How to humiliate her husband?

How to crush the will of a man, how to humiliate a man?

That was the “query” I found in the search engine of my husband’s phone.

How to make it short.

We met on a dating site three years ago. I was 28 and he was 29. We started living together on his initiative. Although I am against “civil marriage”, only official. I wanted to live separately from my mother, because my relationship with her was horrible. She wanted to marry off her daughters to rich and successful. But there weren’t enough of those to go around. And my sister and I weren’t interested in such people. My husband was always jealous of me. At first I liked it. But when he started interrogating me about my life before him, or “how is it that you didn’t have anything with anyone at work? “or ‘I can’t believe you haven’t had a single holiday romance. “Even at 11 pm, ending with a scandal, if I went to bed, he would not let me, blinking light or yanked off the couch or pull out the pillow and blanket-(I get up at 6 am, and he could skip work, not because the director, and the work is so irresponsible, he installer) – I did not answer in detail, I think this is unnecessary, since it was before him. I ran off to sleep in the car to the driveway to sleep for at least 3-4 hours. Then I drove to work sleepy, I work as a nurse on anesthesia and in the intensive care unit. At work I fought sleep and a headache from lack of sleep, carefully studied the name on the ampoule, so as not to mix it up. I used to think he was a mama’s boy, because he didn’t want to work, and she supported him (though he concealed it very much, saying he was feeding himself, paying the car loan and paying the utilities). And my mother-in-law would come in my absence and take care of me. Which I did not like. We got married. I was happy, the scandals though were like 1-2 times a week, the rest of the time he was loving and caring. I thought that jealousy can be killed if I will sit at home permanently, ie, on maternity leave, and we wanted children. We started trying. I got pregnant a year later. My husband said he wasn’t ready and sent me to an abortion. I couldn’t even think about it. But I also didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t go back to my mom either, she was a scandal, she was ashamed of her children all her life. And now I was pregnant. Once she wanted us to give birth to her grandchild, she said, “somehow we’ll bring up, feed her.” But when my sister decided to give birth “for myself” my mother persuaded her to have an abortion, because she did not want the shame, she was impregnated. I started to rent a room, I was sure that I would reconcile with my husband. We made up. but not for a long time. another nag that I suddenly had to cook five dishes at a time as his mother. and no reference to my situation. and I was carrying twins. at first he was very happy, promised to love three times more, to work for three just so we do not need anything. I did not get words like that out of him, he promised himself. I sincerely believed, and was quietly rejoicing at my happiness. But he did not work. He continued to pick on me. So I went to my mother after a fight. She took me in, felt sorry for me, but after 2 weeks it began. accusations that I myself am to blame. my husband began to come sometimes only after 2 months, so…take me out to breathe) I gave birth to two boys. My husband even tried to live with us. but. began to pick on the food, and my mother cooked. did not bring money and food too. commanded that not as I feed, swaddle, can not quickly calm the children. that I give him little attention, although he went to work at 7 am, I packed him a lunch. I cooked breakfast, then washed the dishes for him. and so wanted to sleep for at least half an hour while the kids were asleep. he came in the evening at 10, again fed and cleaned up after him, he did not even wash the glass after tea. he said he worked a lot, but unfortunately they do not pay enough for such a schedule.

Then he apologized again for his behavior, said that he understood how he was wrong and how difficult it was for me. I believed again and sincerely hoped that it was the last time. but somehow I got into his phone, I was curious where he was yesterday, that he showed up at 2 am drunk and without a car, a bag, no documents and no keys. i found in his phone correspondence of a dating site (from which we deleted together when we started to live together. i deleted, but as it turned out, he did not) in this correspondence he was making a date with women of different ages. i was shocked. There were doubts about his fidelity, but I wanted to believe. I believed. When I asked for an explanation, he became furious and ceased to appear at all. Then he began to come once a week to the children for an hour. I completely ignored him. When I tried to talk to him, he said only that it was my fault. that I forced him to get married. My mother-in-law sometimes came to my grandchildren, but if I tried to talk to her about her son’s behavior, she said that she knew whom she married, that he did not want to get married and did not want children, and that he did not give them money – she advised to file for alimony. Here I am living this way for 2 months. my husband is not interested neither in my health, nor the children. he comes and brings the mixture, sits with the children for an hour and leaves. my mother is waiting when I go to her husband. and what do I do and where to live. do not know.

How to offend a man with words: humiliate morally, examples of phrases without foul language and with foul language, aphorisms and statuses about insult

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How to act if the lover behaves in an inappropriate way? Of course, to unleash their hands in a situation like this is impossible. But you can take revenge by saying a few caustic words that will put the offender in place. How to hurt a man with words? Let’s look into this question on the blog .

Why a man offends a woman

  • First of all, it is worth to understand why a man is constantly hurting a woman with words. Such behavior can be caused by the following factors:
  • accumulated irritation. Problems at work and conflicts with the bosses lead to the fact that a man accumulates internal tension, which is resolved through quarrels with loved ones;
  • A tendency toward psychopathy. Psychopaths tend to hurt other people, as they do not have a developed empathy and are unable to realize what effect their words will have;
  • Having a mistress. If the man you love hurts by word, it is possible that he has had another. Unconsciously he is trying to find faults in his life companion in order to prove to himself his own right and justify the right to cheat;

Lack of love. Sometimes the relationship is exhausted. If people do not put a point in time, it can lead to endless conflicts and resentment.

What are the most offensive words for men

  • What words can offend a man? Psychologists say that every man has his own vulnerable points, the impact on which causes a negative reaction. However, there is something all men have in common. Most find the following words offensive:
  • “you’re so much worse than my ex.” Men take the comparison not in their favor as a deep insult;
  • “you can’t be called a man.” These words imply that the man is not masculine enough, does not have all the qualities that a real man should have;
  • “I never loved you”. This phrase can put an end to the relationship. To admit that the feelings were just a deception means to inflict a deep wound on the man;
  • “you’re bad in bed.” Men see sex as one way to assert themselves. For this reason, many men’s conversations are in one way or another about sex. A hint of sexual inadequacy is the strongest insult;

“you’re acting like a sissy.” We live in a patriarchal society. Male traits are considered by default to be preferable to female ones. The comparison can deal a powerful blow to self-esteem.

Strong resentment: how to get revenge

  • What words to say to a man who really hurt the woman (girl) he loves? How to answer him, here are a few examples:
  • Hint that the girl will find another man who will treat her differently. Sometimes men behave in an inappropriate way, confident that the woman will not go anywhere from them. The thought of a different outcome can make a man change his behavior;
  • To say that a woman no longer intends to tolerate such a thing. This phrase should be treated with caution. The girl must be sure that she really will be able to leave the abuser for good. Otherwise, he will understand that her words do not carry any meaning, and will continue to insult and even raise his hand;

communicate that such behavior is not worthy of a real man. The man can understand that to offend a weaker man is to sign off on his own inadequacy.

How to offend by texting

  • After a conflict, couples often stop talking to each other. However, text messages remain. How to offend a man with words via text message? Here are a few examples:
  • “I thought you were a strong man, but you turned out to be weak.”
  • “My main mistake was messing with you.”
  • “It’s too late to try to take anything back.”
  • “It’s sad when a person disappoints you. Especially if he once seemed like a strong, brave, real man.”

“You managed to pretend to be the man of my dreams. Good thing I realized in time who I was dealing with.”

If a man raised his hand

Many people wonder how to humiliate a man morally with clever words when he has raised his hand on a woman. But in this case, negotiations and attempts to reason with the man are useless. Psychologists believe that once committed violence is sure to repeat itself sooner or later.

  • How to behave if a man raised his hand? Here are simple recommendations:
  • Protect yourself. It is best to leave the apartment to a friend, mom or even spend the night in a hotel;
  • Contact the police. The problem of domestic violence will not be solved as long as the victims hide the beatings and do not want to go to law enforcement;
  • Break off contact with the abuser. Violence cannot be forgiven, no matter how tempting. Often after a man raises his hand against a woman, he begins to behave perfectly: asking for forgiveness, giving flowers, arranging a second “honeymoon”. The victim of violence gives the impression that everything is better than it was. But they are not. After some time, the act of violence is sure to repeat;

Ask for support. Special psychological services can help women who have been attacked by life partners. In many cities there are centers to support victims of domestic violence.

Do not blame yourself for what happened. The words of an offended woman to a man can not become an excuse for the beatings and bodily harm. The violence is always the fault of the one who raised his hand!

Letter to the abuser

  • How to write a letter to a man who offended with his words? Stick to the following rules:
  • Write on your own behalf, using what are called “self-statements.” Talk about how you feel, how you are feeling after the conflict;
  • Don’t get personal. You should analyze the act, not the person, especially if you want to make your point, not just insult in return;
  • Be as sincere as possible. How do you hurt a man badly with words that insult the woman he loves? Explain to him how much pain his actions can cause;

it is worth to do without devalued vocabulary. Phrases with foul language, examples of which you can find in the global network, will not help to convey your view of what happened.

Have you decided to break off the relationship with the person forever? Try writing a letter and do not send it. How much to hurt a man with words that insult a woman? It is best to do without words at all. Oblivion and a new happy life is the best punishment for the offender.

Statuses for social networks

  • Aphorisms and statuses about the offense will help hint at your feelings and make the man repent. Here are a few examples:
  • “It’s better not to trust people at all than to feel so disappointed.”
  • “I should have stayed away from you. I wish I had listened to my mother.”
  • “It’s a pity you can only really get to know a person after a serious conflict.”
  • “You want to get to know someone better? See how they behave after a breakup or divorce.”
  • “There are some people who are better kept in a cage. Separated from society. They are worse than rabid animals.”
  • “If something has to be explained, does something have to be explained?”

“Glad we’ll go our separate ways in life now.”

These phrases without foul language, hurtful and deep, will give an opportunity to spit out resentment or help initiate a conversation during which you will be able to put everything in its place.

Conflict with her husband

How to hurt my husband with words? First of all, you need to hint at the fact that he’s bad with his manhood. If you want to strongly offend your spouse, say that your previous beau was much better than he was and that it was worth it not to make a hasty decision, marrying.

A statement of divorce has a strong effect. As a rule, men do not want to leave their wives, even if feelings have long faded. This is due to the fact that it is difficult for members of the stronger sex to change their domestic habits. Threaten a divorce is worthwhile only if a woman is really ready to take that responsible step.

There are things that you should not say to her husband. You should not reproach him by saying that he is a bad father or say that the children were not born of him. This can cause real psychological trauma and provoke a loss of love for their own offspring. Manipulating children during a family conflict is unacceptable. Children can have serious psychological difficulties because of this, which will affect their entire future life.

How to resolve conflict quickly

  • Instead of trying to take revenge with words, you should try to resolve the conflict:
  • Don’t accumulate resentment. Try to speak right away about what you are not happy about;
  • Speak for yourself. Do not blame the person, but discuss your feelings and their reasons. You can analyze the action, wonder about the man’s motives;
  • you should not blame only yourself. In all conflicts two people are to blame. And the responsibility should be divided in half;
  • Do not make a man a monster. The position of the victim is disadvantageous and initially losing;
  • Offer ways to solve the conflict situation by changing your behavior;
  • Look for the cause of the conflict. It may be deeper than it seems;

Do not be afraid to go to a psychologist. Sometimes a few consultations can change a couple’s life for the better.

If conflicts are frequent and the man began to raise his hand, it is strongly recommended to think about divorce. Sometimes all couples go through difficult crises. But if the crisis drags on, you should let go of each other to find new happiness.

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