How to fall in love with a Taurus man?

How to fall in love with a Taurus man?

On your life path met Taurus. A dark sign under the patronage of Venus. And like any of her wards – insightful, noble, capable of creativity, but at the same time and stubborn in achieving their goals, able to push aside even what he cares.

Sensing with ancient instincts, who is in front of him in fact. And it doesn’t matter who you are: a middle-aged lady, a young girl, just recently fully realized his belonging to the beautiful sex or 25-year-old young woman in the prime of female beauty and sexuality.

For him, first of all, you are just a woman who liked you and who has set herself the problem: how to make a man fall in love with a Taurus. And your essence he will know very soon. So don’t try to pass yourself off as someone else.

He knows how to accept the rules of the game. You position yourself as naive, reverent, gentle and inexperienced? He will play along with you. And not just once, but for the long term, keeping his attitude towards you for a long time. If not forever. The main thing here is not to overplay his hand. Insincerity in Taurus is not appreciated. “To seem, not to be” – this is for you to another sign of the Zodiac.

What is he – a Taurus man?

He appreciates your feelings – but can hide out of a desire to fully like, understand your desires and needs, to take them for granted. Or not to accept, this is also possible, bearing in mind his already mentioned stubbornness after making a decision. He will correctly understand your desire to be liked – but he will also make quite certain conclusions, without being fooled by the abundance of makeup and a tight bodysuit under his clothes.

He will not take on things in which he is incompetent. But if he has a talent for a certain activity and he took it on, then woe to you if instead of support you will think to criticize his actions and express doubts about whether he will succeed in what he has planned.

Taurus is a subtle sensuality. Don’t try to dazzle him with an exquisite fragrance from Givenangie or Coco Chanel. It’s better to accentuate your natural scent of a clean, healthy body with just a touch of expensive perfume. He is not a metrosexual to throw on silicone inserts and perfume “bouquet” of expensive brands around the world. This zodiac sign is more likely to be repulsed by such things.

And, being a full-fledged man, he won’t perceive you as a woman if you have the words “harassment,” “abjection,” “misogyny,” “gender” and the like in your vocabulary. It’s not for him. He’ll lift his collar and walk away with a shrug. And it’s not about the content of these terms at all, he is quite adequate and himself does not accept harassment and violence, either physical or psychological.

It’s about the bearers of that terminology itself: if the woman in front of whom he held the tight door accuses him of sexism, he will no longer consider her a beautiful lady. Or as a lady at all.

How to fall in love with a Taurus?

Perhaps the main qualities that a Taurus man will cherish in his girlfriend in life will be reliability and the coincidence of characters. Therefore, building a relationship strategy with this sign, it is worth asking yourself questions:

Am I enough:

  • Patient?
  • Attractive?
  • Sexy?
  • Economical?

After all, several contradictory qualities coexist in Taurus. For all his entrepreneurial spirit, ability and desire to earn money, he is, however, a terrible moth! A wise woman will take the management of income and expenses into her own hands, thus providing the financial rear of the family. Moreover, she will do it unobtrusively (Taurus men can’t tolerate obtrusions and diktat!) But carefully and accurately.

Demonstrate on occasion his ability to be rational and thrifty. Such a friend of life Taurus himself will present everything on a silver platter. Apparently, Voland had in mind such women in Bulgakov, saying “Never do not ask for anything, you proud woman! They will come and give it all.

True, do not go overboard with excessive pragmatism: a romantic, in spite of everything, Taurus nature does not accept this trait in women. And if you have coped with this subtle task, the first step to form his lasting attachment to you is made by you.

A man born in the period from April 21 to May 20, likes and appreciates a good table, so if you have a culinary talent – this is a huge plus to your karma. However, Taurus himself, being a creative person, can also give you a great, hand-cooked dinner. Or breakfast – if you have already got to the point of waking up in the morning in the same bed! By the way, Taurus is often insatiable in love, and will have sex willingly and often, keep that in mind!

Keeping in mind this quality of Taurus, you should seriously think about cleaning yourself if your appearance appeared to be slightly neglected as a result of life peripeteia! No, a Taurus does not need a standard beauty, made according to the models of the plastic beauty industry with duck lips, raised cheekbones a la Barbie and a dried up nose.

These men are quite unusual idea of beauty, they are quite enough of the attractiveness that was given to you by nature itself. The main thing for them in a woman – “zest”. Very appreciate the kindness and responsiveness, as well as the ability to hold their own in public with dignity, not stooping to bazar-like clarification of relations in a difficult or conflict situation.

Says Olga T.

“My life situation was really bad. The man with whom I lived for 9 years, had a child by him, not only did not think about marrying me – he did not even divorce his ex! He was petty, suspicious (completely groundless, by the way, I was a faithful common-law wife!) He started insulting me lately, calling me an unnecessary freak. How much I cried stealthily … I do not know what came over me, but I decided to cheat, to check whether I really do not need anyone! Hmm… I did. As they say, demand exceeded supply!

I had this casual relationship on a dating site, and then one day a Taurus man comes to my page with a compliment, “Oh, what an adorably glazed girl!” And I really do have saucer eyes there. How did you know I was a Taurus? And that’s where the zodiac sign of your interlocutor was put.

He was older than me, somehow took a faithful, slightly patronizing, but also respectful tone at once. Like father and daughter. And I told him everything, out of the goodness of my heart. And he asked me out.

I must say that I still perceived him as just another man in the street. “Oh, I wasn’t, I’ll forget later, just like the previous ones! But in spite of this attitude, I went out on a date with a feeling of nervousness, and when I saw him, I was completely swooning! He was so … unusual somehow. Unconventional. Then it turned out that he was not from our place, from the Far East, with a completely different mentality. A former sailor.

We had sex right away, and I didn’t regret it one bit. He was tender, gentle, in bed he was a real guide, and I was as lulled to sleep. I was lulled into sleep. I was flying home in three hours. And then, after several meetings I decided to break up with my “husband” after one more insult!

It was scary – what if my Taurus at the last moment will run away into the bushes – he also was not free, half a year has lived with a Scorpio woman, from which it is not so easy to leave because of her character. But he met me, consoled and supported me, and we went and rented an apartment. We started to live together, and then we bought a house. We got married two months after we got hitched. We’ve been living for eight years now. And yes – I am a Taurus too!”

Compatibility with other Taurus signs

Here we come close to the topic of compatibility. In classical astrology it is customary to operate with the concept of “triangle”, where the zodiac signs located in a circle are inscribed in an isosceles triangle, at the tops of which, as in the case of Taurus, are also Virgo and Capricorn.

It is these that are considered to be perfect for each other. But there are also exceptions. In the first case – with the canonical opposite, which in relation to Taurus is Scorpio (because they got together in real life, as in Olga’s story!), in the second, the ideal is a combination of two identical signs, when both mutual claims and mutual sympathy enter into a kind of alliance and are extinguished. In the third case, one of the partners will always be dominant, and only on this basis will a harmonious relationship be built.

In the case of the woman whose letter is cited above, many things coincided: both the same worldliness, which both perceived as a challenge to fate, and the woman’s openness to a new partner. Being terribly jealous,

Taurus, however, appreciate the frankness in the relationship, and if they see that for this woman you become a friend, protector, husband and lover in one person, and she appreciates it – such a partner of Taurus will forgive all the past transgressions. And he will not consider them as transgressions. So the statement that “honesty is the best policy!” in this case works 100%.

Now let us briefly run through the compatibility of Taurus with other zodiac symbols:

Man – Taurus: how to fall in love, understand and win

If you dream of a loyal, reliable and balanced man, Taurus is the most suitable option. Noble and independent, he is ready to achieve everything in life himself. This man has a tremendous inner strength that helps him through difficult times. But, despite the external force, Taurus inside are sensitive and vulnerable, it is difficult to tame them, but the effort is worth it.

Characteristics of male Taurus

Men born under the sign of Taurus, sociable and friendly. They can long tolerate the presence of a person who they do not like. But if he gets angry, in anger Taurus is uncontrollable and stubborn. Arguing and confronting them at that moment is very difficult.

The main character traits are:

  • restraint,
  • self-confidence,
  • high capacity for work,
  • decency,
  • responsibility.

The zodiac sign belongs to the element Earth, which fully explains their craving for nature, which only increases over the years. The best vacation is a trip to the countryside, to the woods. In the silence they restore the emotional balance. Many dream of having their own country house.

Man Taurus, as a rule, has a strong physique, confident movements, calm speech. They look strong and strong-willed, it is difficult to throw them off balance. They rarely listen to other people’s advice, especially if it is expressed in the form of an order. It is difficult to object and argue with Taurus, they prefer to communicate with compliant and compliant ladies.

Taurus men value their homes, their comfort and coziness. They are reliable and faithful husbands and caring fathers. They will pass on to their son all their skills, teach him how to do men’s work around the house. A wife should be a homely and hospitable person. Taurus will prefer going out to family holidays and guests will often visit such a house.

Material values are not alien to them. Financial well-being provides them with stability and confidence in the future. Unreasonable spending such a man does not accept, although he is never stingy with gifts and flowers. In gratitude for their partner’s honesty and loyalty, they are ready to provide her financially.

Changes and stressful situations are experienced by them very hard. Of course, Taurus will hide their frustration, but they will look forward to restoring everything. For all their merits, they are no stranger to laziness and indecision. It is difficult to persuade a Taurus man to a risky event, as well as to induce an unplanned walk.

How to understand a Taurus man

“Earthy” man prefers discovery and honest relationships. He enjoys success with the opposite sex, but he cannot be called a womanizer. Often change partners he can only in his youth. A more mature man will choose a harmonious relationship. Taurus will not speak beautiful words, promise the impossible. These are not his methods. The true attitude he shows by deeds. If he visits you sick, meets you late from work and remembers the date of your acquaintance, then his intentions are quite serious.

If you are tormented by doubts, then the best option is a calm and open dialogue. Taurus will answer all the questions, doubts will disperse. If he sees in you only a friend, then do not rush to reject acquaintance. In a difficult situation in life, Taurus will be the first to come to the rescue.

But, if a man doubts, do not push and give him time to think. Taurus does not make rash decisions. There is no point in pressuring him and hurry, it’s better to show understanding and patience.

How to like a man Taurus

Man Taurus loves the fair sex, appreciates the natural beauty. Enlarged lips and breasts, false hair, eyelashes will not attract him. But a stylish outfit, beautiful manicure, neat hairstyle will not go unnoticed. Too open and provocative dresses will not create the best impression of you in his eyes. In addition, Taurus men are very jealous, and open dresses will attract unnecessary attention to you.

A confident and strong Taurus man attracts women with his masculinity. He is easily carried away, able to quickly twist an easy affair. Around him there are always a lot of women, colleagues, girlfriends love him for his loyalty and devotion. If you set yourself the goal to start a serious relationship with him, do not be too active. Show that you sympathize with him and then let him initiate the meeting.

When starting a relationship with a Taurus, remember the basic rules:

  • Do not provoke an attack of jealousy. When angry, he is capable of the most decisive actions. And if he has no feelings for you, he will leave you to the delight of his rival.
  • Establish a good relationship with his family and close friends. Even if everyone failed to like you, just keep calm and be polite.
  • Do not impose your opinion on him and do not try to change his mind. This will at least cause a quarrel, or even provoke a breakup.
  • Taurus does not tolerate a frivolous attitude towards money. So show him that you know how to spend only on necessary things and save for major purchases.
  • Do not be stingy with praise, note his business qualities, achievements, economy and reliability. He is cool about his appearance.

Taurus is capable of a beautiful courtship, the sea of attention and gifts you ensured. Few women can resist his pressure. Even if the romance with him was not in your plans, giving in to his entreaties, you are unlikely to be disappointed. A good friend and a great lover, he can be an almost perfect partner.

How to win a Taurus man

Taurus always knows what he wants. You will have to adjust to him, to meet high demands. He appreciates not only external beauty and grooming, but also a trim figure, neat clothes, well-groomed hands. If you aspire to a serious relationship with such a man, exercise and watch your diet. Next to him you need to be strong and healthy, just like a Taurus man.

Earth signs have a warm relationship with their mother. If the relationship with your future mother-in-law does not work out, Taurus is unlikely to dare to create an alliance with you. Being a good hostess, tasty cooking, making the house cozy – mandatory requirements for the future wife. Even if at first you will not succeed in everything, he will give you time to learn everything, will guide and help. Invite him to visit, feed him deliciously, caress him and the stubborn bull will turn into a gentle calf.

Man Taurus: how to behave with him

It is not easy to captivate a man of Taurus, but it is even more difficult to live with him. A woman has to give up many of his habits, active social life, to adjust to his interests and needs.

It is good if your hobbies are the same, so you can quickly get closer to Taurus, position him for yourself. But if computer games, fishing, chess do not give you joy, then leave him with any case, do not criticize and do not demand all the attention to yourself. Better to read a book, go to the pool or cook cake. Stay self-sufficient and interesting, do not completely dissolve into a man and do not forget your friends. Only a strong, versatile woman can constantly interest him.

Taurus is often subject to outbursts of anger, stubbornness, mood swings. If you are as emotional, then life together will turn into a battlefield. It is better to restrain your temper, give him time to calm down. In a state of excitement he is not ready for rational thought, but when he calms down, listen to you. But make the final decision himself, and if you are not ready that the man will be the head of the family, then stay away from Taurus.

Good and strong relationships often develop in Taurus with older partners. They already have life experience and wisdom, can appreciate a stable and reliable relationship with such men. After all, Taurus men are excellent husbands, caring fathers. With them, you will forget about the broken plumbing or an empty refrigerator.

Taurus man in love

A man born under the sign of Taurus will be dominant in love. He will show his feelings in actions, care, attention, financial security. When choosing a partner he will show his usual stubbornness. Even if the incompatibility of characters is obvious, he is ready to continue the relationship. A man in love is capable of being a worthy husband and father, but they experience parting for a very long time. The courtship period usually does not last long, if he realizes that his soulmate is near him, he is ready to marry right away.

In the family he prefers to make decisions and is not afraid of responsibility. As a father he is strict and fair, his children will be well-off. Even in the absence of special talents, Taurus will find a way to earn enough to live comfortably.

The woman he loves should regularly tell him words of love, caress, pity and care for him. Only then will the man feel his masculinity. Scandal and a woman who will ridicule him in front of others, he will not tolerate around. Do not make him jealous and do not give reasons to doubt the sincerity of your feelings, avoid looking provocative or vulgar. Treason Taurus certainly will not forgive. He is a true proprietor and master of his family.

Man Taurus in sex

The physical side of love is no less important to him than the emotional. His sensuality only grows with age. Taurus men are ready for experiments and do not accept complexes. Deliver pleasure to the partner – a prerequisite of intimacy for him. Gentle, long foreplay, emancipation and full commitment – the main advantages of the Taurus man.

Do not be silent about your erotic fantasies. Perhaps sex on top of the mountain he will not offer you, but he can turn any corner of his home into a love nest. Taurus himself will choose the place and time for carnal pleasures, because he is accustomed to solve everything in life independently. It is not necessary to rush him, as well as to show fake emotions. This man appreciates naturalness in everything, your body should be well-groomed, clean and accessible.

Do not expect from him exotic emotions, he will give preference to simple sex without unnecessary complications. However, he always guesses his partner’s wishes and caresses her with pleasure.

Taurus is almost an ideal life partner. For extreme and fun, look for another partner. But if you are ready to create a family and want to be protected by a strong man, Taurus will be able to provide you with peace and stability.

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