How to get back in touch with your girlfriend?

How to get a girlfriend back

Getting your ex-girlfriend back is much more difficult than building a new relationship.

Surely you are both disappointed in each other, tired of quarrels and conflicts, you want to change everything.

Is it possible to get back the person who thinks you are a traitor and does not want to see you? I will say right away that it is almost impossible .

But if you feel that this is the right decision, then I will tell you about seven different ways to get your girlfriend back.

Which of these ways to choose is up to you. A lot here depends on what stage of the breakup you are at and how bad the breakup was.

For example, if you just broke up, it’s very easy to make up by just talking it over. Tell her that you understand what the cause of your quarrel is and promise to make it right.

This approach without tantrums or mutual insults will earn her respect. She will see you as a mature, responsible man, not a hysterical teenager. This will help her forget all of her past hurts and give this relationship another chance.

But if it’s not your first breakup, it’s been months since the breakup, she knows you’ve been with someone else, and she’s already got a new boyfriend, then you’re going to have to put a little more effort and time into reconciliation.

If you currently don’t know how to get your girlfriend back, but you really want to, there is a certain strategy . Follow this proven plan and in a few days you will be back together.

The whole secret is to reset her feelings of respect and attraction for you.

There is a definite strategy on how to get a girl back.

When you communicate with your ex and create a mutual attraction, she starts to think of you more positively. She becomes convinced that you have really changed toward her. At times like this, girls get the feeling that she’s getting to know a new, interesting man who you want to get to know better.

She doesn’t see past you. But a new, attractive guy who becomes interesting to her again. And you have a very big advantage: she knows you well and already trusts you. So it makes things easier. She will become interested in you again.

As a result, her relationship with her new boyfriend will change. He will become jealous, suspicious and controlling of her every move.

His tantrums will make you look even more attractive. At this point, you can’t delay and need to see her as often as possible. Do not call or write, you need face-to-face meetings.

Do not think about how to get your girlfriend, so as not to hurt the feelings of others. Don’t think about how her new boyfriend, parents, what her friends will think.

None of that matters now, it’s just the two of you. She is your woman and you have every right to be with her.

Proven ways to get your girlfriend back after a breakup:

1. face-to-face meetings , a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

When trying to get your girlfriend back, face-to-face meetings and face-to-face conversations are the most important things. This is the only way she can see that you have already changed, understand your feelings, emotions, and desire to fix everything. You can’t feel that through a text message or a phone conversation. Sure, it’s a lot easier and less scary to call. But it’s useless. Only personal presence and warmth will help melt the ice of alienation between you.

It may take you a few days or even a few weeks to make up for past mistakes and solve all the problems. But regardless of the time and effort spent, face-to-face meetings should not be interrupted. Messages, social networks, video calls will not be able to give her confidence in her own attractiveness. It’s important for a girl to see the admiration and desire in your eyes.

Because of the popularity of smartphones, many couples spend most of their time with their noses pressed against the screen and push aside simple human joys such as a gentle touch that sends shivers down your spine. No text, not even the most touching text, can replace that feeling.

If you are thinking about how to get your girlfriend back, the best way is to show that you have changed. Do not delay in making a decision, call her and make an appointment.

2. Reconsider the relationship and start over.

Sometimes relationships fall apart just because a man and a woman can’t understand each other. It’s as if they speak different languages and each only pursues personal interests. There is no emotional connection between them.

Most often this happens if the guy has little experience in a relationship. He takes his girlfriend for granted or is not yet ready to be the man she needs.

In this case, you need to convince your ex-girlfriend to give you another chance to prove you’re serious. Any relationship goes through stages of ups and downs, but now you will not fall, but grow together, learn to understand each other, feel, trust, become closer and happier. This is what is called the relationship experience that you are missing right now.

Tell her, “If you want to break up, I’ll accept it. But first, answer me one question. If we decided to give the relationship another chance, what 3 things would you want to change about me to make me happy? After that, I’ll answer what I expect from you.”

When talking to a woman about these things, you have to make sure you don’t look like a pathetic, desperate whiner. You need to be sure that you’re comfortable with any of her decisions and criticisms of you.

Don’t stoop to mutual complaints.

Instead of “You’re fat,” say, “I would like to walk with you every night in the city at night, and spend the weekend in nature.

Instead of “I’m sick of your girlfriends and your mother,” say, “I want to spend more time alone with you.”

Instead of “I don’t want to hear any more of your tantrums,” say, “I want us to have a more intimate and trusting relationship.”

Women are attracted to a man’s emotional strength (self-belief, confidence, high self-esteem). They are repulsed by cowardice, insecurity, resentfulness, immaturity. You must have the inner core and emotional strength to be attractive to her. She has to want you, not feel sorry for you.

Let me tell you right away that jealousy is not the best way to resume a relationship, but it is effective. Women can’t stand rivals. Even after a breakup, girls want to be the only and irreplaceable. On the surface, your ex will show coldness and indifference, but be sure that she is closely following your page on social networks. Nature has generously rewarded them with curiosity, so you need to use that to your advantage.

If you sit at home all day, thinking about how to get your girlfriend back, posting sad posts and depressing photos, it will only cause her to feel squeamish and convince her of the correctness of her decision.

Conversely, if she sees you having a great time without her, it might make her think that she missed out on a great guy who has the emotional strength to get over a painful breakup.

In order to figure out how to get the girl you like back, you need to address her emotions. And the more of these emotions, the better. Negativity should alternate with positivity, jealousy with excitement, irritation with pride and so on. It’s very important to get her to experience positive emotions in person, and negative emotions (jealousy) through social media.

Many girls after a breakup block the ex-boyfriend so that he can not go to her page or send a message, but themselves create fake accounts to be aware of his personal life.

So, if your ex-girlfriend doesn’t want to communicate with you, doesn’t respond to messages and calls, then do everything possible to make her jealous and envious. After that, she will find a way to communicate with you herself.

4. Goodbye sex .

If you do not know how to get her back using psychological techniques, there is no less effective way – physical intimacy. That is, talk her into goodbye sex. Only at first fix the situation that led to the breakup, so that she realized that you have become better. Positive emotions combined with physical intimacy will make her question her decision.

Now that you have changed, she will experience new, exciting feelings and emotions, making sex more vivid and enjoyable as a result. Satisfied woman becomes kind and compliant, which means that nothing can stop you from getting another chance.

Of course, not all women are happy to agree to goodbye sex. If you offer it directly to her, you will piss her off even more. To not get a rejection, you need to first meet her, talk to her, awaken pleasant memories, make her laugh, smile, and feel attracted. Only then propose sex to her.

5. Start dating beautiful women.

When you’re constantly thinking about how to get your girlfriend back, there’s no room in your mind for other women, and that’s understandable. However, one way to get what you want is to start dating other women. One of the main conditions is for your new girlfriends to be very beautiful and sexy.

This method is great for a situation where a girl has dumped a guy because she doesn’t think he’s good enough, unpromising. After she sees him with other gorgeous women, she will start to question her decision and want to go back.

6. Stop texting her. Just a phone conversation and a face-to-face meeting.

Many guys waste valuable time in the hope that someday a girl will read his message and respond to something if she wants to. Such behavior only alienates people from each other. If she has something to say, let her tell you over the phone or in person. Block the messaging function, this will greatly speed up your meeting.

By continuing to text her whenever you miss her and responding quickly to her messages, you’ll show that you’re still hurting and hoping to get that relationship back. The reason you should only call and talk face-to-face is because she might feel respect for you, see you in a new light. You didn’t start pestering her with messages and waiting for alms, you took matters into your own hands. That’s a courageous and responsible move that deserves respect.

You can’t show an ex-girlfriend that you’ve changed for the better just by writing a few lines. She won’t see your eyes, she won’t hear your intonation, she won’t understand what feelings you put into the written phrase. If you broke up on a negative note, and she feels dislike for you, even the gentlest message she will take negatively, with aggression and irritation. But when you are around, it will be easier for her to believe in the sincerity of your words.

7. Show only the best parts of your personality and character that she’ll like.

Some guys make the huge mistake of trying to win a girl back through blackmail, psychological manipulation, guilt or pity.

Imagine a situation where someone you’re really mad at starts whining, crying, begging you to forget everything, saying they love you and if you don’t come back, they’ll kill themselves, and so on. Chances are you’ll get even angrier and want to leave as soon as possible.

Remember, all these tricks don’t work. Women don’t want a weakling, they reject unreliable, emotionally unstable, nervous, pathetic guys. But they are magnetically attracted to a strong, strong-willed, charismatic, brutal men who can make you laugh and instill a sense of confidence in the future.

She is not interested in cute, romantic, vanilla gestures until she feels respect for you. Show her only those character traits that appeal to women. For example, if you call her, you should have strength and confidence in your voice. Talk to her calmly, courageously and maturely. Make her smile or laugh at the same time. Add some humor to your conversation and do not be afraid that she will not like it. Women like confident men who aren’t afraid to be attractive during conversations.

Even if your girlfriend said during the breakup that she hates you and doesn’t love you anymore, it is within your power to make her fall in love with you all over again. You do not have to withdraw into yourself, shut off from the world or, conversely, be too friendly and nice.

Your job is to win back her respect and attraction.

This is the surest way to get your ex back.

But my personal opinion is that you shouldn’t get back a girl who left you. There are a lot of girls in the world, pick one of them and start a new relationship.

The girl left and doesn’t want to communicate. How to get her back?

What to do if the girl does not want to communicate, and how to return her in this case? We consider the causes of such situations, how to solve them, describing an approximate plan of action.

Women… Girls… What a lovely creature they are. It’s not for nothing that they are called the “fair sex”. But sometimes it happens that these fragile individuals break our hearts. They leave. And as they leave, they pretend they never knew us at all. And the question is: how to get back the girl you love, if she does not want to communicate? No matter how strong and brutal a man may be, no one is able to resist his lover. Or is it really possible to resist their charms? What to do if a girl does not want to communicate and how to get her back? Let’s look into it together.

In this article we will answer this burning question, consider the causes of these situations, how to solve them, formulate an approximate plan of action.

Why impose yourself on someone who does not want to communicate with you? To realize it is bitter, painful and offensive. But it is necessary! Oleg Roy. Seven signs of happiness.

The root causes and prerequisites.

To understand why she left you, you need to identify the driving reasons and motives. The reasons for these are very common: an accidental quarrel, constant jealousy, mistrust, too little attention, etc. There are also problems of a physiological nature: not out of height, face, figure, or worse – the dissatisfaction in sex. We should not forget the financial component, because many girls often give priority to the wealthiest men. We will consider all aspects, but focus on the psychological component.

The motives for the girl to leave you are as predictable as the reasons: she does not feel good around you, so she is looking for a replacement. She does not get enough attention, affection. She does not feel protected, while she is much more relaxed with someone else. Maybe you do not provide her with the material to an inadequate extent.

Reason for separation can serve not only a specific act or suddenly the circumstances. The idea of leaving your life partner does not come overnight. It is a long process, and the idea of separation matures over time, during which, the man by his actions, words and even thoughts (and they all feel it) provokes to get rid of him.

Girls hint at our mistakes, making remarks: “you have grown cold to me”, “I do not have enough attention”, “we did not go out to have fun for a long time”, “you are too jealous”, etc. Often no one pays attention to these statements, blaming the “period” or worse – the eternally unhappy feminine essence. But now that the girl no longer makes any remarks, when she has nothing to do with you at all and ignores you in every way, it is worth reflecting on her words, which under the circumstances have become of high value, to sort out your mistakes and understand how to get her back.

In justification of the weaker half of humanity we would like to say that they are driven not only by social foundations, but also, first of all, by their instincts. A woman, first of all, cares about her offspring, about her welfare. Think about it, because in the wild, the female of any animal species continues her line only with the male who has proved her superiority over other applicants. Stupefied by the instinct of reproduction, males fight in deadly fights, dance, and sing for the sake of their acceptance by the female. And such arthropods as spiders and praying mantises generally give their lives to their “lovers” in the name of the continuation of the species. Women demand the same from men, that we dedicate our lives to them. But so as not to lose our dignity, our lives we will keep, and tame the women’s ardor will be able to.

Changing the mindset and behavior model.

The main thing that should be clear from the beginning: you can not in any way humiliate yourself in front of the girl. This is an axiom. But this does not mean that you have to be cynical or selfish, no. You must behave with dignity, restraint and nobility, in a word – courageously. Reacting to the departure of the girl calmly, you are laying the foundation for her return. If nervous breakdowns still occurred, you have to change your behavior to the most adequate. Even if the girl does not communicate with you, she may be told about your changes by her friends or mutual friends. Break your standard cliché of behavior! This will baffle her. Do not do stupid and rash things, you grow in the eyes of girls, because she sees the fortitude and equanimity of character, which is one of the main criteria for manhood.

Realize that you need to increase your value, not the girl. If you are going to run after her all the time, pestering her with apologies forever, begging her to come back, thereby only pouring gasoline on the fire! IT DOESN’T WORK!

On the contrary, if you show her your importance, it will give her a reason to be interested in you again. Spend less time apologizing, work on your mistakes. In view of the above, analyze your failures in the relationship and make every effort to eliminate them. After carrying out a thorough work on their own shortcomings boldly go on the offensive.

From theory to practice

  1. Cool down . After a breakup, the emotional stress is off the scale. But in the heat of the moment it is not worth making serious decisions. Try to keep a cool head and soberly assess the situation. Your prudence and common sense are the main helpers in solving the problem.
  2. Wait a while. You need to put a pause before you go into action. Both you and your girlfriend need time to comprehend what is happening and to recover from the rupture. But you shouldn’t simply waste such precious time. Use it wisely: as mentioned above, analyze as many aspects as possible and make appropriate conclusions. Prepare yourself morally.
  3. Take the initiative into your own hands . Girls love men who are brave, bold and determined. Be firm in your intentions, collect your will into a fist, stop mumble and achieve your goal! Do not wait for the initiative of the opposite sex. Of course, the scenario in which she herself will be back is possible, but do not forget that it was she who decided to leave you, and it is not in her interest to contradict her own choice. So further development of events lies exclusively in your hands.

When no one wants to communicate with you, it’s loneliness. When you don’t want to communicate with anyone, it’s asociality. Feel the difference. Author unknown

Ways to Influence a Girl

I. Through girlfriends.

The nature of women is such that it is impossible for them to be silent, with few exceptions. This is what we will take advantage of. Even if you can not communicate with your chosen one, because she simply does not want to communicate with you, then surely you have the opportunity to talk to her friend. During a conversation with her, state your thoughts about her lover.

But make it so that she noticed how you have changed for the better. Emphasize the fact that you have analyzed your mistakes in the relationship with the girl, show the new you and make it clear that you are serious. After all, everything you say to your girlfriend will soon find out and your lady of the heart. As a ruse, and influence your girlfriend, favor her to yourself, for example, just making a compliment. In this case, she will not only bring the essence of the conversation with you, but will add an emotional coloring, and share a positive impression about you. This will play a significant role in the formation of a girl’s new opinion of you.

II. Option, seemingly absurd, but effective.

Engaged in improving their personal characteristics, for a time leave trying to get a girlfriend, and give priority to self-development. Sooner or later you will stop, and she will notice your changes. Willy-nilly she will ask herself: “What’s the matter? Has he forgotten me so quickly?” When she sees her ex, she will think, “Hmmm… he’s not so bad, maybe I overreacted to him back then?” This will be the starting point, when the girl begins to regret what she did.

But remember that women are all different, and their reactions are unpredictable. So do not get upset before time, if the result makes you wait. Be wiser. Wait for the moment of truth.

III. The next method is very insidious.

This is a kind of “move with a horse. But be prepared, it’s not an easy task. You have to get another girl so that through her you can influence yours. It is desirable to get one that is in some way in contact with the one who left you. For example, a mutual acquaintance or even a friend. However, after achieving the final goal, your girlfriend and this friend will become bitter enemies, but on the battlefield, you cannot do without victims, so we do not care.

How does it work? Few women will tolerate the appearance of rivals or competitors in their field, even when it comes to an ex-boyfriend. It will make the girl look at you in a new way, because the other person has paid attention to you, which means that there is still some attraction in the ex.

IV. Demonstrating Change.

Considering the previously mentioned tips, you have advanced in achieving the cherished goal, and the girl still agreed to the meeting. But remember that in the conversation you shouldn’t beat your chest, shouting about how much you have changed. She herself must understand it, paying attention to your manner of speaking, thinking, your appearance, posture. With all your appearance you have to show superiority over who you were before.

Don’t forget to mention the work you’ve done on your mistakes, which has made you realize and take into account all the comments you’ve made in the past. During the conversation, try to agree and reach a compromise. If the girl shows signs of sympathy, and the conversation goes in a favorable direction for you, you can add more turns. Explain to the girl that both parties should be involved in recreating a new relationship. On the shore, discuss all the terms and nuances.

V. The option described above is completely different from the previous ones.

But its effectiveness in terms of satisfying the end result is inexorable. It will fundamentally change your perception of the problem. “Casanova’s golden rule” says, “I sleep with other girls in order to understand that I feel better with you. But the truth is that after going through the bed, about ten girls, you gradually begin to realize, in fact, with them you are much better than with the one for whom you are grieving.

A dilemma is born, whether it makes sense to try to “enter the same river twice” and “step on the same rake again,” while there are “many rivers flowing around you” and “a lot of completely new rakes” lying around.

To summarize.

Any breakup is a good reason to take a critical look at your shortcomings, not only for your lover, but for yourself first. This is a reason to change your life, to raise it to a new level.

Pay attention, it is possible that you will not have to be yourself, but the man that the woman wants to see. In that case you run the risk of losing yourself as a person.

So think carefully, whether it is worth your life’s effort and energy. You have changed, changing for the better, only to have the girl again turned to you attention. But now maybe she is not worthy of you at all?

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