How to explain to a man that you love him?

How to show a loved one how much you love him or her

Contributor(s): Jin S. Kim, MA. Jin Kim is a licensed family therapist in Los Angeles, California. He specializes in working with LGBTQ individuals, clients of color, and those experiencing multiple or intersectional self-identity issues. He received his master’s degree in clinical psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles, specializing in affirmative psychology in 2015.

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When you meet your love, it’s so important to show in every way possible that you love. Relationships become complicated when true feelings are not expressed or expressed in the wrong way. If you are open, honest and consistent, you can show your loved one the full power of your love.

  • Support your partner in difficult times. Allow him or her to speak out in your presence.
  • When you listen to your partner, stroke his hair, or support and comfort him in any other way.

  • Even if you gave advice, and your partner did not listen, did things your way, and now regrets it, do not say, “But I told you so!” Better support him by saying, “Everyone makes mistakes. The main thing is to draw the right conclusions from them and move on. In difficult times, you need this kind of support.

  • Do not question his stories, and do not touch the personal belongings left by him.
  • Try not to show jealousy. Jealousy grows from a lack of trust, and your partner’s jealousy will only be unpleasant.

  • “I am so lucky to have met you. I love you so much.”
  • “You are my one and only. I don’t need anyone else.”

Acknowledge your wrongdoings. If your partner is angry at you because of something you did or didn’t do, learn to admit your guilt and ask for forgiveness. By stepping on the throat of your own pride, you will demonstrate that your feelings are above your ego.

Always be honest. One wise man said that there is no relationship without trust. If two people love each other, they must be open with each other. Staying honest with your partner will help you gain a deeper trust, and that is the very ground on which love grows. [4] X Source of Information

  • Try to hold hands, hug, snuggle with each other, and give kisses.
  • Kiss your friend on the forehead or cheek. It’s a small gesture that can mean a lot.
  • During a conversation, look into her eyes to show that you are listening carefully.

Pay attention to little things. If she got a new haircut or bought a new outfit, be sure to note it and compliment her. If you notice the details, it will make her feel good and she’ll know she means a lot to you. [5] X Source of Information

  • Whether you’re trying to teach your loved one something new or are upset that something around the house hasn’t been done again, be patient and refrain from outraging or yelling.

  • Clean up his home or cook dinner. It’s natural to be more caring when he needs it.

  • Invite him to a family dinner or celebration. When you introduce him to others, stand beside him so that he feels comfortable, that he feels cared for by you, and that he is part of your life.

  • Listen to his hints of what he would like. He will feel your special attitude if only because you heard him and remembered what he wanted.

  • Write a note: “I can’t wait for our next meeting. The best time for me is the time spent with you.”
  • Leave movie tickets with the note and write, “Can I take you out this weekend? We can see any movie you want.”

  • Skip a day at school or work and spend the weekend at the beach or shopping.
  • Even if all you manage to make time for is a ten-minute coffee break, don’t pass it up. A spontaneous meeting is a pleasant surprise. [8] X Source of Information

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About this article.

Contributor(s): Jin S. Kim, MA. Jin Kim is a licensed family therapist from Los Angeles, California. He specializes in working with LGBTQ individuals, clients of color, and those experiencing multiple or intersectional self-identity issues. He received his master’s degree in clinical psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles, specializing in affirmative psychology in 2015. Number of views of this article: 9836.

How to prove your feelings to a loved one easily and simply

Proofreader, editorial journalist. I have been doing what I love for more than six years.

Expert – Margarita Lopukhova

Family psychologist. For eight years I have been saving “family units” from disintegration. I help couples regain love and understanding.

To feel truly loved absolutely every person wants to. But here is often the problem: how to show your loved one that he is dear, that you appreciate and love him? Constantly say “I love you!”, of course, can and even need, but not everyone believes, and with frequent repetition effect is somehow flattened.

Once upon a time there was a time when a man would perform feats for the sake of a woman he loved, and it was enough for her to give him, for example, a diamond pendant as a keepsake. But now? No feats, no diamonds. What is there to do? It turns out that quite harmless little everyday things are enough to make a man feel needed and important to you.

Be polite

Yes, yes, yes! Simple words like “Good morning!”, “Thank you!”, “Cheers”, “Please!” said with a smile and a look in the eye can say a lot. Don’t forget them! They were invented for a reason. Especially the word “thank you.” It tells you that you noticed that someone did something nice for you. The person tried, and you appreciate it. Remember the saying, “A kind word to the cat feels good”? Believe me, it’s really true.


Remember the cartoon about Tiny Coon and the song from it? It’s simple and ingenious. Smile at your nearest and dearest person. It is relevant in any case: when things are good, when they are bad, when he is tired, and even more so when you are together and happy.


A kiss is a small intimate gesture, available even in a public place. We’re talking about the usual light kiss on the cheek or lips when meeting, saying goodbye, as a sign of gratitude and just like that. It has the power to show a lot.

Touch each other.

Simple gestures like taking the hand, stroking the arm, hugging, just snuggling talk about the special closeness between people and are very important. Each of us has a personal space, which only those closest to us are allowed access to. It is important to exercise this right, constantly, at a subconscious level, showing how dear and close you are to each other.

Make surprises.

You know a lot about your partner’s preferences. Use this secret information! Buy your favorite ice cream, tea or candy. Give pleasant little things on small occasions or just because.

Meet them near work or the gym, buy movie tickets, go to a restaurant, or cook something tasty at home. If you make it a rule at least once a week to make a pleasant surprise, no one will doubt the depth of your feelings.

Important: If the surprise was made to you, thank them and show that you are pleased. “It’s obvious!” – misconception. It’s not clear. It’s important for a person to see and hear confirmation that they did the right thing, guessed it. Saying, “Thank you,” “I’m very pleased,” being surprised, laughing, smiling, kissing is a must, in any combination.

Perform duties other than your own.

If you have a custom that one washes the dishes and the other, for example, cleans the apartment, then unscheduled cleaning or washing the mountain settled in the sink will be more than a nice proof of love and care. Buying a dishwasher or a robot vacuum cleaner is a big declaration of love at all.

Walking the dog in the morning, cleaning up after the cat, cooking meals for a few days, dusting or loading laundry into the washing machine, taking out the Christmas tree, in the end, all serve as proof of love even more than repeating the phrase “I love you!” every day.

Say compliments.

Remember the bard, “Let’s say compliments to each other, for it’s all love happy moments!” It’s true. Everyone loves compliments, regardless of gender or age, and they are very important to a person’s self-esteem, especially when they come from someone whose opinion is truly valuable.

Important: Give compliments not only in private. Praise your partner in front of friends, parents. Believe me, the phrase “My wife cooks tastiest ever” or “My husband has golden hands” will speak volumes and strengthen the relationship more than any expensive gift.


For some reason, pity in our understanding is often a sign of weakness. This is not the case with a loved one. Until recently, the words “love” and “pity” were almost synonymous.

Pity, when he is tired, sick, or just in a bad mood, a loved one – what could be easier and more natural? Who should he go to with his problems, if not you? Lack of pity and empathy in the partner will push to friends, girlfriends, parents, and this will sooner or later lead to the destruction of trust.

Love is…

If you can not think how to show your love – collect, as in childhood, the inserts from chewing gum and use them as cheat sheets!

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