How to get back the respect of the girl?

How to get back the respect of the most beloved girl in the world? want to get her back!

A year and a half ago …Fall in love, offered to meet, agreed immediately, but a week later she said that she had to stop and did not want to meet, typo, will be friends? it was then we are 13 now 15, was wild shy, shy, next to us rubbed her friend – I am very shy, probably shystenie and played a role. Now in her eyes I’m a schmuck, many would say behave like a male, etc., but this is a bad idea, I need specific advice! HOW DO I CHANGE HER MIND ABOUT ME? I behaved like a girl, I got a little pumped up, I dare her to come back.

It’ll all work out when you let go of the big, fat thing. I mean all the stereotypes, all the people around you, their opinion of you and her. In a case like this, of course, you have to have a lot of courage, a lot of self-control, and a lot of indifference to your fears of screwing up. It is what is called having cast-iron balls to approach her with an unperturbed face, without trembling in the knees, without drops of sweat on the temples, without a treacherous stuttering voice … . It’s hard work and the power of self-education for those who are not born with these qualities. Losses are very hard to bear, but a person learns how to live from his or her bumps! I had a similar story at school. True, I was a little braver, but I was rejected twice. TWICE! No, there was no feeling of bitterness of unrequited love, no disappointment, no heart-wrenching sobs and pussy-suffering… . It just felt like my feet had been wiped twice. And my patience went over the edge. After that, I swallowed the resentment, hammered, nailed all my feelings and got busy with myself. I went headlong into basketball. Yes, yes. After school, in class, on weekends, in the yard, in the gym… . I used to dream about the ball basket at night. And when our class won the city contest, as I remember, I stood with the cup in my hands, the school applauded us, I caught her warm and affectionate look in the crowd, her smile … . But then something failed inside me. This beauty clearly was making eyes at me, but it seemed to me already some pale and dull daisy in the middle of this clearing of beautiful roses … . In general, we have not worked with her, but then she did not particularly ran after me, to be honest. But it worked out for me with other girls, and my self-esteem reached a new level. Then I realized that by not winning her, I had won much more than just her reciprocal sympathy for me. And that victory was sweeter and nicer than any of her feelings. It was a victory over myself. Over my blocks inside me, over my insecurities, over my fears that weren’t worth a penny, as it turned out. That, my friend, is how it is.

I don’t think biceps play the most important role here. Sorry for the comparison, but every female is looking for a decent and reliable male who can provide for her and her babies. Most likely she needs you, but for some reason she doesn’t realize it yet. But surely she will, believe me. Do not become a wimp to please her, otherwise, over time, she will begin to despise you. In a relationship you need a middle ground, everyone is different, but you have to find that middle ground together. Do not be afraid of quarrels along the way, it is inevitable. The main thing is not to cross the line after which the relationship can not be glued.

Yesterday with the friend on this subject talked, that’s what he wrote (the spelling and punctuation marks remained unchanged): “And so the first girls are chosen according to several cotigories. 1) R.A.N.G. – (the cooler the better). but do not go overboard. always stay human. remember this. 2) BEAUTY – (start exercising. Best of all, start working out. if you want to download the site) . 3) SIGHT OF JUSTICE – (yes yes it sounds strange, but it is. the more fun and interesting girl with you the more she will like you). 4) well, you can include the financial situation. but this plays the least role. and so why did I say that this is at the enstantive level. No.1-(rank)-this is an erarchical instinct. #2-is the sexual instinct (reproduction) . #3-psychological compatibility. (but this is not an instinct). №4-so-called resource instinct. yes yes, this too is. a person always wants more and more. There is also a last instinct (there are only 4)-this instinct of self-preservation, but we do not need it now. All this I told only the initial stage only to the girl to like. for further relations need (normal psychological compatibility) that is, an understanding of other people’s problems. for example, how I understand you. think about how much I write you (and all correctly all about you) and do not know anything about you. only that you have pain in the soul. no girlfriend. and not really like parents. in principle, all this. Remember, you have to all that I wrote, not only well understand but also learn to apply, and for this you need (the willpower). because the cards you have disclosed I just had to make the first move and then it will be easy. and do not stop at defeats. do not hang up.

How to regain the trust of the girl in 7 steps

Trust makes relationships deeper and closer, fosters respect for each other as a couple. And yet, having betrayed once, it’s easy to lose those precious things forever.

It’s like a knitted sweater. Here it is beautiful, but pull on one loose thread and it unravels. Easy and quick. And it was created long and hard. You can’t put it back the way it was, you can’t rewind it. And so is trust – it will be difficult to restore it.

And yet, how to regain the trust of the girl, if you have lost it? What to do or say? And what if the girl refuses to communicate, or worse – says she no longer wants to see you in her life?

I warn you that the work will be difficult, it will take a lot of patience, honesty and introspection. Honestly, it’s not always possible at all. But if you want to try to make a relationship work, then keep reading.

Important! You can go as far as telling your girlfriend that she can trust you again, but without action to back up those words, trust will not be restored.

Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to fix the problem and show that she can trust you again. And in doing so, don’t lose your dignity. Here are these steps.

Step #1 – Decide what you really want

Before you say impulsive apologies and promises to change, make sure you want to keep the relationship.

Consider that what you did, which was seen as a betrayal, may have been your sabotage. In other words, you unconsciously wanted out of the relationship, in which you are no longer interested, so you acted this way.

Give yourself time to be alone and think about your true feelings for her. Do you still love her?

Make sure that your decision to win back your girlfriend’s trust is not solely dictated by guilt or obligation.

Step #2 – Be consistent and dependable

An important part of showing your girlfriend that she can trust you again is to confirm that you are true to your word. If you tell her you are going to do something, then follow through.

For example, if you say you’re going to call her at 5 p.m., call her. If you say you are going straight home from school (or work), go straight home. Keep showing her that you can be trusted. By actions, by actions.

Your girlfriend will constantly be wary, looking for long term changes in your behavior. Don’t let her find any inconsistencies.

Any promise you make should be chiseled in stone. It is indestructible. Don’t promise something you’re not 100% sure you can keep.

Step #3 – Translate patience and understanding

Because the girl has lost her trust in you, she may experience vivid feelings such as anger, sadness, resentment, shock, hatred, and rage during this period. When her emotions flare up again, try to be patient and understanding.

Ask what you can do to help. That way you will show that you are trying to understand her feelings. Perhaps she will begin to pour out to you her frustrations and experiences. Or even ask for reassurance that she can trust you again.

Let her tell you how hurt she is when you lie and how she feels about trying to learn to trust you again.

Pay particular attention to what she needs from you. When she begins her monologue, you will know exactly what it is: actions, words, actions, assurances, tactile contact. It will be easier to forgive you if the girl knows that you hear her.

If the young lady asks to give her time, then do not push her and leave her alone for a while. If you provide what she asks for, she will soon get bored and want to contact you.

Step #4 – Take responsibility.

Whether you lied to the girl about your whereabouts, flirted with someone, or rummaged through her things, you must take responsibility for your behavior.

Don’t try to make excuses, minimize your mistake, or blame her for your behavior that led to a loss of trust. Don’t try to pin the blame on someone else at all.

Take full responsibility for your actions. Don’t give in to the urge to blame her for even a small role in the act you did. For example: “If you hadn’t driven me crazy with your tantrums, things would have been different!”

Step #5 – Show remorse

To be remorseful is to have a conscience.

To show remorse, you must sincerely believe that you did something wrong. This conscious guilt must be voiced by you in your apology. Below I will give some examples of how you can apologize without making any excuses or belittling yourself.

The easiest way to show remorse is to let go of any bravado and drop your defenses (get out of your excusing position).

The situation will not resolve itself without any effort on your part. Tell your girlfriend that you will do everything possible to restore her trust. And you will stop at nothing, so that she will never feel betrayed again.

Don’t be too flattering or affectionate, as it may seem like you’re just lying. This kind of male behavior elicits no response other than pity and irritation It is enough to simply show that you feel terrible about it.

Step #6 – Create new trust.

Remember that a girl will only give you a second chance if she believes you will no longer cheat.

One way to get a girl to trust you again is to give her daily attention, care, and tenderness. Show how valuable she is to you. Hug her more often, say affectionate words, if she will agree to take it all from you, of course.

The main thing is not to go overboard. Otherwise it looks very unpleasant, as if you are trying to earn her favor. This humiliates the man and kills the whole relationship at the root.

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In other words – become a little more attentive to her, instead of suffocating her with your insistence and ostentatious affection.

A good way to show your girlfriend that she can trust you again is to make a specific agreement. By complying with the terms of such an agreement, you show that you are serious about gaining her trust.

The main thing is that you should clearly understand what the agreement represents, so that there is no misunderstanding in the future.

Here’s an example. If you betrayed the trust of your girlfriend by sending a message to your ex-girlfriend, you can come to an agreement that your cheating girlfriend can look through your phone at any time. And, of course, you promise not to do it again.

That is not just “I don’t do it, but you agree”, but to give her some plushies, benefits, the opportunity to get indisputable evidence (as in the example – access to your phone) at any time in a convenient form.

Such an agreement can be made on various issues. It all depends on your imagination and the scope of your upbringing .

To be sure, you can make up an entire ceremony (with humor), write it on paper, sign it, bottle it, and so on.

Step #7 – Don’t create suspicion.

Be careful not to create fear and insecurity in your girlfriend, don’t behave in a way that reminds her of your past misdeeds. Even if you don’t do anything wrong, she is now hypersensitive to every phone call and is watching your reaction and others’ responses to email notifications or text messages.

She will ask who you are talking to if you leave the room to answer the phone. She will suspect you even of things you can’t imagine. Of cheating, flirting with others, addiction to alcohol, cheating, criminal conspiracies, and other sins.

Try to share your travel and travel plans with her, as well as any other social plans.

The atmosphere you create now will play a huge role in rebuilding trust.

Show that she is safe, can relax again, forgive you, and begin to trust you again.

Imagine how you would feel if she cheated on you by flirting with someone else, or slept with someone else. You would kill her for that.

You wouldn’t even want to talk to her ever again. Imagine how angry you could get just imagining things that didn’t even happen. Now think about how she felt.

How to win back a girl’s trust: what to say during an apology

Of course, you can’t do without words of apology. First what you should not do:

– Go into spatial reasoning as to why it happened;

– Take the blame for what happened, pinning it on circumstances or other people;

– begging for forgiveness: “Please, forgive me, I beg you”;

– avoid the word apology altogether;

– avoid talking and “debriefing”.

Now here are some apology phrases. You can take any of them and use them.

“I understand that you are angry and disappointed in my behavior right now. You’re not sure you can trust me again, and I’m very sorry for what happened. I shouldn’t have betrayed you.”

Voice how she feels, relate to her, show the connection between your and her feelings, and say what you want her to believe.

“Now I understand how much my stupid act makes you feel anger, hurt, and rage toward me.”

“I love you baby and I cherish you very much. It’s my fault. I’m very sorry for what happened.”

“I analyzed what just happened. It will never happen again.”

“I’m sorry, my girl. I’m really sorry for you. Know that I didn’t mean to hurt you. That’s the most important thing to me right now.”

I think you know the saying, “Strike while the iron is hot. The same rule can be applied in our case. For example, if a girl just caught you doing something forbidden and ugly, then after the words:

you can go straight to seduction and sex. Yes, that’s right.

Replace her negative emotions with positive ones, shifting the vector of attention. After making love, the girl will be relaxed, positive and happy. If she wants to bring up that ugly thing you did again – then gently apologize again. But, most likely, she won’t come back to it again.

Prepare to be the villain for a while.

Your girlfriend won’t trust you as easily as she did before after you lied. In addition, she won’t be able to love and be affectionate with you still for a while.

You made a mistake, you will have to deal with the consequences. So be prepared for her to think of you as the villain until you make things right, and enough time has passed. The kind of fierce wolf to watch out for in everything.

Use the dating ideas for rebuilding trust from this publication (opens in a new tab).

How long does it take to regain a girl’s trust?

There is no right answer to this question and there is no set time to solve the problem. It all depends on the nature of the relationship, its duration and emotional attachment to each other. Also an important role is played by the very act that led to the loss of trust.

What to do if after the betrayal the girl does not want a relationship anymore?

How to make a girl again trust you in such a case? If she says that it is over or silently adds to the black list?

Yes, this is a very painful situation, but it is important to accept the other person’s choice and not try to talk her out of it. Even worse, start manipulating or pressuring her to change her mind.

Perhaps her refusal means that they are very worried inside. It’s understandable. The best thing to do now (as much as it may sound) is to respect her feelings and wishes. Allow time for reflection in the hope that one day her opinion may change.

Just voice that you are willing to wait so that she knows you are committed to repairing the relationship.

No relationship can survive without trust. Use the suggested 7-step step-by-step guide to return the favor and make amends, then your reconciliation will go easily and without mutual discomfort.

Do not forget to constantly talk to your partner, to voice your feelings – this is the main assistant in the matter of how to regain the trust of the girl.

Well, and finally one more piece of advice. Remember that you are only human and that sometimes you can make mistakes. All people make mistakes. If you want to get better, you make a conclusion from their mistakes, translating it into experience. Make changes and move on. Understanding to you and love!

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