How to get a pretty girl to like you?

How to get a girl to like you – 10 ways

Many young people of different ages worry about questions: how to get a girl to like you, what to do, how to look, etc. The tips in this article will help you to make a pleasant impression and start to please girls at school, on dates, by correspondence and not only.

1. Appearance

The view that a man’s beauty is not important, not entirely true. This does not mean that a man should be beautiful as the cover of the magazine. The most important thing is his grooming and neatness. This is very important! First of all, you should monitor the condition of his teeth, nails, and hair. Clothes should be clean and ironed. Excessively untidy appearance will alienate the girl not only in real life, but also in photos in correspondence on social networks.

This point is one of the most important. Take care of yourself! This will help you quickly get your girlfriend to like you when you first meet her.

2. Independence .

The second criterion that girls pay attention to is the independence. This implies both financial independence and the presence of his own opinion. A worthy man should be able to provide for himself and to make his own decisions.

If the guy is constantly referring to the opinion of friends, or worse, of his mother, this can scare the girl. Make sure that there is no doubt about your independence, then she will definitely like you. Even if you are still in school, you can still prove yourself within your capabilities.

3. initiative

Every girl likes to feel like a princess. This is a woman’s desire for self-indulgence. Do not resent and condemn women for their arrogance and caprice. You just need to accept the fact that at the initial stage, the initiative must come from you.

Later, if she falls in love, she will make her own concessions. But first you need to get her interested. Call, write, invite her to different places. Such a psychological technique even helps you to like a girl with whom you have no chance.

Do not confuse initiative and intrusiveness. Men who call several times a day or spammy correspondence, make a scene because she did not respond to their message, do not respect women and quickly pass into the category of “crazy fans”.

4. Diplomacy

A very important point that is often forgotten. It is very important for a man to be able to show diplomacy, just like in business negotiations. This means that you should not engage in controversial topics. You should not discuss politics and other issues where your opinions may differ. Could get into an argument, and then the scandal is not far away. To start liking this girl, you need to look for common ground – common themes where your opinions converge.

Also you should not point out to this girl that she is incompetent in something, even if she really is. She may take it too personally.

5. Compliments

Girls love compliments. And that’s all there is to know about them. Don’t be afraid to tell her that she’s beautiful and sweet. Say it sincerely! If you like her eyes, figure, hair – notice it. Girls adore men who admire them. Especially compliments will help you to please a girl on a first meeting or on a first date. This is really memorable and will allow you to practically fall in love with a girl, increasing the chances of a successful relationship.

6. Sharp remarks

Another interesting nuance. You shouldn’t make remarks to a girl! Unless, of course, you want your first date to be your last.

You can’t say that she has something wrong with her appearance, that she needs to fix her hair and the like. Even if something is really wrong, you have to pretend that it is completely invisible. One remark can ruin the mood for the whole day. In addition, it is likely that your companion will feel uncomfortable after such phrases.

7. Inaccessibility

A man should be moderately inaccessible – girls like this. That is, you should not sit by the phone, waiting for her answer. You need to be busy with your own affairs, hobbies, you should have your own social network. Of course, and in this matter it is important to know the measure. Do not go overboard. If she feels your coldness, she may think that you are not interested in her anymore.

8. The ability to surprise and arouse emotions.

Many seduction techniques and psychological techniques are based on the fact that the girls evoke strong emotions. And it works! Try to take her to a new place, take her for a ride on a motorcycle, give her something cool (like a toy). You don’t have to give very expensive gifts at all! Price is not of paramount importance in this matter. It is important to make sure that the girl likes you, and for this it’s enough to impress and emote.

9. Gallantry

One more reason to become popular with the female sex: be gallant and polite. Do not forget to shake hands, open the car door, put on your coat. Girls always notice such gestures, they like it.

10. Trust .

Before you start trusting a man, a girl studies him carefully. You may think she doesn’t like you, which is why she won’t agree to kiss or have sex with you on the first date. In fact, she may be being cautious because she is afraid of being disappointed once again.

It is important to understand: you have to show her that you really like her. You need to be patient. If you convince her that you are serious – the goal will be achieved.

The above tips are quite effective and will save you from many mistakes in communicating with girls by correspondence, at school, on dates. Follow them and girls will definitely like you!

How to please a girl and get reciprocity – detailed instructions for all occasions

Greetings to the male half of the readers of the site in your home! Want to know how to like a girl? Then you’re in the right place! I will tell you what you need to do to get any pretty girl.

Ability to please – a talent that everyone can develop. The right approach and regular training will make you a successful conqueror of women’s hearts. I can’t promise that it will be easy, but the result will be worth it.

It may turn out that girls actually like you. But something in your behavior or manners repels every beautiful girl you want to meet. To get better at this – check out our selection of relationship courses , download, for starters, free materials for guys that are offered there. Master if you have a desire – buy a paid course.

Another article on our site, which I highly recommend to you – courses of intimate mastery . If you think you don’t need to learn this and just follow your instincts – I assure you, this is not the case.

The courses for guys in both sets come after the courses for girls, so start reading right in the middle of the article.

Secrets of male attractiveness: how all girls like you

Catch the tips that will help you become the best version of yourself to win the sympathy of any hottie.

Go to the gym.

This is a universal recommendation for men in general for all occasions. Following it, you will improve your position on three fronts simultaneously: improve health, pump up your appearance and gain confidence. Excuses like “I have a PhD, I do not need. Most girls like athletic guys – it’s a fact.

Take care of yourself.

Although they say that a guy should be slightly more beautiful than a monkey, still mean that it is a very well-groomed monkey. Wash your head and cut your nails in time, wear only clean clothes, wipe the shoes from dust and dirt – this is the minimum that will help you avoid the disgust of others. Pay special attention to odors – you should not smell of sweat, onions, garlic, and overdrinking.

Dress stylishly.

The right clothes can work wonders. Choose stylish and modern things, the choice today is huge. Your closet should have several pairs of high quality jeans and at least one perfectly fitting jacket.

Show your personality.

Gray mouse is usually called a boring and inconspicuous girls. But guys can be like that too. Dark sweater, black pants, leather shoes. How not to die of boredom? Don’t be afraid to add personality, spunk and fire to your look.

The easiest way is a T-shirt with a provocative inscription or pattern. You can also pay attention to accessories – an unusual watch, bracelet or chain.

Girls are just crazy about guys with tattoos. If you decide to literally decorate your body, responsibly approach the choice of pattern. Avoid the prison themes and trite platitudes.

Live an active life

Passionate, interested people attract, like a magnet. Do something active, don’t sit at home, like recluse. The world is a damn interesting place, and life is one – it’s stupid to waste it on soap operas and computer games. If you’re lost and don’t know which hobby to choose, here’s a list of possible choices:

  • Sports;
  • playing guitar or drums;
  • yoga;
  • robotics;
  • foreign languages;
  • photography or videography;
  • intellectual games.

Be self-sufficient and don’t get hung up on relationships

Let me tell you a terrible secret – a person can perfectly live his whole life alone. I know many such examples. Love is a spontaneous feeling and not subject to our will, so don’t try to grab it by the tail and pull it into a stuffy cage.

Become the center of your life, stop needing anyone. Start by organizing your life – get your apartment in order, learn how to cook, do laundry, iron. Then start entertaining yourself, instead of waiting for someone to charge you with emotions.

Amazing, but when you become fully autonomous and self-sufficient, the girls themselves will reach out to you. Because such men are worth their weight in gold.

Develop a sense of humor.

Rarely a man will admit that he has a problem with a sense of humor. Usually in his imagination all such sparkling jokers that one his jokes are able to put down a whole herd of girls. Come back to reality, my dear Petrosians, and start working on your wit.

A good sense of humor starts with self-irony, and that takes humility. Learn to look at yourself a little from above and see your little vices and flaws. Dig into your past, remember comical situations with himself in the title role and sincerely laugh at them.

Trying to sparkle with wit, do not turn into an upstart and show off – there is nothing nastier than that. And for God’s sake, do not mock the girl you like! Otherwise she will join the ranks of your mortal enemies.

Communicate More.

In public transport, on the street, in lines, with peers, with children, with old ladies – every conversation will add points to your experience. You need this to learn how to see feedback from your interlocutor’s reactions and to overcome the barrier that arises at the beginning of a conversation.

Learn to listen

In a self-centered world the ability to listen and be genuinely interested will give you a 10-point head start. And most importantly, you don’t have to learn how to do it – just listen.

Put aside the phone, look at the girl when she says something, ask follow-up questions, laugh and be surprised when appropriate. That’s it.

When you learn how to listen, you can worry about what to talk to the girl about – our article will help you.

Be polite, courteous and considerate.

If men knew the magical effect these qualities have on women, they would strive to demonstrate them at the first opportunity. Give way on the bus, let the girl first, offer to help – so you can melt the heart of a beauty who was originally indifferent to you.

Targeting: how to get a girl to like you

What to do to get girls to like you – in general, we’ve figured it out. If you already have a specific “victim” you want to shower all your charm on, read on.

Take the initiative

Gender role gives a man the right to initiate rapprochement and not to look intrusive and sticky. But not for long. If you like a girl, feel free to approach and get to know her. Even if you get rejection, it’s better than to walk around her, flick your eyes, monitor the page on social networks and hope that somehow it all adds up by itself.

You can start by making small talk on a neutral topic, ask the girl about something, offer help, and then proceed directly to dating.

Do not be intrusive

It may seem that this point is contrary to the previous one, although in fact it’s not. There is simply a limit to the men’s initiative, exhausted, which you start to become annoying. Usually it’s 2-3 steps towards a girl.

A step can be considered an invitation to a date, a gift or a favor – in general, anything that demonstrates your sympathy. If the girl during this time has not made a single step in your direction, and even from yours waved away, then you need to get behind. Do not fantasize that she is such a shy girl that one look at you makes her faint.

Encourage her to move toward you in a positive way.

Remember Pavlov’s dog and his conditioned reflexes? The human nervous system follows the same principle. Don’t be frightened, we won’t ring the bell or give you an electric shock. You just need to learn how to react positively to the girl’s (for you) good behavior.

Here’s an example. A guy attacks the girl with offers to meet him so persistently that eventually she gets tired of him and stops writing to him. After a while, after taking a break from him, she decides to resume communication and, perhaps, give him a chance, because he’s not a bad guy, although he is clingy. The girl writes him “Hi, how are you?” and in response she receives an angry tirade with accusations and questions about where she has been missing for so long. Now that’s negative reinforcement. She’s not likely to write again after that.

Take your mind off reading and watch the video.

Harmful tips: how to scare off any girl quickly and stay a virgin for life

Finally, catch our humorous tips, just don’t forget to turn them 180 degrees.

  1. Brag all the time. Modesty is the lot of wimps, a real alpha male must declare himself loudly! Especially if there is a girl. Recall their merits every chance they get, just in case someone else does not know about them. Do not forget to look down on everyone, show them who’s boss.
  2. Teach others how to live their lives. You have such a wealth of experience, that it’s a sin not to share it. Give out advice left and right, even if no one asks for it. They are just humble, they do not want to unnecessarily disturb such an important person.
  3. Cuddle up more. You look like a healthy adult male, but at heart a vulnerable sweet kid? It is necessary that she urgently knew about it! Write her more diminutive words, call her names, talk about yourself in the third person. It’s so sexy!
  4. Look at all women condescendingly. It’s all a hopeless whippersnapper’s tale that nature has created men and women equal. It is immediately obvious that a man is a priori stronger, and most importantly, smarter than a woman. Be sure to tell your chosen one, even if she holds a doctorate, and you’re a mechanic third-grade.
  5. Compare the girls with each other. Women love competition, so give them an imaginary castings, where they will compete with your former girlfriends, colleagues, classmates, etc. Be sure to point out the shortcomings, and for the qualities that are useful to you, give them “A”. Help the poor girls to pass this harsh school of life, and they are sure to love you.
  6. Never pay for your companions in cafes and movies. This is the 21st century, the age of gender equality and female emancipation. Do not even try to pay for your girlfriend’s entertainment – such an insult she simply will not survive. Better hint that it would be nice if she paid for both of them herself – let her work off the centuries of women’s sitting on men’s necks.

Useful materials for those who always want to please girls

I want to recommend several courses that will teach you how to communicate properly and always please beautiful girls. All programs are of high quality, the names of the authors are known to many guys in runet. Sign up and study.

Men’s Intensive

Description. You could probably recommend this program and not recommend anything else. In “Men’s Intensive” Yegor Sheremetev has collected information on everything a guy who wants a girl should know.

After completing the training you will be able to easily meet beautiful girls, position yourself correctly from the first day of acquaintance. Egor will tell you how to communicate with a girl so that she won’t get tired of you and won’t call you “boring.

The course also pays attention to how to make love properly. If you’ve never tried – it’s time to learn about the secrets and subtleties.

Want to get to know the author better, watch the video:

Author: Egor Sheremetev.

Cost: 4,990 rubles.

Touch Escalation

Description. I’ve never seen such a course on the Internet before. The instructor talks about how to properly touch a girl. It turns out that there are a lot of subtleties that guys usually do not suspect.

The program will teach you not to act like a rude animal and not to be complexed, too shy. You will be able to tell if a girl likes your touch or not, to be able to touch in a way that comforts, talks about your love, or even tempts your sweetheart to intimacy.

The author will also dispel some popular myths about touching. For example, some guys think that you shouldn’t touch a girl at all unless she wants you to. To those who think that way, after a few dates girls say, “Let’s just be friends. Sadly …

Author: Egor Sheremetev.

Cost: 5,750 rubles.

The God of Dating

Description. In this course Egor Sheremetiev will tell you how to get acquainted with girls. In any situation, even under the most unfavorable circumstances, even in spite of some physical defects. How to break the barrier and become a happy man, finding a relationship with an unusually cool girl.

A special feature of this course is the practice after each lesson. If you haven’t bought any of Egor Sheremetiev’s courses before, I recommend you buy the Beginner module. It contains 10 extensive theoretical lessons and 10 practices, there are videos of real-life acquaintances of Yegor and his students.

The author will tell you how to behave, how to dress and what to say in order to please any girl. And not only at the stage of dating, but later in building relationships.

Author: Egor Sheremetev.

Cost: from 14 900 rubles.

Fearless: how to start dating girls

Description . This course is needed for every guy who feels insecure in a relationship. If you can’t approach a beautiful girl on the street and talk to her, can’t even write a message on a social network – purchase and study.

After learning, you will stop being complex completely. Your level of self-confidence will increase many times over. It doesn’t matter what your appearance is, what your social level is, how old you are – you won’t be afraid of absolutely anything.

The teacher will tell you what kind of guys especially like girls and how easy it is to become one of them.

Author: Egor Sheremetev.

Cost: 5,750 rubles.

Know any other courses for guys? Tell me about them in the comments, I’ll be sure to supplement my selection.


Now you know everything about how to please a girl, all you need to do is to apply this knowledge in practice. Share your successes in comments and definitely visit us again!

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