How to get a boy’s attention?

14 ways to get a boy to like you, to make a guy fall in love with you or interest a man

You like a boy. Or you have long been in love with a boy who does not notice you. What can you do to interest a man, to make a guy fall in love with you, to like a boy you love long ago and unrequited?

Try 14 ways to attract HIS attention.

How do you get yourself a boyfriend who cares about you? We must take action!

Of course, you can wait for days, weeks and months that the water itself will flow on a stone and your favorite man himself interested in you… But if waiting for his attention to you has lasted long enough, and the miracle does not happen, then stop sitting in place, rubbing fancy pants – time to take drastic measures in the struggle for your place under the sun – ie next to the guy that you really like!

Love, affection, attraction, and passion are such subtle matters that it’s hard to tell the difference. But if you feel something serious for a boy-something that gets your blood flowing, embarrasses you, and drives you into the red, it’s probably love! And you have to fight for love! At the very least, you can’t give up without a fight, without even trying to become interesting to your lover, it’s a crime against yourself.

You know, I have always kept the rule in my life – it is better to do and regret, than not to do and also regret! After all, if the result is the same, then why not take the risk – why not at least try to make your life better, happier? What if everything works out and you can get this guy interested, manage to intrigue him with your own person and he becomes your official boyfriend?

Well, if it did not work, then, then, no luck – the main thing that you have made every effort to like this boy, and if it failed, so it’s even better. It means that in the near future you will definitely meet your own man – the one who is destined for you by Heaven. And with your experience (even if it’s negative, but so valuable) under your belt, it will be much easier for you to build a relationship with him.

After all, we learned to read and write, and even to eat with a spoon, not at the first attempt. So it is in love, in relationships with men – rarely does love work out well the first time.

Love the first time is always a complicated issue. If you’ve fallen in love with a guy and he doesn’t even look your way, you can actually change the situation. If you think you’re in a unique situation, you’re very much mistaken – most people went through this in school or college, in their first job.

It’s just that some men are such specific people in themselves who don’t notice anything at all except their hobbies – things they’ve been interested in since childhood. For example, radio technology, cars, computers, programming or studying.

Even if the boy is interested in other girls, but not you – no big deal, even this situation is correctable.

You just have to let the guy you want to fall in love with you know that you are interested in him – because it’s possible – and even more likely – that because of your modesty or incomprehensible behavior he doesn’t even suspect your sympathy!

So, let’s begin the process of learning how to get the guy you love to like you. All you have to do is choose from the 14 ways below the ones that work best for you and try each of them in your life. Your attempts might be a little awkward and even ridiculous, but trust me – if you’re destined to fall in love with that boy, it will happen if you put in at least a little effort.

How to get a guy, a man, to like you

  • 1 Secret. The first thing a girl should understand to seduce a man, to win a guy, is that men like ACTIVE women.

It is in the nature itself so that even not the most beautiful or intelligent, but the most active (but not stupidly active!) and purposeful animals always get more food, attention from parents and create pairs with the strongest individuals of the opposite sex.

Just remember newborn kittens – the mother cat most often licks the kitten who is the fastest, – he gets more milk. And if a cat family lives in the street, the most nimble cat is taken home by caring passers-by. While his more passive siblings do not get enough of mother’s affection and are forced to spend the rest of their lives in the street.

This law of nature also applies to humans.

If you are not sure of your beauty, attractiveness, intelligence, ability, etc. – then none of that matters. It doesn’t matter if you’re an active and motivated girl who knows how to set goals and go after them. Even if you’re not the most active girl right now, start with today’s quality of pushing yourself, get active, wake up from your nap and start taking action.

Let you make a lot of mistakes – don’t get upset if something doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to. That’s okay. And it’s even great, because a lot of mistakes means a lot of experience, and a lot of experience always leads to victory in the matter that interests you.

What should your activity be about? Everything! Do not sit still and do not watch TV at home in the summer – and walk, walk, go to a sports club or go to the tennis court, walk down the street and on the way look in such men’s stores as household appliances and computer equipment, car dealerships, sporting goods, bookstore.

Even if you don’t meet the boy you want to fall in love with there, you can make acquaintances with other guys you like and want to keep dating and socializing with.

If you graduated from high school, vocational school or technical school and are sitting at home, not working, then go on to study at an institute, university or academy – full-time or part-time: there you can meet many good guys who will be able to dispel your longing and boredom for an unrequited beloved man. And maybe he’ll see how determined you are, get interested in you and fall in love with you. After all, men like strong women! Didn’t you know?

Be active in terms of physical activity – less sitting at home, more walking; in terms of making new friends – be open to communication with new guys and girls, but careful – do not get into bad company; in terms of maintaining a pleasant conversation for you – with a guy that you like as a man, or with whom it’s just nice to chat and have fun.

  • The 2nd secret to getting a guy to like you is that really, relationships with men are hard to both create and maintain.

You have to put a lot of effort, time, and energy into falling in love with a boy you care about. But the most expensive things in life come at the highest price – you have to pay for happiness. But don’t overpay!

Advice below I recommend to translate into life, not overstepping themselves and their principles, and trying to interest a man in such a way that it remains by itself. If loved will require you to radical change for the sake of it, it is unlikely that this relationship will be happy – because most likely he does not love you for real, otherwise he would have allowed to be himself.

What to do to interest the boy

  • 1. In order for you to please the boy, you must first of all like themselves. That is, if you want to fall in love with a man – fall in love with himself first. Love yourself. If you know what you will be cool and wonderful girl, then bring it to the guy will be easier than a darn thing.
  • 2. Always be confident in what you say, think and do. People love confident people-they’re like a magnet. And guys like a positive attitude in girls – they’re very attracted to it. Develop your confidence.
  • If you’re unsure of yourself, you’re constantly doubting yourself, you don’t do the things you want to do. But guys feel your doubts and insecurity in their own words, actions – they literally skin feel your bad attitude. Men do not like girls who are constantly talking about themselves, again and again talk about their problems or who do not know how to stand up for themselves.

Be yourself, but don’t be selfish and negative. Try to think and act positively, smile more and avoid showing your own insecurities in public.

  • 4. Get his attention. To get a guy’s attention, you have to give him yours first – that is, be the first to pay attention to him. Doing this is not as difficult as it seems. Although your lack of experience in such matters may make you feel awkward and embarrassed – but we agreed to fight for love, didn’t we?

So, don’t be afraid to look at him – don’t hide your gaze. If he sees you looking at him, don’t look away right away – make an effort and look into his eyes, look into his soul for a few seconds. Smile at the corners of your lips to let him know you like him, let him notice the sparkle in your eyes, and only then look away.

  • 5. Don’t hide your face or turn it away from him as you pass by a boy you want to fall in love with. If you happen to meet him on the street, stairs, or you’re just passing him – look in his direction, say with a smile “Hi!” or even – “How are you?”, ask a substantive question (for example, “Do you know what classroom the lecture is now?”).

Don’t hide from a boy you want to like, because if you turn your back on him, he might think you don’t like him or are unsympathetic to him. Make it easy for the boy – subtly show your interest in him, greet him, ask him a question, make small talk… and you won’t notice how the boy you’ve suffered for so long will like you…..

  • 6. If you have common topics of conversation, offer to continue the conversation. Just do not hurry and do not impose – act delicately and very carefully.

So you’re no longer afraid to look in the face of the guy you want to fall in love with, you don’t turn away and pretend you’re not a prude from other civilizations – you even say hello and occasionally exchange a couple of words. That’s great.

Now find common topics of conversation – find common ground that the guy and you like equally much, and when you have to interrupt the conversation, for example, to go to a couple, agree to meet him later: “Let’s you tell me about string theory today after couples at McDonald’s, I’m very interested!”

Or just show interest in getting to know each other further: “You’re so interesting to talk to – I didn’t even realize before how much you know. Will you tell me later where I can learn to drive? I’ve wanted to for a long time, but I can’t…”.

The main thing – do not lie, show interest in the topics that you are really interested.

Don’t rush the guy – men at an early age usually take a long time to mature to the need for intimacy. That is, do not impose with their conversations and rationalization suggestions if he simply does not have time for this now – he needs to hurry. Give him time to get used to you.

In general, your task at most at this stage of the relationship is to become his friend.

  • 7. A good sense of humor allows you to fall in love with boys and guys on a whim. Humor is always useful in a relationship – and it’s the first assistant to get a man to like you. You can prepare a funny joke or a funny anecdote, a wise aphorism or a witty phrase in advance.

But it will be better if you just insert at appropriate moments his humorous remarks – not malicious and not in any way malevolent, but just if the conversation will joke, smile a lot and joke.

Men easily fall in love with cheerful girls with a great sense of humor. Develop in yourself this trait of character – to be witty. And for this you just need not to be afraid to be (look) funny – to joke well, you need to be relaxed and ready for the fact that you too can be laughed at – it’s normal!

How to make a man or a guy fall in love with you

  • 8. Flirt with him! In general I don’t like the word “flirting” because it scares me – honestly, I’ve always been afraid of flirting.

So I will say in other words – to please a guy, to make him fall in love with you, play with him!

The best psychologists generally recommend treating love as a game.

Play cat and mouse with him, smile, intrigue, riddle, use feminine flirting techniques to take your relationship from the “I’m just your friend” zone to the “Yes, I am your best friend – and your girlfriend at the same time.”

To not get stuck in his best friend status, but to become the girl you love, show the boy your interest in him.

  • 9. Go for the rapprochement. When a boy likes you and he’s almost in love with you – catch the moment, don’t miss the love! Show him that you like him as a man, that you are interested in him as a woman, not just a friend.

Don’t rush into this until you know each other well and there is trust between you. Once a guy starts trusting you – it’s easy for him to joke with you, communicate with you, which means it’s no longer hard for a boy to fall in love with you. We must act – but carefully, so as not to scare off the “prey”.

Touch his hand or face, if the moment is right, and say something that will make him think of you for the rest of the day, intrigue him.

For example, if you’re running in the rain to the bus stop, sort of accidentally grab his hand to keep from falling, and say, “You have such strong hands!” He’ll then spend all day wondering if you only liked his hands, or if you think he’s a strong and very sexy man in general.

  • 10. Dress to please a man, to make him fall in love with you from the first dress. I mean, girls never know what to wear to interest boys.

The most correct answer is to dress comfortably, so that you feel comfortable in your clothes around your lover.

If you wear uncomfortable clothes, a guy will feel that discomfort on your part and may take it personally. Man on a date or after dating you can not explain that you wore too tight bra or that the dress rubs under the arms. So dress comfortably.

To fall in love with her boyfriend, do not dress too provocatively and sexually. Yes, sure, revealing clothes will draw his attention to you – but no more than that.

  • 11. Subconsciously, many serious boys avoid girls who dress too brightly and provocatively, because they are looking for a serious girl for a long-term relationship. And such frivolous clothes cause them to doubt your feminine loyalty, loyalty and even decency.

Dress nice but comfortable. If in order to interest a man, you change the jeans on a dress, he will notice and appreciate your efforts for him.

But do not overdo it and do not dress like a stripper – which is so easily confused with a prostitute or other lady of similar behavior.

Simple clothes like jeans and a shirt or T-shirt (but with breasts in a bra!), a skirt with a blouse, a dress usually work.

Dressing too sexy and provocative can play against you – and turn a guy away from you altogether.

  • 12. Find out what the guy likes, what he likes to do – and share his interest. If you want to spend more time with this man, you need to know what he lives and breathes. Moreover, you have to share his hobbies and ideally – yourself be passionate about what he likes.

Look for real common ground between you – these efforts will pay off a hundredfold.

  • 13. If the man enjoys movies, games, music, sports, cars, computers, making money or any other hobby, you also need to join this subject, find a way to get closer to him in this matter.

After all, common interests between women and men bring women and men closer together – and fall in love. And the lack of common themes and hobbies – separates.

Find something in common that unites your hobbies – something that can be a bridge between your hearts. After all, understanding in some important matter, generates trust, and trust generates love.

  • 14. Be careful. Act carefully. Haste in matters of the heart is never a wise decision. Now you already know how to like a boy, interest men, how to make a guy fall in love with you – you already know how to do so that the beloved began to notice you, you know how to become his friend – and girlfriend.

But do not rush to do all these points, headlong. Don’t just hang out with a guy to seduce him, but to get a better sense of whether he’s the right guy for you. Let your communication be two-way – and mutually enriching, get to know each other gradually, do not set out to get his love. Then it may turn out that you do not need his love. Maybe he is a tyrant, or a womanizer, or just not a serious person?

You have already received 14 tips on how to make a boy fall in love with you. But still, hand on heart, I will say – the successful outcome of winning a man’s heart depends not only on you, but also on whether this boy is meant for you by God, by destiny.

With the help of these methods you will be able to check if you can please the guy that you like, but who doesn’t notice you yet. But that doesn’t mean you have to get serious with him if something in him will make you suspicious while talking and getting to know each other.

Don’t use these techniques for selfish gain – after all, deception and calculation at the beginning of a relationship usually backfires on the cheater.

And do not use these tips on how to win a man to hurt him, not having the goal to be with him. Any pain caused to another will come back to you – not immediately, over time. So don’t set off that boomerang if you’re not ready to play the full game.

In general, my point is that if a guy likes you, even the slightest effort on your part is enough to interest him and fall in love with him mutually. Sometimes it is enough even a fleeting friendly nod to move the iceberg in the relationship and start a new love.

So, to like a guy, a girl must like herself, be confident, attract his attention with a look, say hello and do not turn away his face, try to start a dialogue and become his friend, laugh often and show your great sense of humor, flirt, touch him, dress for the liking of the man you love – beautiful and comfortable, but not hyper-sexual, share his interests, be passionate about something together, and most importantly – do not rush!

How to like a boy at the age of 12: 10 tips

How to like a boy at age 12: 10 win-win tips that will help to draw his attention.

Tonight – a great night! My husband came home on time, my daughter did not run to gossip to his girlfriend, and I was released from work early. And it’s Friday, too! And what could be better than a Friday night with the whole weekend ahead of us?

I was in the most wonderful mood, and I made a pie for dinner. The smell of chicken and vegetables wafted through the house. “What bliss,” I thought as I brewed a cup of coffee. The family reached into the kitchen, tempted by the smell of freshly baked goods. Over dinner we chirped and made plans for the weekend, but Lilya was suddenly silent. Toward the end of the evening my daughter turned red and did not say a word.

My husband and I looked at each other, and he hurriedly poured his coffee, winked at me, and departed. My daughter and I were left to sit in silence. She was looking at the napkin, and I was frantically trying to remember the lessons of communicating with a teenager of twelve.

“Honey, is something bothering you?” I began. “No…It’s just…Well…We have a new boy in class,” my daughter began, without raising her eyes.

I was nervous and already expected some unpleasant news, but courageously listened further.

“Mom, how does a boy like me?”, – Lilya looked at me pleadingly at the end of the story.

I clutched at my heart. How does a boy at age 12 like me? Isn’t it a little early? Then I took a deep breath. Still, I had to appreciate the moments when my daughter opened up to me, not her friend. When she looks at me sincerely like that and waits for advice. When she sees me as an authority.

And she’d rather have my advice than the girls on the street.

10 tips on how to please a boy of 12

Tip 1: Be interesting.

After pouring myself another cup of coffee, I delved into my memories.

How does a boy like me? Once upon a time this question was very important to me, too! I couldn’t sleep at night, making plans on how to talk to a boy from the parallel class. Now that boy is my husband. But that’s another story altogether.

To begin with, to please a boy at the age of 12, you need to become interesting to him. Just as any adult woman needs to become interesting to a man, a girl also needs to become attractive as an interlocutor to a boy at age 12.

“You, daughter, need to be able to sustain any conversation with a boy you want to like !” I began.

And really, it’s impossible to get a boy to like you if you can’t even keep up a conversation with him, so:

Replace your Facebook and Instagram feeds with reading books. It can be fiction and fantasy, or maybe you like science fiction?

Don’t be afraid to speak up first.

If you want a boy to like you, you don’t have to wait for him to take the initiative. Talk to him yourself!

If you are classmates.

“Maaam, he’ll think I’m some kind of nerd! How can a nerd like a boy?”, – my Lilya rolled her eyes.

I nodded understandingly. But that’s just it: you have to be well prepared for their lessons, to be well-read and interesting, but to present the information easily and casually. As if you’ve known it for a long time. And you didn’t spend the whole evening learning new formulas for algebra.

Here’s another bonus: a boy of 12 will probably want to get to know you better, even just to cheat off you. How to make it his credo – talk below.

Tip 2. Be beautiful.

Boys at age 12 are the same men. They are just very young. And, as for all men, to please a boy of 12 years, you need to be beautiful.

A beautiful girl is:

No boy is going to like you if your unwashed hair is tied up in a bun or strewn across your shoulders.

A girl at 12 years old already needs to take care of herself. For example, we bought my daughter cosmetics for teenage skin.

It helps to cope with acne, which so and tries to ruin the appearance of teenagers.

By the way, my pharmacist friend helped us pick out teenage skin care.

Here are a few companies that are famous for natural cosmetics and have global quality certificates:

To get a boy to like you, don’t forget your nails! Clean, beautiful hands with a neat manicure will please any boy – and not just at age 12.

Whatever men say about not paying attention to manicure, believe me: they will definitely notice ungroomed hands.

Forget about vulgar options, which have long been unpopular! For example, cross out long nails, especially if they are glued on.

Groomed, stylish clothes and shoes.

Oh, yes! How many stores have we toured in search of “that” outfit for Lily for September 1. All wrong, all wrong…

To like a boy of 12, dress stylish and fashionable, while avoiding the following errors:

    Underwear sticking out from underneath your clothes. Unfashionable, tasteless, defiant. I understand that your new pink pony panties are admirable.

I’d rather opt for a small heel. Thankfully, stable shoes are in fashion now.

Selena Gomez on her way to the nearest coffee shop.

Stylish bow by Alicia Vikander.

Tip 3. Love yourself.

In the midst of the conversation, Lilya sighed: “Yes, it’s easy for you to give out advice! Look how beautiful you are! And I’m like… like… like a sack of potatoes! Clumsy, ugly!”

I rounded my eyes. What? There’s an adorable girl sitting in front of me with long, shiny hair and huge eyes. But I understand her. To be liked by any boy at the age of 12, you have to like yourself. With 12 years just the beautiful stage of becoming a girl, as a girl.

During this period it is very important to nurture in yourself:

  • Respect for your inner world and desires.
  • Respect and acceptance of her body.
  • The presence of the right guidelines and goals in life.

Before a boy at age 12 likes you, take a look at yourself in the mirror. What do you like in your reflection that you do not like?

Take a pen and a nice piece of paper. On the left side write the flaws in your appearance that you do not like about yourself. Critically evaluate all the entries, and then on the right side of each one, write how you can fix it now.

“I’m fat, I have 5 extra pounds.——– I start every morning running and pushing my abs. I have acne. ———— I will wash my face every morning and evening with chamomile decoction, and I am also stopping eating sweets for the next 2 weeks.”

Hang this list in your room above your desk. And be sure to stick to all the promises you made to yourself! After all, when you’re 12 years old, you can get any boy to like you with just a little effort.

By the way, some nice list blanks can be downloaded at: You type “notepad sheets” into the search engine, for example, and enjoy such pretty sheets!

Tip 4. Balance in communication.

Let’s say you decided to like a boy in your class. So, half done, you already know him and have at least some contact. Then begins the most interesting and difficult. This is where not everyone, even an adult, can keep boundaries. But you at 12 years old have a better chance of getting a boy to like you, believe me!

It’s very important when trying to get a boy to like you, remember: you do not have to impose. That means:

You can be the first one to talk.

You can make a small gift/provide help.

For example, share a chocolate bar, give him a plectrum if he plays the guitar. You can let him cheat, or give him the right formula for a test.

Tip 5. Be yourself.

What qualities don’t boys like at 12, 20 and even 40 years old?

No one likes to feel next to another person “inferior”, “inferior”. It’s a very bad idea to like a boy at 12 by talking to him as if you’re “on top” of him.

If you like to chat, that’s fine. But in order to get the boy of your choice to like you, you don’t have to babble nonstop.

I don’t argue, sometimes being “your guy” for a girl in the company of boys can be beneficial.

We had a girl at school who was friends with all the boys when she was 12 years old. She played soccer with them, climbed trees, and bought her first moped with her friend Misha.

All the boys had a crush on her, because she had a gorgeous figure, a gorgeous mop of hair, and a wonderful smile.

Think and write down your virtues of character. You can put them in the same place, with a list of flaws and how to solve them. Every day look at your list of strengths and remember – a boy of 12 can like a boy, only knowing their strengths, and just by being yourself.

After all, you are beautiful!

Tip 6. What to talk about.

“To be liked by a boy, the same with him something to talk about?”, – exhaled Lilya, cheered up a little. She was already sitting with her shoulders squared and her neck extended proudly.

Yes, really! Here, at 32, it’s hard to talk to a new colleague for more than five minutes. All the talk about the weather and the dollar rate comes to naught after a short time. And finding something to talk about with a boy who isn’t even a teenager is like death!

So what can you talk about with a boy of 12?

Yes, however trivial, but it can always bail out the topic of school. Ask him what his favorite subject, for example. And develop tenacity, learn how to “blend” into the conversation.

Okay, bad example of a conversation about school:

“What’s your favorite subject? – Algebra. – I see. And what teacher do you like best? – Marina Anatolyevna. – I see. And how did you write the last test?”

Here’s a good example:

“And what is your favorite subject? -English. -Oh, I’m no good at English. Do you take extra classes? – Yes, I go to Oxford School of English. – That’s great! And what do you like most about this school?”

If you and the boy you want to like have mutual acquaintances or you walk in the same company, it’s a great excuse to chat with him.


Do not gossip or discuss behind the backs of your mutual friends. If you’re talking about someone else – do not talk about him in a bad tone. At the very least, it’s not nice. At most, a boy is unlikely to like a girl who calls you names or gossips about someone.

Now there’s a whole lot of room for the imagination. Are you both into sports? Talk about the coaches, achievements, competitions and equipment.

It happens that the girl is not into anything, and the boy at age 12 has a hobby. Ask the boy about his hobbies, accomplishments in that area.

And universal topics.

Tip 7. Common hobbies.

Let’s focus on this in more detail. To like the chosen boy at the age of 12, a great option would be to have common hobbies with him!

Neutral hobbies can be:

Ask the boy in between what he’s currently watching and why this show is so fascinating to him. Tell him that you’re looking for something to “pop into” on the weekend.

Honestly watch a couple of episodes, and on Monday, pounce on the boy with thanks and raves. ” Great show, and what plot moves, and what cool characters !”

Skateboarding, rollerblading, skating rink.

It’s very easy for a boy of 12 to like you, especially if you actively share his hobbies with him.

And what boy at age 12 does not like to skateboard, rollerblade or bike? Ask him to teach you some of the above.

There will be the bonus of having him hold your hand while you make your first attempts at getting up on a skateboard/rollers. That’s a nice touch!

Tip 8. Always be on the positive side.

Thank God that the emo generation has sunk into oblivion. Now it’s fashionable to be positive and smiling, because it’s easier to make people like you. You also feel free to use this powerful secret called “positivity”.

  • smile,
  • laugh,
  • talk about good things,
  • notice the nice weather and the nice music around you,
  • compliment your girlfriends and the boys in class,
  • be positive and happy.
  • Don’t complain about life/school/study/whatever.
  • Don’t insult people, especially in front of a boy you want to like.
  • Don’t make fun of yourself in an aggressive manner in front of other people.

Tip 9. Flirting.

To interest a good boy at age 12, you can also flirt openly with him. Of course, this advice is for brave and confident girls. And you are such, right?

Look in his direction with interest.

More often meet your eyes, but do not avert your eyes right away.

To please anyone at any age, not just a boy of 12, it is important to be able to say compliments. Not to flatter, and subtly notice the merits of a person and point them out.

How to like a boy? How to fall in love with a boy at age 12?

Look and remember 3 effective tips!

Tip 10. Become a friend.

And, of course, to like a boy at the age of 12, you can become a good friend for him! Use all of the above methods, and the boy will surely pay attention to you. At this point, it’s good to be a reliable support for him and a loyal companion. But do not go too far, or forever fall into a friendzone!

  • Call the boy “bro”, “friend”, “dude”, “bro. Subconsciously, this will drive you further and further into the friendzone.
  • Letting him hit you on the shoulder, on the back, even if it’s a simple friendly pat on the back.

A boy of 12, entering into a friendship with a girl, may forget at some point that in front of him is a member of the weaker sex.

Especially if you make him trust you and he can share a lot with you.

Yes, you can make up that you like Igor from the parallel class.

This will probably help the boy himself understand that he likes you, too.

Stay gentle and attractive girl, watch your appearance, do sports and be a feminine beauty. Then you’ll be able to like you as a person, and even fall in love with yourself as a girl, the chosen boy.

The evening came to an end, and my Lilya sighed with relief. In her eyes I saw that her head is already maturing a plan to please a boy at the age of 12. Satisfied, she ran into her room, and 10 minutes later rumbling began to come from there. I quietly opened the door.

My daughter had thrown her entire closet on the floor and was trying it on, jumping to music in front of the mirror. I closed the door and smiled.

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