How to get a girl’s respect?

How to get respect from your woman: 13 golden rules.

Love even the best girls in the world sooner or later bored. Want more – respect. Women’s respect and bored and is not long, and costs cheap.

Why do you need it? Yes, in general, no reason. Millions of men perfectly well live next to women who do not put them in a penny, and not particularly worried about this. They are even comfortable: staying in the eternal role of ragamuffin irresponsible, they can get rid of the lion’s share of tedious partnership obligations.

Another thing is that women who respect their partners, feel much happier and more relaxed.

By being cranky, making scenes, behaving illogically, women subconsciously test your strength. And, it must be said, very often we fail these tests brilliantly. Although you do not have to be a hybrid of Schwarzenegger and Academician Sakharov for a girl to feel respect for you (even if it is carefully hidden). Enough to take on board, for example, at least some of the following points.

1. Don’t shout

Even newborn kittens can raise their voices at their opponents, so the ability to make loud noises in a moment of excitement does not give you any weight. Our species uses shouting to a) call for help from the rest of the pack; b) bring itself into a sufficiently excited state, ready to fight back the enemy; c) scare the enemy.

Therefore, screaming is a sign of weakness, a sign that you are almost losing control over the situation, for which you draw your last reserves.

Children shout more often than women, women shout more often than men. Very strong men do not raise their voices at all. Because they don’t have to.

2. Don’t be petty.

It is not only about the scandals with the waiters who jammed 49 rubles of change. Pettiness is a readiness to attack with heavy weapons on the most insignificant occasion. A man who squanders his time, energy and strength like that, women suspect (often justifiably so) that he has little use for bigger things.

3. Jealousy is right

Envy is a great tool to make us compete with each other and thus push the wheel of world progress. Unfortunately, some people are driven by envy not to run faster than their neighbor, but to look for ways to make their neighbor stop running so fast (and preferably forever).

Such envy is almost openly manifested in phrases like “He’s like all the Jews, cunning,” or “You can’t earn money for such a car, only if you steal it.” Such phrases always have an inaudible continuation for our interlocutors: “And I am stupid and inactive” or “At least, if you work the way I work.

Envying someone out loud is like signing your own worthlessness, because by doing so you confess to a) wanting something that your rival has, and b) not being able to achieve your goal. Women have no respect for jealousy. Neither, however, do women.

4. Don’t be in a hurry to judge anyone.

Eastern wisdom says that you should choose your enemy more carefully than your friend. A man who easily labels others as “jerk,” “idiot,” “scoundrel,” and so on is justifiably suspicious to the ladies that he is not really ready to fight with anyone, and that his anger and contempt mean nothing.

5. Acknowledge someone else’s rightness.

It is very difficult to admit that you were wrong. Weak people never do. Even when asked head-on: “Well, now will you admit you were wrong?” – they laugh and change the subject at best, or start looking for ridiculous excuses, which in turn makes their interlocutors irritated and dismissive of them.

Strong people have a gigantic reserve of self-respect that is not diminished by admitting that they made a mistake somewhere. For this reason, they have no such problems.

6. Feel sorry for yourself in silence.

There are times when you just need to resort to such a powerful tool as sympathy loved ones. But normal loved ones will understand when you need it. Especially women, who are usually so generous with this feeling. No need to stimulate a woman’s pity tearful stories about how you are not loved, not appreciated, hurt. Yes, and mosquitoes bite! Until the blood!

You can pity and respect a man at the same time, but not when he insists on comforting himself with trifles.

7. Know how to do something really cool.

Of course it’s cool to be a great cellist, surgeon, or mathematician, but the ability to, say, masterfully slice sausage, brilliantly whistle with two fingers, or, say, make a match fall down by force of thought also does not hurt. Respect for professionalism is even more developed in women than in men.

8. Don’t be silent when she does nasty things

What is good and what is bad we learn so firmly in childhood that even if experience makes significant adjustments to “it’s a shame to hurt the little ones,” etc., we still always know the true value of our actions.

So, if you remain indifferently silent at the moment when your girlfriend is cheerfully telling you how they all the department are harassing the new girl for a terrible nail design or how she did not return the money to the cashier, your silence will be regarded as complicity in this prank. And therefore, deep down, she will think you are a heartless cheater, because we find it much easier to judge another person than we do ourselves.

We don’t urge you to make a fiery reeducation speech-it’s enough if you tell her that you don’t like it, because it’s not right. Even if she pouts now, a special shelf will give her the idea that you’re a decent and respectable person.

9. Don’t coo.

Cute cooing between lovers can take many forms. Very often our species practices the so-called “nuptial feeding” ritual, when one of the partners simulates the behavior of a cub and the other one simulates the behavior of a parent.

The presence of such a ritual in our sex program is for all sorts of important ethological reasons, but we’d recommend that you eliminate it from your menu. All those “pussies want goose” and “pussies will kushanki and sleep” squeaky voices are quite appropriate in a lady’s repertoire. But when a man uses them, he causes a woman in love with him to have a rush of maternal feelings, which are beautiful and all, but, alas, have very little to do with respect. You will still get out of bed at some point, but the desire to spank you and check your ears clean may stay with the girl forever.

How to win a woman’s respect.

Respect is a feeling that is very difficult to achieve among people. This word defines many relationships, feelings and actions. How you treat people determines their respect for you.

Becoming a person worthy of respect is difficult. This feeling is not based on a person’s one-sided attitude toward a partner, but on mutual agreement and understanding. It is equality in decision-making, the ability to make joint decisions, the right to have a voice and choice in life situations.

A woman who sits at home and takes care of the household and children is worthy of respect no less than one who runs a large company and earns a lot of money. The work of housewives is no less difficult, but more important to create family comfort and peace of mind men. So, do not wait for the holiday of March 8 to give your woman a bouquet of flowers and say warm words to her. Appreciate the other half, and make her surprises, regardless of the time of year and the schedule of holidays.

Pay her compliments and emphasize her indispensability to you. A woman should feel protected, wanted and needed. Listen to what she says, do not “brush off” her opinions and never ridicule her in front of strangers. Knowing that a man respects her opinion, a woman will try to behave with dignity in any situation.

Do not close yourself off.

Some men, with remarkable intelligence and a keen sense of humor, cornered himself, believing that it is not desirable to expose the merits on display. Do not be shy to show your talents in front of the man you love. On the contrary, you have to prove to your lady, that you have something to respect.

Make jokes, express your point of view, not as circumstances require, but as you really think.

Lying and dodging.

These two “abilities” need to be excluded from communication between a man and a woman. If she doesn’t know the truth, she subconsciously senses deception. All the more so when a man twists and makes up various tall tales. With a woman you have to be very honest and open. If you can not tell the truth (for reasons beyond your control), explain to the lady that today you do not feel the determination to talk about it. Ask her to reschedule this conversation for another time. In return, you will get a woman’s appreciation for not deceiving her.

The trust of others. It shows that the person is interested, confident, and able to listen to the interlocutor. Express your willingness to solve her problems, help her with advice or support her morally. A well-mannered and confident man will not refuse to help a weak lady.

This point applies not only to the relationship between men and women. Being a man of your word means becoming a respected person in society. People begin to trust you and know that you will live up to their expectations. If a woman knows that you don’t do what you promise, she will never respect you. A man is bound to keep his word, no matter what it costs him.

The basic purpose of men, which is inherent in their nature, is to be a protector. If you were afraid of bullies or backed down in front of a boor, a woman will not respect you. You don’t have to engage in conflict with your fists. Brute male force is not always a decent way out of a situation. But when your lady’s honor is affected or you see that the weak man is being hurt, you must intercede.

Understand and appreciate.

To gain respect for yourself, you need to appreciate the good deeds of others. If you show understanding and appreciate what others do for you and your relatives, then you are capable of such deeds. Just try to assess the actions of people on their own merits, excessive admiration for the success of others looks like flattery or poorly concealed envy. Sincerity and unselfishness are the criteria that you act from the heart.

Remember the proverb that a kind word to the cat is nice? Woman, of course, is not a cat, but she likes affection and warmth of the soul. Treat your woman with all the tenderness that you are capable of. Do not think that the manifestation of love and feelings, the destiny of the weak. Real men are able to become strong and weak when it is necessary.

Never allow yourself to be humiliated by a woman. Never allow yourself to humiliate a woman, even if no one hears it. Aggressive behavior toward a loved one will not make him respect you as a person.

Seeing the merits of his woman and the attention paid to her by men, some members of the stronger half of mankind, are frantically jealous. Remember, jealousy – a destructive and negative feeling that destroys you from within. It eclipses the mind and has a negative impact on the psyche of the partners and the relationship in the family. It’s better to be happy for yourself. You see that your woman is really beautiful. Especially you like the fact that she loves only you. Groundless nagging you make her think that you may be right, and you should try to have a relationship on the side. If only so that your claim has some basis.

Women tend to do stupid things. For men, their actions make no sense, and do not lend themselves to logic. But, that’s how women are.

Take her foolishness as a child’s prank. Explain what she was wrong, try to find common ground, but do not make a big deal out of it.

Women are not stupid, they are perceptive.

Do not make fun of your woman’s actions. What you think is strange and inexplicable in your woman’s actions and behavior should not be condemned or ridiculed. Maybe you do not know the real reason for her actions. Wait a while. Most likely, the truth will become known to you, and you will thank her for her care. Admire her ability to resolve conflicts and get out of difficult situations.

Need for communication.

Don’t limit your woman’s interactions with people. For ladies, nothing can be as uplifting and enjoyable as an evening out with a friend or a reunion. It happens that a man in every way limits his woman’s circle of communication with “people from the past.” Think about it, she is your woman, who chose you out of the hundreds of those she knows in this world. It pleases her to take care of her family, to live in communication with you and the interests of her children. But, man – not the mechanism, it requires a break. Chattering with friends, she gets a lot of information, which is so necessary for all women. Her meetings with friends and colleagues – it’s an opportunity to get away from the routine. Give her the freedom to socialize with people, encourage her interests and desire to be in a team.

People who are unpleasant to us are left behind and forgotten. She keeps the hearth of your home, takes care of you and the children, tries to be needed. She gave birth to children in anguish, did not sleep nights over their cribs. She fills your life with meaning and happiness. So, why not return the favor? Once a woman sees that you need her as a person, a companion and adviser, she will give herself even more to you.

Respect between a man and a woman – it’s trust, backed by the firm belief that the man who lives next door, do not betray and do not hurt. Love your women, give them gifts, pamper them, as your mother pampered you as a child. Talk to her, discuss topics you care about. Let her not understand some of your explanations, tell me again. Don’t be stingy with affection and tender feelings. Let the woman knows that she will find in you a reliable shoulder and “proverbial vest”, which will always be her reliable rear end and reassurance in difficult times.

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