How to get out of depression?

How to get a man out of depression

Drug use causes irreversible damage to health and is life threatening!

Depression is an illness that requires treatment. It is important to notice its symptoms in time and help the person to see a doctor. Sometimes you need help from loved ones, sometimes you need help for yourself. Let’s try to understand in what situation the person needs help and how to do it correctly.

How to understand what is going on

If a person has a bad mood, it does not mean that he has depression. An important characteristic of the condition is the duration of the condition. It should last from 2 weeks or longer.

Depressive disorder is not only a lowered mood, but also a negative assessment of oneself, one’s future, and one’s surroundings. A person in such a state is lethargic, drowsiness appears, the desire to move decreases, attention and memory suffer, and libido drops. What used to bring pleasure no longer does. The person stops taking care of themselves: they dress slovenly, they don’t observe the rules of hygiene. It is not uncommon for such people to have no emotions at all. Sometimes suicidal thoughts arise on the background of the loss of the meaning of existence.

If a person has at least one of the symptoms, and the condition lasts more than 2 weeks, they need help.

By no means always does depression arise in response to a traumatic life event from the immediate past. If there were no serious shocks, but disturbing symptoms have appeared, this is a 100% reason to see a specialist.

What you need to do

First of all, you need to understand that depression will not go away by itself. A person needs help. It is not just sadness or laziness, but a serious illness.

The second thing to remember is not to devalue the person’s experiences. No one tells a patient with diabetes to get it together, stop suffering and start producing insulin. A person with depression doesn’t need that kind of advice, either. He can’t get his body to produce the right amount of neurotransmitters. He really has a hard time doing normal things: going to work, playing with his children, socializing with people. These activities won’t bring him relief, and the advice won’t do him any good.

But it is not worth watching in silence how the life of a loved one passes by, either. It is necessary to gently talk to the person about how he feels, how he feels. Express understanding and sympathy.

Good phrases to use when communicating with a person who has a depressive disorder are:

  • “I understand that this is hard for you. “;
  • “How can I help you?”;
  • “You’re just tired, it happens.”
  • “It’s no big deal, you can get help.”
  • “It happens a lot, it’s not your fault. “.

It’s important not to devalue the person’s feelings or deny that the problem exists. You need to gently bring up the fact that going to a specialist will make a difference. It’s not embarrassing, it’s not scary, it’s normal. After all, when a person has a stomach ache, he goes to a gastroenterologist. And if the psyche is sick, it’s worth seeing a therapist.

Disperse the person’s fears about going to the doctor:

  1. Depression is not included in the list of diseases for which psychiatric registration is conducted, which is enshrined in the law of the Russian Federation “On psychiatric care and guarantees of the rights of citizens in its provision” № 3185-1.
  2. The patient’s diagnosis is protected by doctor-patient confidentiality, so it will not be disclosed to third parties, including the employer or employees of the educational institution.
  3. The latest generation antidepressants are not addictive.
  4. If more serious medications are needed, they will be taken under the strict supervision of a physician who will not allow addiction to develop.

The main thing that needs to be conveyed is that treating depression is necessary and it is normal.

First aid for depression

Before going to a specialist, it is only possible to help a person if the depressive state is provoked by a traumatic event that happened very recently. It is necessary to allow the feelings to happen: crying if sad, screaming in the woods or in the field, hitting objects prepared in advance if there is anger.

A person must understand that all of his or her feelings and emotions are normal.

His feelings need to be lived through and expressed, otherwise they will get stuck deep inside, which will aggravate the situation. People close to them must support and create the conditions for expressing pain in a way that suits the person.

A traumatic situation is not necessarily something bad. Any sudden change in life can provoke a depressive disorder: the birth of a child, a new position, a job change, etc.

If the symptoms occur against a background of general well-being in life, only the help of a specialist can help. Often people do not realize that something is wrong with them, because everything is fine, there have been no sudden changes or traumas, their life is fine. Such a condition is dangerous because no one notices the problem, but it can lead to tragic consequences. A person with this type of depression should definitely be shown to a specialist.

How to help a man out of depression: advice from a psychiatrist

Statistically, depression in men develops less frequently than in women, but its manifestations can be more dangerous.

Statistically, depression in men develops less often than in women, but its manifestations can be more dangerous. Depressed men often attempt to end their lives, and unfortunately, these attempts are usually carried out.

To prevent the death of a loved one, a woman needs to be especially attentive to him in difficult periods of life. Why does the disease develop, how to deal with it and what to do if a man shows signs of depressive disorder? About this told a doctor psychiatrist, psychotherapist clinics MEDSI on Leninsky Prospekt Christina Wirth.

Symptoms of depression in men

Psychiatry does not divide depression into male and female. This condition is the same in all people, regardless of gender or age. Signs of depressive disorders are formulated by the international classification of diseases. And if you notice one or more of them in a loved one, you should be wary.

Pay attention if the man stopped enjoying the things that gave him pleasure before. For example, he was happy to go fishing, but now refuses to do so. Or if he is increasingly in a bad, depressed mood, tries to leave the house as rarely as possible, in his spare time prefers not to get up from bed.

To the external signs of depression in men are added internal. “Boys don’t cry” – that’s how men are brought up in modern society. But because of this, all the internal worries that torment a man and increase sadness are not taken out. Men are not accustomed to discussing problems with their wives and girlfriends. And when depressed, there may be multiple negative thoughts: about personal or professional failure, the lack of prospects in life, a sense of guilt.

Against this background, attention is reduced and intellectual functions worsen. The person becomes distracted, unable to remember important information or concentrate on important work. A decrease in sexual desire for the spouse is added, sleep is disturbed, and the appetite usually drops.

Causes of the disease

These manifestations become a “marker” of the processes that occur within the body. Scientists have not yet figured out the causes of depressive disorders, but they agree that dozens of biologically active substances in the body are involved.

Clinical depression in men is more than just a bad mood. It is a disease that affects the hormonal, immune system, but to a greater extent affects the brain, as it disrupts the production of neurotransmitters responsible for emotions, reaction speed and performance.

The development of depression usually leads to some external “impetus”: problems at work; dismissal; dissatisfaction with personal relationships; lack of career growth and financial well-being.

At different ages the reasons may be different, but the processes that occur in the body of a man in his 30 years of depression are not different from those in 40 and 50 years. An external stimulus triggers a cascade of biochemical reactions in the body, and it is not always possible to stop them on their own, without the help of a specialist.

Test for symptoms of depression in men

Diagnosis of the disease and determining the degree of its severity are engaged in doctors psychiatrists. It is difficult to make a diagnosis on your own, as well as to develop treatment tactics. Despite the fact that there are enough tests on the Internet to diagnose depressive conditions, various scales, this method alone is not enough to clarify the diagnosis.

“In psychiatry, the diagnosis is established by a person’s current mental state, life history and examination with the help of tests,” commented psychiatrist Kristina Wirth. – We can only speak of a diagnosis on the basis of a combination of factors.

At the reception, the specialist evaluates the person’s behavior, clarifies the person’s life history, the causes and duration of the depressive state, and offers to fill out a test as an additional method of diagnosis.

Aaron Beck’s test is used for self-completion by the patient, where you have to choose answers from groups of statements based on your condition over the past week. Another well-known test for diagnosing depression is the Hamilton Scale, which is filled out by a doctor based on a professional assessment of the patient’s condition and behavior. This test is not suitable for self-diagnosis.

How a man gets out of depression on his own

Despite the fact that depression was included in the international classifier of diseases for quite a long time and is recognized by the world medical community as a dangerous disorder, many people, especially in Russia, still do not take it seriously.

They think that it will pass, compare it to laziness or accuse a person suffering from depressive disorder of being characterless and irresponsible. And therein lies a huge risk, since without proper help mental problems will only worsen. And in their background will develop accompanying “responses” of the body.

“Since depression is based on an imbalance of bioactive substances, hormones and even the immune system, it increases the risk of dangerous diseases,” Christina Wirth specifies. – Against the background of a depressed state increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases.”

It is important to take into account that you can get out of depression only if it developed against the background of a problematic situation and at some point the problem was resolved. This improves the man’s emotional state and helps him to regain a taste for life. If the problem has “dragged on”, depression has been developing for a long time, it becomes impossible to get rid of it by one’s own efforts.

After all, physiological processes are added to the psychological disorder, hormonal imbalance occurs, the production of neurotransmitters in the brain is disturbed. And for the correction of the condition, the help of a specialist is necessary. Otherwise, there may be temporary improvements in the background of the disease, but regularly the depression will return and intensify for no apparent reason.

“Self-healing is possible with a mild degree of depression,” comments the doctor. – The maximum you can do yourself is to find psychological literature, self-help manuals, read them, and try to work with yourself. But you have to have a will and a belief in your own strength. And the help itself has to be professional.

How to treat depression in men

With disorders of medium and severe degree should work only a specialist. Help yourself to cope with the disease can not cope either his wife or mother. Yes, and the man himself in a depressed state simply can not find the strength to fight the disease.

Your doctor may recommend pharmacological treatment – drugs aimed at increasing the concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain. And he will necessarily recommend psychotherapy, and here you cannot do without the help of your loved ones.

One of the ways of treatment is a technique to increase the patient’s energy potential. If he has no desire and strength to move, to do any work, it is necessary to gently, but insistently achieve the performance of everyday actions.

For example, if the man does not want to leave the house, it is necessary to help him to go at least to the entrance and perform this ritual daily for a whole week. In the next week, the walk should increase in time and distance, such as walking to the nearest store. In another week, the man will be able to go to the store and buy something by himself, and the next week he will walk to the nearest park. The “load” should be increased gradually, in very small “doses”. Only in this case it is possible to achieve the return of a person’s energy without the risk of protest and rejection on his part.

“In life, you need to add pleasure,” says Christina Wirth, “but it is important to understand that in a depressed state of man is unlikely to want to do even the things he previously liked. Therefore, favorite pastime, such as reading or walking the dog, should be introduced as an obligation, without waiting for the initiative on his part. Gradually daily performance of habitual affairs will again bring pleasure.

But these are only the first stages of psychotherapy, which will help to get out of this condition a little. If depression does not go away or periodically increases, it is extremely important to see a doctor for qualified help.

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