How to get a man back?

How to get your ex back? Just 5 simple steps and he’s yours for good!

How to get your ex back? With this question begins a huge number of messages that come to the mail of the project “Power in Thought”.

What to do if your favorite went away, and the worst nightmare of a dream came true? How to get his loved one without asking and humiliation? Also tormented by these questions? Then this article is especially for you.

The breakup of a relationship is a huge pain.

I understand you, and all my heart feel sympathy: I also went through it, and there were times when the question “How to get back ex? ” was the main thing in my life.

Sad but true: breakups, betrayals and quarrels in today’s world are much more common than the fairy tale stories of lovers who “lived happily ever after and died in one day”.

It’s doubly painful if you’re still in love when you break up and aren’t ready to put a fat end to the relationship . But it’s so easy to do stupid things in a fit of desperation, anger and pain when you’re racking your brain about how to make peace with your loved one and get them to come back.

So I want to share with you an action plan of five simple steps. It will not only help you to get your loved one back, but also to keep him forever, if, of course, you wish to do so.

There is no higher mathematics or magic – only simple laws of energy connection, acting absolutely on all people. How to use them, so that the beloved man again “attracted” to you? It is enough to consistently carry out the five actions that I will tell you about below, and the result will not keep you waiting.

5 simple steps that will help you get your ex back

Hard to believe? I once went through all these steps myself, as recommended by Elizabeth Volkova, to get my dear relationship back. And I guarantee – it works!

Step One. Distance yourself from your ex and stop all contact

After the breakup a man is able to fully realize that you are no longer together, after about a month.

So, contrary to your first natural impulse to fix, explain and turn things around, stop any proactive actions – otherwise you will only make things worse.

But how do you get your man back without talking and crying?

Distance yourself, abstract away and do not try to tie your lover to you in any way, stop all contact with him.

For the first four weeks after the breakup, trying to get closer will work like a collision of unipolar magnets. Instead of becoming yours again, the ex will alienate, irritate, ignore and push you away. You’ll end up getting the opposite of what you want: losing both the relationship and your man forever.

Is this the effect you are looking for?

The biggest mistake in the separation occurred when the “abandoned” couple is trying by all means to return his beloved, and to resume the relationship at any cost. However, the laws of attraction in this world work differently. To really get a man, and not to aggravate the already sad situation, you need another strategy.

How to make up without manipulation, promises to change everything for the better and other women’s nonsense?

Learn to let go! When you let go, it’s natural to create an “empty” space, ready to be filled and then make it possible for your loved one to return.

But for the man to feel the inner emptiness without you, to realize how much he misses you, and want to return everything, you need to stop all contact with him.

First, you remove the mess that reigns in your own head after the breakup. If you try to return your loved one in the current state of mental confusion, the situation will only get worse.

In addition, retire and move at a sufficient distance, you will be able to revise the attitude towards your partner, to look at your couple with different eyes, a different angle. When passions subside, try to answer the questions with a cool head: were you really happy, do you really want to go back to him, whether it was not a temporary weakness or habit?

Secondly, during this time, and without your reminders beloved will understand how he was happy with you. A simple example: if you cut off a finger, he will feel that he lost something important. It does not need any additional reminders.

One way or another, the vacated space will soon begin to do the work for you and attract a man. And your task – to move on the way to the return of his beloved further, following the steps of our instructions.

Step two. Break the energy connection and stop thinking about how to get your ex back

All processes in the world are based on the exchange of energy. The sun warms the earth – and flowers grow on it. You pet a dog, and it licks your hand. The same processes are taking place in the couple’s relationship: energy flows are circulating continuously, from the woman to the man and back again, irrespective of their will. This is called energetic connection.

If everything is in harmony in the couple, if love and understanding prevail, the flow of energy is inexhaustible. When one of you lacks energy, needs support or help – the other shares and feeds it with its energy, gives warmth and care.

But if the relationship has ceased, and the energy connection is not yet broken, it will bring you nothing but a feeling of exhaustion, useless “draining” of vital forces and fatigue.

So, check yourself. If after a breakup you:

  • Have forgotten what it means to sleep peacefully at night;
  • Do not find yourself with grief;
  • Talk only about how to get the guy back, and it already annoys everyone;
  • Jealous and constantly thinking about where he is and with whom;
  • You can hardly stop yourself from calling or writing him;

– It means that the energy connection between you is still strong. But only now it does not fill and nourish you, but on the contrary, it completely “sucks” the strength and desire to live on.

So the most important thing is to stop it immediately. If you continue to listen to the endless “your with him” songs, turn through albums with shared photos in tears and mentally invent the text of the conversation that will help get loved one back – the forces for real action to return him will not remain at all.

“Why?” – you ask. Let me explain: when a couple is on the verge of separation, a huge amount of negative energy is accumulated in a relationship. And over time, it only proliferates. If you continue to swirl in the currents of this negative energy after the separation, it will lead to even more problems and estrangement on the part of your ex.

At this time it is important for you to focus on yourself, get rid of guilt and regret, love yourself and fill up with energy instead of “draining” it in vain. A self-love marathon will help you do just that.

In just 21 days you:

  • Switch from “can’t live without it” to “I feel good, I’m happy and worthy of love” ;
  • Stop “gnawing” at yourself for failures and regrets about what did not come true;
  • Spread your shoulders, smile and enjoy life more often and men will start to pay attention to you.

How to break the energetic connection with your former partner

The main thing is to take this step immediately and decisively, not allowing yourself weaknesses:

  • Allow your ex to pack his things and leave (if he hasn’t already done so) ;
  • Stop calling and texting him;
  • Forbid yourself to scroll through his social networks and monitor every step;
  • Give up trying to “accidentally” run into him in the park or on the way to work;
  • Get rid of all the things in the house, left by his ex – they are also carriers of his energy;
  • Free yourself even from thoughts about him, as far as possible.

Only by completely refusing communication and any contact with the one who left you, you will be able to break the energy field linking you.

What happens after that?

At the moment of breaking the energy field with your lover, he will begin to “starve”, demanding a renewed flow of energy. This is why at this very time many exes make attempts to restore the relationship.

But take your time! If you don’t detach now, you will return to the flow of negative energy, and your relationship will continue to spiral in an even worse direction. Therefore, the energy flow should be interrupted for at least one month.

This is not a small period, but it is necessary for cleaning the energies from the negative energy. And it is during this time, your man will most likely begin to remind about himself, as he will feel the formed energetic emptiness.

Be vigilant and do not give in! Your journey is not over yet. Any contact with your ex will negate all further efforts to get him back.

But if you follow all the instructions to the end and resist the temptation to “take one look” and “say a few words”, then after a month your energy fields will start to attract like magnets, and you will have to wait just a little longer until the moment when your ex will be near you again.

Step Three. Clearly state your intentions for the return of your loved one.

Why is this necessary? Here is a simple example to illustrate.

Let’s say you want to find a new job. You have sent out a resume and even receive feedback. But the potential options do not suit: the salary is small, the trip is far, the company is unreliable, and even just inside you are not “buzzing” joyfully from the proposed job.

And why? Because you do not know exactly what you want.

You have not thought in advance:

  • In what area of the city you want to work;
  • What should be the relationship in the team;
  • What exactly you want to do, so your work caused a rush of energy, and not boredom and looking at the clock while waiting for the end of the day.

To make our dreams come true the way we want them to, we need to visualize and visualize them in detail. This rule works in all areas of life, including relationships with loved ones.

Now you know why you can not sit back and wait for the man to come to you himself to fill the resulting energy void? It is your task to give your future relationships a definite, specific direction.

To do this, all you have to do is one simple manipulation. If you want to have an effect on your relationship with your beloved, you must do it in the same way as you did in the past. Imagine in the smallest detail how it will happen, literally feel the resulting emotions and try to hear the words you say to each other.

This is the key to your success, to have a clear mental picture and a clear image in your head of how to make up with your beloved. Do this exercise for 10-15 minutes, but no more, and go about your daily business.

In this case, do not go back to your thoughts about your ex again and again throughout the day. Two times a day is enough to turn the wheel of fortune again in your direction. And the remaining power better save for the next steps of the instruction to bring a man back to your life.

Step Four. Avoid Negative Vibrations

Did you know that you are living in a time, when each of us can create that reality, which he desires, simply by changing the flow of energy inside himself?

Let me explain how this works. When your soul and body are in balance and in harmony, life is fabulous. But if something has taken you out of balance, knocked you out of balance, there is dissonance, negative energies take over, and your happy life crumbles before your eyes like a house of cards.

Breaking up with a loved one is a very traumatic situation. And it releases so much negativity, which can sweep away all the good things in its path, like a tsunami. And you, to return your loved one, such a storm of negativity is not necessary.

How to get your ex back and get rid of anger, anger and other destructive emotions?

The first thing you need to do is to accept the fact that the relationship is over, and pining for the lost and departed just makes no sense.

The second thing you need to do is to try to get rid of the hatred towards your ex for leaving you or trading him for someone else. I understand that this is not easy to do. But I’m going to help you make it easier.

Every time you feel anger, resentment or hatred when remembering a loved one, take a deep breath, then exhale and…calm down. It’s not hard, is it? The secret of the technique is that it should be done every time you feel the slightest jealousy, irritation, or anger toward your ex.

Your goal is to rise from the low, negative vibrations caused by negative emotions to the high, pure, and powerful ones.

Another way to cleanse your body of low vibrations is to constantly shift your attention to the positives and memories of spending time together with your loved one.

Do you know the proverb, “The wolf you feed grows the wolf”? Apply it to your situation: when you concentrate on negativity, anger, jealousy, and resentment, negative energies grow inside like yeast. And if you think and imagine that your beloved has left for someone else, then it will turn out that way. And so – do not feed the dark, “evil” wolf in your heart.

Switch to positive thinking and action – feed the light, “good”, wolf of your soul. And how to do this – I’ll tell you next.

Step Five. Maintain a positive emotional state

It is a positive attitude that will allow you to stay in a state of love without slipping into a low vibration. First of all, you must learn to love yourself, and not to think twenty-four hours a day, fixated on how to get your man back. Only when you love yourself properly will you be able to truly love other people and become love itself: you will radiate and broadcast it everywhere. Moreover, you will be able to easily attract the love that comes from others. Not to ask for it, not to beg for it, but to receive it with gratitude.

But how do you get to that state of high vibrations and love that will attract, as if by magnet, the attention and interest of your former lover? Follow the instructions:

  • Be grateful for everything that happens in your life. Appreciate every moment of it, even if your loved one is not with you now. After all, everything that comes your way makes you stronger, wiser and more aware in the long run. And these are the gifts for which life should be thanked, not cursed, even if at the moment you’re bitter and hard.
  • Become stronger while your former lover, deprived of your energy, is weakening and fading. Channel the freed forces and time to recuperate physically and emotionally, to work out and do yourself, look beautiful and blossom, to regain confidence in yourself and your own value.
  • Remember that you – not an “add-on” and not “trailer” to a man, and a self-sufficient, beautiful and energetic woman. Make sure that when you meet you the first thought in his head was: “How could I have lost such a woman?”

How to get your ex back: 5 steps behind, what’s next?

First, praise yourself. After all, you have successfully passed this way, although it was not easy. If all steps are consistently fulfilled and the breakup was at least a month, then the necessary positive energy for the “return attraction” loved one in your life has accumulated.

And probably the former partner is already wondering how you do without him. Now is the perfect time to take action.

All it takes is one text message or your call with an offer to sit down for a cup of coffee to get him to readily agree. And your positive vibes and vibes, attractiveness, energy and good mood will do the rest of the work for you, completely unnoticed by your partner.

He will look at you with different eyes and see a completely different woman – not at all the one he so recently wanted to get away from. He will be surprised at how pleasant and comfortable it is to be with you again, and feel how much he has missed that energy of love, which again forms an invisible connection between you.

Who in their right mind would be able to give up that kind of woman? I think the answer is obvious!

Always remember that men can love you exactly as much as you love and appreciate yourself. And if you suspect that you have problems with self-esteem and self-love, do not wait for others to confirm it.

And even when the operation called “How to get your ex back” is complete, remember that you need to constantly work on maintaining a positive energetic connection : only it will help you keep your beloved forever. Regularly and systematically work on yourself and your relationships, be happy and loved!

How to get your lover back

Your loved one has become distant. Everything is coming to an end or has already ended. And so want to get back to square one … But do I have to? But is it possible? How to get loved one? Let’s look into it.

It depends on the situation. But you can and should always take your chance. And there is always a chance to fix something, except for death, of course. I want to say that the desire to get your loved one back applies not only to young people and those beginning their relationship as a couple. And adult, very experienced couples who are going through a powerful crisis in their relationship rarely want a divorce. So this article is for everyone.

1. Agree with him.

If he has begun to doubt that he loves you, the worst thing you can do is try to argue with him and prove otherwise. When we’re being argued with, we actively search for evidence that proves our point of view is correct, and of course our brains helpfully throw it up.

If you agree with it, however, it need not look for proof that it is right. On the contrary, with no resistance, the brain rushes to the other extreme and starts looking for reasons why it is wrong. We all have a habit of doubting that we have made the right decision. When you immediately agree with him, you help him begin to doubt his decision to leave you.

2. Think back to how it all started.

Usually when we think about how to get the one we love back, the situation in our relationship has already changed a lot compared to when it first started. Think back to exactly what was going on then, what you were like, what he was like. Think about what attracted him to you then? Perhaps you were active in sports or studying, had a lot of girlfriends, led an active life, were fun and sociable. What about now?

3. Stop complaining and fighting.

When you complain and quarrel with a man, he subconsciously begins to associate with you negative emotions. No one likes to get upset and quarrel, so the more you complain and quarrel, the more negative associations your man has. If you are incapable of not quarreling, it is better to stop contact altogether until the pressing problems dissipate. Our negative feelings begin to dull after 10-15 days, and we begin to miss our beloved, even if before that we thought we were bored with him.

If you don’t live together, just plead busyness and don’t date. Be active, spend time with girlfriends and family, try to be busy and do the things that make you happy. You can also tell him that you’ve decided to take a little space in your relationship to figure out what you want in life. If you’re living together, it’s better to go away to your mom’s house or to visit relatives. Give him a chance to be alone and bored and assess how much better he is with you.

4. Increase your vitality

People who exercise and are physically active are much more attractive, they give off a vital energy that you want to touch and be a part of. Daily exercise at the gym, jogging or walking, dancing, yoga classes will make your body supple and strong and increase your overall physical tone. Physical activity also stimulates the release of happiness hormones – endorphins – into your blood, which will make you more fun and relaxed, and therefore more attractive to your lover you want to win back. Even if you don’t have the money, you can exercise on your own at home. Push-ups, squats, bends, stretches, abs – it all does not require any material investment. Find a set of exercises on the Internet and start doing them! You’ll notice the difference in just a couple of weeks.

5. Do more things that make you happy

Often women begin to fade in relationships because they stop doing the things they used to do that made them happy. Being together with someone who is constantly unhappy is a great emotional and mental burden. Putting the responsibility for your happiness on your partner is unfair to them.

If you want to win back the person you love, first take responsibility for your own happiness. Do the things you enjoy and lift your spirits, and don’t do the things that spoil your mood. If it can’t be avoided, such as it is your job, perhaps you should change jobs?

“For a woman to be happy, a man should not be enough. Find your own source of happiness, find happiness in yourself!” – Irina Hakamada

When you do something you love, you automatically become happier and more pleasant to be with. If something in your life is a constant source of stress and negative emotions, think about how you can change it? There is always a solution, you just have to set a goal.

6. Don’t try to “punish” him.

For example, to break or destroy something important for the man (a car, an apartment, other things) or to decide to go out with other men to spite him. This only causes more negative associations with you in the man. Do you want a man to associate happiness and pleasant feelings with you, not pain and irritation? The less he knows about what you do, the more he is interested. If you suddenly disappear from his sight, he will think more about you than when you constantly loom before his eyes, flaunting your new “romance”. If he asks directly about your love life, tell him gently that it’s actually none of his business.

7. Be aware of your wounded heart.

Even if you decide to communicate with other men or sign up for a dating site, remember that you are not fully healthy emotionally at this point. If you have physical heart problems, certain activities are forbidden. It’s the same with mental wounds.

Do not rush headlong into a new romantic relationship. A little flirting and communication will help you feel desired and attractive, but to give your body to another man with a wounded heart is not worth it, it can only aggravate your condition. Give time to heal the wounds of the heart. And, of course, don’t inflict serious wounds on other people around you.

8. Help those who are worse off than you.

When we have problems in life, we sometimes think that things can’t get any worse. But often our problems pale in the light of what many other people are experiencing at the moment. Charities are always in need of volunteers. Find opportunities to help those who are probably worse off than you are. It will also give you a chance to do a good deed, which will make you feel better about yourself. Also, I always say do to others what you yourself want to get. Help other couples connect, get through a crisis, find each other. Help lonely people by brightening their loneliness. And in doing so, you will sow good seeds that will soon sprout great fruits of your feminine happiness.

9. Don’t Pursue a Man

Stalking him will only encourage him to think he made the right decision. If you also stop showing interest in him in return, it will hurt his feelings: how so? So do not stalk a man and do not follow him on social networking sites. It is better to “unfriend” and close your life from his views. Do not hurt yourself by trying to keep control of his personal life! If you hear that your husband is on the phone, go away, so you won’t hear what he is talking about. Protect yourself from negative emotions. It is wise to do so.

10. Don’t reward your man for bad behavior

If your man is cold and you are trying to be nice to him, you are rewarding him for treating you badly. Reward good behavior, not the other way around. Don’t become the “night caller” of a man who has left you. Sex is the privilege of a steady and faithful partner, not someone who only remembers you late at night.

11. How to meet your lover again to get him back

Usually after 2-4-6 weeks, he will want to meet again. If you have followed steps 1-10, your man is doubting his decision, is bored, and is tormented by speculation about what you are doing. You, on the other hand, look rested, well-looked and happy, you have something to be proud of, you help others and lead an interesting life. He doesn’t expect that at all! He naturally expects you to cry all day long and dream that he came back.

You shouldn’t try to arrange such a meeting on purpose. You can see that. He knows where to find you, so if he wants to, it’s not hard for him to “accidentally” meet you. Don’t rush things. Wait for him to show up himself.

It is best to organize a meeting late in the morning or afternoon, but not in the evening. Meet with the ex should be in a public place like a cafe. Order only a drink, coffee or tea, no food. Come dressed as if you were walking home from the gym, not as if you were going to a nightclub. A casual, everyday look will help him relax and realize that you’re not trying to win him back at all, but instead have already started a new part of your life. Talk a little “about nothing,” smile and laugh a lot. It’s not what you say that matters, but how you say it. Ask about his affairs. Don’t encourage him to talk about past problems.

If he asks about the men in your life, pale slightly, as if it amazed you, and very politely and gently say that this is actually none of his business. If he starts talking about getting back together or suggesting that you “try again”, listen to him carefully, without interrupting at all. Let him say whatever he wants. Wait for him to clearly ask you and wait for an answer. Don’t rush the answer. Look him in the eyes and put your hand on his arm just below the elbow. There should definitely be some minimal bodily contact. After that, say: you know, I’ve had time to think about this… and I’ve decided for myself… I want something serious. If you’re not sure I’m the right woman for you, there’s no point in me being with you. I want a man who wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him. And even though I still have very strong feelings for you, I know what I want. I will only be with you if you want the same thing.

After that, go away. Leave him alone. If he tries to stop you, ask him to call you later, because now you have to go. Leave money for your tea or coffee. This will be a nice, confident gesture. If he won’t start a conversation himself: after 20-25 minutes of conversation, stand up yourself and explain that you have to go (he doesn’t expect this), and say, putting your hand on his shoulder: you know, but you can lose me forever. Then the same scheme – go away, leave the money for the tea.

By following such a scheme, there’s a good chance that your boyfriend won’t be able to get you out of his mind. We want what we can’t have, it’s a “binge” we all have. You need some very serious discipline to start boosting your vitality and making yourself happy if you want your lover back.

If, after the meeting, he calls and says he wants the same things you do, start building your relationship anew and don’t forget the principles we talked about here. These are important for a happy and loving relationship!

A good relationship is about taking care of it every day and developing it. Dating can be a gift of fate, but you have to build the relationship and remember that your man is an equal partner whose feelings should be respected. If he doesn’t want to come back to you, don’t be angry, resentful and don’t blame him or yourself. Accept his decision. The first time will be difficult. But if you don’t get scared, if you don’t dwell on your pain, if you focus on yourself, if you focus on your self-development, if you identify yourself, you will become happier!

Many years ago I went through a breakup with someone I loved. The divorce was very difficult for me. I confess that as a psychologist I did a lot of stupid things and almost reached the point of no return. A specialist, a colleague of mine, helped me. But it was the divorce that changed me and was the beginning of a new period of life filled with love. My husband and I are living our lives together again. And I help women bring love back into relationships.

I wish you women happiness! The road is travelled by the one who walks. Go for it and you will succeed! As it worked for me and many others whom I know personally and who I personally helped. And there are many of them already.

What will you get from my help? A clear plan of action, getting rid of suffering, mistakes and disappointments, reducing the period of life to a draft and moving on to a life of love and for love. How do I start surfacing? Fill out the registration form for my consultation here ↓

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