How to get a Taurus man?

How to fall in love with a man of Taurus?

The Taurus man is thorough in everything. If he starts to work, he will definitely bring it to the end. Taurus is calm, sensible, patient and hardy. Man Taurus systematically and gradually gets material wealth, not relying on ghost luck, not spraying on small matters. He is firmly on his feet, never hovering in the clouds. He can be relied upon. With Taurus any girl will feel calm, comfortable, confident.

Definitely, Taurus is an example of a real man, you will not be lost with him. His beloved will not have to worry about anything, she is in good hands. Taurus will not allow his family to suffer poverty or hardship. Taurus knows the value of money, they almost never have financial difficulties.

Man Taurus is stubborn and jealous. He is determined to achieve his goal; nothing can turn him off the track or prevent him. No need to argue with Taurus, he will still do what he has decided. Flirting with others is also better to forget, Taurus will not tolerate such attitude, he is a terrible possessor. However, such a man is also attentive, caring, gentle. He will surround the girl with love, protect her from all problems. Taurus have a strong nervous system, usually they are calm, patient people, but do not play on the nerves of a Taurus man, if he gets angry, he could get angry, albeit not for long, he withdraws.

Taurus is practical, always thinking about the future. He is also a generous man, the girl does not have to beg for gifts, and certainly the wife will not be denied anything. He is responsible and sensible, you can ask the Taurus man for advice about everything. Such a man will not let you down, he is reliable as a rock.

What do men belonging to this sign of the zodiac value most of all in a woman?

In a girl Taurus appreciates beauty, brightness and mystery. And also softness, femininity and poise. Taurus men are big fans of female beauty. He will not like a rude, pushy and rude person.

An overbearing person will not attract such a man. Taurus men do not tolerate preaching, criticism, advice and instructions on how to live. It is better to forget the commanding intentions, otherwise the Taurus will simply evaporate. Such a man is accustomed to making his own decisions, he does not need prompting, he is sure that he knows everything better than anyone else. And often this is true, Taurus is rarely wrong, they have an outstanding mind.

Taurus men honor women desire to home life, family life, children. But he will never be interested in the windy fan of clubs and various parties. The Taurus needs a goal-oriented young lady who is wise and serious. He will not be tempted by a frivolous, silly tramp.

In addition, such a man will be charmed by a gentle, fragile girl, gentle, caring. Cocky commander will repel him.

Win the heart of a man of Taurus is not easy. He does not rush to every skirt. Taurus reflects for a long time before starting courting.

To fall in love with a Taurus man, you need:

How to Conquer a Taurus Man:

Conquering a Taurus man to an Aries woman is not difficult at all. He likes the temperament and energy of a woman of Aries, and her determination and spontaneity.

He himself is often phlegmatic by nature, and choleric Aries girl cheers up and stirs up the Taurus man, which will certainly benefit him.

Do not be too assertive, pushy, otherwise Taurus will rush to hide. It is better to appear at times on his horizon and disappear mysteriously. Taurus likes mysterious women of mystery. You can demonstrate your positive qualities in some business or hobby. Dare to experiment and sex, Taurus and Aries are similar in temperament, both of these signs simply adore carnal pleasures and are willing to devote all their free time. Man Taurus will certainly appreciate the passionate nature of the Aries women;

The Taurus man will be conquered by a Taurus woman at first sight. He will immediately notice in her his person. Two Tauruses will get along perfectly together. Demonstrate to a man such character traits as: calm, poise, equanimity. Tell him that you dream about a strong, friendly family and a couple of children, tell him that most of all you appreciate home comfort, hearth and want to be a housewife. Man Taurus will undoubtedly be delighted. And if you also feed him delicious food at least sometimes, the Taurus will definitely fall in love soon.

It is not bad to share with a Taurus man your ideas about how to run a household. Show that you are a reasonable, practical person who knows the value of every ruble. Tell Taurus that you clearly and clearly see your future life that you have everything planned out for the years ahead.

Be yourself and in intimate relationships, both men and women Taurus love sex, ready to do it very often;

A Gemini girl and a Taurus guy are not at all alike. If Taurus is thorough and conservative, then the Gemini girl is an easy and rather superficial person. At the beginning Taurus captures such an unusual girl, he is conquered by her liveliness, ingenuity and wit. And later there may be minor problems in a couple due to the excessive frivolity of the Gemini woman.

Despite the fact that Gemini is quite impractical, their lively intelligence, cleverness to please Taurus. Man Taurus confident that he will go far with her. Show Taurus that you are wise and prudent. He likes such women.

In addition, Taurus will appreciate the versatility and multifaceted nature of Gemini. In sex, be ready to naughty, to be mischievous, Taurus will be subdued;

Given that Taurus likes gentle, delicate young ladies, it will not be difficult for a Cancerian girl to seduce a Taurus. Cancerian by nature – soft, feminine and romantic, these are the qualities Taurus appreciates in women. Show that you are a homemaker who loves to spend time with loved ones. Demonstrate that you value family values, set up for a serious, long-term relationship.

If in the beginning a Taurus man may not fully understand his chosen one, but later he will suddenly discover that she is very valuable to him and that he needs her.

In a close relationship show yourself reverent, sensual mistress, make love beautifully and unhurriedly, Taurus will definitely lose his head;

Not a very favorable combination due to different attitudes towards the financial side of life. If Taurus advocates reasonable spending, Leo women – usually do not know measure in spending. However, if the couple manages to find a compromise in this area, they will have a happy long life together.

Lionesses are prone to caprices and unpredictable actions, if you crave to win Taurus, it is better not to show him his flightiness and lack of balance.

But the zest for life, energy and activity do not hide. Then a man Taurus sooner penetrate to you warm feelings;

Virgo is a sublime and romantic, but Taurus is a more earthly sign, in this pair he is a kind of mentor and teacher. He likes the poise and gravity of Virgo, her economy pleases Taurus. In order to win a Taurus man, show him that you are intelligent and sensible person. Don’t get too carried away in the clouds, Taurus men don’t like that. Better cook a hearty tasty dinner and don’t be cramped in bed.

Taurus men have a simple attitude about everything in life. At times this can even hurt the overly vulnerable, sensitive nature of Virgo. For a Virgo woman, love is something lofty and spiritualized. However, with such an attitude to life, it is possible to be greatly disappointed in people. Dreamer Virgo is better often to listen to the advice of Taurus, it is good for her, and in general for their relationship;

To seduce Taurus, Libra needs to demonstrate his ability to create comfort, as well as good taste. Libra often tries to charm the Taurus man with refined manners, small talk and mystery. If the third point in this list may have a place, the first two will not make a proper impression on the too down-to-earth Taurus. Taurus men are far from high matter, they are closer to concrete tangible things, such as: a good dinner, the practicality of money, housekeeping, housewifery. They are more likely to be seduced by a thrifty, moderately calculating person than by a flamboyant and sweet-tongued one. They prefer florid talk than concrete deeds and actions.

Taurus and Scorpio are too different, which is why it will be difficult to build a harmonious couple. If in the beginning they still reach out to each other, then later the Taurus man may conclude that he needs another woman as a wife. However, you should not give up. The Scorpio woman can conquer Taurus, using her foresight, intuition and foresight. Gently and unobtrusively bring to a Taurus man the value of family in the near future. And once he and himself will believe it, then in search of a reliable companion will turn his eyes on you simply because Taurus men are afraid of change and look for a new favorite – it’s above his power;

Winning a Taurus woman Sagittarius is not easy, they are too different. However, they can be united by both a heightened sexual temperament and a similar sense of humor. Don’t deny the Taurus woman affection, it’s one of the few things you have in common. Watch funny comedies together, attend comedian concerts, if you start laughing together, it will bring you closer together.

It is also not bad to feed Taurus in a tasty and varied way, he loves it. Do not buy delicacies, it is better to do a simple but good quality food, the Taurus man will appreciate your frugality;

A Capricorn woman has all the chances to captivate a Taurus man, and very quickly. This couple is a real two halves. They are so similar that it is even surprising. Taurus will appreciate such qualities of a Capricorn woman as: seriousness, responsibility, prudence. Do not dare to try to change Taurus, he does not like it. Do not forget about the physical side of the relationship, Taurus men adore sex and are willing to enjoy it endlessly;

The Aquarius woman tends to idealize reality. She is very far from the down-to-earth Taurus. However, if she will not flaunt this trait of his character, she has an opportunity to conquer Taurus. First of all, you can give Taurus the necessary thing in the economy, not bad demonstration of a man of his business, the ability to manage money. In the presence of Taurus behave more seriously, and do not start a conversation on philosophical topics, Taurus men do not like this, as they think idle chatter;

A female Pisces is not difficult to conquer the heart of a Taurus. Pisces – soft, gentle, compliant, such a girl – just the ideal for the Taurus man. Just surround him with love, affection, tenderness and care. And Taurus will work hard for the good of your family, he is a hard worker after all and he just needs a wife who is waiting for him after work with pies, beautiful and sexy. Show your household skills, Taurus likes housewives.

Will it be possible to win a married Taurus?

Taurus men, of course, love life, beautiful girls and pleasure. They are quietly sprinkled with compliments, but hold on to their family and wife. Having chosen a beloved once, a Taurus will be devoted to her for life. He is a one-lover, faithful, reliable. You should not dream that you can steal Taurus from the family, it is unlikely.

A man under the sign of Taurus is gallant and attentive, but you can’t count on more. Wife and children he will not leave, no matter how he sings his praises to other young ladies. Abandon all hope that the Taurus will leave the family, it will not happen. Better think about how to build their happiness with another, free man.

How to fall in love with a Taurus man?

You have met an extraordinary man. He is a Taurus. Representatives of this zodiac sign are quite reserved in communication. And they would prefer to express their feelings through their actions, rather than through words. And in general, men of Taurus respect the ladies’ sex and are friendly with all women. How then to understand that a man of this zodiac sign interested in you?

There are at least 4 signs that suggest Taurus has a soft spot for you.

Appearance. Taurus men are always attractive-looking and pay a lot of attention to their closet. When they are in love, they begin to deal with their appearance even more carefully. If the Taurus on each date with you is “dressed in blazes” – this is a good sign. And if he suddenly changed his image, then there can be no doubt about his feelings.

Mimicry and gestures. If the usually reserved man in communication with you actively gesticulates, then you make his heart flutter. It is also said that if Taurus is in love, he often blinks in the presence of the object of adoration.

Romantic gestures. A previously cold man arranges you pleasant surprises, gives gifts, literally showering you with flowers? Diagnosis: he is in love!

The sea of attention. If Taurus is not indifferent to you, he will take an active interest in your life and devote a lot of time to you. And also – will try to make you laugh literally at every step.

Taurus has a clear idea of what their life partner should be. Bright spectacular appearance for such a man is not the main thing in a woman. Of course, he likes attractive and well-groomed ladies. But the inner world is much more important. To fall in love with Taurus, you need to be

Beautiful versatile conversationalist who knows how to listen;

unique (such men respect women who have their own opinion on everything);

It is not only the inner world that matters. For Taurus men, it’s important that the woman they choose is

A passionate sexual partner who anticipates the desires of men;

A great potential mother (if you do not want children – this zodiac sign is not for you).

Taurus needs to feel like a man-hunter. In the initial stages of communication do not show that you are too interested in him. Let him win you over!

How to fall in love with a man of Taurus?

Representatives of the stronger sex, born in late April – mid-May, are true experts on the female soul. They are very sensitive to the mood and desires of the surrounding ladies, they are not afraid to please the object of their interest and elevate it to a pedestal of honor. That is why many women aim to fall in love with a Taurus man.

When it comes to the Taurus, it is important to understand that if a representative of this sign praises and extols the lady in every way, it does not indicate the ardent feelings towards her. He simply derives genuine pleasure from the process. And to truly win a man of Taurus by force not every woman. This article will provide some tips on this matter.

How to fall in love with a man of Taurus, betting on appearance? Representatives of this sign prefer beautiful, sophisticated and well-groomed ladies. It is important that all these qualities are reflected in the woman’s clothing style.

Due to the excessive sensuality of such men, it is possible to charm them by wearing a seductive outfit and throwing a couple of candid glances toward the object of interest. However, it is also not necessary to go too far, otherwise the lady runs the risk of awakening only base instincts in the Taurus.

Once the contact with a representative of the sign will be established, you can move on to the next stage of seduction. The sensuality of such people is manifested not only through the sexual sphere, but also through the love for delicious food. Knowing this feature of the sign will help the lady understand how to win a Taurus man. Demonstrating her culinary abilities to the new acquaintance, the woman will be able to become one step closer to him.

As for communication with the representatives of this sign, they appreciate interlocutors who can hold a conversation on a variety of topics and have their own point of view. Gentleness, friendliness, sociability, friendliness and an excellent sense of humor – this is a set of qualities that should have the Taurus lady.

To return a male Taurus in the case of separation, under no circumstances can not put pressure on him. If there is a grudge in the heart of the partner, you need to give him time to step back from the conflict and to sort himself out. Waiting at least a few days, you can schedule a serious conversation in which it is worth to admit all the mistakes and talk about your feelings. Despite the fact that the representatives of the sign are characterized by a particular stubbornness, they are very kind and compassionate.

Lady must derive from the parting a useful lesson and analyze the situation in detail, because the second chance to return the loved one may not be. In this case, you should behave as a smart balanced woman, distinguished by equanimity and judgment. If during the conversation the partner will go to the shouting or even lose control over himself, this means that his feelings for his partner are very strong.

Pondering the question of how to return a man of Taurus, the lady should pay special attention to her appearance. When you meet her, you should try to amaze and amuse your lover at the same time. Spectacular attractive woman who looks lonely and lost, will certainly awaken the hurricane of passion in the heart of the representative of the sign. Then it remains a small matter: a bright, convincing and sincere monologue about fervent feelings for the partner will take effect.

The alliance with Taurus promises to be strong and reliable, if the lady will be able to be patient and pass numerous tests, arranged by the inventive partner. In general, from these men come out excellent husbands, real family men and homebodies.

How to win a man of Taurus: instructions for women

How to win a man of Taurus: 5 qualities that a woman should have + 5 useful tips how to interest Taurus + 5 mistakes that you should not make + 5 ways to keep the relationship for a long time.

Astrologers claim that Taurus is one of the best signs for family life, especially for the representatives of the stronger sex.

Therefore, it is understandable why many women are trying to figure out how to win a Taurus man, because not every lady can do it.

And yet, there are a number of qualities that the representative of this sign appreciates in the ladies and if you show it, you can not just attract attention, but also to fall in love seriously and permanently.

The Taurus man – is it easy to win him?

Taurus, like any other man is not devoid of flaws, but the advantages, which incomparably more than the negative qualities that make it attractive to women.

The advantages of Taurus The disadvantages of the Taurus
– good-naturedness; – friendliness; – common sense; – strength of character and body; – optimism (Taurus hates to whine and complain); – a high level of performance; – loyalty; – decency; – reliability; – cordiality; – practicality; – charm. – uncontrollability, if you bring them to the boiling point; – a kind of authoritarianism in relationships with women; – inability to find a compromise (Taurus is sure that one must adapt to them); – passivity; – unwillingness to change, even if the circumstances require it.

Taurus are good in family life. And although it is not easy to win their heart, because many representatives of this sign remain bachelors for a long time, the efforts spent over the years of marriage are more than compensated. Of course, provided that you are a follower of the traditional marriage (husband – the head, wife – the neck, the man – the breadwinner, the woman – the keeper of the home).

It is important ! Consider the compatibility of female zodiac signs with the Taurus man. If you approach each other on an astrological level, it will be much easier to win the object of your sympathy.

It is easiest for a Taurus man to build a relationship with such female signs:

Female sign Characteristics of the union
1. Cancer The union is very harmonious, because both love to build a nest and create comfort in it, and they also hate in their partner levity and passion for change.
2. Virgo . Marriages of these two signs are mostly successful, because they are built on love, respect and mutual understanding.
3. Pisces A female Pisces is an ideal partner for Taurus, thanks to her calm, often even meek disposition, a desire to hide behind a strong male back from the hardships of life.
4. Capricorn The Capricorn and Taurus union is common because they are truly happy. Both are realistic pragmatists who value reliability, stability, material possessions.
5. Taurus Two Tauruses are sure to be happy for the family nest and saving money in the bank account. Common interests, aspirations and tastes will guarantee a strong marriage.

Worst of all, the male Taurus combines with the ladies who were born under the constellation Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Women of these signs are too selfish, ambitious and strong to be paired with a Taurus. But, if such unions are formed, then the partners certainly will not be bored.

What should be a woman to win the Taurus man?

Not every woman can win a man of Taurus. First, he is spoiled by women’s attention, because his many ladies are not just a temporary partner, but a permanent life partner. Secondly, Taurus is quite selective to the ladies, so first you have to get close to the ideal.

To win a Taurus man, a woman must be:

We are not talking about specific figure parameters, hair color and other things, but you must look good enough to attract the attention of not only Taurus, but also other men nearby.

This is not a case where you can win a man by stopping a horse at a gallop or by demonstrating a strong, almost masculine character.

Taurus will not appreciate the explosive temperament of his lady, her impulsiveness and unpredictability. Yes, quite phlegmatic should not be, but also do not express their emotions vividly.

People in general should not be angry and cruel, and if for men a certain rigidity in decision-making is excusable, then the ladies, according to Taurus, should be kind, compassionate, friendly, ready to help those who need support.

What should be done and what steps should be refrained from in order to win a man of Taurus?

It is not easy to win a representative of this sign, but there are a number of secrets that will help interested ladies to find the desired.

And, if you do not make common mistakes, this fortress will conquer you.

1) What to do to win a Taurus man?

Ah, those Taurus men! So desirable to many women and so nasty when you have to make a plan to conquer them.

With them, you need to proceed with extreme caution, otherwise there is a risk of scaring off the prey.

Here are a few helpful tips on what to do to win a Taurus man:

  1. Prepare thoroughly for the first date. It is important not only to devote time to your appearance, but also to add your baggage of knowledge, especially if you are going to date an intelligent man with higher education.
  2. Don’t flirt openly with him either during dating or on the first date. Taurus men can’t stand a woman’s swagger and accessibility, and affectation is not something that can attract them. Be more natural.
  3. Do not use any hints in the conversation, talk in vague allegories. This will cause irritation to your partner, because he doesn’t like puzzles. Speak directly about what you want.
  4. Let him feel like a conqueror. In no case can not demonstrate their interest openly, because the Taurus men are sure that the first step should make them, but in any case not the ladies.
  5. Do not torment him with the unknown. Despite the fact that Taurus likes to feel like a conqueror, he understands this word in his own way. Storming an impregnable peak time after time is boring for him. Trying to look unapproachable modesty, don’t overdo it.

Important ! Trying to win a Taurus, in no case can not show him that you are trying to win him. Attract attention to yourself need to be soft and unobtrusive. And certainly do not plan a complex strategy – this will scare away a man that you like.

2) How to win a man of Taurus will not work?

If you are unlucky: with the first time to attract the attention of Taurus did not succeed, do not rush to get upset. Women whom the representative of this sign knows well have more chances to win him than strangers.

It is even good that you will often flicker in front of his eyes – so he can get used to you and discover all the advantages that you possess.

To win a Taurus, do not make common female mistakes:

Women who are ready to easily jump into bed with an unfamiliar man will not be able to win the heart of Taurus.

Do you want to tell your girlfriend about your quarrel? First, make sure that your girlfriend knows how to keep a secret.

Incorrect priorities.

Representatives of this constellation believe that a woman should be family-oriented. She can work and even make a career, but the main thing in her life – her husband and children, for the sake of which she can sacrifice a lot.

Important! A male Taurus will wait for intimacy with you as long as it will take, if you can argue the reason for the delay. But, if your relationship is already colored by sex, then get ready for passionate encounters. And he won’t accept frequent rejections.

Characteristics of men of the zodiac sign Taurus.

What are they Taurus men? Temperament and character. How to like them?

5 tips on how to behave in the future with a Taurus man who managed to win…

Managed to win the sympathy of the man you want to keep? Then it’s not time to relax yet.

It is important to prove to the Taurus man that you are the one with whom he should tie his life together. And keep in mind that he will feel false, so if in fact you – a bitch with strong leadership qualities, it is better to look for a more compliant life partner with a less conservative outlook on life to build a serious relationship.

To not just win a Taurus man, but to conquer his heart for a long time, you need:

Demonstrate your qualities as a good hostess.

Prepare for the fact that your man has a few housekeeping views on family life, so he will expect you to be cozy and clean at home, tasty dishes on the table.

Taurus is not even considering options for forgiving a woman’s infidelity, because he himself is not prone to betrayal.

Hint that you are ready to start a family.

Of course, on the second date you don’t need to tell about what a beautiful wedding dress you saw and talk about children, but the image of Carrie Bradshaw, who is afraid of marriage like fire, is a sure loser.

Representatives of this sign are somewhat passive, so they need a woman who will inspire their man to do something, to take another peak.

Taking care of him.

Taurus marries in order to feel love and care on a daily basis. He needs a wife who feeds him a delicious dinner, listens to him about problems at work, reminds him to take his lunch, will selflessly care for him during illness.

But the main feeling you need to evoke in your partner is love. If he falls deeply in love with you, then the question of how to win a Taurus man will fall away on its own, because it is he who will make the first steps towards you and forgive you some shortcomings. True, you will also need remarkable dedication on your part.

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