How to get a Taurus man after a breakup?

How to return a Taurus man after a breakup on the initiative of a woman

To return a Taurus man after a breakup you can caress and care, as well as the recognition of his mistakes. A representative of the Earth sign is inclined to forgive and come to a compromise if he sees a future in the relationship.

Male Taurus: Zodiac description and nuances

Taurus refers to the “earth signs”, so stands firmly on the Earth and immediately builds the foundation for future family and relationships. With such a man is easy in everyday life, if it is not about financial problems. The main differences are loyalty, creativity and realism.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Charisma . Taurus man is able to find common ground with many people, is happy to receive constant attention and respect for his person;
  • stubbornness . Simultaneously disadvantage and advantage: his ideas can stand to the end, if it is in his interest;
  • Confidence in the future. Taurus calculates in advance their possibilities: both morally and financially;
  • stinginess . Typical representatives of the sign are characterized by a tendency to greed, but if the Taurus makes gifts – it means from the heart;
  • secrecy . The ability to hide their secrets, even from loved ones.

In quarrels Taurus can be aggressive, but only if the situation has reached an extreme. Their explosive nature can lead to conflicts, which later cannot be solved by conversations or compromises.

What Taurus appreciates and will not tolerate

To return the relationship with the beloved man Taurus, or on the contrary, only to build, you can follow the basic rules in communication and behavior:

  • Taurus men do not like noisy companies and frequenters of such events. Instead of going to a party, he will prefer to watch a movie at home or go to the park;
  • The appearance of the chosen one and her manner worries the young men who were born under this sign. This means: makeup, stylish clothes and intellectual conversations;
  • Taurus men will not make the first move, but take the initiative into their own hands if they feel that his sympathy is mutual;
  • Don’t rush things. The gradual development of relations will be the “trump card” of his beloved;
  • “no” to alcohol and smoking.

In addition to everything, a male Taurus will enthusiastically talk about his hobbies and hobbies, begging for merit. One of the topics of conversation on a date is the latest movies and books. This will show that the future chosen one is an erudite and interesting girl, which will certainly attract Taurus.

How to get back if you have a fight with a Taurus guy

To return the interest of a Taurus man is possible only if the quarrel did not occur on his initiative. Conflict is not a quality inherent in this sign of the zodiac. Therefore, any spat can be the last for the relationship.

If you have a quarrel, what to do:

  • Give time. A couple of days to think about all the problems in the relationship, arguments and counterarguments;
  • directly discuss the problems. Taurus people don’t like those who are flirtatious or try to hide real feelings;
  • To remind of all the positive points;
  • apologize if the conflict occurred at the initiative of a woman.

But if a Taurus has left for another – it’s for good. There is a small chance that he will return to his former lover, or at least keep warm feelings for her. Restoring such a relationship can turn to mutual misunderstanding and meetings “in old memory”.

How to regain trust

Return the love of a Taurus man can be affectionate, unintrusive care. If your beloved will make the first step, presenting a modest, but romantic gift – the restoration of relations is ensured. With surprises should be postponed in such cases:

  • The quarrel occurred on his initiative. So: wait until the Taurus himself comes to reconciliation;
  • During the conflict, the young man used hurtful words and expressions.

In the latter case, it is better to postpone the reconciliation until he himself wants to start talking.

  • hint that the conflict is still troubling and there is a desire to restore the former stable relationship;
  • give logical arguments as to why it is necessary to reconcile and why the relationship is valuable;
  • take the first step. But he will make the next one: perhaps not as quickly as you would like.

Women’s cunning and wisdom will help in the relationship with the representative of this sign, especially if you add caring and honestly admitting their mistakes.

Stop looking for any ways to connect with him. Wait, and within a week, see how he reacts.

Accessories, cheap souvenirs and anything that will not relate to the interests of the “earth sign”. Better a practical gift that he has been waiting for so long.

Is it realistic to restore the relationship with Taurus

The representative of the earth sign belongs to the category of those who are suitable for the role of husband and father. The Taurus man is a family man and is very calculating in his plans. It will not take much time to restore the relationship and the former communication.

But you should not forget about such nuances:

  • are vindictive. Therefore, in the next quarrels, he will certainly point out old insults;
  • Silence is gold. “Earth sign” will be silent until the chosen one does not want to start a conversation herself;
  • stubbornness in the absence of support. If Taurus will notice that his beloved does not share the same views and ideas – this can become a reason for further quarrels.

If it is possible to return the relationship with the boyfriend, it is necessary to try such options to restore trust:

  • Common hobbies and interests;
  • constant discussion of problems and transfer of important issues to his “strong hands”;
  • belief in his abilities and talents;
  • Support in expressing his creativity.

He is unlikely to want to go camping or look at the stars at night, but will gladly go to meet his parents or spend a picnic with mutual friends. Unloading days together will have a positive effect on a marriage or relationship between a guy and a girl.

10 rules: what mistakes should not be made

In order to avoid mistakes in the alliance with the Taurus, you need to follow the 10 rules of the psychologist:

  1. Support him in any endeavors.
  2. Discuss problems, but do not lead to quarrels.
  3. Avoid harsh expressions that can hurt the ego of Taurus.
  4. Listen to advice and criticism.
  5. Spend time together as much as possible.
  6. Joint plans and goals will only strengthen the alliance.
  7. Self-develop and discuss new ideas together.
  8. Do not refuse to help and communicate their feelings and intentions.
  9. Don’t respond to cruel jokes, unless they turn into the category of insults.
  10. Don’t expect Taurus to be very romantic or affectionate.

In spite of their family nature, they are rarely prone to sentimentality. But if such a man shows tenderness and love – it will become comprehensive.

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How to return a Taurus man: the causes of quarrels, mistakes during reconciliation

Thinking about how to get a Taurus man after a breakup, you need to consider his unyielding nature and aversion to change, as well as affectionate attachment to his girlfriend and family. His complex nature will not change – you will always have to reckon with it.

What could cause a quarrel with Taurus

The Taurus man is down-to-earth and calm. He is impulsive during conflicts that are difficult to bring him to. It is a restrained, prudent sign. The main sense of his existence is his family, his children. In the role of the husband, he is loyal and reliable.

The stubborn temper of the sign is supported by pride. He considers himself a pillar of the family, so encroachment on this status is painfully perceived. “Achilles’ heel” is the need for reverence, praise, and sincere recognition. Practical and hardworking Taurus justifies vanity by career achievements, conscientious performance of the role of the father.

Decisions sign takes slowly, thoroughly, which can create a reputation of clumsy slow-witted. Confidence allows men to come to a decision measured, without haste. The object of his thoughts will have to wait.

Described characteristics of a deep, proud and constant man affects the relationship. A wise man admits personal flaws, faults, but not out loud. His partner must reckon with his pride during the relationship.

Representatives of the fire and earth element have the same confident and strong character. They are difficult to play along with the Taurus partner, so as not to hurt his masculinity, self-esteem. On this basis, major scandals erupt, leading to a breakup.

Taurus is a family type. If he left, perhaps he lacked affection, care, comfort. Coldness, indifference of the partner or frequent emotional shocks ruin the home atmosphere, comfort for him.

Another frequent cause of spats with Taurus is pressure, manipulation. A man’s rationality is enhanced by his shrewdness, intuition. Sensing the psychological machinations, the feignedness on the part of the chosen one, Taurus alienates, leaves.

It is not necessary to push him into marriage, using threats and emotions. If the stubborn person does not propose, it is worth to inspire him to do so with convincing arguments. The rest of the techniques, he will ignore.

If you adapt to such a difficult character, then you will create a stable classic family. To summarize, the key causes of misunderstanding with Taurus can be identified:

  • disrespect;
  • encroachment on the status of the head;
  • The difference of temperaments (impetuosity vs. slowness);
  • the pride of the sign, the reluctance of the woman to play along with this trait;
  • The girl’s refusal to create family comfort;
  • manipulations.

What you need to do to win back his favor

Fighting, Taurus shows a deeply hidden temperament. Conflicts with them resemble an explosion. They occur when the sign’s patience and self-control run out. Offenses that he was too lazy or sorry to pour out before, he will express with particular hotness. He does not know how to control himself at such moments. Sometimes the insults coming from a man does not correspond to his true attitude and thoughts. After a while there is regret, which will be well hidden from the beloved.

During the confrontation, the emotions of the representative of the sign reach a peak. Having wound himself up, he screams, throws things. After the climax, he disappears, slamming the door. Quarrels with Taurus are rarely petty. These are thorough deep crises, ending in parting (if you let the problem go on its own).

It is possible to return a man’s love by waiting a little. An important nuance: with an indifferent girl Taurus rarely shares a home, so the relationship is difficult to break up. This is an affectionate sign, to whom it is easier to look for the good in the old, than to get a new one.

It will take the guy a few days to calm down and analyze the situation. Emotions cool down, regret appears. The girl should initiate a meeting, properly prepared:

  • Choose a solid outfit that emphasizes dignity (it is important to discreetly point out what the chosen one is losing);
  • Get morally ready to admit guilt (even if it is not there);
  • to prepare sincere and clear arguments for continuing the romantic connection (without manipulation);
  • emotionally detach (calmness will be needed, emotions will do harm);
  • Realize your share of guilt, analyze, summarize;
  • To comprehend the good and negative traits of your beloved, to reconcile with his shortcomings.

If you miss such a favorable period, the breakup can be imminent. It’s worth remembering that your loved one is sorry and worried. He is held back by pride. The emotionality of the sign on a reconciliation date is a good call. Unspoken indifference can mean a cooling of feelings.

Married Taurus is even more attached to the chosen one, the established household, the children. If he became cold, then it is worth to meet on “native” territory, to treat your husband with your favorite delicacies, to shower him with affection. Children is undesirable to reproach, but a reminder about their love will touch him.

What you should not do in any case.

Taurus does not agree with his mistakes, even when mentally admitting them. Meetings to continue the recriminations are pointless. They will become a point in the romantic union. If a man, despite the complexities of his nature, is still dear as a partner, it is worth to act calmly, prudently.

Making sure of their own feelings, picking up an elegant outfit, the woman can go to the meeting. When trying to reconcile, try to avoid the following moments:

  • raising the voice, aggressive intonation;
  • irony, skepticism;
  • reproaches;
  • pressure (entreaties, threats);
  • desire to cause pity;
  • provocations (including flirting with someone other than the partner, mentioning other hobbies).

These techniques can become a “red rag” for the partner. He will fall for it, but he will get angry and become more distant. Do not forget about the slowness, the sedentariness of the sign. Instant reunification is unlikely, so you need to wait.

How to behave in order to avoid quarrels in the future

The first thing to do is to forgive the imperfections of the chosen one. This applies to different female signs. Advice to the representatives of the individual elements:

  1. Fire: Not allowed to fight with your loved one, attempts to suppress a companion.
  2. Water: Categoricalness – the cause of scandals, it is important to be gentle and wise.
  3. Earth: Earth girls (especially Taurus women) need to restrain their temper and not to show their stubbornness.
  4. Air: Representatives of the element can be melancholic and detached from reality. Harmony with a sober and down-to-earth companion is necessary.

To restore the relationship after a break-up, it is necessary to discard falsehoods and haste. They are unacceptable in this union.

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