How to fall in love with a guy who already has a girlfriend?

How to fall in love with a guy who already has a girlfriend?

How to fall in love with a guy who has a girlfriend? How to beat a guy away from a rival?

Today’s girls are more free than their mothers and grandmothers were when they were young. With amazing ease, they change their place of work, school, friends, girlfriends and even the guys they meet. They can afford a lot of things that their parents at their age were not allowed to do. For example, in pursuit of vivid impressions, many girls today date several guys at once, experiment in sex, pretend to be loving and sweet, only to marry the guy she thinks is successful and promising.

Of course, not all girls are like that. There are many who wait years for their “prince,” preferring to go with the flow rather than make an attempt to wrest a guy away from a rival. We are not going to judge anybody, but to give advice to strong and decisive women, who know that being modest is not in fashion today, and that only those who are not afraid of being judged and disgruntled look, who are ready to fight for their love, win.

Love is an unpredictable feeling. More often than not, we do not reciprocate those who love us. We want to win the love of the guy who likes a friend, classmate or just an acquaintance. Of course, the behavior of girls who pay attention to other guys just to prove their superiority over her rival and that she is able to seduce any man, immoral and ugly. But if you are sure in the sincerity of your feelings for a guy who is friends with another girl, then why not try to steal him away and prove that you can make his life more joyful and happy.

Agree, nowadays it’s silly to suffer silently from unrequited love, you should use any opportunity to make your lover pay attention to you, compare you to his girlfriend and think: “Oh, what a girl! Where was she before?” “How can I do that if he doesn’t even notice me now?” – you ask, and you’d be right. Falling in love with a guy who already has a girlfriend is a difficult task, but nothing is impossible for you, right? If your answer is “Yes!”, then all that remains is to change and become damn seductive by observing the following points:

1. Change your image. If you’re already in love with a guy, then most likely you know very well how his girlfriend looks like. You do not need to be clairvoyant to guess that this is the type of girl your lover likes. Pay attention to the color and length of her hair, how she dyes and behaves. If she is a slender blonde and you are a brunette with overweight, then the chances to make him fall in love with you are equal to zero. To start you will have to change the image, go on a diet, exercise and change your hair. Lighten the hair, of course, need to be careful, after consulting with an experienced hairdresser. Assess your external data and try to get as close as possible to the image that will remind the guy the girl with whom he is friends now.

2. Get his attention. In your new look, you don’t need to hang around a desirable guy for him to pay attention to you. It’s enough to talk to his friends in his presence and pretend that you don’t care about him. During the conversation, you need to show yourself unconventional and be sure to report something interesting that could bring freshness into his life. Flirt and make eyes at this stage of the relationship is not worth it, stay mysterious and inaccessible. Don’t let him make jokes about you and make inappropriate comments to you. You need to pique a guy’s interest by letting him know that you are a decent girl who doesn’t allow men to exchange loose words, gestures and actions.

Start actively communicating with your boyfriend. Once you’ve gained his attention, try to find a way to communicate with him every day. Random meetings in the street, in the hallway of school or other educational institution, in the workplace use as a chance to make friends with the guy and start conversations on common topics. During conversations do not need to tell much about yourself, ask more questions yourself and listen carefully to everything he says. Remember, a girl should resemble an unopened book, babbling on and on to keep a guy and make him be around you shouldn’t be.

4. Get to know his hobbies . When the communication between you is established, try to find out his hobbies. What are his hobbies, what movies he likes to watch and what music he listens to? If you really want to make a guy fall in love with you in a short period of time, then as soon as possible find a way that you can share his hobbies. For example, learn how to ski if he likes skiing, swim if he attends the pool. Ask him to tell you more about his hobbies, praise him for his achievements and admire him.

5. Be decisive and proactive. When your relationship with your boyfriend is at a friendly level and you have no doubt that he likes you, it’s time to let him know that he’ll be happier with you than with your current partner. Be careful to find out how he feels about his girlfriend and whether you have any hope of him falling in love with you for real.

If he says that he really likes you, but he has already found his love and sincerely love her, then you have to accept this fact and accept it. After all, if he is happy with his girlfriend, you should not aim to separate him from her. Loving tries to give, not receive. So give him the opportunity to be near the girl he loves, remain his friend and be happy that he is happy.

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Six ways to get a guy who already has a girlfriend

Love sometimes comes unexpectedly, and it is not always mutual. Even worse if your chosen one already has a loved one – here, it would seem, there is nothing to catch. However, there are six ways to get such a guy – find out how to do it.

If you’re head over heels in love with a guy who’s already in a relationship, don’t see it as something taboo – even this situation can be resolved in your favor. However, if you intend to steal the guy from another girl, you will need a tough strategy and a clear plan of action – it is much harder than to seduce an available man. The tips in this article will help you get the guy, even if he’s already dating.

Become his friend

Become a trusted friend of the guy you like – the world is full of stories of how a friendship between a man and a woman grew into a lasting love. In addition, the position of a good friend with the right approach will save his girlfriend from any suspicions – you can, by the way, make friends with her, too. Just don’t get too attached: it will be much harder to get the guy away from your beloved friend than from a girl you barely know. And don’t overdo it with friendliness: being too intrusive can make someone he’s already dating suspicious.

Listen and remember

If a woman talks to you about her sometimes, try to remember things that interest you and that you can use later, but don’t show off your interest because this can look suspicious. Try to talk about her positively or neutrally – or you might praise her too much. Negative comments are best avoided, even if you’re told in color how much the girl got – it’s important to appreciate the honesty, but not to give in. The guy who was furiously berating his girlfriend five minutes ago, may just as well rush to her defense, and after that, no remedy will help you – you are likely to be exposed on all fronts.

Get to know your opponent.

Try to learn as much as possible about your opponent: for sure she has a page on social networks, some information may be given by mutual friends, colleagues or friends. But ask the guy himself is not worth it – this is not the best option. You need to find the weaknesses of your current girlfriend so that you can offer something in return – it would be great if your strengths come in handy.

Start taking care of your appearance.

You’re probably already taking care of yourself, but if you want to steal a guy away from another girl, you’ll have to redouble your efforts. Most men are visual, they love with their eyes, so you will have to create a look that a guy will love. Start taking care of yourself intensively, and if possible, enlist the help of beauty salons or individual specialists. Ideally, if you have a picture of your opponent – so you can understand the direction in which to work. But here we advise you to avoid fanaticism: if his girlfriend is fat, you do not need to put on extra pounds – perhaps this is just a quality that the guy does not like in the current favorite.

Make him jealous.

A little shake-up, if the guy is already interested in you enough, won’t hurt: show that there are other men besides him. Get acquainted, communicate, go on a date, you can even have a light, non-binding (so as not to hurt the feelings of another suitor) romance. About this relationship should mention in passing, as if by chance – in detail to describe your stormy meetings, of course, is not necessary. It’s important that he knew that you’re not just some silly girl in love and that you’re not going to tail him. Make sure the guy is hooked, and easy inaccessibility will only fuel his interest in you.

Be supportive and seek out common interests.

Try to agree with him on many things, but don’t defend him and don’t be too obvious – this can give away your plans to him and to others. If possible, try to take an interest and share your lover’s hobby: it’s probably not that rare and difficult, and common interests can bring you a lot closer. Communicate carefully: there are eight questions that men hate – take a look at our list and make no mistakes.

If a guy’s hobby is atypical, prepare thoroughly: it’s going to look weird if you’re suddenly interested in quantum mechanics, even though yesterday you knew nothing about it. Deciding to talk about this passion with a guy, read at least some literature, so as not to seem too stupid. However, not knowing can be good: Ask him for help and he probably won’t refuse.

Remember that putting pressure on the guy is a losing strategy. No matter how you know that he is close to breaking up with his girlfriend. The most important thing – do not put pressure on him and give yourself to complete the relationship. Don’t rush into an embrace right after a breakup either – it may take a while for the guy to cool down, especially if the relationship was a long one. Just show that you’re ready to listen and support at any moment, but no more, and the guy will notice your sincerity.

Before you start acting, you’ll probably need to decide why you’re doing all this. Understand how you feel: is it really love? Then go ahead and conquer new heights of love. Maybe it’s a sporting interest? Then we advise you to leave the guy alone – most likely, your attempt will not end well. At best, you simply won’t get the right guy away from the girl who loves him, and at worst, you risk a lot of stress – especially if you work together. Office romances are said to be the strongest, but only if both partners are single. How a love triangle can end is hard to imagine. Tell us in the comments, would you beat a guy off another girl?

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