How to fall in love with a boy at school?

How to behave in order to please her classmate

The first love comes unexpectedly, here you are face to face with her, but attracted by the guy seems so distant and inaccessible. Knowing how to like a boy at school, you will be able to realize his cherished desire to be happy, but this requires a lot of effort.

And it’s not just about appearance – you’ll have to be active, learn how to behave and present yourself properly, perhaps become a more interesting person and change your outlook on some things. And try not to make mistakes that have become an obstacle to mutual love for many girls.

Tips to help charm a classmate

Probably there is not a single girl who would not wonder how to fall in love with a guy at school. One hundred percent ways to win a young man is not, because there is no such thing as identical couples, and one-size-fits-all relationships. But there is a great opportunity to take advantage of a wealth of human experience and useful advice from those who have been down this road of triumphs and disappointments. Where to start and how can you attract the attention of a boy you like, who goes to the same school as you?

Pay attention to appearance

Men like eyes, and young guys in this regard are no exception and pay attention to attractive girls who care about their appearance.

Therefore, you need to start with yourself:

  1. A smile is something that can delight and charm a classmate, but for this it is important to watch your teeth and avoid bad breath. Such an impermissible mistake can discourage a young man from communicating with you.
  2. Hair should not just be clean, but it should be beautifully styled or neatly tied up. It is good if you will periodically go to the hairdresser, to maintain a healthy state of his main ornament. And also, according to the representatives of the stronger sex, most of them are crazy about long hair.
  3. Girlish hands should always be well-groomed, and the nails – trimmed. The ideal option for weekdays and holidays is a natural French manicure with a transparent coating. It is beautiful, elegant and speaks of good taste. A pedicure in the same style is also relevant, especially in the summertime.
  4. How to dress for school to please the guy? If you adhere to fashion trends, take advice – between branded clothes and the one that suits you better, always choose the second. Do not pick yourself and frankly provocative things, for example, ridiculous and even ridiculous look deep cleavage. It is clear that you want to express yourself, but, unfortunately, the boldness of the image scares away some boys, although it is only an external image you have invented. On the street you can dress more brightly, and for classes it’s better to stick to a strict classic style. If possible, you should abandon the gray, plain things.

Despite the fact that you have just begun to form their own style, learn to dress simply, but tastefully. As for basic hygienic care of the face and body, it is implied initially – not acceptable, if you will smell of sweat.

Take action in class

One amazing appearance is still not enough – it is important to interest the guy attracted to school. Let’s look at some examples of how to do this:

  1. Be friendly, upbeat, natural, but not slutty. Even tomboys and bullies do not like it when a girl behaves rude and rude. It makes a repulsive impression.
  2. Show attention to all students in class, greet them with words and a smile at the beginning of the school day and don’t forget to say goodbye before you leave. These are simple rules of etiquette that give a positive impression of a person.
  3. If you are an excellent student, you can offer the object of your attention to pull him up on some subject. The guy will surely appreciate such a broad gesture.
  4. Another option is to ask him to cheat, the main thing is to do it naturally, with a disarming smile.
  5. A cheerful schoolgirl who can joke in conversation and wittily answer an ordinary question will not go unnoticed. And for this you need to read more and develop your speech, have basic erudition and horizons. Alas, it is impossible to change dramatically, but if there is a goal to attract the attention of guys at school, how can we miss the opportunity to improve their abilities?

If you want to once again attract attention and talk to the guy, you can resort to a trick – leave in a prominent place some school belongings (signed book, notebook or notebook). Surely young man will notice these things and want to give their owner. You’ll have a great opportunity with a smile to thank him, and to start an easy conversation. Most often these situations are remembered and later lead to mutual jokes and flirting.

Talk to your boy more outside of school

Your main task in communicating with a classmate you like is to find common ground. This can be school events, ongoing activities, joint participation in celebrations. You can always interchanged a few phrases about the upcoming test, vacation or touch on close boys theme of sports competitions.

But we can’t stop there. The next step – to pull the gentleman to another level of communication, outside the classroom. Behind them, young boys change, and you can learn important and interesting information about them. If the boy hasn’t yet invited you to relax together after school, do it yourself – there’s nothing shameful or scary about it.

  • Just go for a walk in the park,
  • Go to a cafe with a bunch of girlfriends or guys you know,
  • to a show or street festival,
  • or going on a camping trip with other students.

Today, a lot of people correspond through social media, and some classes have their own communities. This is a good reason to get acquainted with a young man, get to know him better with the prospect of further real meetings.

Methodically collecting information about the guy, there is a chance to “accidentally” be in the same company at an event he attends with friends. Surely the boy will not pass by and say hello to you. All you have to do is strike up a conversation and blend in.

Find common interests and hobbies

It is important to learn as much as possible about your chosen one. This will give an idea of how he lives and what he is passionate about. With this information, you can find a common circle of interests that will help you achieve your goals.

Overlaps can be found in many different directions:

  1. The boy may have a favorite subject, and he may be taking an elective class. Why don’t you enroll there, too – it will provide direct communication and the undeniable benefit of additional knowledge at the same time.
  2. By being active and showing your best side, for example, by participating in the Olympiad, preparing the school play, discussing school events, you will always be in the public eye, and perhaps the young man himself wants to get to know you better.
  3. You can join a section or club, which the boy is attending – in this case you have the opportunity to ask him for advice or help with new things.
  4. And again the Internet – do not underestimate this alternative way to get information about the person. Join the same groups as a classmate, you can even develop in them some vigorous activity in order to please him. If you’re already corresponding, ask various questions about his current hobbies – computer games, favorite music, athletes, leisure activities.

Don’t ask about his exes.

Any question pertaining to an ex-girlfriend is a gross mistake. First, the teenage boy in 12-14 years it may not have been, and secondly, the masculine sex generally dislike such topics.

Probable reaction that may occur after you say:

  1. Abrupt transfer of the conversation to another direction, obvious dissatisfaction.
  2. The dialogue is interrupted by pauses, there is tension – the young man feels nervous tension.
  3. He moves away from the topic, becomes hypervocal, begins to talk a lot, and it all looks unnatural.
  4. There is a risk of coming across as overtly aggressive, and the meeting could end in a quarrel.

I wonder what makes boys so reflective? It turns out that it’s trivial shame, confusion, inability to admit the mistakes they made once, and the fear of facing misunderstanding. And some young people are thus trying to give their image a halo of mystery, showing that they, too, have their secrets.

Apparently, this topic is painful, and there is no need to bring it up, even if you are jealous of the young man’s past feelings in advance. By the way, there have been cases where such piquant questions became a reason to break up, so draw conclusions and do not attract to yourself trouble. In relation to other people’s feelings should be more than careful and sensitive.

Flirt in moderation.

Flirting and flirting – a kind of prelude to the development of the emerging novel, and you need to know the subtleties associated with such behavior. In fact, it is a set of words, phrases, hints, facial expressions and gestures, through which she gives to her boyfriend to understand his interest in him.

As it looks in practice, when the goal is to fall in love with her favorite boy at school classmate:

  1. Let your eyes meet his eyes – a stare and even a fleeting glance has tremendous power.
  2. Smile when you meet him sincerely and friendly.
  3. Extremely attractive gesture for any man – fix his hair. This method works for green young men as well.
  4. Any barely noticeable touch can cause an explosion of emotion in a man’s brain – use this effective trick, but not too often.
  5. In addition, guys love compliments in their address, but here one detail is important – the praise should be voiced without fanaticism and open admiration. Otherwise, the guy will think that you’re in love with him up to your ears, and reveal their feelings too early.

Flirting provides for other maneuvers – humorous teasing, harmless jokes, short hugs as if casually. But, as they say, everything must be within the bounds of propriety, you can act this way once in a while, not every 10 minutes. Of course, it is not allowed to touch the intimate parts of the body. But you can safely ask for a pen, a notebook or a textbook, to offer help or ask for advice. The main thing – relaxed and interested in the eyes, and then act according to the circumstances.

Be mysterious and a little inaccessible.

Mystery, perhaps, the most attractive feature for men in women. If it also seems to him unattainable, it quickly conquer his heart and keep for a long time about himself.

This behavior does not mean secrecy, but rather a kind of reticence, which confuses the stronger sex. Also, when it is a question of how by all means to please a young boy of 12 years, you have to avoid stereotypes. It is always necessary to be different. Of course, it is only under the power of intelligent girls, but even inexperienced girls if you want can learn to intrigue, amaze and surprise guys.

In real life, you can do this by becoming unpredictable:

  1. Just now you’ve laughed together, a moment later reflect, and if you can, drop a few tears. This will bring your companion into disarray.
  2. After breaking up with a young man on a high note, stop replying to messages and show up a day later full of new impressions from watching a movie, a book or visiting a modern exhibition.
  3. Do not fully lay out all the details about his life, goals and desires – to give information about themselves to be sparing and only what you think is necessary at the moment. Let the gentleman is trying to cause you to be frank and speculate, but you will present with a constant affability only a limited amount of information.

Inaccessibility is an important beacon that beckons men like fire – moths. But get carried away with the demonstration of his priceless dignity is not worth it. In this situation, we have to maintain a balance, because if you overdo it, you can deprive his chosen one of hope, and then even with a mutual feeling, sooner or later he will come to the conclusion that wasted time on you.

What to do if something has gone wrong?

Efforts may not always succeed, especially in a business like love. Here are just some blunders that can cost you victory in such a situation:

  1. Overreaching – the object of passion has been given an excessive amount of attention that borders on obsession.
  2. Unhealthy interest in the details of the young man’s life, expressed in tactless questions. This, in fact, is an invasion of his personal space – something few people would tolerate.
  3. Flirting with friends of the teenager in order to make him jealous. Even if you are not dating yet, it is unlikely to add to your popularity, and your reputation will already be damaged.
  4. Positioning yourself as an experienced and mature person, provocative clothing, overdoing it with makeup. You should not pretend to be something that you are not. Such falseness is noticeable to the naked eye.

If you omit these wrongdoings, there is another objective reason why your chosen one does not reciprocate – he already has a girlfriend. In such a situation it is best to stay in a friendly relationship and wait for the wind to change – sooner or later his or your feelings may fade.

Sometimes a guy can act indifferent and even aggressive because he also has feelings for you, but his natural shyness prevents him from starting a relationship. If you know for sure that you did not do anything stupid, and the other half of the lover is absent, continue the easy, relaxed communication. The right moment will come, and he will pour out his emotions – this tension in the atmosphere can not remain too long.

Human relationships are diverse, sometimes complex and confusing, and a woman, even a young woman, need to act with caution in this area. Her natural wisdom and intuition often help her to avoid making the wrong moves. And this is better than correcting mistakes that have already been made.

How to like a boy

For many it is the teenage and teenage love is the most emotional and memorable. How to behave and what to do to please a boy or a young man who evokes strong feelings? In our article you will find the answer to this question!

How to like a boy who fell into the soul

At such a young age, it is not easy to understand what exactly attracts the opposite sex and how to act so as not to spoil the impression of yourself. However, if you take into account a few recommendations, then for sure you will be able to achieve the desired result!

I want a boy aged 10-11-12 to like me

At this age, girls and boys are just entering adolescence. It is noteworthy that during these years, girls are quite ready to begin a relationship with the opposite sex, while young schoolboys, for the most part, do not think about it yet. Ten- and eleven-year-old boys prefer to go out with friends, are into games and so on, so you’ll have to make some effort to attract their interest.

If you yourself are 10-11 years old, and you hope to get the attention of a peer, then one of the possible options – to help him with his lessons. On this ground you will have to communicate, and most likely you will be able to interest the boy, telling him in parallel about his hobbies. It is desirable that your interests were similar to his.

Boys are increasingly starting to pay attention to girls of the same age, but at this age it is often girls who still have to take the initiative. It is desirable not to rush and not to show excessive activity, because while the girls have explored many topics about relationships, boys are shy and do not know how to build them properly. Since at this age, the boy is already interested in a friendship with a girl, but does not dare to say so, you can try to establish contact through correspondence on the web – for sure, it will be easier for him to open up not in a personal conversation, but through virtual communication.

What to do to like a boy in the 13-14-15 years

Growing older, the girl understands that she is not enough ordinary peeks and friendship – she wants real romance. Meanwhile, many boys of this age are far from this lyric, and are already beginning to look at their peers in a different way – they are increasingly interested in women’s bodies. At this age relationship should be built more carefully, to be open, but do not allow the boy unnecessary – as long as enough holding hands. If he really cares about you, that will be enough for him for some time.

At this age girls are already beginning to realize their sexuality and understand what the opposite sex likes. Often they wear short dresses and skirts, put on blouses with a rather frank neckline and so on. Moreover, this behavior may cause the guy only sexual interest or provoke a wave of bad rumors, but it is unlikely to lead to falling in love. Try not to go this way – dress simply and stylishly, keeping a certain intrigue and mystery, because it attracts the opposite sex at any age.

Fifteen-year-old boys attach great importance to their appearance, so to please him, you need to take into account this nuance. Interesting, but not provocative outfits emphasize the advantages of his figure, and light make-up – the most advantageous facial features.

Ways to make a boy fall in love with you

If you want to fall in love with a boy, be sure to pay due attention to your appearance. Of course, we are not talking about revealing outfits and provocative makeup – it is possible that you yourself, without noticing it, go overboard with this and end up looking just ridiculous. It’s enough to have a well-groomed appearance and a few interesting accents in your appearance. You can start to dress in a slightly different style, change your hair style. The main thing that all these changes were to your liking and look feminine.

Also, watch how you behave. Don’t be too pushy – not all guys like chatterboxes, most guys like girls to keep some mystery. Also, do not be too withdrawn – it may seem strange to your chosen one, or he simply will not notice you. Be open and positive, but by no means impose. Talk not only about yourself, be interested in him.

Some girls, seeing the interest of the boys, often begin to ignore them, believing that their chosen one will appreciate it more if you make him “run” for the object of sympathy. This strategy is more effective in an older age – in the school years, and sometimes in the student years, it may not work, because during this period, guys are much easier to switch to other persons. That’s why, seeing that you have aroused interest in a young man, show him a reciprocal sympathy – so you have a better chance to “bind” him to yourself.

How to like a guy at school

Trying to attract the attention of a young man, you should take into account his age. Consider some options.

If he is your classmate

If we are talking about a classmate, you have a lot of advantages – you see him quite often, you can know about his hobbies and so on. Try to get close to him on the basis of his studies. If he learns poorly, help him with some subjects. Perhaps his performance is higher than yours – in this situation, on the contrary, ask him to explain some topics (choose something easy, so that your request will not seriously burden him). Compliment your classmate periodically (“How you are so fast at catching up”, “Nice backpack, I want one too” and so on).

If he is older than you

Try to catch his eye more often. It would be nice to sign up in the same sections that he attends, learn more about his interests. Thus, he will see that in spite of the difference in age, it is interesting to communicate with you, because you are passionate about the same as he is. If he himself does not attend any sections, but registered in social networks, you can see there what topics he is interested in. Start demonstratively interested in the same – sign up for the same groups, add similar posts. Of course, it’s important that he sees it. If possible, to show his importance, ask him for advice on this or that topic – surely he will like it.

If he’s younger than you

If the guy you’re interested in is a grade or two younger than you, you can get his attention by helping with classes. Find a friend in that class, and find out what subjects the young man is having problems with. Subsequently, you can offer him the services of a tutor in the “problem” subject, saying that you are just learning it, and it’s completely free. You can also just invite him to go for a walk. Simple as that! High school students usually have a special interest in girls who are a little older, and if he likes you, he will certainly agree. In order not to catch him off guard and not to embarrass him with such a proposal, it is better to do it in a social network or via SMS.

How to get a boy’s attention if he likes someone else

The first thing to think about is whether you like this boy, or you can easily switch your interest to someone else. It will be quite appropriate if the person who likes this boy, harbors similar feelings towards him. Believe me, in your life, a new love will happen soon, and it will be happier!

If you do not want to retreat, and you understand that the “competitor” does not care about your chosen one, then, of course, you can enter the fight. At this stage we recommend you to make friends with your favorite young man. Begin to be interested in the same things that interest the guy, go to the same places with him, if possible, advise him on this or that issue. However, do not be intrusive!

Once the contact is established, you can go on a little trickery. You can in a private conversation or on a social networking site to tell the guy that you need his advice, because you can not navigate, who else to ask. Lament that you are being courted by a guy who does not interest you, and you want to know what are the best words to choose, so that he stopped showing himself, but also not offended. Thus, you show the boy that you are interested in the opposite sex, which will make him look at you from a different angle.

What to do if you like a boy, but he does not like you

First, still allow the idea that in fact you may like this boy, but just do not suspect it. Many young men are very shy in the manifestation of their feelings, even if outwardly it seems to be the “soul of the company. So, if the young chechek you like does not look interested, it is possible that he simply does not know how to show his sympathy, or is afraid to get rejected. In this case, you need to make him like you by showing that he is interesting to you – ask him about his hobbies, compliment him, advise him, joke about him.

However, even if you are convinced that this guy really isn’t fascinated by you yet, still let him know that he is interested in you. Subconsciously, he will start thinking about you and present you as a possible lover. If you manage to make a friendly contact with him, it is possible that eventually he will still want more.

To like a boy, focus all of your attention not only on him but also on other things – otherwise he will not be a remarkable person for you. Sign up for a few clubs, so as to be fully developed and interesting not only to him but also to other people. Seeing that you have a lot of hobbies boy will never think that you are boring, and most likely he will want to learn more about you. If he doesn’t, you’re unlikely to worry too much – by signing up for a few sections (especially those attended by other boys), pretty soon you’ll realize that your life is already full and exciting.

Tips for girls to find a guy and make friends with him

Go to places where guys congregate more often – this increases your chance of making an interesting acquaintance. Visit a playground with a friend where boys race a ball, do exercises on horizontal bars and so on. Of course, you need to look appropriate to the situation – do not wear high-heeled shoes and do not do complicated makeup. Dress simply and tastefully – sneakers, sundress, jeans or something like that. Just look at the young man with interest, and he’s sure to pay attention to you, too.

However, these days, you can meet guys not only at school, on sports grounds or in parks – you can get acquainted with the young man you like on a social network. First you can start to like his posts, then write something (“Where do you find such cool music?”, “And in what neighborhood did you take such cool pics” and the like). Show the person you’re talking to that you like them, and if it’s mutual, you’ll soon see it yourself.

As you understand, in order to make friends with the guy, you need to show him that you’re really interested in him – you can do this with a look, a compliment, any signs of attention. Any guy will be pleased to know that a girl likes him – because of this knowledge, he starts to look at her from a different angle, to present her as a girl, even if he has never noticed her before. However, do not overdo it – it’s enough to show that you are interested in him, but there is no need to impose yourself.

What girls like boys and why

It’s hard to argue with the fact that boys pay attention to attractive girls. To interest a guy, you do not have to be like a model from the cover of the magazine, but you should not forget about the general nuances. Make sure to always look neat and appropriate. In high school wear things that will advantageously emphasize your advantageous features, but do not allow it to be at least a hint of vulgarity. Be sure to watch your skin (choose care according to age, if necessary, visit the dermatologist), hair (make masks, rinse your hair in decoction of herbs). It would be nice to pick your own particular style in clothes and accessories. Perhaps it is not necessary to explain why guys like well-groomed girls, because the female sex also initially pays attention to the appearance of his chosen one, and this is quite natural.

In addition, guys like open and cheerful girls, because it is always interesting with them. However, often young men are attracted to girls who are mysterious. Who exactly do not like the opposite sex, so it’s a snooty and upstart – you never know what to expect from these individuals, and these expectations often do not promise anything good. In general, be positive, simple, pay attention to your appearance, find an interesting hobby, and then, for sure, you will have success with young men!

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