How to get rid of longing for a man?

How to overcome love longing

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Longing for love is a state of longing and moping that one experiences when one longs to meet his or her love, when one misses a loved one at a distance, or when one desperately desires to fall in love after the breakup of a relationship. In contrast to falling in love, longing for love is haunted by feelings of anguish, longing, and anxiety over the absence of a partner. The person feels a strong desire to fall in love or to refresh an existing relationship.

A change in priorities, a new way of looking at the world, and an active lifestyle that will allow you to get away from difficult thoughts will help you get rid of your craving for love.

  • You feel physically sick: empty stomach, heavy breathing, headache, diarrhea, and other health problems.
  • You may feel nauseous and want to eliminate stress along with vomiting.
  • You may have appetite problems, either a lack of appetite or an excessive increase in appetite.
  • You feel tired and exhausted all the time.
  • You are unable or unwilling to have contact with other people. You have no desire, either to discuss your condition or to talk at all.
  • You cry a lot, constantly or “in bursts. You may have become more sentimental.
  • You feel anxiety, perhaps even panic attacks.
  • You may be experiencing cold syndromes in the absence of the cold itself.

  • Also note that similar symptoms can be caused by depression. However, depression usually has a stronger effect on the emotional and physical state, accompanied by a sense of hopelessness, lack of interest in life. A person ceases to value his life, and suicidal thoughts may visit him. [3] X Information Source Anthea Paul, Girlosophy: The Breakup Survival Kit, p. 41, (2003), ISBN 1-74114-077-3 If you recognize these symptoms, see a doctor immediately for a diagnosis to help you get out of it.

  • Drink plenty of water, carbonated or not. Dehydration can muddy your mind.
  • Don’t drown your grief in alcohol or drugs. This will not help you deal with the pain; it will only make it worse.
  • A small amount of dark chocolate is acceptable. You don’t have to deny yourself pleasures! (in moderation).

  • At a minimum, just walk for 20 minutes every day. Get a dog or find a walking companion, call a friend or neighbor and offer to walk together.

Get a good night’s sleep. Lust for love carries with it restless thoughts and anxieties that keep you awake. Stop it. Establish a routine and go to bed and get up at the same time each day. Distract yourself with a TV or computer, read a book or magazine before going to bed. Make sure your room is at the right temperature (neither cold nor hot) and get good bedding to wrap up in. A good night’s sleep is very important for maintaining a healthy life.

Missing your man all the time: What to do about it and why it happens

Being at a distance with the person you love is always difficult. Especially when you have deep feelings.

It is normal when there is a slight sadness and a desire to see someone with whom you feel good and comfortable. But when there is a feeling that it is impossible to live without the person, when he occupies all your thoughts, and you literally physically feel discomfort, it is already an alarm bell.

A bell called “emotional addiction. This kind of addiction can be a problem that needs to be worked through.

Reasons for feeling bored

There are certain reasons why this feeling occurs. By recognizing them, you can prevent an emotional addiction from developing.

  • You’re used to having him around all the time. Especially if you live together;
  • You are in love so much that you cannot be alone for a long period of time;
  • You have become too dependent on your lover;
  • You feel so good with your man that you just can’t do without him.

These reasons can indicate not only love and deep feelings, but also an obsession that may well harm your relationship.

How to know if you’re emotionally dependent

Losing personal autonomy for whatever emotional reasons is emotional dependence on a person. In doing so, it is possible to feel:

  • Suffering either from not being able to see the desired object, or from not being able to influence their behavior, or from the object having too much power over you;
  • The impossibility of release from that dependence;
  • Powerlessness from the fact that the addiction is already chronically affecting behavior, overall well-being, and decision-making.

How do you get a man to think about you?

People entering into a relationship, in any case, fall into dependence on each other. When one of the couple is sad or wistful, the other may also fall into despondency. And even worse – feels obligated to cheer up the lover.

But you don’t always want to cheer up. Each person is different, and not always emotional states may coincide in the same moment. And there is no need to break yourself trying to synchronize.

For example, a girl who misses her boyfriend is constantly asking for attention, and always not enough for her. She writes him endless messages, imposes herself, tries to fill his whole life with herself.

And suddenly he leaves her.

Actually, it is not so “sudden. The young man was tired of the constant pressure, suffocated by control and obsessive attention, did not understand how to behave, so that the girl had enough of everything.

And at a point when talking no longer helped, he decides to live his life. And the girl is left alone with her “I miss you,” which leads to even more mental problems.

Who gets into emotional addiction more often

  • Problematic individuals.

These are those with lots of debts, conflicts, and unresolved issues.

  • Those who occupy a socially dependent position.

Namely: children, subordinates, students, students.

  • Non-independent people.

Those who wait and demand control or guidance for action.

Periods of emotional dependence

People tend to become dependent on something during difficult times in life. The acute need for support, comfort, and sympathy binds you first to other people.

Here are the main times when you are most vulnerable:

  • When you’re sick;
  • At life’s turning points;
  • When you are away from home;
  • During periods of overwhelm (e.g., deadlines);
  • When you’re transitioning into a new stage of life.

In moments of emotional vulnerability, a person needs an outlet. For example, a tumultuous holiday romance that seemed very serious is just a defensive reaction of the psyche from being in an unfamiliar environment. That is why after returning to the routine of life, you are not so brightly experiencing those emotions.

So what should you do so that you don’t “suffocate” your partner and don’t go crazy yourself?

7 tips for being less bored

There are some working tips on how to occupy your head with other thoughts and calm down a little:

One of the most effective ways. For example, you can do some cleaning. And not just wipe the dust and water the flowers, but go through the closet, throw out unnecessary junk, rearrange. The next day you can go shopping, or go to a place you have long planned but did not have time. The most basic distraction is to read a book. Even if it doesn’t do much to get your mind off things, you’ll have a very productive time.

  • Channel your emotions into creativity.

If you have a creative hobby, it’s time to make time for it. All your thoughts will be focused on the pleasant thing you’re doing at the moment, and the emotions of “boredom” will add vivid impressions.

In those moments when you realize that you really miss your man, remember that you have friends and girlfriends with whom you can have fun. You can organize for you any leisure time. Your shared jokes, gossip and laughter will help you distract yourself for a while and forget that your loved one isn’t around. Also, other worries are forgotten around friends.

  • Write him a love message.

Express your emotions and feelings through text. It’s important for men, too, to hear and know that they are missed. Of course, if everything is normal in the relationship. You can write something nice and sweet. And if things are really good between you, he’s bound to reciprocate.

  • Remind yourself that you’ll meet up soon.

A little sadness can turn into pleasant emotions if you engage your imagination a little. Imagine your imminent meeting, hugs and joy. Such reflections can lead to a calmer state of mind. However, do not get carried away. Because if things don’t go quite the way you’ve already imagined for yourself, disappointment may come. Just remember that soon you will be together again.

Universal advice. Sports are always a great way to occupy the mind, get your emotions out, and get your thoughts in order. And, as usual, the body will be grateful. You will meet your man not only with a warm embrace, but also with elastic buttocks. And you will like yourself more.

  • Be grateful and happy.

It’s okay to be bored. Be happy that there is such a strong love between you. If you’re not painfully uncomfortable with your attachment, you don’t have to fight it. Just be thankful (no matter what or who) that you have such a wonderful man, you can allow yourself to miss him, and you know he misses you too.

There are many more tips, and they only work if you don’t have an emotional addiction in all its bad forms.

If “to miss” for you is equal to “to suffer”, then you need to work with your subconscious. And an expert can help you with this.

The most important thing – remember that the world does not revolve around the man. Your world revolves around you, and you decide who to let into its orbit. And it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it.

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