How to get rid of enemies at work?

Paternoster – protection from evil people at work to shut your mouth

Get a good job, but there is a fierce team of “spiders”. The fierce envious and gossipy survivors, a cruel hatred blazes. This is where a conspiracy-protection from evil people will help. Read it at work to shut their mouths, they will get off. And if they do not understand from the first time, then fate will force the spiteful people to leave the organization, to resign at will.

How to properly use strong conspiracies and prayers against enemies

A powerful magical means of defeating an enemy requires caution. It is like with a grenade: awkward handling leads to the opposite effect. In order not to harm yourself, carefully read the rules.

The technique of application of the incantation:

  1. Practiced on the waning moon. If urgently required, you can also in the growth phase. But then repeat it when the queen of the night will begin to wane (necessarily).
  2. Memorize the text of the formula. Do not change the words. It is not necessary to specify the names. Only if you are sure of the enemy’s attitude to the individual.
  3. Pronounce it clearly, without confusion or stammering, in a voice. If the situation is critical, then whisper. Mentally formulating a spell will not work.
  4. First forgive the enemy for trickery and your own tears. The more calm you will be in the moment of witchcraft, the more effective the work.

Remember: complex ritual techniques requiring serious preparation, numerous attributes do not work now. In the energies of the 21st century, simplicity is effective. Do not chase after elaborate rituals. Choose the most technical, understandable and uncomplicated.

  1. Texts should be canonical, inscribed in the prayer book. Discard inventions that have nothing to do with religious books.
  2. Make your petition in solitude. Is it hard to find a quiet place at work? It does not matter. Be isolated internally, disconnect from extraneous events, phrases, emotions. For a minute, you won’t need any more.
  3. Be sure to trust in the Almighty. Give Him the right to decide destinies. Do not insist on your own version of events.

Important: Refuse to wish evil to the abuser. Mercy to the wretchedness of this person is the sharpest knife in the heart. At the energy level, it strengthens the ritual a thousand times. Have pity on the pest, who has no other interests in life except malice.

Paternoster from jealous colleagues to turn away their eyes

You will need a branch of aspen and a thread of dark colors. Against men – black, women – maroon. The ritual is done on the eve of the working day. For example, on Sunday, if on Monday to go to service.

Break off a small dry twig or pick it up. Wrap a thread so that you can break it in the middle. Stand facing east at the trunk.

Break the prepared twig, making sure that the thread does not come off. With its end bind one part of it to the tree. When the second part of the rope has dropped, leave it dangling. Say as you manipulate:

I will go to court. A coffin will be carried toward me. A house behind with twelve doors. Each one locked with twelve locks. Lord, also lock (names, if you know) lips and teeth. Amen.

Go away without turning around. Do not come to this place again.

On salt so that spiteful people will calm down and shut their mouths.

Schedule the ritual for the first minutes of Selene’s waning. It will work better. Have a packet of salt, new, just bought.

Recite on the crystals 40 times in a row:

Whoever steps on the salt, the devil will twist off his horns. Evil for evil. Good to good.

Hide the packet away. Take some of the seasoning out of it. Spread it in places like this (choose one or more):

  1. Under the threshold of the office entrance.
  2. In the corners of the office where you work.
  3. Near desks of ill-wishers.

Do not use the enchanted product in food.

By the name of the villain.

Take a glass of water. In the morning, before leaving the house for service, say the names of your enemies in the liquid. Recite on each of them:

You won’t say a word, you won’t say a phrase. Saliva will choke you, tongue will choke you. “Your throat will ache and your brain will burn. Tie it in a knot, shut your mouth with a lump. Amen.

Pour the bewitched water into a bottle and take it to your office. There on the situation. You can water the flowers, add it to tea, in the bucket of the cleaner before washing the floors. Think of something. Sprinkle around the office, as an option.

Handkerchief amulet.

Buy a new accessory of natural fabric (cotton, silk). Read three times:

Angels of heaven, archangels incorporeal. Protect from enemies, from evil tongues. Defend, do not leave. Amen.

Carry it in your pocket. In case of enemy attack, take out and wipe face, forehead, eyes.

Whisper against attack.

Slightly turn away from the attacking foul-mouthed and critical person. Whisper:

Turn away, turn away, turn to yourself.

Repeat as long as necessary. No restrictions.

More serious whispers against the black-hearted envious person. Speak in the back:

What you wish for me, you take for yourself.

Forgive, evil let go. Arrow flying, stabs in the heart.

If you want, you can say: “What I want, I will take away from you”.

Each of the above phrases will provoke trouble for the enemy. One will not understand, the second will not fold circumstances, on the third intuition will prompt, that it is not necessary to contact with you.

Conspiracy to make a detractor hurt himself

In critical situations, when a co-worker is overconfident, an omoroka is applied. A special ritual of blurring the brain.

Conjure poppies to scatter indiscreetly in the room. Formula:

Black grain is full of darkness. Let out the scarlet color of the tormenting troubles. Put a cloud on thoughts to hang around. Bring forth a morass, so that there’s no use left of intentions. As a foolish child, as a creature of madness, become Enemy (name) – a spiteful countenance. He babbles nonsense, in a hundred of morrows. He makes speeches when no one asks for them. He listens to words, but no one understands. Amen.

Orthodox prayer: protection from an envious person in the team

Short texts are no less powerful than the longest. And it is easier to remember.

Practice such a prayer in moments of irritation:

To Archangel Michael:

Great Archangel Michael, help me sinful, deliver me from coward, flood, fire and sword, vain death, evil, flattering serpent, storms inflicted, men of wickedness, temptation and debts. Open over the servant of God (name) the veil. Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen.

Psalm 90 helps to resist any enemy:

He who lives in the help of the Highest, in the shelter of the God of heaven shall be found.

He says to the Lord: “You are my intercessor and my refuge, my God, and I trust in Him.

For He will deliver you from the net of entrapment and from the words of rebellion; He will shield you with His shoulders; and you will hope under His thorns: His truth will overcome you with a weapon.

Thou shalt not be afraid of the fear of the night, of the arrow that flies in the day, of the thing that passeth away, of the snare, and of the demon of noon.

A thousand shall fall from thy country, and the darkness at thy right hand; but they shall not come near thee; nevertheless thine eyes shalt thou see, and the reward of sinners shalt thou see.

For thou, O Lord, art my hope; thou hast laid up thy refuge in the Highest.

No evil shall come unto thee, nor wound come near thy body: for by His angels He has commanded thee to keep thee in all thy ways.

They will take you in their arms, so that when you stumble on the rock, you will step on the aspid and the basilisk, and you will trample over the lion and the serpent.

I will deliver you, I will cover you, and you will know my name.

If he calls to Me, I will surely hear him: I am with him in tribulation; I will pour out on him, I will glorify him, I will make him full of days, and I will show him My salvation.

How to defend yourself with angelic support

The basic prerequisite for defeating an angry co-worker is the fairness of the request. Sometimes we take offense in vain at a harmless remark. It happens, the colleague is not in the spirit because of family troubles. Dumps anger on harmless others.

Before turning to a conspiracy, ask your guardian angel about the essence of what is happening. Signs come to everyone all the time. You have to see them and recognize them.

Examples of angelic cues:

  1. Make a dream about an enemy. The one whom you mentally accused came to mind.
  2. Asked about the fairness of the suspicion. Watched a movie the same day, where in the course of the script, the heroine unmasked the trickster.
  3. You stumble upon the matching numbers on the clock. 13-13 is an exact confirmation.
  4. Accidentally noticed a dirty bill of small denomination or a coin underfoot. An enemy wants to take away a position or money.
  5. Unintentionally you mention his name in reference to another person. So, now he thinks how to do more damage.
  6. You talk to a stranger. You get acquainted, and she turns out to be the namesake of your enemy.

Keep an eye on current events. Even without asking, the spirits of the clan will tell you, guide you.

What else will help

Punishing a pest is not the most optimal approach. Requires large energetic expenditures. It is given from above to make you happy, to enjoy your stay on the planet. And you waste it on hostility.

There are alternative methods for destroying embittered individuals. Specifics:

  1. Orthodox Icon. Wear a small face of St. George the Victorious around your neck. Next to the table hang an Icon of the Trinity or the Virgin “Semistrelnaya” (this is behind the back).
  2. Wrist cross is an obligatory attribute of a believer. Create the habit of not taking it off your neck.
  3. A talisman made of stone. Malachite, black agate acts as a guardian and help in career advancement. If the adversary is of the opposite sex, pink quartz will soften his hateful nature. Ruby is a great shiat for fiery Zodiac signs and people who have planets in Aries. , created by their own hands or bought.
  4. Islam has its own amulets. The most famous: the crescent moon, Hamsa, the eye of Fatima.

It is not difficult to resist unfriendly attacks. Triumph haunts the strong. It does not mean the position held or the ability to yell, to push. For the final and irrevocable victory requires internal confidence in his own rightness. Achieved by special practice. Ask yourself: “Do I have to endure rudeness, boorishness, insults?” The correct answer is, “No.” With it begins spiritual growth, followed by the invincible power of a harmonious personality. Good luck.

Powerful conspiracies against enemies at work

Eternal gossip and conflict at work is a common phenomenon. Harsh conditions of competition or personal animosity encourage colleagues to go for meanness.

Get rid of constant stress and eliminate the enemy will help conspiracies from enemies at work . These prayers will help to get rid of a detractor not only in the workplace, but also in other aspects of life.

How to protect yourself from enemies at work?

Everyone tries as much as possible to protect themselves from negative attention.

It’s good if you can just not communicate with the hater and move on with your life. But, at work, it is almost impossible to do so. Every day, being in a team, we involuntarily become an object of envy and gossip.

It is necessary to suppress all harmful thoughts in your direction. After all, it would seem that a simple envy can worsen your health and scare away good luck.

First of all, you should not allow yourself to be drawn into a conflict at work. Concentrate and mentally build a wall between you and your adversary. Your confidence and firmness will be the first step to protection.

An excellent remedy against the evil eye at work are amulets and amulets. They are a good protection against negative energy and scare away an adversary. It is useful to wear amulets, even if it seems that everything is fine. Unknowingly, harm can come not only to the enemy, but also to a loved one.

Stronger protection against enemies, evil people, gossip and bad talk is obtained with the help of conspiracies.

A conspiracy is a text in which a special, strong energy is put. When one reads a conspiracy, one cleanses one’s energy field and does not allow it to be spoiled by others, including colleagues at work.

Spells have different purposes :

  • Protection from negativity;
  • Disclosure of a detractor;
  • Getting rid of enemies;
  • Punishment.

To protect yourself, the ritual of the incantation is carried out on Tuesday or Wednesday. If you want to take revenge on an enemy, the ritual is scheduled for Friday or Monday.

Rules of carrying out of the spell

In order to get rid of enemies at work with the help of a conspiracy, it is necessary to perform the ritual with a certain accuracy. To do this, you need to remember a number of rules:

  • If you need to get rid of anything in your life, the incantation is read only on the waning moon. The energy of the earthly satellite removes negativity inside and outside a person.
  • It is necessary to clearly follow the prescribed sequence. Regardless of the chosen ritual, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary props, not replacing them with anything similar. It is necessary to follow the time strictly. If the exact time is described, it is impossible to start the ritual earlier or to be late.
  • The text of the incantation is the most important part of the ritual, so you should not change the words, even if some words seem strange or illogical. Also, the incantation should be pronounced clearly and distinctly.
  • During the ritual, you need to put all the energy into the pronunciation of the text. Mentally, you must imagine how the relations with the team are improved, how the enemy leaves evil thoughts.
  • Try not to wish any harm to your offender, even if he/she has badly hurt your nerves. If a bad energy can return and harm the conspirator doubly.

Detecting a malevolent person

To find out who is responsible for your failures at work, you can use the search conspiracy. The ritual should be performed at sunset. It is important to know the exact time of the beginning of sunset, for this you can peep into the calendar.

For the ritual, you will need 7 keys from different locks. During sunset, you need to throw 7 prepared keys in boiling water and say the following words:

“Who evil to the servant of God (your name) carries, that tomorrow the devil will bring to the threshold. Amen.”.

Then it is necessary to place bewitching keys in various places where you usually are and your potential spoilsman can be. After a while, the offender will reveal himself.

Also, to find an enemy among your co-workers, you can plot your handkerchief. To do this, at midnight, bring the handkerchief closer to your mouth and whisper the following words:

“As snow from the sun melts,

And flowers bloom in spring,

As fog hinders the way of the wayfarer,

So let him step on the ground with his right foot

And my cursed enemy will come to me.

He’ll be gaping at me,

He’ll show his teeth,

And his eyes will be beveled,

And his tongue will stand up like a stake,

My enemy will submit and leave me alone.

Key, lock, tongue.

Key, lock. Tongue.


After the ritual, the handkerchief should be put not far from the workplace. Who first returns the handkerchief, he conspires harm.

Conspiracy on the handkerchief

This conspiracy will help to ward off evil human thoughts. With his help, build an invisible wall through which neither the evil eye nor spoilage will penetrate.

To perform the ritual, buy a new handkerchief and in the morning, before going to work, pronounce on it the following words:

“My heavenly angel. I, your servant (your name), please protect my sinful soul.

Let the evil spoil do not reach me, let the evil eye pass away, let all evil go to this shawl.

After saying these words, it is necessary to wipe your face with a handkerchief and hide it in a bag or a pocket. So, the ritual must be continued throughout the week.

Conspiracy on a pin

All you need for the ritual is one new English pin.

The ritual is carried out when the moon is well visible from the windows of the house. It is necessary to stand in front of the window, put the pin under the moonlight and say the following text:

“Stabs, cuts, bites, sharp end shoves everyone,

From malicious censures warns me, from bad actions protects me.”.

The incanted pin is pinned to your clothes and carried with you every day to work. If the pin suddenly opens and pricks the owner, it means that it reports that it has protected me from evil actions.

Conspiracy on a candle

It often happens that things suddenly start to go wrong, although there were no preconditions. When the person talks about it, they say that this is a result of the evil eye or an ulterior aggression. The Candle Spell is ideal when the offender remains unnoticed.

To perform the ritual, at midnight, you need to light 3 church candles and put them in the center of the room. When the candles begin to drip wax, it is necessary to cross yourself three times and read “Our Father”.

After reading the prayer, the conspirator takes the middle candle and says the words:

“Merciful Lord, Jesus Christ, protect me, God’s servant (your name), and my house, bless!

Save my family, my children, and my business from enemies whose names I do not know, and in my voice I do not name, reproach, or list!

Save me, keep me! Amen.”

After the ritual, the offender will change his mind to do evil to you at work and change his mind about the person or family for the better.

Poppy Plot

In order to drive away the offender at work, you can talk poppy seed. Pinches of the incantation poppy need to pour into the pocket of colleagues, especially those who most like to gossip.

For the ritual, pour a small amount of dry poppy seeds into an earthenware bowl and cross the vessel three times. After that, leaning over a bowl, it is necessary to pronounce the following incantation:

If someone has a bad intentions, you can do the following: “I will cross the poppy seeds, I will not let evil and envy in the house.

If someone with bad intentions will come in the house, that quickly an angel will dismiss.

In some time, after the poppy has fallen into the clothes of an adversary, he will cease to do his evil deeds. There is a chance that the enemy will have the desire to quit and leave your team forever. People who have been gossiping will become quiet at work. Other people will not be affected in any way.

A salt incantation

Salt is a perfect magical substance that absorbs information and energy message. Therefore, it is often used in various magical rites, including conspiracies.

Salt is used to attract love and health, to get rid of negativity and bad luck.

To perform the ritual, the conspirator must stay at home all alone. Even pets should be out of the house for a while. The first thing to do is to turn off all electrical appliances. Including those that are not plugged in the socket, like a phone or tablet.

For the ritual, you’ll need:

  • A new, sealed packet of table salt;
  • One church candle;
  • A small saucer.

The ritual begins with the fact that all light in the house is extinguished. The conspirator sits at the table and lights a candle. It is important to sit for a few minutes in silence, in front of a lit candle, and imagine how colleagues calm down, stop gossiping and doing evil at work.

Then you need to open a new packet of salt, pour some of it on a saucer and start reading the incantation:

“Who salt in my eyes, to that salt on the soul. That everything that you wished, that you slandered, that you lied will return to you. Go away, depart, take away, take away!”

After reading the words, it is worth a few more minutes to sit in silence and visualize the desired result. At the end of the ritual, the salt should be collected in a bag and the next day, discreetly, scattered in the office. After a while, the troubles should be over. You can read a conspiracy against enemies at work not only for yourself, but also for another colleague who is in similar trouble.

Retaliation conspiracy

In order to teach a person who is trying to harm in every way at work, you can use a conspiracy that will return to the offender all his words and actions back.

This is a so-called boomerang conspiracy, which can be pronounced immediately after you hear something unpleasant in your address at work. These simple words will not only work, because all the negativity will go to the offender, but also scare the person.

You need to say the following words:

“All my good will stay with me, all your bad will come back to you. All yours – in your bodies! Let it be so! Amen.”

If you will be alone with yourself, it is possible to receive more strong result. You can pronounce it at any convenient time. The text is as follows:

“All words spoken in my direction by (name of the offender), let back, evil do not commit and do not disturb. Go to my offender (name), do not know joy, until he will not reform, for the mind will not undertake and will not ask to forgive himself.”

No less effective return plot – on a needle. For a ritual, you will need to light a candle and on this flame to heat the needle. The hot needle should be pierced through the candle and say:

“The red-hot needle pierces all evil, it removes from me bad things. As the candle burns, so my enemies know no peace, as long as they will not forget me.

If the offender will continue to harm the conspirator, then it will happen to him what he wished to another.

How to make an amulet against enemies?

It is possible to get protection from evil people at work without reading incantations. Averters will also protect you from unkind colleagues.

The most effective amulets are those that you make with your own hands. They are filled with the greatest amount of energy of the owner. You can also buy amulet, but it will be much inferior in power made by yourself.

It is not very difficult to make an amulet. To do this, you will need:

  • Candle white or blue;
  • Needle;
  • 1-2 meters of red thread;
  • Saucer;
  • Thyme essential oil;
  • Sand.

The preparation begins with scratching the offender’s name on the candle with a needle. If the name is unknown, you can scratch any other name with which to christen the enemy. When writing, it is necessary to imagine the offender, to visualize.

Next, the candle should be coated with essential oil. The oil plays the role of a mirror wall, which is built between the conspirator and the enemy. To transfer your energy to the candle, bring it to your mouth and exhale three times. The wrap of the candle with the red thread. Be sure to wind it clockwise from bottom to top. Do not wind the thread all the way up, you should leave 2-3 cm free.

Next, 3 times repeat the words:

“Lord, let your forces drive away your enemies from me with stones and sticks, let their evil return to them, and not to me.”

At the last stage of the ritual, it is necessary to pour the sand on a saucer and light a candle. When the fire burns to a thread, it is extinguished and put in a secluded place.

The amulet is taken out only in times of hardship. If there is confidence that an evil tongue is to blame for the troubles associated with work – the candle is lit for a short time, thus reflecting all the troubles on the offender.

Advice from Natalia Stepanova

Natalia Stepanova, a well-known Siberian healer, advises to read prayers and incantations against ill-wishers at work with a clear message. Nature loves balance, so committed evil, even in the name of justice, will return to the conspirator.

Stepanova offers her version of the incantation and advises to read it at sunset. To conduct the ritual, it is important to know the name of the enemy. Left alone in the house, it is necessary to pronounce the following:

“In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Lord, bless the servant of God (your name)!

I will call all the saints with holy power to help,

I will summon the earthly force with holy power to help,

I will summon the water force with holy power to help.

All mighty forces, please help me,

and watch over me and my enemies.

And if evil will be done to me (enemy’s name), protect me.

And if your enemy will do any harm to me, please don’t let him do it! Amen.”

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