How to get your nervous system in order?

How to strengthen the nervous system, restore the psyche and calm the nerves: vitamins and techniques

“People who don’t know how to fight anxiety die young.”

If you carefully think about the hackneyed cliché “all diseases come from nerves,” it becomes clear why these nerves need to be strengthened, and the nervous system to train, tone and stimulate. So that there would be no illnesses, but that there would be health.

Bound together by one goal, chained together by one chain…

The body and psyche are linked like parrots, inseparable. Every change on the inside is reflected on the outside. And, vice versa, everything external turns into an internal state. It is not for nothing that there is such a trend in medicine as psychosomatics, which is trying to establish a clear link between the course of mental processes and their impact on the physiological state of the person.

In response to any stressful stimulus, the body responds with a defensive reaction: muscular tension. The body tenses, the soul relaxes. If these situations are characterized by rare outbursts, everything goes well for the body.

The rebirth of random psychotraumas into prolonged stress causes diseases of a psychosomatic nature, which are so difficult to diagnose. Bodily ailments rise to the top, but their psychological roots are so skillfully disguised that for years doctors have been treating the consequences, but not the cause, which is not so easy to get to.

Processes in the body are smoothly and rhythmically regulated by the central nervous system. But if there is a chronic focus of excitation in the brain, which is caused by negative emotions, the nervous system as if relieves itself of the functions of the commander-in-chief.

The internal brake works, and the organism, left without the main coordinator (nervous system), begins to slowly fall apart and decompose, like an army abandoned by its commander.

All systems and organs stop working properly. There is a failure of the program, and the person suddenly discovers heart, endocrine, gastrointestinal, etc. disease.

While medicine is figuring out the cause of the malfunction, the patient loses appetite, sleep, vigor, energy, ability to work. The ability and desire to enjoy life is lost, small inconveniences eventually grow into big problems.

Suffering of the body is joined by suffering of the psyche. One exists against a background of chronic fatigue, irritation, vague anxiety and worry.

All this in the near future can bounce back with serious neurotic disorders, which dramatically affect the quality of life. It will change, and, as is clear, not for the better.

The question “why strengthen the nerves” is as clear as day. Nerves and psyche need the same care, the same training as the body. Then the person will be harmoniously healthy (physically and mentally). And health is a guarantee of a full, active and active life.

There are a great many methods for strengthening the nervous system and the psyche, and they can be divided into two groups: training for the body and training for the psyche. Let us dwell on the first group.

Resetting the nervous system – breathing exercises to calm the mind and nerves:

Strengthen the body to calm the nerves and the psyche

It is possible to strengthen the body, nerves, and psyche if you follow these recommendations:

  1. Train your body by increasing your level of physical activity . Movement is life. It is easy to see this on the example of the deceased. As Vysotsky sang, “All ran away from the noise and screaming, only the deceased did not run away. All living things must move, and as actively as possible. When you run or walk vigorously, all the stress hormones accumulated by us are being used up by the body intensively. This is what stress hormones are, to help us run away from fear and danger, not lie in their path (or on the couch).
  2. Nutrition is a matter of principle . The right one! Eating is a matter of responsibility and should not be approached in a hurry. The principle of eating for the glory of health is to provide the body with all the necessary substances, vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Just stuffing your stomach with whatever it takes is wrong. And the echoing spells: “don’t overeat,” “don’t eat at night,” “don’t abuse” never fades in the air at all.
  3. Away, unhealthy cravings. Instead of breakfast, coffee and a cigarette….This ritual makes you wake up in the morning, serving as a light tonic. You can stop there. Or better yet, quit smoking, drinking, using stimulants and other destructive habits altogether. The short excitatory effect of nicotine is followed by a phase of sharp inhibition. To get a new portion of vivacity and to tone up the brain, one cigarette is followed by another, the third….But the excitation phase is getting shorter and the inhibition phase is getting longer. At a certain stage the body no longer reacts with a flash of excitement. Instead of a short tonic charge, the smoker begins to experience fatigue, irritation, weakness and sleepiness. It’s the same with coffee. After another serving, it no longer gives a boost of vivacity, but takes away the last of it.
  4. Hardening and walriding . Water is an indispensable condition for existence. The aquatic environment is dozens of ways to strengthen the nervous system. Hardening creates an “impenetrable” immunity, invigorates, forces the body to “wake up” and withdraw its reserves. Wrinkling is an extreme form of hardening. It seems strange, but the “walrus” – amazingly healthy and balanced people. Such a powerful physiological stress, which the body receives when diving into an icy ice-hole, will start all your armored trains standing on the reserve tracks.
  5. The bathhouse and sauna are a recognized method for cleansing the body and soul. High temperatures, hot steam combined with a birch broom quickly cures any moping, and the grateful body responds with pleasant exhaustion, relaxation, and a cleared mind.
  6. It is not only necessary to bathe in water, harden oneself and get steamed. It is also necessary to drink it correctly and in sufficient quantities. The method of 8 glasses is widely known. If we believe the primary sources, this is the amount of water that should pass through the channels of our body in a day, washing it, cleaning mucus from the walls of the intestines, removing the products of decay and organizing the correct water balance.
  7. Massage, self-massage – a powerful tool against all kinds of ailments. The trouble is that the body gradually loses flexibility, mobility of the joints. The metabolic processes go bad, stagnation and clamps appear in the muscles. Powerful self-massage to the seventh sweat perfectly disperse stagnant blood, enhance metabolic processes, give you vigor and a lot of energy.
  8. Sleep and Rest Area . Deep, healthy sleep helps to strengthen the nervous system. Sleep restores the body, renews cells, and rests the brain. Lack of sleep, shallow sleep, frequent awakening, early waking up quickly undermine the nervous system. A person becomes lethargic, apathetic, groggy, hard to think, concentrate. In communication, lack of sleep manifests itself in outbursts of irritation and aggression. You should sleep by turning off all sources of noise: TV, telephone, radio, computer. The room for sleep should be well ventilated. Coffee and smoking before going to bed will destroy your good intentions, because they tend to overexcite the nervous system. Sleep in the dark. Darkness is a condition for the production of melatonin (the hormone of calmness and sleep). If you have already got used to falling asleep under the noise and light accompaniment of the TV set, give it up. Flickering screen, flashes of light interfere with the production of the sleep hormone.
  9. Nature is another natural assistant in the creation of a strong psyche and a healthy nervous system. The calmest and most harmonious people are tourists of all stripes. Hiking, water, biking is a wonderful and natural way to relax the nervous system. Nature heals itself. All you have to do is get out of town, sit by the river, and watch the sun reflecting in the water. You will return home peaceful and spiritual. Communicating with nature can not only easily reshape the psyche, but also treat the most severe physical ailments.

Good food for the nerves – eat and relax!

Nutritionists have created a special diet for those who want to stop worrying and start living. Without the necessary substances and micronutrients that a person gets at the dinner table, the nerve cells do not cope with their tasks in full.

Lack of magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine weaken the nervous system and its interaction with the internal organs.

Magnesium is an essential element responsible for relaxing muscles and transmitting and receiving nerve impulses. Its sources:

  • mineral waters;
  • eggs;
  • nuts;
  • beans;
  • wheat bran.

Eat oatmeal, pearl barley, millet, and buckwheat more often. These cereals have large stores of magnesium.

Phosphorus is a trace element that reduces muscle tension and tones the nervous system. It is found in by-products, milk, beans and cereals.

Calcium is a regulator of neuromuscular impulses. Despite its importance in the strength of bones and teeth, the nerves need it just as much. And sometimes even more. In such cases, the body “extracts” it from the bones, directing it to where it is most needed. Sources of calcium:

  • dairy products;
  • All kinds of cabbage and spinach;
  • nuts;
  • poppy seeds and sesame seeds;
  • Soybeans and wheat.

Potassium promotes well-coordinated work of muscles and nerves, serves as a prevention of depression and nervous breakdowns. Lack of potassium can be made up for by enriching your table with vegetable and dairy products, as well as lean meats and fish.

  • vegetables and fruits (cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins, cabbage, melons, watermelons, bananas);
  • dried fruits (figs, raisins, prunes);
  • cereals (wheat flour and bran, rye bread, oats and buckwheat)
  • Nuts (walnuts, pine nuts, peanuts, almonds)
  • Meat and fish (beef, rabbit, tuna, flatfish, cod).

Iron – provides proper functioning of the thyroid gland, is responsible for normal metabolism and the formation of nerve fibers. A lot of iron in meat and liver. Any kind of meat is suitable and the darker it is, the more iron it contains.

The following foods are rich in this element:

  • River fish, marine fish, seafood;
  • Eggs (chicken, duck, quail eggs);
  • Fruit, dried fruits;
  • green vegetables;
  • bread and cereals.

Iodine is responsible for the production of thyroid hormones. Lack of thyroxine hormone causes severe metabolic diseases. Hormone imbalance is apathy, lethargy, depression, chronic fatigue and irritable weakness. Iodine deficiency is compensated by adding seaweed, sea fish and seafood to the diet.

Authoritative psychologists believe that very useful products for the nervous system is a variety of “sour”: lemons, apple cider vinegar, sour fruits. Sour in the mouth is sweet for the nerves.

Products for the nervous system that make us happy:

Vitamins and sedatives for nerves

Certain vitamins and medications are needed to strengthen the nervous system and psyche.

Nerves respond very favorably to vitamin B and very poorly to its deficiency.

It is most convenient to buy an inexpensive package of Pentovit. It is a blister of 50 tablets that contain the entire group of this vitamin.

B vitamins reduce anxiety, relieve nervous tension, normalize mood and even restore nerve cells. They improve thinking processes, strengthen memory, give vigor and performance.

Vitamin C is excellent for dealing with stress and improves mood. Vitamin E calms the nervous system. Vitamin A slows the aging of nerve cells, improves sleep, its lack will lead to lethargy, fatigue and some general lethargy.

Tinctures, herbal gatherings, syrups, drops and tablets are the main forms of sedatives. Their purpose:

  • Inhibit the processes of excitement raging in the subcortex (anger, tearfulness, agitation);
  • Eliminate vascular manifestations (tremors, sweating, palpitations);
  • Reduce the response to external and internal stimuli, which in turn gives a good, restful sleep.

Typically, sedatives are prescribed for neurosis, neurasthenia, sleep disorders, severe stress and anxiety.

The most proven pharmacy remedies are alcohol tinctures of motherwort, valerian, peony, lily of the valley. They have a powerful sedative effect, relieving muscle tension and are effective for falling asleep.

Novo-Passit syrup is more appropriate for mild forms of neurosis, makes it easier to fall asleep and calms.

Valokordin, Valoserdin drops, Zelenin drops reduce CNS agitation, have a sedative, soporific effect. Also, these remedies take away the vegetovascular symptoms.

The best pills that restore the balance between inhibition and excitation of the nervous system are recognized:

  • Glycine;
  • Aphobasol;
  • Persen;
  • Donormil.

How to stop being nervous: a few tips

But the first thing you need to do to strengthen your nervous system is to stop being nervous for every occasion and without it, here’s how to do it:

“Lord, give me the strength to change the things I can change, give me the courage not to worry where nothing depends on me and the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.” This prayer is great advice for those who are constantly nervous about everything. You don’t have to be nervous; you just have to examine your problems. And act according to this proclamation.

It is also worth remembering that:

  1. Fears, conscious, or tucked away in the subconscious, are the trigger of all nervous disorders . Learn to face them boldly and overcome them, not hide from them.
  2. Favorite activity, hobby will make forget about the worries and troubles. All that we love, gives us positive emotions. They crowd out the negative. Polar emotions cannot exist together.
  3. Isolate yourself from the past and the future. Live in the present moment. Worrying about what has already happened and what is yet to come can break any back.
  4. Change your attitude to the problem if you can’t fix it .
  5. Don’t think for one second about unpleasant people and don’t allow unpleasant thoughts .
  6. Don’t be nervous in advance about events that will probably never happen.

Nervous system: strengthen the nerves and restore the psyche

It is not for nothing that they say that all diseases come from nerves. That is why it is important to pay attention to strengthening your nervous system, which, among other things, affects the genitourinary system.

Features of the nervous system

The psyche and the body are closely linked. Any change in one system leads to changes in the other. All of this is reflected in the internal state. There is a separate direction in neurology – psychosomatics, with the help of which a certain connection between mental reactions and their impact on human physiology can be established.

As soon as a person becomes depressed or stressed, there is an immediate protective reaction of the body – muscle tension. The body is constantly in tension, while the soul calms down. If such situations are very rare, nothing harms the body.

But if it becomes a regular occurrence, then a psychosomatic illness can appear, which is hard to detect. Bodily ailments begin to actively manifest themselves, and the psychological causes are “deeply” hidden. As a result, doctors can spend years eliminating the consequences without knowing exactly the main cause.

All processes inside the body are running smoothly and smoothly, controlled by the central nervous system. But if there is a chronic focus of excitation in the brain, which is caused by negative emotions, the nervous system no longer performs the main function.

When the body is left without a commander-in-chief, there are gradual failures that lead to the collapse of the unified system. The work of every organ is disrupted. As a result, the person gets heart disease, stomach disease, etc. In addition, other ailments appear: poor appetite, insomnia, apathy, irritation, lack of interest in what is happening and his life. In addition to the body, the psyche suffers. There is a feeling of anxiety, restlessness. From this observation it is clear why the nerves and the psyche need to be strengthened. To do this, there are a huge number of special techniques, which are divided into 2 main groups: for the psyche and for the body.

Strengthening the body

To restore the body and the psyche, you need to follow simple tips:

Physical activity has a positive effect on the body. Constant movement, sports and other physical activity has a positive effect on the body, and therefore improves the nervous system;

control your diet. The body should receive daily necessary amount of vitamins, minerals and other useful substances that are contained in food;

Stop bad habits. Despite the fact that many people are used to start their morning with coffee and a cigarette, you should forget about this habit. And it is better to give up all bad habits, such as alcohol, cigarettes, and stimulants. The excitement that comes from getting a dose of nicotine is quickly replaced by a slowing down reaction;

Sauna and baths. Such methods help to cleanse the body and soul. Elevated temperatures and hot steam combine to help cope with many ailments, and the body and nerves are relaxed;

temper your body. Water has a positive effect on the nervous system. If you harden yourself, you can strengthen your immune system well. It invigorates and strengthens the body. There is a more extreme way of hardening – morgue training. It may seem strange, but the health and peace of mind walruses can only be envied. If you sink into the icy ice-hole, then the body will be very grateful;

drink as much water as possible. Many people know the method of 8 glasses. That is how much water a person should drink per day. This cleanses the body well, removing toxic substances;

massage. A great way to get rid of many ailments and relieve stress. The body gradually loses its flexibility, the joints become less mobile. A good massage accelerates blood circulation, starts the metabolic processes.

A correct diet

Nutritionists have developed a special diet for those who want to stop being nervous and start enjoying life. If the body lacks potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron, then the nervous system and the whole body will suffer. It is especially important to take care of the necessary amount of magnesium in the body.

You need to eat buckwheat, oatmeal and wheat porridge more often.

Phosphorus relieves muscle tension and stabilizes the nervous system. The trace element is present in milk, cereals and beans.

Calcium regulates the work of the muscles and nerves. It is found in dairy products, nuts and cabbage.

Iron – promotes the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, provides a normal metabolic process. It is found in seafood, freshwater fish, fruits, green vegetables and bakery products.

Potassium – normalizes the smooth functioning of the nerves and muscles, is the prevention of stress and nervous breakdowns. Micronutrient deficiency can be replaced by vegetables, fruits, lean meat and fish, and dried fruits.

Auxiliary drugs and vitamins

To strengthen the nervous system and the psyche, you should take sedatives and vitamins. Nerves respond positively to vitamin B, so it should always be present in the body in the required amount. It is best to buy a pack of Pentovit. It is sold at a reasonable price and contains 50 tablets that contain vitamin B. It helps to reduce anxiety, tension, improves mood and takes you out of a stressful state.

Vitamin C and E also help with stress. Vitamin A prevents premature aging of nerve cells and improves sleep.

Calming and analgesic drugs can be sold as pills or drops. They can also be natural herbal tinctures. They are designed to:

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