How to ignite a man in bed?

How to surprise a man in bed – the best techniques and poses

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Sexual life is very important in a romantic relationship. However, a simple “up and down” for good sex is not enough. And it doesn’t surprise anyone. It is not necessary to make the intercourse a firework of different positions with dozens of sex toys. But to do some things a little differently than usual, is necessary. Here’s how you can amaze your man in bed.

23 ways to surprise him in bed

Surprising a man in bed is not as difficult as it seems. Here are a few tips that will help you give him an unforgettable pleasure:

Men’s arousal is highly dependent on and even controlled by visual stimuli. Men want to see their partner’s breasts bobbing up and down during sex, the way she tilts her head back in pleasure and bites her lip. Yes, and the picture when the penis disappears between the shaking buttocks of a woman, incredibly sexy. So put all your complexes aside and please your partner with the hot view of your horny body. Do not turn off the light!

  • Touch yourself

Caress yourself during intercourse, touch your breasts and stimulate your clitoris. Men like to watch a woman pleasuring herself. First, it turns them on a lot. Secondly, they get a visual idea of exactly what kind of touch you like.

  • Focus on his erogenous zones

Explore your partner’s body for his erogenous zones. In addition to his penis, there are many other sensitive spots. You can focus all your attention on them or leave them for last to arouse his desire even more.

  • Use your mouth.

The obvious fact is that men love a blow job. They like it when your partner is active and does not have to beg or plead with them to perform oral sex. So indulge your lover with his mouth, and not just because he had a birthday or you lost a bet.

  • Have a good time not just in bed.

Although sex on the bed in the bedroom has its place, but over time it can become trivial and predictable. Sometimes you still need a change of scenery to keep the passion at an appropriate level. If you made love on the kitchen table today, try to find a suitable place somewhere outdoors tomorrow or rent a hotel for the night (or a couple of hours).

  • Slow down a little.

Your body naturally moves faster when you’re engrossed in the process, or, conversely, trying to finish the act sooner. Slow movements, however, can be much more satisfying because they allow you to feel each moment better. Try slowing down a bit during penetrative or oral sex and teasing your partner, then give full throttle.

  • Turn on your acting skills

Regular monotonous intercourse can quickly become boring, which is one of the reasons why role-playing is so effective. In addition to sex with the woman you love, your man can also sometimes make love to a sexy “maid,” a strict “teacher,” or a caring “nurse.”

Activating the fantasy mode involuntarily increases levels of dopamine, the main arousal hormone, and thus increases feelings of affection. So, when faced in bed with a brave “cop” or a cheeky “schoolboy,” the partners will feel closer to each other because they have tried something new in bed.

  • Do not forget about foreplay

As a rule, men don’t need as much time to get aroused as women do. However, anticipation can heighten the sensation of sex. Send him some hot messages or erotic photos, give him a full body massage or watch porn together.

  • Take him hostage.

Another great option to raise the temperature in the bedroom is to take your man hostage. Tie him to the bed and tease him a bit before you start the main act. This will not only surprise and drive him crazy, but also make him want more.

  • Invite him in the shower.

Nothing gets a man more excited than the naked body of your favorite girl with foam running down it. Enjoy together a warm bath or take a joint shower to get in the mood.

Still, men are visual creatures. That is, they are aroused by what they see. If you want to pleasantly surprise him, slowly and seductively suck his fingers, looking into his eyes. This will be an unusual start to your sexual encounter.

  • Dirty talk.

Dirty talk is one of the effective ways to sexually arouse your partner and turn him into a beast in bed. Tell him how much you want him and what he needs to do. You don’t have to fake moan like a porn star, but always give him a feedback so he knows he’s doing a good job and you’re enjoying the process.

  • Identify the dominant.

Many couples often engage in intimacy at the same time of night, in the same place and in the same position. If your partner doesn’t take any active steps to change your sex life, it doesn’t mean he or she wouldn’t like it. Just take matters into your own hands. Get one of his ties, ask him to tie you up, and let him do whatever he wants with you. Trust me, he’ll love it.

However, some men prefer a woman to dominate during sex. Ask your partner if he is willing to submit. If so, take the lead in your bed.

Men like to experiment in bed, and many of them would like to try something new. But some are afraid to voice their desires for fear of offending their partner. One of these fantasies is anal sex. Not all women are ready to practice it. But if you do not mind experimenting with anal and you think that your lover would like it too, then offer him to diversify your intimate life with another kind of sex.

  • Linger on the sensitive spots

The penis head is the most sensitive point on a man’s body, so it’s worth paying special attention to it. Indulge it with light tongue movements, but try to handle it carefully so as not to accidentally interfere with arousal.

  • Satisfy his sexual fantasies

Each person has different sexual fantasies. Just as no two women are exactly the same with the same desires, no two men have the same erotic fantasies. So it’s worth asking your partner about this. If you have a healthy relationship, he will be happy to open up to you. Once you know his sexual desire, try to translate it into reality. You may have to dress up as a nurse, dance a striptease for him or fondle his anus.

No, you do not have to wear a skirt that is too short or a dress with a deep cleavage. Wear clothes that make you feel sexy. It can be a business suit or an oversized sweatshirt. Do not forget about the beautiful lingerie. Often it boosts a woman’s self-confidence, even if worn over simple jeans and a T-shirt. Still, the main thing is not the clothes, but the mood that you emit.

By the way, the message that you bought new underwear can tease a man and give him the right mood for the evening, because he will have to wait to see it.

  • Use toys.

If you think that sex toys are only needed to brighten up a lonely evening, you’re wrong. There are plenty of toys designed for both partners. You can incorporate them into your sex life to give each other pleasure or let him watch you spoil yourself with a vibrator.

  • Anal stimulation.

The anal area is undeservedly shunned by many men. Some are just embarrassed to ask to have a finger shoved up their rear hole, others consider it the province of gays, and some don’t even know what pleasure anal stimulation can bring. The whole point is that through the rectum it is easy to stimulate the prostate, the prostate gland, which is directly connected to the penis. When you play with this organ, you massage the internal nerve endings, which causes a very pleasant sensation. So pleasurable that a man can experience an unforgettable orgasm.

You can’t just put your finger in the anus! Be sure to ask your partner for permission and prepare for this delicate process together.

  • Learn the Kama Sutra

How can you pleasantly surprise a man in bed if you know nothing about the Kama Sutra? The Indian art of lovemaking offers a lot of variety, lust and fun. Add a new impetus to your sex life with positions from the kama sutra.

  • Let him wait.

If you want a man to want you even more, don’t give him everything all at once. Let his appetite run wild for a while. For example, when you in a fit of passion pounced on each other, do not immediately proceed to the caresses of his private parts. Tease him until he himself does not ask for it.

  • Create the right atmosphere

Women aren’t the only ones who like a romantic atmosphere. Many men don’t mind making love under sexy music with dim lights from scented candles either.

  • Nothing should not distract.

It is unlikely you will be able to properly enjoy the process if there will always be something to distract you. Take care of that ahead of time and get rid of any distractions: put your phone on silent, turn off the TV, and lock the dog in another room. Now nothing should get in the way of your sexual pleasure.

15 simple and crazy things in bed that drive men crazy

Incredible Facts

The bed is an integral part of every couple’s life.

However, sometimes physical intimacy does not bring joy, becoming a boring and mundane routine.

Experts believe that the key to a happy intimate life is, above all, variety, and a few other things that not everyone knows.

How to bewitch a man so that he loved and wanted you?

Surely many women are wondering how to make a man just lost his head from passion every time he crossed the threshold of the bedroom.

There are some simple and crazy things that turn any man, and from which he will go crazy.

How to drive a man crazy in bed

Enthusiasm woman.

Enthusiasm is what every man wants to feel when he is with a woman.

Believe me, when a partner sees physical intimacy as a favor, it turns few.

Making love must give pleasure to both partners, accordingly, and the enthusiasm must also come from both.

2. Accompanying Sounds

Absolute and complete silence when making love does not always imply something good. It usually means that you are not enjoying your partner’s company or worse, you are just asleep.

So, being sound during intimacy with the person you love is quite normal and natural. Your voice is the best barometer by which your partner navigates whether he or she is doing things right.

3. Foreplay

Foreplay is incredibly important. Without foreplay, intimacy becomes like a roller coaster without the slow climb to the top of the track.

As with anything, anticipation itself is the key to any intimacy. Don’t think that foreplay is just a woman’s desire. Believe me, men also enjoy this phase of physical intimacy.

4. Lights on

Men love with their eyes.

So most of them, of course, enjoy seeing their partner during intimacy, looking into her eyes.

So do not turn off the light, do your man a favor: let him enjoy your body and face.

5. Giving back on the part of your partner.

No one wants to do the job alone.

Therefore, it makes sense that your partner expects the same full commitment from you as he does from you. Do not assume that only a man should give himself in bed.

Love requires the presence of both partners.

What makes men lose their head.

6. Compliments

You think men don’t like compliments? Then you’re wrong.

Any man will be happy to hear about how macho he is and what a great lover. Praise him, appreciate his skills and abilities in love affairs.

A little bedtime talk never hurts.

7. Communication

Communication is crucial in understanding the partners of each other, and thus ensures better sex.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to shout out memorized phrases from plays or stop in the middle of the process to vent a few comments.

Just remember that your foreplay can be watered down with some words and phrases.

Communication can include talking, but it can also be wordless. After all, it is possible to understand each other without too many words. Sometimes our eyes, lips and hands speak more eloquently than any words.

8. Variety

Variety is especially important when it comes to love affairs.

Without it, intimate life becomes a boring, sluggish flowing routine. For your man every time lost his head from you, make sure that your love games present at least some variety.

9. The initiative .

Most women believe that the first step should always come from a man.

Initiative is the prerogative of the stronger sex. That is how we were taught from childhood, and that is what we inculcated numerous articles teaching how to build the right relationship.

But sometimes there are times when a man wants the initiative to come from the partner. This actually turns him on and excites his fantasies.

The fire of desire in a woman’s eyes, severe flirting, all this drives a man crazy. And even if you are not a leader by nature, but only a fragile sweet woman, try at least sometimes to depart from their own rules and take the initiative in the bedroom.

After all, if you don’t, your partner may think that you are a cold and unapproachable snow queen.

10. Beautiful lingerie.

To continue the topic of what a man loves with his eyes, we should mention sexy women’s underwear, which most men pay attention to.

So try to at least occasionally wear lingerie that he will surely like.

Even if you suddenly thought that your man paid absolutely no attention to what you have under your dress, know that he probably liked this sexy lingerie and appreciated your efforts to be beautiful for him.

11. Spontaneity

Now, many might argue that it’s nice to make love in a beautiful place, with candles and silk sheets prepared.

But what if you give in to passion and desire spontaneously and unexpectedly, departing from the usual schedule, rules and place?

Agree, it sounds tempting.

Do not be afraid to make changes in the usual routine and daily routine. After all, routine and routine kills all romance. Believe me, a certain spontaneity will please your man and make him lose his head like in the first days after dating.

12. Fantasies and Trust

Fantasies are an integral part of intimate life.

Offer your partner something new, share your fantasies, ask what your man wants, what he fantasizes about. It is possible that you have a common fantasy that you both want to realize.

Think through together a scenario that would be nice to play in bed. So you’re not only open to a different, more interesting side to your partner, but also let him know that you are open to new experiments, and fully and completely trust him.

After all, our thoughts and fantasies are the most intimate things we have.

13. A Sense of Humor

If you think that in the bedroom there is no place for a sense of humor, you’re very much mistaken.

Humor should always and everywhere, and the bed is no exception in this matter.

If something suddenly went wrong, such a moment can always be turned into a joke. However, be careful. Jokes should also be appropriate and correct. Remember that jokes and mockery are not the same thing.

14. Hearing your name.

Psychologists say that nothing turns you on like hearing your own name spoken by your partner.

Your name from your partner’s mouth is always pleasant to hear, including in bed. Use this information, don’t be afraid to say your man’s name while making love.

15. Sleeping after lovemaking

Many women are offended when a man, after getting everything he wanted, immediately turns away to the wall and peacefully begins to snore.

However, if you know the male physiology better, it is possible that the female sex claims to their partners immediately diminish.

Making love exhausts the male body. He needs a full recovery. And sleep in this case, the best solution. So let your man rest and gain strength before a new fight.

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