How to get a girl to like you?

How to learn how to get girls to like you, simple solutions for every day.

This is not a new topic, but I will try to tell you what tricks to use to please girls in everyday life. But there won’t be any concrete examples here, because girls don’t like platitudes. In general, read about how girls like you, do the exercises, and you will definitely be cooler than other guys .

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What do girls like?

Let’s reason manly, that is logically, what do girls like? You’ll never know what a girl likes. Never, don’t even try. But I do know a few male qualities that girls will really like, or rather they like almost 99.99% of them.

Just understand, there are different girls who, for example, were brought up as boys, so they’re used to taking the initiative and if they want something from a guy, they’ll just say so. It’s up to you to decide if you like girls like that or not. But basically all girls like basic male qualities, which we’ll talk about below, and then about the secondary masculine qualities.

By the way, I have a separate article about how a guy can become more handsome. But this is about something else. Guide to changing yourself.pdf Subscribe to Telegram


Girls love pushy guys, it’s easier for them, because all the initiative comes from them and they do not have to think hard where to go and stuff. A man should offer the girl something, for example, to meet, the girl may refuse, but we are not made of plasticine, so we offer the same thing, but a day later, and so on.

Simply put, I’m just unsubscribing here about the principle of perseverance, and how to train it, it is better to refer to specialized literature or video.


Girls are emotional creatures and plus they give birth to children, and for their species to get the best genes and continue to exist, so they need a strong man who will give their offspring strength. That’s why girls choose bold, brutal guys. They sense strength behind them. Another thing is that behind the brutal guys there are usually insecure guys, but that’s another thing to talk about.

So the recipe here is simple, the more confident you become, the more girls like you and the more often they fall in love with you. What would become confident, read the additional article “How to become confident. And if it’s easier, join a gym, talk to girls or strangers on the street more often and your confidence will grow little by little more and more.

Confident Look

Girls don’t give a bread, give a guy with a nice, confident look. If you don’t have that and you avert your eyes and can’t look people in the eye at all, then start training your gaze. There’s different ways like staring at one point without blinking or staring at a candle flame without blinking, but you can find all that on the internet, there’s a lot of information about it.

Another question is what to do if you take your eyes off girls and you’re afraid to look them straight in the eye. Here you need psychotherapy, there is some kind of negative program that you think you are guilty in front of them or other nonsense. I had that, but I removed it from myself, I recommend that you do the same, and then you can look any people in the eye, even stronger than you. If anything, go to My Services.

Humor and charisma

These two qualities will override all your shortcomings. If a girl is having fun with you, then she’s genuinely happy with you. Bad guys, wallets and other things she will find herself, but the one with whom she will be good very rarely meet.

Kachai charisma, as well as abs, about humor I’ll write a separate article, he, incidentally, shaken quite easily, if you know how to do it.

A pumped up abs.

Beautiful abs strongly attract girls and there is no point in arguing with this. So, if you do not have abs, go pump it at least at home. At least a little bit. In general, start exercising in the morning, poured cold water, it will harden you up and you’ll be strong and healthy.

A strength and health are qualities that girls really, really like and so you will be competitive to win any girl you like.

Even “ghouls” can be liked by girls and it’s easy.

I know a guy who without one leg was free to communicate and meet girls.

What about you? You think just because you’re broke or overweight that means girls don’t like you? Looks aren’t the main thing!

What matters is internal confidence, and if you do not have it, then do not even try, you are doomed to loneliness.

Even worse, if things are bad in the professional sphere. Do you consider yourself a loser?

I used to be like that too and the only thing that can help is to work with a psychologist on a deeper level and remove negative programs from your subconscious.

In 30 minutes I will completely figure out all your negative beliefs and then we will solve them and your life will not be the same.

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Client Results

Getting rid of jealousy in 1 appointment

Who: A 57 year old woman

Problem: Strong jealousy of her husband

What do you want in place of the problem: Calmness, freedom, confidence.

Main state that was responsible for jealousy: “I am unwanted.”

Secondary states: Humiliation, betrayal, I am the worst, I am not understood, I am underestimated.

How the problem was solved: We divided the problem of jealousy into states, the most important and strongest “I am unnecessary. Then we found the root of the problem, which was at the age of 5.

Her mom used to lock her and her sister at home alone so they wouldn’t go anywhere. We worked through the problem, closed the gestalt, the problem went away.

In order to completely solve the problem of jealousy, it was necessary to work through the secondary states. To do this, I use the method I developed and remove 5 states at once.

I do not feel jealousy anymore.

Therapy time: 105 minutes

Depression! When antidepressants don’t help!

Who: A 40 year old woman.

Problem: Depression while on antidepressants. Unwillingness to live

What one wants in place of the problem: Serenity, desire to live, joy of life

Main condition that was responsible for the depression: “Anger at my father.

Secondary conditions: I want nothing, everything irritates me, I cannot find a place, fear of death, melancholy, resentment of the father

How the problem was solved: We took the most important condition “Anger at Father”, found out a negative condition in the body (all our conditions are always in the body). We dipped into childhood, found a traumatic memory. We closed the gestalt, worked through the situation, filled the picture with love.

Then we removed secondary problems all at once.

Observation of the condition: “It appears or does not appear.

For 30 days there had been no depressions. We continued monitoring.

Time of treatment: 85 minutes

How to get a girl to like you? 70 tips

If you don’t have a girlfriend, someone has a couple of spare ones. Are the girls around you weak to like you? Think not how to get a girl to like you, but to become someone that the weaker sex is crazy about. Follow all these tips, then the beautiful and cool girls will not be rejected.

Marina Abrosimova , Unsplash

We have compiled a list that will allow you to review and test yourself. Check how many points you will get if you get 1 point for each item. If you get less than 40 points, you should immediately work on your shortcomings. You’ll immediately see your weakest points where you can’t give yourself a plus sign.

Become the man the girls are looking for and loving. Become the man of their dreams, and the girls themselves will throw themselves at you. Why is that? There aren’t many worthwhile men, which means the hottest and coolest hotties are vying for them.

How to get a girl to like you?

1. Positive attitude, optimism and cheerfulness make a man much more attractive.

2. Girls like athletic, pumped up and athletic guys. They can protect them and look hot. You like fit girls with cool bodies too, don’t you?

Big Dodzy, Unsplash.

3. the man is confident, calm, and mater as a wolf? This is great. Girls secretly crush on such men.

4) You should dress nice, neat, stylish, to stand out among the gray mass of other men. This will be a profitable investment.

7. Without a sense of humor and the ability to make people laugh, it will be difficult for the beautiful sex to like you.

8. Good manners, tactfulness and gallantry of men are now rare, and therefore appreciated.

9. A well-groomed face, well-groomed hairstyle and neat facial vegetation. This is important, even if it does not seem so.

10. Taking the first step and taking the initiative are signs of a real man.

11. does the man smell good and appetizing? The girl will be amazed. A good toilet water and toothpaste to help.

12. individuality, originality and singularity are always attractive. No one likes nerdy and boring types.

13. The practice of good flirting and flirting is desirable. Girls love to flirt.

Natalia Sobolivska , Unsplash

17. The ability to listen and listen to the girl is important. Girls love to talk.

18. Putting the girl on a pedestal, and himself below – this is a sure path to loneliness.

19. a man’s ambition and determination are valued by girls.

20. Brutality and masculinity always adorn a man.

21. To say a compliment or nice words in time is a useful quality that allows you to please girls faster and seduce them as well.

22. The ability to ignore caprices, hit-and-runs, or attempts at manipulation indicates that a man has passed the female test of his character.

23. A man shows his intentions about a girl by avoiding understatement? The right thing to do, otherwise you’ll be stuck in a friendzone.

Andre Filipe , Unsplash.

25. Self-irony and not taking life too seriously is welcomed by the ladies.

26. Going to the gym makes a man strong, confident and beautiful.

27. A man knows how to please a girl and knows the fair sex firsthand? Experience comes with training.

28. A beautiful smile is the key to a good acquaintance. It’s like a business card. What’s wrong with your teeth?

29. Having common hobbies and interests brings people closer together. But not everyone knows how to find commonalities.

30. Excessive intrusiveness is detrimental, and some lack of communication is beneficial.

31. The ability to remain cool in any situation? That’s the kind of man all women like.

32. Sincerity, frankness, honesty, straightforwardness. When girls see that in a man, they immediately want to marry him.

Grzegorz Rakowski , Unsplash

33. Does the man have ardor, enthusiasm and light in his eyes? Great.

34. Self-sufficiency and the ability to take care of himself the girls will notice.

35. Live a full, interesting and active life? All girls love it, and also want to keep a man company.

36. Vigor, activity, enterprise. Women always choose energetic men.

37. Having firm principles and boundaries is what girls respect men for.

38. One should not teach others how to live, and should not be overly burdened. It is not an attractive quality.

39. Being able to tell your secrets to express your confidence disarms girls.

40. The ability to listen and at the same time hear the person you are talking to is very important.

41. A man who has friends and girlfriends is obviously worthwhile.

Marina Abrosimova , Unsplash

48. Does the man give you a hand, touch, put his arm around you and touch you regularly? He has a great chance of liking a girl by breaking the barrier of touch.

49. The ability to have fun, relax, and have fun makes a man cool. Chicks want to do whatever he wants with him.

50. Does the man act like a grown man? He’s sure to be attractive to the chicks around him.

Max Ilienerwise , Unsplash

61. Communicate through messengers and social media. Like and comment, but don’t overdo it.

62. Pick up a girl from work, school, or a party.

63. Write, call, and drop in on a girl for no reason.

64. Have fun, have fun, fool around and do silly things with the girl. Things like that bring you a lot closer.

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