sorry for him, he’s not sick, it’s his usual look.
  • Yeah, beauty’s not your strong suit.
  • I wish I could send you away, but apparently you’ve already been there.
  • Rhesus-positive is probably the only plus in your list of virtues.
  • That’s okay, I don’t remember your name either.
  • I can’t bear to listen to your idiocy.
  • Are you always this stupid, or is today a special occasion?
  • As an outsider, what do you think of the human race?
  • I’d like to kick you in the teeth, but why should I improve your appearance?
  • At least there is one positive thing about your body. It’s not as ugly as your face!
  • The brain isn’t everything. And in your case it’s nothing!
  • Careful, don’t let the brain get into your head!
  • I like you. They say I have disgusting taste, but I love you.
  • Did your parents ever ask you to run away from home?
  • If I had a face like yours. I’d sue my parents!
  • Don’t feel bad. A lot of people don’t have talent either!
  • No offense, but do you have a job spreading ignorance?
  • Keep talking, someday you’ll get to say something clever after all!

They can be about appearance, health, status, wealth of the person. The main thing is to present all the beautiful and correct to the offender to shut up.

How can I humiliate the girl with words? What words can humiliate a woman?

SergeMIKr [3.5K] What to say to humiliate a woman?

You can call a woman names with words, you can insult her, you can offend her, but not humiliate her. There are no words you can use to humiliate a woman. Just like there are no words to humiliate a man. Any man. – One can only try to do it, to make an attempt to humiliate a man. But one must remember that the one who insults or humiliates another is humiliating himself, if he is originally a human being and not a creature. The attempt to humiliate is like, for example, calling a flower a rose “thorn” – you can call it that, but it does not make the rose a thorn, and the wrongly named flower will look and be perceived proportionally to the name itself. That is why we can say and add to it: “if you want to humiliate yourself, humiliate another”.


[user blocked] [21.5K] As always, you have a wise answer. Apparently, you are a professional psychologist. +++

Natalia-1 [20.4K] Interesting reflection, Vyacheslav. Then where did the phrases “humiliate in front of a respectable public”, “he humiliated and insulted her” come from?

Q [41.5K] Oh… Natalia, just noticed your comment ) somehow missed it. So. yes… yes… humiliated and insulted without realizing that he humiliated and insulted himself thereby ) Where did the expression come from? Yes, from the same audience, which was similar to the same actor – looking, laughing and do not understand anything … just feel the animal instinct – a sense of superiority over another. So who and whom was surpassed – the woman, on whom was poured dirt or the one who poured this dirt from his soul? After all if there is no dirt in his soul, it is simply impossible to pour it out on anybody. But if there is, then he himself is to blame for it – he is to blame for always having a conscious free choice between dirt and purity, between good and evil, between beauty and ugliness! What he chooses and what he absorbs into himself like a sponge, that is what man will be. Not what the honorable public (and is it honorable?), or anyone else, tells him.

How do you humiliate a girl with words? – “If you want to humiliate yourself, humiliate someone else.”

How to humiliate a man

You can hint at it. Hidden implication is always more humiliating than direct words.

How to humiliate a girl with words to tears

If he is too sensitive to the slightest hint of insult and excessively vulnerable, then surely he will not be amused in this situation.

  • Shut your chuckle box already!
  • Stop waving your tongue like a flag at a parade.

Offensive prickly phrases If you want to hurt someone with a prickly and offensive phrase, then apparently this person really managed to hurt you. Of course, you should not show that you are offended or angry, because you won’t reach the desired effect. Say the cruel phrases in a calm tone, which can be accompanied with a slight smirk.

  • Looks like someone was dropped by a stork on the road.

How to humiliate a woman with clever words.

What phrases to say to a woman or girl:

  • “Instead of barking like a yard dog, you’d better go think about your words and the stupidity with which you say them!”
  • “Go wash your face and wash off that idiocy!”
  • “I used to think you were smart, but now I see you’ve always been a fool!”
  • “Apparently you were last in line to be smart!”
  • “Every time you open your mouth, another load of slop comes out!”
  • “You act like you grew up in a brothel!”
  • “Yes, you have a brain, but you don’t have a clue!”

How do you humiliate and respond to a man’s offense with words without swearing? How do you put down, put a man, a boyfriend, a subordinate in his place with smart words? Very often, people at work completely lack professional ethics and the subordinate can “allow himself too much” during a conversation with the boss.

How to humiliate a man with a word: examples of phrases and patterns of behavior

Guys react painfully to phrases that mention their sexual abilities. A girl can morally insult and humiliate a man with phrases that contain the word “impotent” You are a moral impotent! Only an impotent man can insult a woman! You are impotent not in your pants, but in your soul! (Or maybe both!) If you want to hurt a guy’s self-esteem, you can hurt his status and wealth during the conversation.

This will be especially unpleasant for someone who has a really low income or no job. Since ancient times, it has been believed that a man is an earner, so the inability to have wealth is considered the strongest humiliation You are a disgrace to your parents and their ruin! You can’t even provide for yourself with toilet paper! Behind your impudence you hide your own failure! If you want to brutally besmirch your abuser with cultured words, you can pick up phrases.

  • “I am disgusted even just listening to your excuses! Such a man just doesn’t deserve me!”
  • “You’ve become so low that you’ve begun to seek happiness from another man’s woman between his legs!”
  • “I was so foolish to believe in your sincerity and now I’m sick of all the years we’ve lived together!”
  • “I hope you will be happy and that someone else can give you at least some of the care I have blindly given you!”
  • “You will regret in time that you hurt me, but then I will even forget your name.”
  • “How low you have fallen and the funny thing is that you don’t see it and everyone else has already noticed!”

How do you break up with a guy after a betrayal without using mat? How do you call a man names with clever words? Pick up more loyal swear words to insult your abuser without using foul language. Article content

  • Harsh words, phrases and adjectives to humiliate, insult, to shame, to put a man in his place: list
  • Clever words and cool phrases to shut up, humiliate morally, call names, offend, insult a girl, woman
  • How to beautifully and competently dismiss a guy, a man?
  • How to smartly put down, shut your mouth, shut a man up?
  • How to insult a man to tears?
  • How to politely and politely send a man?
  • How to respond to rudeness, insults and insults without foul language with clever words?
  • Say that he is stupid, stupid in a smart way?
  • How to replace foul language with clever words?
  • VIDEO: Sneaking around without foul language.

Very often you can come across impudence and lack of patience.It would seem that even in the safest places you can come across a boor.

How to humiliate a woman with clever phrases

  • Where did you learn how to do makeup in the style of Valuev?
  • What, no one wants to get married, so you’re so angry?
  • Are you in trouble at all? Well, at least try to spread your bone marrow.
  • It’s obvious that your parents wanted you to run away from home.
  • It’s true what they say, brains aren’t everything.
  • How to humiliate a man
  • How to humiliate a man with a word: examples of phrases and patterns of behavior
  • Phrases to humiliate a man
  • How to humiliate a person morally, with clever words?
  • Phrases and quotes from various sources
  • How to humiliate a man smartly?
  • How to humiliate a woman with clever words.
  • How to humiliate a guy with clever words
  • How to humiliate a woman with clever phrases

How to humiliate a man To what psychologists, if even a psychiatrist is powerless here?!

So, what types of psychological pressure exist? Moral pressure It can also be called humiliation, which is expressed in the desire to morally repress the interlocutor. You systematically point out some feature of the person, even if your words do not correspond to reality. Thus, you intentionally sow complexes in the opponent. Phrases and quotes from various sources

  • “I am disgusted even just listening to your excuses! Such a man just doesn’t deserve me!”
  • “You’ve become so low that you’ve begun to seek happiness from another man’s woman between his legs!”
  • “I was so foolish to believe in your sincerity and now I’m sick of all the years we’ve lived together!”
  • “I hope you will be happy and that someone else can give you at least some of the care I have blindly given you!”
  • “You will regret in time that you hurt me, but then I will even forget your name.”
  • “How low you have fallen and the funny thing is that you don’t see it and everyone else has already noticed!”

How do you break up with a guy after a betrayal without using mat? How do you call a man names with clever words? Pick up more loyal swear words to insult your abuser without using foul language.

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