How to hear your subconscious?

How to learn to listen to your subconscious

The power of the subconscious mind is enormous. You just have to learn how to use it correctly. In particular, you must learn to listen to your subconscious . The ability to appeal to your subconscious mind and accept its response more than once will help you in difficult life situations. In addition, there is practically no risk of error, because the subconscious never makes mistakes! The subconscious mind always gives only the right advice!

With the following simple technique, you can provide yourself with the advice and help of your subconscious mind in all matters: take care of complete mental and physical peace. Tell your body to relax, and it will obey you. The human body has neither a will of its own nor a conscious awareness. It’s like a record of your opinions, thoughts, and feelings. Concentrate entirely on your problem and try to consciously solve it. Think how happy you would be if you found the right solution. Feel the happiness that would come to you with the right decision. Indulge in this feeling of happiness for a while, and then go to sleep soothed. In case the decision has not come to you yet on awakening, then do something else. It is very likely that the decision will come to you later in a completely unexpected form in a moment of sudden insight.

Whoever wants to be guided by his or her subconscious mind does well if he or she also chooses the easy way.

To illustrate, I will give an example from my own life: once I discovered that a valuable ring, which was also part of an inheritance, was missing. I searched every corner in vain. In the evening, before going to bed, I spoke to my subconscious mind with the following words (I did so as if it were my real interlocutor): “Nothing escapes you, so you also know where my ring is. So show me the place.

The next morning it was as if a voice woke me up, saying, “Ask Robert!” This advice seemed strange to me, since Robert was a little boy of nine. In spite of this, I obeyed my inner voice.

When I asked him about the ring, Robert said: “The ring? Oh yes, I found it when I was playing. It’s on my desk. I thought it wasn’t worth anything, so I didn’t tell anyone about my find.” So the subconscious mind is always willing to give an answer in its own way, as long as you trust it.

One of my acquaintances had such a case. His father died, apparently without leaving any last orders. The young man’s sister told him that their father, in his own words, had left a will in which he had considered the interests of each of them. However, all attempts to find this document remained unsuccessful.

Then the young man appealed to his subconscious mind before going to sleep with the following appeal: “From now on, I trust my subconscious mind with all this problem. It knows the location of the will, and it will show me the place. He then expressed his demand in the form of a short command, “Answer!” – he repeated the word until he fell asleep.

The next morning, as if by some internal order, the young man found a bank in Los Angeles, where he discovered the will his father had left in the safe.

Whoever directs his thoughts to a certain object before going to sleep awakens in this way the powers that are slumbering in his soul. Whether you are selling a house or buying a stock, whether you are separating from your shareholder, whether you are moving to another city, whether you are terminating your employment relationship or want to conclude a new one, always do the following: sit completely calmly at your desk in the office or in your chair at home. Remember the universal law of cause and effect. Your thought is the cause to be resolved, and the effect is the reaction of your subconscious mind, which is created as a special tool of reaction for its reason. According to the law of action and reaction, the consequence is good or evil, reward or punishment. Every conscious effort of the mind to find the right solution causes, therefore, a completely automatic unconscious reaction, which will be communicated to you in the form of an answer or insight.

Thus, in order to be guided by your subconscious mind, it is enough to consider quietly the right decision, because it appeals to the infinite wisdom inherent in your subconscious, until you receive the right answer. When your subconscious mind starts working for you, you have no choice but to make the best decisions and take the right steps. After all, you are acting under the inner compulsion of an all-knowing and all-powerful subconscious mind and therefore inevitably right. I use the word “coercion” deliberately, because the law of the subconscious causes an irresistible urge to do good.

One way to hear your subconscious

Of course, laughter is the best medicine. But not with diarrhea! .

Greetings, my friends!

Today I would like to talk to you about a very interesting and important topic. Namely, how to hear your subconsciousness. The thing is that our subconsciousness is constantly communicating with us, giving us advice, directions, warnings. But most people simply do not perceive any of this. Why not? Because they don’t know how to recognize and hear these signals.

And why listen to your subconscious at all?

I have written many times in my articles that the Universe sees all-in-all the ways that can lead us to achieve our desired goal. Not one or two, as ordinary people usually see. Or a dozen, as advanced strategists can calculate. But a huge multitude-all of them.

What does the subconscious mind have to do with it, you may ask? It has to do with the fact that our subconscious mind can (and constantly does!) directly connect to all the information in the universe. And not only connect to it, but also choose the best for us out of all of it. In fact, that’s exactly what it’s doing. And it tries to bring this information to us. But it’s at this point that there’s a major hitch…

The thing is that people simply do not perceive the voice of their subconsciousness. And it, believe me, is trying in different ways to bring us the necessary information. But we do not hear. And we constantly ask the Universe (angels, God, higher powers) for help and hints. And we get very upset when we don’t get it.

But what would you say if you knew that the help and information we need comes ALWAYS? And without delay! It’s just that most of the time we let it all “pass our ears,” or rather, “pass our brains. And remember this one: “Oh, I just felt like I didn’t have to go there today!” or “I knew I should have done that!” That’s right, afterwards we remember these very “premonitions” and wonder why we didn’t listen to our inner voice! After all, it seems that everything was so clearly said!

Yes, it is much easier and calmer to live guided by subconscious cues and following them. You feel as if you are driving on a navigator that builds for you the easiest and shortest route to the goal. Bypassing traffic jams, road repairs and dangerous areas. All you have to do is hear the instructions and follow them.

How to hear your subconscious mind

There are many ways our subconscious mind communicates with us. I won’t tell you about them here, it’s too long and verbose. Today we are going to look at the easiest and most accessible way for everyone to receive signals from their subconscious mind. I’m talking about the signals transmitted to us through our bodies.

We’ve all been taught since childhood that the body is something so secondary to the mind. Roughly speaking, an irrational “piece of meat” that is only required to stay healthy and perform its functions. And almost no one thinks to “listen” to their body in order to feel something else besides the “pain or no pain” signal.

But our body is in fact a perfect transmitter of signals from our subconsciousness! Remember now, there must have been many times when you felt physically unwell before an unpleasant event or case. At the same time, you didn’t know that something unpleasant was waiting for you. You were just going to a meeting, for example, or were about to go somewhere. And suddenly you felt that at the thought of the forthcoming event, your well-being sharply worsened.

Everyone has a different degree of sensitivity, so someone can feel only subtle signs of malaise, and some have the most striking symptoms, to the point that “heart pains” or suddenly “in plain sight” begins severe headache. People usually explain this by the excitement before the upcoming case, the weather changes, and similar excuses.

However, if a sudden bad for you business is suddenly canceled, postponed or disrupted, you suddenly “feel better” right in front of your eyes. This is the surest sign that you have just avoided some serious trouble!

By the way, this is also how our body signals us about good things. Remember, there have been times when you suddenly felt a feeling of seemingly gratuitous inner exaltation when you learned about something. Your heart beats with joy, you feel a rush of energy, you are eager to act immediately! All these are signs that this is clearly your business!

It all seems so simple! Yes, but almost no one pays attention to these signals. We don’t perceive them as anything meaningful. Every time the mind waves them off, telling the body, “Wait, stay out of it!” and begins to calculate the pros and cons of the upcoming case, trying to figure out logically whether it’s worth it or not. But logic is no helper here, because it operates only with the information that we have now. And this is a drop in the ocean against the background of what our subconscious knows.

In my opinion, the conclusion is obvious – the ability to hear, perceive and correctly understand signals of your body is extremely advantageous and important for us. So, we have to learn somehow to understand this perfect transmitter, through which subconsciousness sends us messages – our body. We’ll talk about how to do this in the next article.

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