How to fall in love with a Libra man?

Man – Libra: how to fall in love, understand and win

Gallant and pleasant to communicate Libra can conquer even stroppy young ladies. But their behavior depends on how sexually attractive object you are to him. How to win the heart of a Libra man. And most importantly, how to keep the seducer near you for many years? These questions will help to answer this article.

Characteristics of a Libra man

Man-Libras refers to the type of people who just love to be in the spotlight of the opposite sex. They whole-heartedly strive to please, to charm courteous manners and be helpful to all without exception. At the same time they are distinguished by a mild, benevolent character. They are great advisors and keepers of other people’s secrets. Their friends and acquaintances are constantly turning to them with their problems in order to cry “on their shoulder. Trying to solve other people’s problems in life, Libra are guided only by logic and common sense.

Man-Libras, afraid to discredit themselves in society, always try to behave “evenly” with all without exception, avoiding insults and criticism. Those born under this sign of the zodiac are the real diplomats and lovers of gleaming erudition.

With regard to his own life, a man of Libra is often afraid to make the wrong decision, hesitates and asks the opinion of those around him, so that in the case of failure to withdraw part of the responsibility. The search for truth and inner harmony, whether it is a personal relationship or a profession, is a typical Libra trait.

Libra becomes an excellent father, bringing up high moral qualities in the child. Children reciprocate, feeling the indisputable male authority. But still the main person in the life of such a man is his wife, for which he is relentlessly ready to make little surprises and pleasantries. Next to a loving and understanding husband, the woman blossoms, and a warm, cordial atmosphere prevails in their family nest. But at the same time, the other half of Libra should accept that the man will not often be interested in her heartstrings, sympathize. Yes, the husband will certainly give practical advice and help, but you can’t count on much more.

It is difficult to find such a companionable and sociable sign as Libra. They easily find common ground with a woman, but do not enter into marriage in a hurry, long weighing the pros and cons of the decision. In addition, the man will be afraid of losing “sexual” freedom, so he is looking for a serious relationship with a passionate person who can satisfy his needs.

How to understand a Libra man

The Libra man is a true master of seduction. He has a cheerful disposition and good manners, and this cannot but attract the fair sex. Striving to charm and seduce all the ladies in his circle, he is always able to support a pleasant conversation and shine with a sense of humor. Very often it is the Libra becomes the object of adoration of his numerous admirers.

But even after mutual declarations of love, a man of Libra can behave completely unpredictably, leaving his girlfriend to grieve alone. What he is guided by? How to avoid cracks in the relationship? Perhaps these tips will help you better understand the mysterious nature of Libra:

  1. For the first time falling under the charm of a Libra man, a woman takes his smile and flirting as a display of affection. What is her surprise when he suddenly loses interest in her and switches to another beautiful woman. To understand such behavior, it is worth accepting the fact that the external brilliance of a Libra does not at all mean that he is in love. Do not overestimate the signs of attention gallant gentleman.
  2. Most men born under the sign of Libra are characterized by pragmatism and subjected to analysis of any act or phenomenon. They are trying to rationalize any issue than sometimes irritate the lady of the heart. If you really want to understand your favorite, take his tendency to lay out all the boxes, in difficult situations, this quality can be very useful.
  3. Libra can not tolerate conflict and always avoid sharp angles in clarifying relationships. Stupid arguments and discussions can throw the guy off-balance, and this is fraught with a loss of inner harmony. He himself rarely expresses his dissatisfaction with the other half. Pay attention to the changes in the mood of your loved one to understand the essence of his claims to you in time.
  4. Despite the sociability, Libra prefers the company of close people in a large noisy company. Men of this type can not stand parties and feel uncomfortable there. When thinking about where to go on a date, the girl should always take this feature into account.
  5. A Libra man is a true connoisseur of beauty, but he prefers that the woman preserved her natural attractiveness. Overly bright makeup and manicure can repel him from his beloved. In addition, Libra does not tolerate disorder and slovenliness. Creating a comfortable environment is the primary task of his spouse.

How to win a Libra man

Often there are situations when a woman is attracted to a young man, but she does not know how to approach him and call attention to herself. The task is not easy, but quite solvable. To do this, you only need to correctly draw a psychological portrait of the beloved. The typical qualities of a Libra man:

  1. Guys born under this sign, as a rule, do not suffer from a lack of female attention, using it very skillfully. They effortlessly flirt, right and left, breaking the hearts of ladies. So to win the gentleman, do not pay too much attention to him. Need to stand out from the crowd, becoming an impregnable object of lust.
  2. Libra is a creative person, extraordinary. People of this type are characterized by some strange and extravagant behavior. For example, they can afford to be late for a date or not come to it at all, inventing ridiculous excuses.
  3. Spontaneity and rashness are alien to Libra. By any decision, even if it is not very important, the man is serious, prethinking everything. Therefore, do not ask him too quick answers to your questions.

A Libra man in love

The representatives of the stronger sex that were born in the period from September 23 to October 24 are fans of all the beautiful and refined. And, first of all, this manifests itself in relations with women. Needless to say, an ungroomed person is unlikely to be attractive to Libra. The competition is too great, so the lady should look impeccable at any time of the day and must always be dressed “from the top”. If he sees you as a worthy match, he will surround you with attention and care. But do not wait for the romantic manifestations at the beginning of the relationship, because Libras know their worth and give his heart only to the most-sama.

Despite the external gloss such men are no stranger to timidity and shyness. In love a young man is capable of embarrassment and even blushing. Not the fact that he was at once begins to beautifully courting you and giving gifts Libra prefers more to talk than to do. In any case, the relationship with a man in love will be bright and unforgettable, because he knows a lot about love. However, do not be fooled, even experiencing strong emotions, he may well allow himself to maintain contact with his former admirers.

How to behave with a Libra man

Men of this sign are convinced that they can conquer the heart of any lady, even the most stroppy. And that is their main strength. If on your life path you met this insidious seducer and you do not know how to fall in love with him, refer to astrology. Perhaps, some recommendations will help you:

  1. Libras are attracted to inaccessible and mysterious women who want to conquer again and again. So if you are seriously infatuated with a man, pull yourself together and do not show him too much attention, staying in the shadows for a while. He has enough groupies, and to be noticed, to stand out from the crowd you will need a lot of effort.
  2. Femininity and attractiveness are the main trump card in winning a Libra man. A graceful figure, beautiful curls, flawless makeup and elaborate attire – and the task is half done. Add to your charm the ability to keep up a conversation, a good sense of humor and pleasant manners. The provocative behavior of your girlfriend will certainly alienate this aesthete.
  3. Do not interfere and argue with the Libra, they do not accept it. It is not necessary to accept his point of view, just nod in agreement. Thus, you will support the self-esteem of Libra and maintain peace and harmony in your couple. You will need a fair amount of feminine wisdom and restraint in the relationship.
  4. These men are constantly in search of mental harmony. Do not be surprised and be loyal to the fact that sometimes they will “go” into themselves and think about some moments from their past. Do not criticize Libras without a good reason. They will not discuss and scandalize with you, but just silently walk away to a woman who understands and supports him.

Man Libra in sex

A Libra man is like an expensive musical instrument. It takes a long time to tune it up and any unpleasant remark can ruin everything. He attaches great importance to foreplay, loves gentle touching and stroking.

Libra is a very attentive and reverent lover, he will definitely make sure that the woman gets pleasure in bed. He really is capable of much, if he feels a reciprocal desire.

Such a man – a master in all that concerns the preliminary caresses. He knows the female body well, studying it long and thoroughly. If the partner give it without a trace, he will conquer her love games, slowly leading up to orgasm. In addition, Libra is very hardy and can continue the sexual act for hours, until the beloved will not be satisfied.

For Libra, sex is not just a sport and the process of satisfying animal lust. It is a real art, a way to find new sensations and emotions. They always treat the act of love responsibly, taking care, including contraception, everything they need is always at hand.

Libras are ready for bold experiments and see nothing wrong with group sex, and they can both participate and watch. If a man finds a partner as relaxed as he is, then the sex life of both will not be trivial and reckless.

The Libra man in love

The Libra man is always in search of love and new vivid sensations. Even after finding his second half, he continues to flirt with women in order to boost his self-esteem and establish himself at their expense. Throughout his life, he can have many romantic relationships, trying out “for his taste” a variety of girls.

But if a woman is still luring Libra in his net, he is able to surrender completely, becoming a true protector and skillful lover. He dreams of entering into marriage with the perfect companion. She must be not only sexually attractive, but also fully share his point of view and interests. The soulmate, among other things, is obliged to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the home on a daily basis.

The compatibility of this sign with others is impressive. Libras can find common ground with almost any representative of the zodiacal circle. But the maximum commonality of interests and harmony will find with a woman of Cancer and Taurus, Aries, Scorpio and Pisces.

How to win a Libra man: features of the sign and signs of falling in love

The Libra man is a true aesthete, who knows how to appreciate beautiful things and intellectual conversation. Representatives of this sign always attract women, no matter where they are. At the same time, a Libra man is far from being as simple as he wants to seem. How to win a Libra man and how to keep his love for a long time – these issues should be dealt with more thoroughly.

Characteristics of the sign

A man born under the sign of Libra is an aesthete, a manipulator and a true womanizer. No matter where he is, there will always be a lot of attractive women around him. This popularity makes him rather picky and windy, so win his heart will not be easy.

In the opinion of men of this sign, they themselves are hunters, not victims, so the obsession of women will not be appreciated. Libras need to achieve and fall in love themselves – this is more interesting for them.

Outwardly this man looks simple and open, but inside there is a real manipulator, and sometimes a tyrant at home. The man of this sign knows how to appreciate the beautiful, whether it is a fine drink, classical music or a beautiful woman. They are incredibly artistic and attractive to others, always able to maintain a conversation on any topic and win the attention of any person.

At the same time, Libra is very fickle, both in his hobbies and passions, and in matters of love. You can attract his attention with a bright appearance, but most often attempts to establish a close relationship lead to nothing but a fleeting affair.

Men of this sign jealously guard their freedom, not tolerate pressure and attempts to control, so the last does not bind itself by marriage bonds.

If the representatives of some signs in the first place is a career for other men – love and family, then the priorities of the Libra man is himself.

With all this, Libra is a fairly honest sign of the Zodiac. He himself always acts honestly and demands the same from others. Because of this, Libra men are often disappointed, as the world around them often does not meet their expectations.

The apartment of a Libra man is always beautiful and comfortable

Natural charm helps Libra to literally manipulate people around them. It is fair to say that this ability is almost never used for the evil of others. Men of this sign are great public speakers, skilled diplomats and excellent lovers.

A woman who succumbed to the charms of the representative of this sign, she will not notice how she begins to do everything to please a Libra man. Such a man can cloud the mind of his suave and change the character of the girl as he pleases.

Libras know how to appreciate beauty, so they always look stylish and well-groomed. The house of the representatives of this sign is always cozy, and the environment is chosen so as to surprise and delight the guests. In doing so, Libra often enough pay more attention to the outer shell, rather than the content. Their unsurpassed artistry and sense of beauty can hide a rather limited view of things and lack of education.

Bright and impulsive behavior of Libra is often due to internal insecurity in themselves and their actions, due to which the man of this sign is prone to provoke others. Quite often they behave too expressive to attract attention and gain admiration, thus compensating the inner emptiness.

Another peculiarity of representatives of this sign – they never know what they want and whether they have enough of what they already have. Because of this, Libra often goes to extremes.

The positive sides of the representatives of this sign:

  • honesty;
  • a sense of beauty;
  • Ability to make others feel at ease;
  • goodwill.

At the same time Libra in general does not know how to be a friend. They are friendly and outwardly open, but as long as someone does not try to break personal boundaries. Into their soul Libras do not let anyone in, however, with pleasure dig into someone else’s soul, but never hurt (at least consciously).

Negative character traits of men of this sign:

  • insecurity;
  • Excessive expectations for others;
  • inconstancy.

To understand how to win a Libra man, you should first sort yourself out. In the case of Libra, the hunter often becomes a victim, so a woman who conquered the heart of a man of this sign for a short time, soon may itself be left with a broken heart.

How does a Libra man in love behave?

A Libra man in love always compliments his lady

Signs of falling in love a guy born under the sign of Libra is easy enough to notice with the naked eye. Despite the fact that men of this sign always find themselves in the spotlight, in love Libra men try to draw the girl away from them. If a woman suddenly finds herself constantly in the center of some gossip in the team along with a Libra man – you can be sure that he himself had a hand in this.

Despite internal hesitation, the Libra man will play in public, trying to attract the attention of a woman. If he does not succeed or the attempts will soon become boring, he will move on to open actions.

There are two possible developments here – either Libra will weave an intricate network of intrigue by involving the woman he likes, or he will stand in the position of the victim, causing him compassion and pity. The first option men of this sign are put to use when communicating with a weak and open woman, the second option works if the object of interest was a strong and independent personality.

Be sure that if a Libra man is in love, a woman has no chance not to reciprocate. The natural magnetism of representatives of this sign plays into their hands in love affairs, helping to dispose to any girl.

In love a Libra man knows how to take care of the lady and does it with pleasure. His arsenal includes memorable compliments, trivial gifts, flowers and signs of attention, the ability to entertain with a conversation and cheer up.

Libras gladly arrange a date in unusual places, but most often invite the girl to share a work of art with them – at an exhibition, art gallery or museum.

How to fall in love with a Libra man?

A girl with bright makeup will definitely attract the attention of a man of this sign

To understand how you can fall in love with a Libra man, you should first determine what the goal is pursued by a woman. If you want to have an easy and non-committal affair – it’s enough to dress reddish and attract his attention with a bright appearance. But for a serious relationship just looks alone will not be enough, as Libra wants to see a woman as a reliable partner and good friend.

Before charming a Libra man, you should figure out what kind of girls he is attracted to. Libras prefer bright and extraordinary women. Appearance of the girl they rate as a work of art. This does not mean that a woman must have perfect proportions and facial features, the main thing – it is her ability to present themselves and their appearance.

Libra can admire the imperfect face of a confident woman and not notice the discreet, but classic, beauty of the “gray mouse”. As already mentioned, the wrapping is more important to them than the stuffing, at least at first glance.

Elegant clothes that emphasize the figure, but also leave room for fantasy will help to attract his attention. Screaming sexuality in clothing also attracts Libra, but for one night. Men of this sign love bright makeup that emphasizes the advantages, and in general are not fierce fighters for natural beauty.

To attract his attention, it is important to be a bright personality. A man of this sign will definitely be interested in a bold woman who is not afraid to attract the attention of others.

Another nuance that will help both to win the heart of Libra, and for a long time to keep the relationship is the ability to feel the interlocutor. Libras love contrasts, so if a bright and garish appearance hides an intelligent and sensible woman, the man of this sign will not be able to remain indifferent.

How to behave: useful tips

A man – Libra will always appreciate in a girl a beautiful, competent speech

To better understand how to conquer a Libra man, a woman should further understand the characteristics of this sign. Libra is quite controversial and do not know exactly what they want from life in general and from a particular woman in particular. Thus, a girl should be smarter and think one step ahead, to be able to not only attract his attention, but also firmly bind to himself.

  1. To win a Libra man, a girl needs to watch not only her appearance but also her speech. Men of this sign can not tolerate rudeness in any of its manifestations. A woman’s speech should be clear and rich, without parasite words and swearing. If a girl at the same time owns her voice, a Libra man will not be able to resist her magic for long.
  2. After managing to attract the attention of a Libra guy, the girl should pass the initiative into his hands so that he can make her fall in love with him, not vice versa.
  3. To conquer a Libra man, it is necessary to show your own romanticism and emotionality. As a rule, the candy and bouquet period is very important for representatives of this sign, so the girl should let herself be wooed.
  4. A girl should share the interests of her lover and willingly attend various events that attract him. If Libra finds in a woman a worthy interlocutor with whom you can discuss works of art and the latest book read – this will be an excellent basis for a strong and harmonious relationship.

In general, to create a harmonious relationship with a man born under the sign of Libra, a woman must become to him both mother, lover, devoted friend and reliable partner. Man must feel in a woman to support and be able to trust her – and then the relationship will be strong and happy.

The wrong strategy

Libra is difficult to really captivate, but it is very easy to push away. Men of this sign do not tolerate:

  • frank flirting and excessive coquetry;
  • ridicule and criticism;
  • controlling;
  • hysterics and jealousy;
  • nonsense;
  • arguments.

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A male Libra should be in the first place. He is a leader in a relationship, and does not tolerate if a girl is trying to seize the initiative. Libra men do not tolerate rudeness, rudeness and unladylike behavior. This makes them quickly disappointed and end the relationship.

Men of this sign do not tolerate control by a woman. An attempt to put him on a short leash is initially doomed to failure. As the men of this sign themselves are excellent manipulators, they will not allow a woman to blackmail herself with tears and tantrums. In addition, you should not try to provoke jealousy by flirting with other men – Libra does not forgive that.

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