How to flirt with a guy, tips?

Flirting with a man: the secrets of seduction

In every woman laid the ability to flirt. Thus, she chooses a suitable partner for life. Fascinating attracted gentleman, a girl hints at the development of relationships. And whether this relationship will continue, depends on how competent was flirting with a man, whether she was able to attract attention.

Despite the fact that the ability to seduce women in the blood, not everyone can boast of this gift. From this we conclude that the skill still need to perfect. We propose to get acquainted with our tips and recommendations that will help you behave correctly and save you from common mistakes.

Why women flirt

If you like a young man, and you want to draw his attention, then you should consider how to do it correctly. There is a fine line between artful seduction and indecent behavior. There are girls who were given by nature the ability to flirt, but some of them violate the norms of decency and rather repel men.

As a rule, women use flirting to achieve their main goal – the creation of a family and the birth of a child. But sometimes flirting, for example, at work with a man can help for some other purposes. Competently use it is not given to everyone.

First, you should definitely determine whether you want to create a family with this man or just have fun. Secondly, whether the flirting is with a male friend or a complete stranger. Based on this will be an understanding of what kind of flirting is most appropriate here. If the purpose is a family, the most important rule is to be yourself. This is what will attract the attention of a serious, reliable man. If you start to build yourself up as someone you are not, it is more likely to scare him away. But if he is shy on his own and not used to “hunting” for girls, flirting in general will scare him.

Unmarried girls flirting is much easier and more natural, because with it they can find their man in life. But sometimes it is interesting for adult women who are married. So they want to draw the attention of men, and sometimes to find a partner for an affair “on the side”. Flirting with a married man is also quite common.

Yes, in today’s world, there will be people who are categorically against flirting with a man and believe that he defames the honor of the fairer sex. But in many of us it is inherent in nature and occurs involuntarily when a man sympathizes with us. There are girls whose sexual energy just begs to be released, and they are very active in flirting. For them it is a normal state, because they are looking for a partner for sex and thus show themselves.

But whatever flirting may be, the essence of it is the same – to draw attention to yourself, to show your interest and desire to communicate with unknown men closer.

The importance of knowing how to flirt

Do not pay attention to those who say that flirting is indecent. In order to achieve your goal, it is a great way to do so. If you use flirting skillfully, you will never be without a beau. In general, flirting with a man does not oblige you to start any serious relationship, but it will definitely help increase the number of suitors in your environment. This is necessary in order to choose your man for sure to create a family.

There is no need to neglect flirting with the man you love. Flirting can also be with her husband, to somehow bring “spice” into the relationship. Moreover, it perfectly helps to solve conflict situations, and they are inevitable when people are around for a long time. A woman who knows how to properly flirt with a man, can get everything she wants, while not defaming himself. Have always been willing to protect her and help if necessary.

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How to flirt with a man?

The airy word flirting evokes a romantic mood. In everyone’s life, flirting has happened. About them we will talk. Such moments, of course, left a certain trace in the memory.

Nevertheless, not all people know how to flirt correctly. If in this business to allow too much, will come out not a very beautiful situation. It will ruin all the endeavors. Therefore, let’s consider how to flirt correctly, so as not to harm either yourself or your potential chosen one.

The main ways

Flirting is a set of certain actions that helps to express sympathy to the opposite sex . By and large, this is a special behavior of a man or woman with sexual overtones. Flirting gives pleasure and at the same time is a means of communication. When a person flirts, she aims to attract the attention of the opposite sex. In flirting, partners do not say specific phrases or perform specific actions towards each other. They try to convey the information that they are interested in continuing to communicate through unambiguous phrases.

We must understand that during flirting, everything happens at a subconscious level. For a man it is much easier to get acquainted with a woman. He can make a direct proposal, but for women it is much harder. And yet, the fair sex also need to be able to express their thoughts and desires. For this in the world and there is flirting.

A member of the fair sex need to know how to flirt with a man, so as not to seem like an intrusive person.

Consider the options that will help to learn some of the subtleties of flirting.

  • First of all, begin to take an interest in the life of your favorite man. Thus you make it clear to the chosen one that you do not care about him. In addition, you can get to know him better and understand whether the game is worth the candle or not.
  • The eyes are the mirror of the soul. So use them to attract the attention of your chosen one. Catch his gaze. However, you need to do it carefully so that it looks as if you looked in his direction completely by accident. The first step is to make the right choice of the person you are looking at.
  • If you get a chance to exchange a few phrases with a man, don’t be stingy with compliments about him. If the flirtation takes place at work or school, then tell your future boyfriend that he is smart, because he was able to solve the problem very quickly.
  • You can start playing with words . At the same time, all phrases should be aimed at arousing interest in the man. You can do anything: make jokes (the main thing that the jokes were not hurtful and clever), pay compliments, tell an interesting story.
  • If you like a man, be open to him. Femininity in this case should not be used. Only direct communication with a slight shyness in his eyes.
  • Try to adopt a way of communicating with the man you like. Thus he will feel that you are close to him in spirit.
  • The power of touch has not been canceled. If a man likes you, you can use a light touch. This should be done as if by chance. For example, take him a folder. But you should not put the folder on the table, and give it into his hands. Try to lightly touch his fingers or hand. Then look the man straight in the eyes, while expressing embarrassment.
  • You can start flirting with body language. To do this, turn around to your partner and start gesticulating. Under no circumstances use closed poses: do not cross your arms and legs. Act openly and at ease.
  • A separate tip for married couples: Husband sometimes you need to stimulate him to love you even more. So start flirting with your partner. This will surprise and excite him at the same time. So you let him know that you are not humble, but “a box with a secret.
  • Ask your chosen one for help. Show your weakness. Men like to seem strong and all-powerful. Let your man and feel like one.
  • Do something that will attract the attention of your future chosen one. For example, during a corporate party or joint celebration go on stage and sing a beautiful song (if you know how). You can also dance or make a heartfelt speech to the team. Here it will all depend on your abilities and talent. Just do not go overboard, otherwise the effect will be the opposite.

Do not refuse the revelations. If the man is already caught on your hook, you can allow yourself to go further, namely, to slightly hint that you really like him.

Flirting in different situations.

Single women should periodically flirt. First, this action raises the tone and gives a woman confidence. Secondly, so you definitely will not be left without a partner. Everyone knows that a person must have a personal life in order to be happy. Therefore, you should not deprive yourself of the opportunity to be happy.

The examples below will help you learn how to flirt.

By correspondence.

Don’t be surprised, but you can flirt with someone by correspondence, too. By the way, it is much easier to do it, because in person, not every woman will dare to make any display of feelings . For example, you really like the boss. However, he always behaves formally. It is understandable: not everyone can afford the flirtation, and even more so at work. Therefore, in a conversation you will not be able to express your feelings to the boss. However, if you have a correspondence with him, then show all your charm. So you will awaken in him fantasies aimed at your address.

How can you do this? You don’t just have to deliver official information, you have to put your personal feelings into it. How to proceed: first you address your boss formally in a message, without violating the regulations. When all the information is read, and you get the duty gratitude, then send an unambiguous smiley in response. Thus you let the man know that you care about him. Wait for the reaction, if it is not followed, then pretend that you were just wrong, mistaken smiley. If a reciprocal reaction follows, then act according to the situation.

By the way, you can flirt with her husband through correspondence. Through such actions, you will awaken his imagination and arouse additional interest.

On the phone

When communicating on the phone, one person does not see the other person. This is very good, because in this case there is an opportunity to fantasize. Women love to flirt. Men are very fond of being flirted with. When a woman plunges into action their charms, and the man thus hears only her voice, the latter wake up the most incredible fantasies. So women should use this factor to the fullest.

You must first of all adjust your voice so that it was more vocal. Remember: louder, but not louder. So the man will seem that he is talking to a fairly young woman. Next, you need to say a few phrases. They should have a hint of something very important. For example, the woman could say that she likes to go to the movies. And then casually add that at the moment there is a very interesting film in all cinemas. After such words, your potential chosen one certainly will invite you to the cinema.

Over the phone you can hint that the man you like. How? Again, as if by chance mention in the conversation that you like dark-haired men. This should be said when the young man has dark hair. If the representative of the stronger sex has blond hair, then say it the other way around.

When meeting in person.

If you meet with a potential partner one-on-one, you need to proceed with caution in this case. Too intrusive behavior can scare away and alienate a man. So flirt, but do not be intrusive. In flirting, everything is important: the looks, body language and conversation. You should not jump out of the gate. First, look around and understand what the mood of your future chosen one is today.

A smart woman should feel how the man treats her. If you feel that your partner is located to you and even shows great interest, then gradually build up your persistence. For example, tell your partner that he looks unusual today. That, in turn, is sure to show a reaction and ask: “Why did you come to that conclusion?” To which you need to answer, “I guess it seemed to me,” and then bring the subject down. Next, wait, what will the man and what topic of conversation he will propose now you. Remember: now it was his turn to make a move in your direction.

If you see that your partner’s interest in you is growing, then continue to make other steps. So, step by step you gradually start to get closer to the man you chose.

Useful tips

Remember that flirting includes verbal and non-verbal actions. All women sooner or later start flirting, because this factor is inherent in their nature. Absolutely all relations between a man and a woman begin with flirting. Some people just take a shorter time, while others prefer to stretch it out.

To easily impress and stay in a man’s memory, you need to read some tips.

  • If you like a man, start joking. A good mood promotes rapprochement. Remember that jokes should not be vulgar, but innocent. Otherwise, your future partner will be unpleasant, and he will turn away from you.
  • Smile more. It does not matter where you are: on the bus or in the office. An innocent smile can tell that you are interested in continuing the relationship. And remember: smiling has a magical effect.
  • Innocent conversations can be used to flirt . If you like a man, you have to come up with a topic of conversation. To make it work, ask him a few leading questions. Some of them are sure to interest your companion. This is the subject and need to develop. Thus start a conversation that doesn’t bind to anything. During such a conversation you can as casually hint at the fact that you are interested in being with his companion.
  • Ambiguous phrases. They can be different, but not rude. For example, if you are holding a bag, then say: “My hand is tired. The bag is so heavy. After that, no man will not leave you “in trouble. He will definitely offer to help you.
  • Men are conceited. If you tell your future chosen one that he looks very masculine, you will be able to arouse his interest in you. Not only that, in response, you will also be able to count on a compliment from him. If it is followed, it means that the man is not indifferent to you.
  • Look in the direction of your favorite man not just for a second, but about three seconds. Usually a piercing stare lasts more than three seconds. Only then can one person communicate to the other person on a mental level certain information.
  • If your partner is next to you, then lightly touch your shoulder to his shoulder . Then apologize. If the response is “It’s okay” (and a smile, etc.), then your action has been successful.
  • If you doubt that your partner is interested in you, conduct the following experiment. It will allow you not to lose time and find out how your future chosen one treats you. What do you need to do? Give him a business card. This method works 100%. If a man likes you, he will definitely call you.
  • Send your most beautiful photo and write this phrase: “How do you like me?” If he asks: “Why did you send the picture to me?” answer, “I made a mistake, I’m sorry.” And then explain that what you really wanted to send a message to a friend, to evaluate the makeup or dress.
  • Radiate positivity in front of your future chosen one.
  • If you are at work, and the workplace of the man you like is located near, then take advantage of this situation. When your colleague will start working, you, on the contrary, pretend that you are tired. Start rubbing your neck. In doing so, the strap should “accidentally” fall from your shoulder. Remember: there are a lot of options to seduce men, and every woman knows how to use them.

A woman who considers herself a self-sufficient person will always find a way to seduce a man. For example, she can bump into him in the hallway and pretend to be embarrassed by such an accident.

The following is a list of things that can invalidate your flirting once and for all.

  • Domination . If you try to include this kind of influence on a man from the beginning, and especially to apply it to a man, he will run away. So even if you are used to bossing around all the time, stop doing that. First produce an effect, get the man interested, and then try to influence him the way you’re used to doing it.
  • Do not tell the man that you do not like something in his words or appearance. Do not start a flirtation with negativity. For example, if you and your potential partner do not have the same points of view, in this case exclude arguments. Just respond to what he says in an evasive manner: “Yes, it can probably be done,” or “That’s a good idea.”
  • Excessive intrusiveness can immediately repel a man . Don’t assume that men don’t care who to have fun with. Most of them are pretty picky about their liaisons. And some of them are even offended if the first woman approaches them.
  • Do not look too often in the direction of a man. This too may repel him, and as a result he will think badly of you.
  • Do not start flirting with co-workers or friends. Many men are very secretive. This category of representatives of the stronger sex does not exhibit personal life on public display. If there is a “leak” of information, these subjects become enraged.
  • Also note that the flirtation with the man you like should be hidden from the eyes of your boss. Many bosses do not like it when such scenes are played out in the workplace. If you’re deprived of premiums, the mood can fall. And this factor is bad for the development of further relationships.
  • If you started a correspondence with a man you like, and he for some reason did not respond to you, then do not send him a thousand or so such messages: “Where are you?
  • Do not reply to a man in short sentences. These actions cools the ardor. Thus the conversation boils down to nothing.

If you really like a man, your feminine intuition tells you how to behave.

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