How to get into the subconscious mind?

How to enter the subconscious.

The fact that the human mind is complex and mysterious to understand was noted even by ancient researchers. Thanks to the works of Z. Freud it became clear that people are able to realize only a very small part of their mind, while the majority of it is hidden in a kind of “dark” zone. However, this “dark zone” or subconsciousness, as Freud called it, has an enormous influence not only on operation of the whole body, but also on many of our reactions and actions. Is it possible for a person to consciously influence their subconscious?

  • How to enter the subconscious.
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  • How to work with the subconscious mind on the method of V. Sinelnikov.

Most psychiatrists and hypnotists agree that one cannot consciously influence one’s subconscious mind by an effort of will. But can enter into contact with it and establish a dialogue that may help clarify the previously unconscious irrational impulses. In this way, one can get rid of many long-standing psychological complexes and internal problems.

There are several ways to establish contact with your subconscious mind. First of all, a direct dialogue with your subconscious mind with the help of a pendulum or your own fingers, immersion into a trance and automatic writing. Try them all sequentially and choose that method which is easier for you to use and which gives the best results.

First of all, try to establish a dialogue using one-word answers like “yes” or “no. The easiest way to do this is to use the pendulum. In this case the pendulum is just a small weight on a strong string. Purchase it in any store of occult goods or make it yourself from a wedding ring. Choose time when nobody and nothing will disturb you for at least half an hour.

If there is no one and nothing will disturb you for at least half an hour, sit in a comfortable posture at the table and lean your elbow on its surface. Clasp the pendulum string between your thumb and forefinger, then simply observe the weight. Decide for yourself which direction the pendulum moves will mean a “yes” answer and which will mean a “no” answer for you. You can jiggle the pendulum a little to feel its movement. Then stop all effort and try to relax. Then ask a simple question to your subconscious mind that assumes an unambiguous “yes” or “no” answer. For example, ask if it agrees to talk to you. After a while, you will see that the pendulum began to move without your conscious effort. After getting an answer to the first question, continue the conversation. Don’t forget that the subconscious mind does not recognize the negative “not” particle. Your questions should be simple and unambiguous.

The method of delving into the subconscious mind with the aid of a trance resembles the traditional meditation accepted in many religions. It is best performed in the evening before going to bed or during the least stressful period of the day. Find a quiet, safe place where no one will disturb you. Turn off your phone and, if possible, remove all extraneous noises. Sit in a comfortable chair or on a soft stool. It is not very desirable to dive into a trance while lying down, since you will simply begin to fall asleep when the control of consciousness is weakened. Start observing your breathing, gradually slowing down the inhalations and exhalations. This way you achieve inhibition of the nervous system and immerse yourself in a relaxed state.

Once on the edge of sleep and wakefulness, begin to imagine that you are sinking into the depths of your subconscious, going down the stairs or moving along the corridor smoothly leading into the depths. Try to observe the images and symbols that arise in a detached way. Remember that the subconscious mind does not operate with verbal categories, i.e. with the usual words. You will receive your answers in the form of various pictures, symbols or images. Having left the meditation try to write down your impressions in diary, if possible without missing anything from seen. If you find it difficult to interpret the images you see on your own, perhaps it makes sense to consult a professional psychotherapist.

4 ways to open the door into your subconscious

The whole set of physiological functions is nothing more than the workings of a deeper consciousness. It also has a huge impact on our ability to perceive the world around us. The subconscious mind works at a rapid pace, constantly analyzing the world around you. In doing so, it searches for patterns and produces assumptions that you are consciously aware of. In metaphysical terminology, the subconscious mind is a force that in turn creates or destroys the creative processes going on in a person. In many situations, a person’s subconscious acts as the truest reflection of his soul, the very basis for his ego and mind. So, thanks to what can we hear it? Agree that the answer to this question is not so simple. There are several known ways that we can change old patterns that we are so eager to apply. We have tried to explore some of the methods. Those, the most popular of them, with a high degree of effectiveness. Follow our example: don’t be afraid to explore and experiment. That’s the only way you’ll be able to find what’s perfect for you.

1. Meditation and Visualization

There is no doubt that each of us has already heard of significant advances in the field of meditation. All that is worth highlighting is the so-called blurring of the line between the conscious and unconscious in the process of meditation itself. The result is a process of integration. A possible reason why we focus on the breath during meditation is that such action is controllable, both at the conscious and unconscious level. Deep relaxation becomes a kind of bridge between the conscious and unconscious. As a result of complete unification, the so-called state of superconsciousness comes. In the process of all of the above, it is characteristic of man to release outdated paradigms and establish new ones. The practice of meditation allows you to visualize your own intentions, which in some way can rewrite your subconscious mind. An individual’s paradigm acts as a story that everyone tells themselves subconsciously. This goes on until it becomes real.

2. Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is similar to meditation. The only difference is that there is always someone present whose help you can feel at each subsequent stage. Many people find that meditation and visualization don’t work for them because they get distracted. Their phone starts ringing off the hook or they just can’t figure out how to be relaxed and put their best foot forward at the same time. A good hypnosis specialist can help and figure this out.

Most likely, he or she will have you turn off your phone at the beginning of the session. Their voice and guidance, which is calm but authoritative, will keep you focused. And the fact that you will probably pay money to conduct this session will make you take the necessary interest. The hypnosis specialist will teach you how to relax and create conditions more suitable, for this or that work. Not everyone has the opportunity to find the service of such a specialist and this is quite normal. There are other methods that can be learned. A variety of meditations and online hypnotherapy videos are available.

3. Sleep

Sleep, like meditation, is a time when the boundaries of the mind become thinner. How often do we fall asleep thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow? Perhaps you mentally float or think about all the errands at work you have to run tomorrow. Perhaps you enjoy thinking about being alone. It’s been observed that the moment a person falls asleep, they stop being distracted. It should not be forgotten that the worst anxieties and fears can affect your brain function. It is an unfortunate and sad effect on creating an environment that teaches us to fight and fear what we hate, rather than to focus and create what we really love. It’s also especially sad because, because you are in a sleeping state, you spill these ideas in pure form right into your subconscious. When you fall asleep, you are essentially a tiny coin tossed into the giant well of your own subconscious mind’s desires. If every night before you go to sleep you put all the stress and negativity into the wishing well of your subconscious mind, your subconscious mind will know what the next day will be like. As you fall asleep, think about the things you so desire. For example, it might be thoughts about your partner. Visualize yourself: work and explore your dream vacation. Steps like this allow you to fill your subconscious mind with positivity. The next morning you will feel great. Your subconscious mind will begin the process of achieving the positive goal you have set.

4. Ritual .

Consider the last and most effective method. There is disagreement among members of a large part of the spiritual community. What occultists and pagans call Magic and the power called the Law of Attraction. Many enlightened people understand that these forces are actually different names for the same idea. Nevertheless, members of the New Generation take measures to spread and confirm their power, while witches and occultists make talismans using spells. On both sides are those who disrespect their opponents. In fact, the most enlightened are those who see similarities on both sides and understand what they have in common, while not ruling out the possibility of mutual assistance.

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