How to get revenge on a guy for treason?

How to get revenge on a man

Sometimes even a beloved man behaves unworthily and can insult or offend his girlfriend, and particularly mean-spirited individuals even leave your beloved and simply leave, without explaining the reasons. Of course, in such unpleasant cases, the girl has a natural desire to take revenge on the man. Moreover, you want to do it beautifully and subtly, so that he realized what a mistake he made. The following tips and techniques will help “beautiful” revenge a man in any situation, so he realized all his mistakes and took the path of correction.

What is revenge in a love relationship

Revenge in love has its own distinctive features, which are not comparable with the usual revenge against a colleague, friend or rivals. It is largely caused by a desire to restore justice, because the girl feels offended by the deed of the beloved man, and her self-esteem is badly hurt. And such revenge is, above all, an attempt to show the man what a girl he has lost or hurt, and how he should regret his decision. Especially well revenge in a love relationship shows itself in the case of treason men – here it is very important for the girl to get a sense of satisfaction after what happened, to hurt a man so that he was even more unpleasant than she was from the treason. It should not be forgotten that in some cases, instead of revenge it is better to prefer to break up the relationship or completely forget about this man and not waste your time and nerves on him. For example, if a man uses physical force against a girl, does not appreciate her personal development or constantly make her feel guilty about something.

When to take revenge and when to forgive

Depending on the severity of the case, sometimes it will be more correct to forgive the loved one, and sometimes you just can’t do without revenge. If the cause of your problem situation is not too complicated and serious (a simple argument over minor matters, the separation because you do not agree in character), do not waste your energy and nerves for the sake of revenge. It is worth taking revenge in those situations where a loved one treated you rudely and unforgivably, humiliated your dignity or dishonored you.

Vengeance is necessary to soothe your own soul, so if the desire for revenge constantly bothers you and does not let you sleep well – you’d better do it. If there is no special burning desire, but only people around you advise to take revenge or a random similar thought arose, then it’s not so important for you and do not need to waste your time on such an activity. So before you get to revenge, you need to sit down and carefully weigh all the arguments for and against. Which side in the end will outweigh, on that side and worth to stand.

Deal with the desire for revenge help psychologist advice

Psychologists say a lot about revenge. Before taking revenge, psychologists recommend to sit down and think thoroughly about how many warm and kind moments there were between you. If the amount of happiness in your relationship is much greater than the pain of resentment or separation, revenge is inappropriate. It is better to understand and let a loved one, if it is too difficult to come to terms with the offense received. Also, experts advise to find out in advance if there really is a basis for revenge. The fact is that sometimes we are wrong in our judgments, mistakenly believe the words of strangers who are jealous of our happiness, etc. For example, some girls begin to take revenge on the guy for treason, and then it turns out that treason really did not happen – it was the gossip of rivals or envious women.

Ways to get revenge on an ex-boyfriend

You always want to take revenge beautifully and so that the young man learned his lesson once and for all. If your ex is a fan of computer games, a pleasant revenge will be to spoil his rating in his favorite game, hack his account and visibly screw up. Similarly, you can hack into his social networking page, posting messages saying that he’s a bad guy and has been uncivil with his girlfriend. You can mess with your ex by showing up in front of him with a new young man – let your ex see that you don’t miss him, but are happy in your new life with another, better man. This way will hurt any guy well, especially an ex.

If a guy used you, you can ruin his reputation

If a guy used you, you can think of revenge and nastier. For example, spread bad rumors about him so that the other girls could form a true picture of his personality. Tell the whole truth or dilute it with a few facts about his character, attitudes toward girls, bad habits. Or you can start an affair with one of your mutual acquaintances – when he sees you in the arms of another, happy and carefree, he will involuntarily wonder if you really suffered from your breakup or he meant nothing to you really. In any case, do not give the impression that you are offended, or dream of returning to your relationship. You have to show that what the guy did was good for you and improved your love life.

The guy really hurt and betrayed – return the same coin

When a young man betrayed you and hurt you badly, a good option for revenge is to make him regret that he lost you. Do not give in to despondency and depression – better take care of your appearance, appear only in an irresistible way to him or your mutual friends. He’s sure to notice it and will be annoyed that you do not miss the fact that his betrayal, and actively celebrate life and good before his eyes. For a strong offense can also be avenged by your ignoring – do not talk to him, leave out the sms and calls. In short, pretend that the guy does not exist until he actively apologizes and becomes worthy of your attention and communication.

Get along with a guy if he dumped you

When the man you love leaves you, it hurts and hurts – it’s quite a good reason for revenge. Post on several dating sites in his name with real contact information, now let him suffer from unnecessary attention of obscure individuals. You can also make him worried and create some fake page in a social network, introduce yourself as his ex-girlfriend and report that she is pregnant by him. Then you can abruptly cut off correspondence and disappear, to plant in the offender a sense of alarm and incompleteness of the situation.

Is it worth retaliating against a person for cheating?

The question of whether or not to take revenge on a man for treason is difficult for any girl caught in a similar situation.

Teach the cheater a lesson

The feeling of revenge requires an exit, so if you can not calm down and think only about it, it will be better to take revenge once, and then forget this man who cheated and neglected your relationship. In this case, the revenge should be clearly expressed, to teach the cheater a good lesson for the future. If your sense of pride allows you to simply walk away and forget about the cheater, this will be the best option, because you won’t have to come up with a revenge plan and fear the possible consequences of revenge. Cheating is the kind of unpleasant thing that is hard to forgive, so in most cases, the relationship between people is broken. So do not take revenge in vain, it is better to leave your forces to build a relationship with a more worthy and faithful man. Revenge most often leaves behind a feeling of devastation, and this prevents you from building a new relationship and becoming open to new feelings.

How to hurt a betrayer

If you want to “sting” a man cheater, the best option would be to tell him that you are even glad he cheated, because you never really loved him and were just looking for the right opportunity to leave. Let him feel that you weren’t in the least bit hurt by what he did, that you don’t care at all. You can try to have an affair with his best friend, it hurts any man’s self-esteem. If you’re lucky enough to see your ex with the girl he cheated on you with, you can play on this: tell the girl about the guy’s act, his failure in bed or bad character traits. Let her know who she’s messing with. In doing so, you salt the traitor and spoil his new relationship and his reputation.

How can you hurt your husband

When hurt by your beloved husband, you also want to take revenge on him for his undignified behavior toward you. Try to play on his feelings of jealousy, flirt with someone in front of him, or start a pleasant correspondence in a social network. And in response to his comments, say that in correspondence no one hurt you, unlike your own spouse. You can also defiantly stop cooking lunches and dinners, waiting for an apology from her husband, or purposely over-salted extra. Such subtle sneers men notice very well and quickly understand what it’s all about. Insulting her husband can easily be by refusing sex, and demonstrative. Flirt with him and flirt, but when it comes to sex – refuse and show his whole appearance that you are offended and expect excuses and changes in his attitude towards you.

Revenge on your lover for insults and offenses

In the case of insults from her husband, do not stoop to reciprocal insults, much nicer would be a subtle revenge. A good way is to ask his mother to explain to him that such communication with a girl is inadmissible. His mother’s words will not only shame a man, but also make him think about his own behavior. You can also tell her husband that women are usually insulted by insecure men, and give him a certificate for some training or courses to improve male self-esteem. Such humorous revenge will hurt your spouse. You can also try to ignore communication from her husband, answering him only in the notes on the fridge or in SMS. And the first should definitely be a note that the offensive words should be responded to with silence, because it is not worthy of communication.

Don’t take revenge on your spouse if he raised his hand.

A real man should never raise his hand to a girl, so be careful: having hit once, he may hit you the next time. So instead of revenge (which can cause further beatings), it is better to think: Is it worth it to continue the relationship with such a man. A husband should be the head of the family and protect his spouse, not raise his hand against her. Revenge can only provoke aggressive male behavior, and at this point your husband may hit you more than once.

Avenge your husband’s betrayal by teaching him a lesson

Betrayal requires special revenge. You can use any of the above methods, but do not forget that with this man you share a home. If, however, after the betrayal you have the intention to stay together with her husband, then revenge should be neat. One that will teach your husband a lesson, but still preserve the relationship. So you can not go to the personalities and insults, do not make witnesses of your revenge relatives or friends of her husband, otherwise in the future all around will always bring to mind your husband’s treachery against you. And this will have a negative impact on your family relationships.

How not to do stupid things in a fit of rage

Deciding to take revenge on a man, it is important not to do something stupid under the influence of emotions. First of all, as the vengeance should not choose the idea to spoil his property (for example, spray paint or beat his car) – it is punishable by law, which may hurt you. Also, not the best idea would be the possibility of injuring the man – do not retaliate by “accidentally” pouring boiling water on him or dropping something heavy on his head. If it turns out that it wasn’t an accident, you’ll face liability, too. And if the man is aggressive and takes everything in stride, mutual revenge in your direction is not excluded.

To summarize the above, it is safe to say – revenge has a place, if otherwise the negative feelings of a woman from the betrayal or resentment from the beloved man can not find another way out. At the same time it is necessary to take revenge in such a way that it is not a violation of the law and does not harm the life and health of the man. It is enough only to hurt his feelings and male ego, so that revenge has the desired effect.

How to revenge her husband for treason: practical tips

Greetings to the female half of the readers of our site! Today I will tell you how to take revenge on her husband for treason, for what reasons betrayal occurs, how to survive the offense and live fully on.

It is impossible to accept without pain and tears that the loved one, whom you trust the most, was in someone else’s bed. The reaction to a lie can be very different: some people throw tantrums and beat the dishes, while others shut themselves away and even try to commit suicide. Many ladies have the thought of taking revenge on the betrayer. Only then will he feel similar emotions and pain.

But before doing so, I recommend that you carefully analyze the reasons for infidelity on the part of your spouse. Perhaps the nature of male infidelity lies in the problems that have arisen in family life.

Why men cheat

According to psychologists, there are many reasons for male cheating.

  1. Boredom and lack of variety. Over the years, married life becomes a kind of routine, a woman is immersed in raising a child, a man earns money and solves household problems. The monotony, lack of interest in pursuing new fantasies from his wife often leads to the fact that her husband begins to seek thrills and unusual experiences in the arms of another, more interesting and relaxed women.
  2. Changes in the appearance of the spouse. After marriage, most women relax and stop strenuously caring for themselves as they did before marriage. Domestic chores and the birth of a child is not always a favorable impact on the appearance of the wife. So if a man on the horizon appears young and beautiful young lady, he may seriously be carried away.
  3. Problems in the family. If the husband in a difficult situation instead of words of support and care he constantly receives reprimands, reproaches, insults and humiliations, the mistress conversely can calm him and support.
  4. The desire to assert themselves. If the spouse earns less than his wife, he may be concerned about his inner discomfort. When this fact is often pointed out by his spouse, other family members and friends, he will look for an opportunity to feel more confident, free and calm on the side.
  5. Upbringing and the influence of those closest to him. If a man was raised in a family where fidelity was treated lightly, he may not himself consider physical intimacy something personal and sublime.
  6. New love. If the family was established at an early age, there is a high probability that the husband may fall out of love with his wife and fall in love with someone else. If a couple got married a week or a month after acquaintance, guided by the first romantic impulse and sympathy, feelings may fade in the future.
  7. Sexual dissatisfaction. It is not always possible for a woman to recognize in time that her husband is dissatisfied with the quality of sexual intercourse. Many spouses are monotonous in bed, shy and stiff. Therefore, the husband wants to realize secret fantasies with another.
  8. Fear of old age. After 40 years, it is not uncommon for men to experience a midlife crisis and fear losing their popularity and attractiveness. They begin to assert themselves through meetings with young girls.
  9. The answer to his wife’s infidelity. Betrayal of his wife hits the male ego, he may retaliate by finding himself a mistress.

What does the wife feel after betrayal?

First of all, after the betrayal woman feels internal devastation, pain and anger. There is a desire to punish the betrayer and the rival. Women are very emotional, so they can commit rash actions. If they manage to cope with aggression, they begin to think how to spite a man. Enrages and resentment may change into complete indifference to everything around them.

If a woman fails to overcome her aggression and pain, she may hurt herself. It is not uncommon for cheated women to vent their negative emotions on loved ones and others, or to feel sorry for themselves and invite friends home to comfort them.

What is the meaning of a woman’s revenge?

In the mind of a wife who has been betrayed, revenge is the best way to hurt her husband. Many people believe that only by cheating back, you can annoy your spouse. However, such punishment will not make the woman herself happier. Accidental communication on the grounds of revenge will only disappoint the treacherous revenger, she will become on a par with the traitor.

Some girlfriends advise to expel the wretched spouse from the house and not allow to see the children, others – to disgrace her husband in front of friends, others – to spoil his car or other property. However, most psychologists on thematic forums assure that you should not do this.

The worst revenge is to show your husband that his wife is much better than other women and that she can be happy without his presence.

Is it possible to punish a negligent husband with revenge

The efficacy of revenge depends directly on how the wife acted and what the husband thinks about their future family life. If he is not in the mood to part with his wife and strongly repent of treason, his feelings of guilt may well be a kind of revenge for the offense.

If the wife has decided to punish her husband by finding a lover, by spreading negative rumors about her spouse or by damaging property, not only would this not be good revenge, but it would convince the man that he did the right thing. Against the background of an aggressive and spiteful wife, the new wife will seem kind and affectionate.

I don’t think kicking the man out of the house is the right thing to do either. You don’t want to give your spouse an extra reason to cheat. Moving away from his wife will not only not punish the man, but also provide an opportunity to see his mistress more often.

Will the woman feel better from revenge

Redressed usually brings a short-term pleasure, but do not improve the situation. Trying to hurt another person does not make people happier. A loud scandal or a fight with your husband’s mistress for a short period may bring relief. But very soon the resentment and pain swelled again. In addition to anger the woman will be tormented by guilt for their actions and phrases said against a background of emotion. Her condition will get much worse.

Women can only get better when she takes what happened, understand herself and decide whether she wants to continue to stay with her husband. If she realizes that she is unable to forgive the betrayal, the best solution is a divorce.

Is it worth punishing her husband and mistress

It is better to proceed to deliberate action after the first emotions have subsided. First you should understand whether the new mistress of her husband to blame for the treason. After all, it was not her promise to be faithful to the spouse of her lover, but the man. If the wife is adamantly against the preservation of the marriage, the simple punishment for the mistress will be the complete possession of the man.

After all, not every person of the female sex wants to cook three times a day, clean, wash and iron, and unconditionally agree that her man will sponsor children from her first marriage.

If a woman intends to keep her family together, I recommend the following course of action.

  1. Show total indifference to the infidelity. Subconsciously the spouse will expect a loud scandal and tantrums, but in fact will not get anything and will be puzzled. He will have doubts about their importance and uniqueness. If he has warm feelings for his wife, he will want to return her favor.
  2. Improve your appearance. Changes for the better will help to feel more confident. It is necessary to deal with your own appearance, change your hair, buy new clothes, beautiful and sexy lingerie, join a gym, get a manicure, find new hobbies. Confident ladies always attract the attention of men.
  3. To provoke his jealousy. You can come home from work later, bring home small gifts and bouquets, flirt with other men in front of your spouse. If he does not want to lose his wife, he will not stand silently. Jealousy will force him to rethink the situation and refuse to meet his mistress.
  4. Offer to serve himself on his own. Eating half-cooked meals and not ironing things will make the husband appreciate his wife’s care. The mistress will also not show delight in seeing a sloppy and perpetually hungry man.

It will not be possible to save the marriage if the woman punishes her husband with jealousy or, on the contrary, with indifference. Anger and vengeance poured out on a man will lead to a backlash.

A woman should show her husband that she is better and more worthy than others by improving herself. This is the only sure way to win his favor.

Be sure to watch this video, it lists many effective ways to respond to a man’s meanness.

Practical tips

To weed out your ex-husband, it is useful to follow these recommendations:

  1. Go out in public more often. You need to go to the theater, the cinema, go to dances, have fun with friends. Only it is worth warning them in advance, that they did not discuss treason spouse and not think of ways to hurt him.
  2. Spend more time with children. You can draw together, have a picnic, play board games, go to the movies, ride bicycles or bake a cake. Don’t let the desire to get back at your husband take away precious moments spent with your most intimate people.
  3. Make time for yourself. Read a book, watch your favorite movie, drink a glass of wine, and bask in a warm bubble bath. Such moments will help restore strength and give you energy.
  4. Revenge with a smile and tenderness. You can surprise your spouse and instead of the expected scandal with beating dishes to address him with warm words and a sincere smile. It should look directly in the eyes. Sight should radiate tenderness and kindness. If the husband is ashamed of the deed, he will lower his gaze. Speak in a confident, even and calm voice.
  5. Pay less attention. Call less often, do not write messages, all the time that was previously spent on her husband is better to devote to yourself. The man will notice that he is no longer in control, and will be afraid that he may want to leave.
  6. Distance himself from his husband. If the man lacks attention, his feelings will flare up. He will become jealous and wonder if he is being cheated on.
  7. Payback in bed. A great option for liberated and passionate women. You need to take the initiative, to use new devices, to tie your hands and eyes, to hurt him. Experiments will not only help to avenge treason, but also strengthen the relationship.
  8. Refuse to travel together. If there was a trip or a trip to an important event in the plans, it is better to cancel it.

Social networks can be of indispensable help. It is enough to register a profile with someone else’s name and start correspondence with your spouse, leading to a virtual romance. With the help of light flirting and leading questions, you can find out what the man feels, what he thinks about the relationship.

What not to do

After cheating is not recommended:

  • Change the locks in the apartment;
  • Monitor the husband and his mistress, to arrange a public showdown;
  • Manipulate children and forbid to see them;
  • block credit cards in order to force them to ask for money;
  • harm your health.

Psychologists unanimously agree that indifference and absolute ignorance offend men much more than the most sophisticated ways of revenge. It is better to smile more, to be happy with the new day and love yourself, than to spoil your nerves for someone.

If you have a child, you need to act gently and carefully, so as not to hurt his psyche. It is better to tell the truth, but not to turn against the father. When a child sees that his beloved mother is suffering, he unconsciously wants to hurt the abuser. This can lead to extremely dangerous and unpredictable actions.


In this article, we have broken down how best to behave with a man after infidelity and what not to do, considered the causes of male infidelity and found out whether revenge will ease the condition of the woman. Have you experienced cheating? Tell us in the comments about how betrayers have been punished!

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