How to find harmony within yourself?

How to find harmony and maintain balance in life.

Finding harmony and balance with yourself is not only a popular trend, but also a vital necessity of modern man. However, the experience of many people shows that to find this desired harmony will not help just the right book or a trip to a yoga class, you need numerous, regularly performed, systematic actions. We are who we are and everything in us, including what we believe in, what motivates us, whether we trust ourselves and the world around us – all this and much more is a part of the feeling of balance and harmony. It’s all in our head, soul, and heart. Here are, in my opinion, 10 key rules, which can help you to restore and maintain your balance and which are worth reminding yourself about every day.

1. Relaxing after stress. Balance is about constantly moving toward a satisfying state. 2. Taking time to be with yourself and accepting yourself, being aware. 3. Trust in yourself. 4. Trust in the world. 5. Regular cleaning and purging (externally and internally). 6. Doing what you want, like, inspire, dream about. 7. Getting pleasure from the process and results of preserving, restoring balance 8. Regular physical movement in a state of pleasure: sports, music, dancing. 9. Harmonization of the rhythms of nature and the internal rhythms of man – harmonization and use of individual characteristics of the fullness of energy at different times of the day and seasons, harmonization with motor activity and nutrition. 10.Being in a state of love, pleasure, joy, openness to new experiences, in constant learning and development.

As a colorful and vivid example of how important it is to find and maintain balance in life, here is an essay from a client who was able to find her own ways to regain pleasure in life, through maintaining balance, and continues to replenish them:

“I’m writing only from my own experience, I hope someone will find it useful )) So how do you get out of constant emotional swings? There are very sensitive people who are easily involved emotionally in all kinds of life situations, and I was one of them. On the one hand I liked it, but on the other hand – any little thing could upset me, offend, and I could “chew” over the already accomplished events in my head for hours.

For many, many years I was looking for a way out, a way to get rid of it, and I found it when I didn’t think about it at all. After attending several offline and online meeting sessions, reading several books, and watching movies recommended by Alexander Belyaev, I realized that my desires, whatever they may be, are my desires and my ideas about life, but life does not have to meet my expectations. I realized that my desires are part of me. And if they are there, then there is a need to fulfill them. And that need is the same as eating, drinking and sleeping! When I allowed myself to fulfill them, starting with the most basic, the emotional background improved, and the further I went, the more enduring this improvement was. How did it happen? Simple)) I just started to “listen” to my feelings in my soul, in my body, in my chest, when I become aware of my desires. The key is what exactly do you feel when you think about what you want to have or do. If it is a feeling of compression, stiffness, tension – then you do not need the thing or you do not do what you really want. And you want it with your head, but the unconscious resists (for various reasons). And if you feel drive, pleasure, expansion, warmth inside – this is it! That state, that feeling, which tells you that you’re on the right track. The more often you do it, the faster the answer comes, the clearer this feeling becomes inside and you can’t confuse it with anything else. The more often you allow yourself to do what you want, what causes a feeling of happiness and pleasure, the faster you will come to a more or less balanced state and already you will easily catch even slight notes of irritation, tension or dissatisfaction in your everyday life. And it’s much easier to change those little notes of unpleasant emotions into pleasant ones. How? To think again about what would cause a pleasant feeling and implement it. And oh my goodness! The mood changes instantly.) Already in the moment when you think about pleasure. It’s very important to implement what you want, otherwise all the positive changes will remain in the head, and in reality, in life, everything will remain the same. And one day, hopefully, you will want to live right now and stop putting off your happiness for later. Just let yourself “play” with this kind of life to remove your inner resistance )). A positive side effect of this exercise is that you can easily feel the “here and now” moment. Many things have happened in your life and many things will happen, but if you set aside emotions and evaluation of the situation and imagine that the moment “now” is frozen, then you can hear yourself and your feelings. Stop stressing, it’s only worth it to catch a good moment a few times, a good pleasant feeling, and then you won’t have to force yourself to do it. You will want to do it. It will want to do it again and again, because it feels so good. And this “exercise” also improves the overall background of your mood. Don’t underestimate this skill )) When it becomes a skill, the usual feeling of harmony in the soul can be easily induced at any moment, no matter what situation you find yourself in. It is important to stay in “your good”, in the “now” moment. Anxiety has to do with the future, fear of experiencing what happened again has to do with the past. And in every single moment of our life there is none. In the “here and now,” everything is always good.

What else makes it easier and faster to bring about change in your life? Write a list of your desires-what you want to have, what you want to do, what you want to change. Those desires that lead you to feel happiness and pleasure, not tension. And the bigger this list is, the easier it is to remember at the right moment (when you’re feeling uncomfortable emotions), to choose what will bring you back to a state of comfort and restore your inner equilibrium. What else helps to come to balance? – The word of a knowledgeable person. Sometimes, or rather often, we get so lost in ourselves that we completely lose our bearings. In such a case, the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist is difficult to overestimate. Psychotherapist, as an experienced artist, will prompt you, the novice painter, what exactly you have a problem, why is it that you do not get a particular drawing – maybe you have chosen the wrong brush, took the paint wrong quality, not so dialed or not so put his hand. There are many reasons. And why exactly you can’t create the life of your dreams, what prevents you from doing it and how to create it – it is better to ask not your neighbor, but the professional who answered these questions for himself and helped dozens, maybe even hundreds of people to reach the state of harmony and happiness.

P / S: In working with Natalia were used techniques: awareness of desires, the formation of desires, the definition of goals, negotiations “harmonization of personality parts”, individual strategic planning, work with the defense mechanisms: projection, introjection, fusion, retroflection.

Books that have had the greatest impact:

Allan Pease, Barbara Pease, “The Language of Man-Woman Relationships”; Cameron Julia, “The Artist’s Way.”

Film Therapy:

“Angel-A,” a French black-and-white feature film, a love story with elements of comedy and fiction directed by Luc Besson.

“The Kid” is a 2000 American film, drama, sci-fi, directed by John Turteltaub, starring Bruce Willis.

Audio tracks from the e-course: “Meditative Reflections” for self-discovery and development. Example:

I love myself: how to restore inner peace

Loving yourself is the surest way for a woman to find happiness, harmony, achieve her desired career goals, and create a strong family. But what if a pleasant feeling dissolved long ago in the daily worries, bad news and stress? How to find not only confidence in the future, but also a sense of your own importance and uniqueness?

In our article we have collected tips from celebrities and professional coaches, who in their books reveal the secrets of a harmonious relationship with yourself.

Plan a life according to your desires

Society forces us to listen to the recommendations of complete strangers. Most often, such instructions are not only not helpful, but can hurt or even ruin your life. But is it possible to feel at ease with someone else’s rules? We are sure that it is not.

-4% The Woman Who Has a Plan. Rules for a Happy Life by May Musk Hardcover 859 ₽ 895 ₽ -4% Add to Cart In Cart

May Musk is of the same opinion. Once upon a time, despite the warnings of friends and family, the courageous woman dared to defy fate. She left her abusive husband, moved to another country with her three young children and built a dizzying career as a model and nutritionist. Today May is not only the mother of renowned entrepreneur Ilon Musk, but also an accomplished professional and family life. Listen to your desires, don’t be afraid to make plans that no one likes, and you’ll feel like a happy person.

Forgive yourself

No one is immune to mistakes, failures and serious problems. Some people, though, manage to easily erase the past from their memory, while others are forced to endure the torment of conscience for years.

-18% Demi Moore. Inside out: my unperfect story by Demi Moore Hardcover 800 ₽ 975 ₽ -18% Add to cart To cart

Forgetting the guilt will help you forget the guilt in the autobiography of Hollywood star Demi Moore . The actress has had to endure difficult and even tragic events more than once. On her account three marriages, each of which ended in a painful divorce. Thus, after the separation with her first husband Moore began taking drugs to drown out the pain, and after the separation with Ashton Kutcher and lost interest in life. According to the mainstream version of this union fell apart because of Demi unwillingness to have children.

Not surprisingly, she considered herself guilty of her own loneliness. However, many years later, the actress realized that some circumstances cannot be taken under control, which means that it is time to stop torturing yourself in vain.

Ignore false ideals

Glossy magazines and social media stars have long formed the majority’s idea of what a successful woman should look like. Meanwhile, imposed stereotypes and beauty standards have little to do with reality.

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Bobbi Brown , world-renowned makeup stylist, is ready to dispel myths about perfect beauties. In this book she will share the secrets of professional makeup and how to feel confident. Don’t be afraid to be different, because the power of your beauty is not in your abs or matte skin.

Follow your own path.

To be a good mother and at the same time build a career, to remain feminine and have a strong character, to obey a man and remain independent – how many requirements does society impose a girl! Is it possible to choose what you like in this situation?

-15% Business Witches. On inner strength, wisdom and courage to choose your path Svetlana Komarova Hardcover 701 ₽ 825 ₽ -15% Add to cart In cart

Psychologists and women’s crisis experts Svetlana Komarova and Elena Risberg believe: only the ability to follow your own path, regardless of the majority opinion, can provide happiness and peace of mind. The book “Business Witches” will teach you to listen to their desires, to act on the dictates of his own heart and not be guided by the opinion of others.

Let go of the past.

Sometimes the psychological trauma of many years ago, literally destroy any hope for happiness in the future. Long-standing resentments and parting forces us to stomp on the threshold of a new life, afraid to make a step forward, and instead of ease and inspiration comes apathy and despondency.

-15% The woman who shines from within. How to find your source of feminine power and sexuality Regina Thomasauer Hardcover 659 ₽ 775 ₽ -15% Add to cart In cart

Regina Thomasauer has been through all the stages of burnout herself and is here to help you. In her book, “The Woman Who Shines From Within,” she will tell you how to heal old wounds. In addition, the author will share the secrets of finding a balance between career and personal life, will teach forgiveness, calmness and confidence.

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