How to get a woman back?

The ex-girlfriend you love cannot be forgotten – comma put yourself

When your beloved breaks off the relationship, a man feels broken and devastated, ready to do any crazy things to win her affection again. This is the main mistake most guys make: they start writing and calling their beloved.

Instead of thinking about how to get her back, without humiliation and not going over themselves, or – how to forget the girl. In fact, to restore the relationship is not difficult, if you thoroughly follow the advice from the instructions that we have prepared for you.

Let’s disappear from the girl’s sight.

The first and main point is not to “splash the eyes” ex in the hope that she will come to her senses and come to ask for forgiveness.

Such behavior the man will show that he is broken and crushed, the relationship was the meaning of life, and he does not know what to do next. Running after the woman you love, watching her every move, keeping track of new contacts and acquaintances is the worst kind of behavior. This will not help either to return your loved one, or to forget her.

From such a strategy is important to abandon immediately, no matter how bad and hurt the man.

You should also avoid “casual” meetings in the same company, in the grocery store, where you used to go after work and other places where the girl is often. If you can not cope with the breakup, you can go on vacation, to spend a couple of weeks at the cottage, go on business trips, temporarily staying with a friend.

If you happen to meet, it’s enough to politely say “Hello” and part ways. No need to start talking about the past or try to ferret out what your ex is doing now.

“Reboot” with another.

New acquaintances and flirting – the best way to gain confidence, to make sure you are attractive to the female sex and slightly improve self-esteem.

To “perk up”, enough to go on a date a few times: it is possible that a man will meet “the one” and convinced of the pointlessness of the restoration of past relationships. If not, it is important to honestly tell a new acquaintance – to serious intentions are not ready.

You should not make the other suffer because of his continued love for his ex.

If a man wants to get the girl back, a “reboot” is also a great option. If he happens to come across friends and acquaintances of the ex on a date, bring interesting information to her attention. This will show the woman the mistake she made when she decided to break up.

Ignore any way to get in touch, don’t go out yourself either.

One of the most important but difficult steps to take. You should not write or call first, try to find out the reasons for the breakup, prove something to your ex-girlfriend. It won’t do any good. It is necessary to overpower yourself and the first time do not respond to SMS, if your beloved herself wants to talk or insists on a meeting.

100% ignoring will perfectly show the woman who she has lost, and make her think about her actions.

If you let slack and try to make contact, the ex will think that the man is still on a “short leash” and will continue to live a free life. Because of ignorance of these features of female psychology, guys run after the girl for months, begging her to return, and in response get another rejection.

To make it easier to get over the breakup, a guy can imagine that he is doing all this to bring back his beloved, although after a couple of months of ignoring it may turn out that feelings have cooled down, and it’s time to leave the old relationship in the past.

No sniveling with mutual friends/acquaintances and on social media

A typical mistake men make after a breakup is to sit down with a bottle of booze with friends, to complain about life, to tell them how bad he feels about the departure of his beloved. If it is your mutual friends, you can not do so. Information confidentially told over a drink, will reach the ears of the ex, and she once again convinced of his power over the guy, and that she did everything right.

If you really want to share, choose reliable friends who do not communicate with your significant other and definitely will not run to tell her about what they heard.

It’s not just girls who are drawn to rash and stupid behavior in the wake of a breakup. Men may also write tearful posts in social networks, post stories with sad music on Instagram, etc. After a breakup, the girl will monitor all the pages of the guy, given that he does not get in touch, so “snotty” entries are unnecessary.

But to post a joint vacation photo with friends or other positive snapshot – the right strategy.

Clothes, Appearance, Gym.

Perhaps the girl decided to leave because the guy stopped taking care of himself, changed since the beginning of the relationship. If she saw a handsome, well-groomed and trim man when she first met him, and then the situation shifted for the worse, this will be a valid argument for breaking up.

A guy should always take care of his appearance, regardless of the presence or absence of a relationship. If he looks attractive and knows it, there is self-confidence, necessary after a painful breakup. You should take care of yourself not for spite or for the sake of the ex, but for the sake of your own well-being and high self-esteem.

Breaking up – a great impetus to finally get to the gym, which is close to home, do regular morning jogs, remember the love of soccer or basketball. A good sports workout “clears” the brain, helps to discharge negative emotions and improve morale.

Do not forget about updating your closet, buying a new perfume, or getting a modern, stylish haircut. These concerns may turn out to be that the past relationship is no longer needed, because it’s time to open a new chapter of life. Well, if they are needed, the chances that your beloved will return will increase significantly.

Focus on your career/income and success

Work is an effective way to switch your energy, to distract from personal problems and achieve the desired financial well-being. Constant employment helps you forget about painful breakups, hold off on meetings or phone calls, and find your place in life. A new project, a transfer to another position, starting your own business, an international internship are integral parts of a man’s self-actualization.

Not having to spend money on restaurants/gifts/vacation together is a great way to save some money to invest in your studies and self-development.

It’s time to take an English course, learn to play the guitar, and fulfill other long-standing “desires” for which there was no time or money before.

Step by step the man turns into an “advanced” version of himself, becomes self-sufficient, can without regrets forget the woman who betrayed him, and quietly build a new relationship, or easily return the relationship with his ex (although it is doubtful, because the “broken vase” will not be the same as before, ever).

Step 7: Here you have to choose.

If you do everything right, the ex-girlfriend will come herself, will ask for forgiveness, will beg, will do everything possible to restore the relationship. On average, 4-6 months is enough to realize her mistakes, but here everything is individual, and depends on the duration of the meetings, the woman’s feelings, the presence or absence of other boyfriends.

IMPORTANT: she must 100% beg for return, not just doubting, and with tears in her eyes, completely repent, admit that she was wrong, that it was she who made a mistake …

There can be exceptions, when after all the steps, the ex does not make an attempt to return and does not get in touch. This situation occurs for two reasons.

First, the girl could have met a man who is more in line with her ideals and started building happiness with him. Second, she may never have loved the guy, dating him for money or from loneliness. In both cases, it is even better that she does not try to reconcile, because there is no point in rebuilding a relationship based on a lie.

If the woman asks her to forgive, however, the man has a choice. It is important not to hack off the shoulder, but to weigh the pros and cons.


If you decide to forgive a woman, you need to talk to her thoroughly about all the experiences and problems, so that in the future you will not again face a wall of incomprehension. The girl must clearly realize that the breakup was her fault, and correct her own mistakes.


It often happens that the man by then cools down to the girl and does not see his future with her. It is important to firmly state your intentions: make it clear that he does not want to return to the past relationship and say goodbye to his ex.

Act consistently, do not be influenced by the girl’s beliefs, vows and prayers, because an alliance without mutual love and trust is meaningless.

How to do the right thing and why: 5 thoughts

Before returning a girl who has asked for forgiveness, a man needs to be left alone and think hard. If in the beginning the return of the old relationship was the main goal, after changing himself and his priorities, the situation becomes ambiguous.

Over several months of single or communicating with new girls, a man may realize that the past was far from ideal, and there is no point in stepping on old rake. If the scale is tipped towards forgiving the girl and trying to build everything anew, it is important to consider five important points.

Who betrayed once, betrays and second

The girl who leaves the guy is difficult to trust in the future, no matter how much she apologized and begged to forgive her. Even if you try to recreate the old relationship, there will be a bit of reticence and mistrust that can ruin everything in the future.

If it is normal for a woman to leave without explanation or outright “dump” a man, starting to meet with another, she will do so again and again, finding herself in a similar situation. In such a couple, the partner cannot fully rely on the other half, and without that a strong family cannot be built.

A guy who still loves such a girl should think several times about whether he needs to get himself back into a meaningless relationship.

The girl/woman has been with other men (most likely), does she need one after that

We don’t live in Victorian morality times, and a woman is entitled to a new relationship after a breakup, but if it happens too quickly after a fight, or she changes partners frequently, it’s worth thinking about her morality. She is not disposed to family values and the creation of a strong marriage.

If a man can not forgive the girl betrayal and sexual intercourse with another (others) during a breakup, it is not worth overpowering yourself for the sake of illusory love and start dating “a second time round”. There is no point in wasting your personal resources on a partner who doesn’t appreciate it and can leave again at any moment.

The girl left to look for something better, but she didn’t find it and is trying to come back.

Often there are mercurial ladies who want to date only for the love of money and material goods that a man can give, and not for his own sake. Such a girl is easy to spot.

Immediately after a fight, she started a relationship with a more promising and wealthy, in her opinion, man, and when things didn’t work out there, she wants to go back. In addition, a man who has not sat idly by and developed himself becomes a better candidate for permanent life companions again.

In such a case, it would be humiliating for a man to get the girl back, because he understands that she wants to use him again, but many still make the mistake and return the “beloved”. Such women should be dumped and forgotten, not given a second chance, which they do not deserve.

Broken jug can not be glued.

Even if the girl was not a heavy betrayal, the resulting rift in the relationship is very difficult to “fix”.

Insults, misunderstandings and shadows of the past will always be in the memory of both partners, it is not surprising that after the couple reconciles, there is no love and understanding that was at the beginning of acquaintance.

Recall the well-known wisdom: “What is the point of gluing a broken jug if there is no way to return the spilled contents…”.

It won’t be like it used to be when things were good

A man who wants his girlfriend back is hoping after a reconciliation to get the perfect relationship that was there in the beginning (or so it just seemed), but runs the risk of facing great disappointment.

Her departure from the beginning clearly shows that everything was not so smooth in the couple, and during the breakup, the problems and grievances will not go anywhere, moreover, they will become more, many times, due to the breakup.

The best option is to let go and forget the woman, and focus on finding a better (more suitable) candidate. In any case, acting according to the prescribed scheme, the choice will be up to the man, not the woman!

How to get back an ex-girlfriend and start all over again, if there is another

When everything is already solved, the relationship is destroyed and you have broken up, often comes the realization that it was a terrible mistake. You want to get back the girl with whom it was so good, close your eyes to all the misunderstandings and become happy again. But is it worth it? Let’s talk about whether it is possible to restore the relationship with a woman who left, how to get back the girl you love, and what to do to get your ex back.

Is it even necessary to get the girl back

Despite the strength of the initial impulse, this desire may be a mistake. Most likely, you did not break up over nothing.

Are you not sure if the girl only communicated with you? Was she cheating on you? Or maybe she’s been in love with someone else for a long time? Check her social networks with ScanProfile and find out the truth!

  • If it was an impulsive gesture on her or your part, things are a little easier, you can cool down and decide to get the relationship back.
  • But if you broke up because of a serious conflict – the chances are slim.

You can always go to a specialist who can help you deal with the problem once and for all. On the site – you can find a proven psychologist in 5 minutes, and you can conduct a 20-minute consultation. This is absolutely free!

The main thing you need to realize – you split up when you noticed something in the girl, with which you are not ready to put up with, that you can not stand it. Or she noticed it in you. This means you won’t go back to the person you were with before, but to the person you can’t be with by your own decision. This is why stories about returning to exes fail in most cases.

There’s also the mistrust factor – you’ve already broken up once, which means someone (or both) will be a bit on edge the whole time. Won’t that happen again? How much is your (or her) word worth? After the first breakup, deciding on a second one will be much easier – because of nerves and mistrust.

Therefore, there are only two cases where it is really worth it to get your ex back:

  • You broke up over an obvious trifle and you love this girl. Whoever initiated the breakup
  • you can’t let her go the first time. Thoughts of having to get it all back keep you going, and you need a second run to make sure that the person is not yours and needs to be broken up with.

So think a few times before you decide to act in a way that will make the girl want to come back. Read the article how to win a woman back once and for all.

Top 7 Ways to Get a Girl Back

I share strategies for behaviors that will help you win back the love and interest of your ex-wife or girlfriend. Choose one or mix a few, but don’t try to apply all at once – it will cause confusion rather than a desire to restore the relationship.

  • Be honest. The best strategy is if you really feel strongly about it. Go to her or call her and tell it like it is. Think about what you’re willing to do to get that relationship back, and say so, too. Talk as much as you can – women love to listen, and it’s important for them to understand what’s going on with you. But don’t forget that everything you say has to be true. If you promise something, keep it. Think in advance about what you want to say, what you are ready to do, take at least a few days to find the right words.
  • Show how the breakup has affected you. This is a pressure to pity, but if you frame it intelligently and show how you really regret the breakup and suffer from it, there is a great chance to melt her heart and try to continue the relationship. To produce the desired effect, look unimportant, speak with feeling, but unintelligible and out of place, give the impression of a person who has lost the most important thing in life.
  • Return to it by others. Contrast the previous strategy. Wait some time (more than a week), and be calm and confident during the conversation. Tell her that she is very important to you, and that you have weighed everything up and know how to solve the problems that caused you to break up. Emphasize that she is more important than some of life’s principles. Act like someone who has changed or decided to change: try not to do things that would normally piss her off, at least during the first conversation. The longer you hold out, the better the chance that things will get better.
  • Make her jealous, and then go for it. Make her see you in the company of another girl or even several. Give the impression of someone trying to move away from a breakup in the company of others. Do not prolong this game: after a few days or a week, you can come and say that no one is or will be as good as with her. In this case, she may be bribed by the knowledge of your experience – you really preferred her to other girls.
  • Disappear from her life. Right away, as soon as you break up. Completely. Completely and irrevocably. Do not get in touch, do not write or call yourself, do not answer her. Cut off contact as much as possible, don’t cross paths and don’t interact at all. Don’t let her know the news about you – as much as possible. The girl will start to miss you, complete absence will be a shock to her, and she will try to get you back herself. By deciding to part friends, you give her a chance to get used to your absence. At least as a young man. And in this situation, she will be so uncomfortable that she will make a move on her own, and that is how you will get her to come back.
  • Remind her of something good. Write that you remembered one of the nice moments in the relationship. Describe it in detail and in a way that she can feel the warmth with which you remember it and relate to her.
  • Act as a friend. You probably have things in common – friends, hobbies, maybe even things. Keep in touch, but don’t give her any signs of attention – deliberately keep a friendly distance. And when she wants to break it herself, let her do it, agree that you’d like it all back, too.

What you need to do to get her back

There’s a simple plan of action to avoid cheating. You’re unlikely to get the girl back if she doesn’t want you to. But by acting on this plan, you will do everything right and get the best quality results.

  • Be alone. At least for a couple of weeks. Put your feelings and thoughts in relative order, get over the breakup, think things through.
  • Pay attention to yourself. Devote these two weeks or more to activities that bring you joy. Enjoy life and freedom, do the things you love, remember what bachelors live by and why that way of life is good too.
  • Think about the reasons for the breakup. Where there was incompatibility, where you ran out of patience, where you couldn’t find a way out. If it’s a girl who dumped you, think about what drove her completely.
  • Get in touch with her, if after the first three points the desire to get back on track has not disappeared. Show a positive and easy-going attitude when you call or text her, and talk about the serious stuff when you meet her.
  • Keep a straight face when you meet. Act like you went out for coffee with a friend-even if it’s going to be hard. Don’t cause drama. Show her the guy she fell in love with, not the one she broke up with.
  • Keep seeing each other, if you haven’t changed your mind after the meeting. Watch how you feel – do you really need it back, or is it an obsession or a hunter’s instinct.
  • Lay out all your cards after a few sporadic meetings. Tell them that you survived the breakup, have come to your own conclusions, have changed, and still want to be together. Reassure her that you’re working on yourself, that you’ve heard her words and are ready to change.
  • Once you get agreement, start working on the relationship to avoid past mistakes and not make new ones. Talk about what’s going on, criticize each other gently, be patient.

What to Write to a Girlfriend to Get Her Back

Before you sit down to write a message, learn about what it shouldn’t be:

  1. Outbursts of emotion and rudeness. You might really hate your ex. But if you let her know that, and also give her some tough talk, it’s unlikely she’ll ever want to talk to you again.
  2. Spam. A constant stream of messages about everything. Feelings, weather, memories, thoughts, plans.
  3. Drama-queen mode. Don’t write about how she broke your heart, that the only time you ever felt that kind of pain was at the dentist as a kid, and it’s a little worse now, that you want to reset, that without her the world has faded and you’ve lost the taste for life. Don’t grovel.

If you still can’t help yourself and make any of these mistakes, write something like, “Sorry, I wasn’t myself. I had a lot going on besides the breakup, so I snapped. I wish you the best of luck.” Succinctly apologize, and end the correspondence with a final sentence.

It makes sense to wait with the first message for about a month. By getting in touch earlier, you’ll put yourself in the weak position of stalker girl and give her all the power to decide what to do with you and the relationship.

A month of being out of touch will change you:

  • She’ll be the one seeking your attention,
  • Worried about why you’re not responding to messages,
  • stalking you, and depending on you.

In addition, in a month you both have time to cool down and understand a lot about each other and the relationship.

Remember a few rules of correspondence as well:

  1. Don’t respond to messages instantly. Wait anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours so you don’t show you’re waiting for her responses.
  2. Answer succinctly. Write things that help keep the conversation going, but avoid long texts about feelings, thoughts, and events.
  3. The past is in the past. Don’t have a showdown about a relationship, don’t ask if she’s seeing someone now, and don’t touch on conflict topics. Talk about what’s relevant and what she’s interested in. Be sincere.

Here are five sample messages that are good for starting conversations and fit within all the rules you’ve voiced:

  • “Hi. I’m planning to go on vacation to Turkey, I remember that you know some good places there. I would be very grateful if you could give me some advice. How about we meet for coffee for ten minutes?”
  • “Hi. I’m redecorating a room and don’t know what to make it look like in the end. Can you help me with some ideas? You were always so good at decorating. We can discuss it over a cup of coffee, it won’t take long.”
  • “Hi. Do you remember the name of that restaurant we went to back in October? I want to go there with my girlfriend, but I forgot the name and where it is. You’d be a big help.”
  • “Saw the kids at the amusement park the other day and remembered how we roared on the roller coaster. I hope you’re doing well.”
  • “Remember when we went out for our first picnic that season? And a butterfly landed on your knee and you got scared. I still laugh about that moment, it’s one of my fondest memories of the past year.”

How to get your girlfriend back if she’s seeing someone else

When your ex is no longer single, it can be harder to get her back.

  • If you broke up recently, it’s likely that she started dating someone else to forget you and dive into a new crush instead of painfully experiencing the breakup.
  • If it’s been a few months, however, she may well have come to her senses and consciously entered into another relationship – and then your chances are slim. Better register on the dating site EmilyDates and start a new relationship.

In this situation, the man has two main levers: to be better than your current partner and to be reminded of how good it was together. You will have to work on yourself and get rid of the habits that caused you to break up and that annoyed her. It will not be superfluous to find out what you can be better than her new boyfriend, what he can piss her off, to use it in your favor.

  1. To start a little distance, appear sporadically in her life without the slightest hint of courting and signs of attention.
  2. Ask for advice, share the news, take an interest in her life – unobtrusively.
  3. Don’t bring up past relationships and don’t try to seem like a threat to the current one.
  4. Then shorten the distance more, become her friend and support, be perfect and don’t pretend to be her lover.

At some point there will be a rift in her relationship and she will tell you about it out of weakness. This is where you get your trump cards: say that you have changed, rethink everything that was between you, appreciate it no matter what and think that she deserves better (try to demonstrate in advance and at this point that the best – it’s you).

Remind her of how good you were together. Show and prove that you have changed and heard her. Chances are she will feel sorry for you and you will be able to win her back.

How to get back the girl you dumped yourself

It’s easier for a girl who dumped you herself to change her mind. If you initiated the breakup, the power over the future of the relationship remains in your hands. The partner is afraid of this – she doesn’t like the fact that she can be controlled, alienated and approached at will. Therefore, she either out of strong feelings herself will seek to return to the relationship, or will resist it as much as possible.

Your strategy – to convince her that you are not such a scoundrel as it seemed. You need to convince the girl you are safe – and that can be difficult. Even if she wants you back, she’ll still be scared that you’ll decide to leave her again.

Approach gently: find out how she’s feeling, give her time to get hurt and sour on you. During this time, don’t get in touch, then check on her well-being and show up to apologize as pathetically and pompously as possible. It’s hard for a dumped girl to believe in her worth and your desires – convince her of them. With gestures, help, expensive gifts or promises – whatever she perceives best.

In any case, you will always have the opportunity to choose the best dating site and register on it to meet the girl you like.

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