How to get a guy if he has a girlfriend?

How to like a guy if he has a girlfriend!

I like my classmate, he is a very smart boy and not ordinary. I communicate with him normally, but except for studies it doesn’t go. Also, he invited me to one team with him in kvn-nye, strangely enough of the whole group, although he communicates well with all the girls. He looks at me at the pairs, jokes with me, but no more. He has a girlfriend, I met her by chance not long ago, she is very nice, I liked her. But I like him, it’s my first time. I want him to like me, I do not know how. Can anyone help with advice?

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If he knows that you are sympathetic, it means that you have done all you can for today.

Communicate just like that, – be yourself, get to know him better, suddenly you will be disappointed.

I think that it is not necessary to pry into other people’s relationships. On other people’s misfortune as they say his own happiness is not to be built. Imagine you would be in a relationship (or worse, a family) and some girl would pay attention to your lover.

If he really likes you, but with a girl young man is nothing serious. He will break up with her and be with you.

Always need to be yourself. After all, the main thing is to like who you really are. All the best and success in love;).

And then he’ll want to like the next sheep, and even though you’re cute and beautiful you’ll get a kick in the ass.

In the woods, cross his girlfriend’s fresh grave with a shovel)

Author, what’s in it for you? If he likes you. Why would you do that? Raise your self-esteem?

Tanya, there are two opposing factors here. Pride on the one hand, and the ability to wait on the other. Remember Catherine Elizabeth’s ability to wait for eight years. Notice the waiting, not the agony.

There’s nothing to do.

++++ But don’t just sit around. Try to improve your appearance, make jokes, whatever. You can’t steal husbands. And the guy, he’s free.

I’m just curious). So do not think I am without negativity and without malice, I want to ask you a question: if your beloved has not yet been hit on by a girl, how would you feel? Would you tell her, “Go ahead and hit on him, he is not married to me.

Does he talk to all the girls normally? Yes. Does he only look at you? Yes. Only jokes and nothing more? Yes.

He’s just outgoing and nice and humorous and stuff. If he liked you, things would move on, wouldn’t they? You shouldn’t pry into a relationship and try to get him to like you! Yes, I don’t argue, you have to fight for your happiness, etc. But he’s a guy, he’s not a thing/animal, he has brains/desires. He has a girlfriend, so he wants to be with her. There’s nothing to complicate things here. If he liked you, he’d be with you.

Joint study projects, joint work, joint hobbies will bring you closer if you have the right approach.

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That’s exactly what happened to me. I watched carefully. If they like you, they “brushed you off” so hard that you won’t want to hit on them a second time. Mine did just that. Very good test, by the way. Absolutely all men are capable of harshly to send for the sake of loved ones.

God give all such faithful men then) Otherwise, just imagine how unpleasant it is to be in a triangle. I’m all for female solidarity Although probably few people nowadays act within the moral framework.

I wouldn’t get involved with a busy man, even if it’s “just a girl”. Because the relationship with “just a girl” can be different, you never know how it is, and what if they have already filed a complaint? And then what? Red, green? Free guys in bulk, and among them a lot of good. Just open your eyes.

And talk to other guys. With whom you communicate, they begin to like you! Why are you fixated on a busy man? Just be selective about who you talk to. Let them meet your requirements.

Author, you’ll find a boyfriend and you’ll be friends in pairs and remember what a fool you were:))))

If he likes you, you’ll be the first to know about it.I hope you know what they’re talking about. Stay out of people’s relationships-it will all come back.

You can’t play your Mendelssohn on someone else’s Requiem, alas.

Stay out of people’s relationships, you fool!

Oh, I know someone like that, she meddled in other people’s relationships, and she was doused with acid from behind, and you can’t prove anything. now she walks around half bald and no one needs her, it’s a shame at all(((((

I here just wondered) So do not think I’m without negativity and without malice want to ask you a question: and if your beloved is not a husband would hit on a girl, you as would react? Just tell her, stick it to health, he did not marry me.=D

she doesn’t have a man, that’s why she says so))) and it’s unlikely that he was))

it’s like asking a question)) girls how often do you shave your legs))) and it’s like once a week)) who a couple of times a week and it immediately becomes clear that chicks who act like the unknown not only do not have a man))) but just a permanent yopar))

I like my classmate, he is a very smart boy and not ordinary. I communicate with him normally, but except for studies it doesn’t go. Also, he invited me to one team with him in kvn-nye, strangely enough of the whole group, although he communicates well with all the girls. He looks at me at the pairs, jokes with me, but no more. He has a girlfriend, I met her by chance not long ago, she is very nice, I liked her. But I like him, it’s my first time. I want him to like me, I do not know how. Can anyone help with advice?

Get off of him, he has a girlfriend.

Didn’t pass the test.

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Broke up. Can’t figure out why this is happening.

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Jealousy. MH is in a relationship with me and talks to my ex.

I think he fell out of love

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What to do if you like a guy, but he has a girlfriend: an action plan

If you like a guy and he has a girlfriend, then you need to choose your goal: to achieve your beloved or to forget him. Each option is painful and risky. It is important to listen not only to your heart, but also to your mind. You need to make a plan, act consistently and give yourself time.

About the need to weigh the pros and cons

Beginning to fight for his heart, you need to be aware of the possible risks. Even in the case of success, it is worth being prepared for the fact that:

  1. The guy has already shown his unreliability. He easily left one girl, so he can easily leave the second. You need to decide whether such a partner is worth the effort.
  2. Even at a distance, he may still have feelings for an ex-girlfriend.
  3. Friendship with the guy is no longer possible.
  4. Relationships that began through flirting and frank attire are rarely strong and long-lasting. Such an imposition does not arouse respect from the stronger sex.

When falling in love with a guy who has been dating a girl for a long time, advice may not help. A strong alliance is more difficult to destroy.

What to do in this situation

If you like a guy, but he has a girlfriend you like, you can try to forget him, wait for the couple to break up or fight a rival. How to like him and discourage a rival

The struggle will be long, it will require patience and a well-thought-out plan. To steal the guy you love from his girlfriend, you need to:

  • make friends with him;
  • listen carefully;
  • support;
  • surprise with intelligence;
  • flirt;
  • charm his friends;
  • surprise with a sense of style;
  • be confident;
  • meet his eyes;
  • become an ideal to him;
  • touch him;
  • give him time.

It is necessary to find reasons to communicate. Let your loved one help you with a project, lend you something, or give you advice. To begin with it is important just to talk. It is worth finding out about his hobbies, to explore these areas. It is good if you will find common interests. It is necessary to ask for something that he can easily perform. If the task turns out to be too difficult, he may refuse.

It is important to listen to your loved one, do not interrupt, sincerely interested in his opinion. The role of the listener is the most profitable. It is necessary to ask questions unobtrusively – this will flatter your loved one, help you get to know him better. The guy will like to spend time with the interlocutor, who openly shows interest.

You should support your lover, be there for him in a difficult moment. It is necessary to sympathize when the guy is in trouble at the office or school. It is necessary to listen even about his relationship problems. He should see that the new acquaintance can be counted on.

Gradually you should move on to difficult topics, demonstrate erudition, wit, ingenuity. Guys like communicating with smart girls. To move imperceptibly to serious conversations, you can discuss books, musicians, movies and current news. It’s best to avoid talking about politics and faith.

After exchanging numbers, you can flirt in correspondence: telling about funny incidents, complaining about homework, commenting on movies. This will help to check if the chosen one has sympathy. If he ignores the girl, then she has no chance.

You can get acquainted with several friends of your beloved, flirt with them. You need to charm them. If they will praise the girl in front of the guy, it will increase his interest. But friends should not decide that the girl is counting on a relationship with one of them. Flirting should be easy, in passing.

After the rapprochement, you should schedule a friendly meeting outside of work, institute or school, visit a movie, cafe, library. You can do your homework together. It is important to be alone with your chosen one.

You should impress him with your style, wear your best clothes in front of him, wear things that emphasize the beauty of forms. This can be not only necklines and miniskirts. Jeans and a wide sweater can “sit” well. In clothes need to feel relaxed and confident. Not only natural beauty is important, but also grooming: clean skin, neat nails, corrected eyebrows.

It is necessary to demonstrate a calm confidence. Calm, harmony and modesty will seem to him sexy and charming, and stiffness, tight outfits and perfect styling will look ridiculous.

To show sympathy, you need to catch your loved one’s eyes and smile. You should repeat this technique for a couple of days, and then stop. It is important that your loved one missed the smiles and affectionate glances. Periodically, you should disappear, in order not to seem like an easy prey.

You should become the one whom he is dreaming to see next to you. Find out who is ideal for him, what he likes about the girl he likes. It is necessary to develop these traits in yourself.

It’s important to touch him easily, playfully and unobtrusively, without breaking the intimate boundary. While discussing a funny story, you can take your chosen one by the elbow or touch his back. It is worth touching him during the greeting. You can “accidentally” grab his shoulder, allegedly losing your balance.

It is important to give your lover time to break the relationship with your partner. Let the guy sort himself out, his emotions and calmly make a decision. Breaking up is a difficult step. You can’t rush it and pursue it. Obsession or attempts to speed things up can ruin everything.

What to do to get over him

To forget the lover, you need time. It is worth enjoying the company of family, good friends. It is important to allow yourself to show emotion, to grieve. Ignore the suffering is ineffective. It is necessary to be alone, to think about what happened. This will help you move on. Even if you just liked the boy, you need to release emotions and accept the fact that at first it will be difficult. Accepting pain is a show of strength.

Let friends see the pain. It’s important not to pretend, because it’s exhausting. If it is too much to bear, you may stay home for a while, but you should not stay there too long. You can pour out your pain in a journal. He will help to sort out the experiences on their own.

It is necessary to think about what this relationship (or unrequited feelings) taught. Expert in the field of psychology Sarah Shevitz believes that people bring each other or a benefit or a lesson. It is worth analyzing what good (or instructive) a relationship has produced.

Should focus on the negative qualities of the former lover. Girls often idealize the chosen one. They imagine that he was unique, amazing and the best. It is important to be realistic about the situation. If you have to forget him, then he is not suitable as a partner or is a bad person, so do not fantasize about his beautiful smile. It is better to remember the bad deeds. You can write a list of unpleasant situations and negative qualities of this person. The list should be carried with you and reread in moments of weakness. If it seems that he has no negative sides, then getting to know the guy is not really possible.

There is no need to repent. Many girls think that they themselves are to blame for everything, because it was possible to behave better, not to make mistakes. But, as a rule, this is a delusion and a manifestation of low self-esteem.

It is necessary to repeat the mantra: “I deserve happiness and true love. All girls deserve to be touched, respected and accepted, deserving of a man who will not have to be forgotten. After a complete estrangement, it will turn out to be better without this guy.

You should cheer yourself up. Trying to forget the loved one, girls engage in self-injury, call themselves ugly, uninteresting and stupid. Such feelings are natural. But this does not mean that they reflect the truth. It’s not worth getting down on yourself. It’s worth loving yourself by your own rules.

You can list on a sheet of paper what you want to thank the world for. You need to write everything that makes you happy: family, hobbies, friends, a pet. This will help you realize that life is good without this guy.

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