How to excite a Taurus woman?

Taurus woman in sex. Requirements for a partner, erogenous zones of the zodiac sign, favorite positions.

This is a mature and wise beyond her years girl who has strength of will, developed intelligence, organization. The Taurus woman in sex expects the best and expects to get pleasure. She knows exactly what you want and will lead you both knowledgeably to maximum pleasure.

These natures have a heightened libido, a slender figure, a sexy voice and stunning breasts.

Sex for them is the most vivid pleasure, they prefer it unhurried, sophisticated, observing all the details and subtleties. The partner will have to accept that the simple and primitive approach does not work here.

Bold experiments in sex in the early stages of the relationship is not acceptable, she is quite conservative. Very demanding in bed, force you to fulfill all their desires, and squeeze you out like a lemon. Therefore, when choosing a man, pay attention to the athletes.

Taurus women are very fond of luxury and comfort. Even when making love prefers not to remove their jewelry, sexy lingerie. They like aromatherapy, beautiful silk things, they like to have sex on the floor covered with fur, by the fireplace.

General Characteristics

Among the insecure, fragile, flirtatious ladies, this woman looks spiritually mature even in her youth. She is strong, focused, courageous. She is alien to fussiness. Even in the midst of chaos remains calm, rational.

Observation helps her early understanding of the world, society. Sharpness of mind, practicality, insight attract decent men. They are comfortable with such a companion.

The partner she does not oppress, does not suppress, knows how to remain feminine. Masculine guys respect her, consider her equal to themselves, and at the same time admire the charm and tenderness of such a lady.

Rarely shows bright emotions. There is no excessive melancholy and romanticism. Avoids empty rhetoric. She is a man of her word. Confesses in love not at once. But if a woman Taurus uttered the cherished words of love – her feelings are true. Choosing a partner, the girl remains faithful to him always. Flirting, cheating – a rare phenomenon in Taurus.

This is not the most passionate sign. But a Taurus girl is capable of submission, of being warm, affectionate, gentle. The partner is always sure that he is the best and the only one. With a devoted woman, he is pleasant, comfortable.

In marriage, the beloved Taurus shows herself as an ideal mother, spouse, hostess. This is one of the most family, “domestic” signs. At the same time Taurus has time:

  1. Rest.
  2. To take care of their appearance.
  3. Build a career.
  4. Reaching the top.

She manages all this without fuss, overwork, or outside help. Taurus is a very organized sign that is able to plan competently, to control everything. Her husband has both a caring partner and personal space and freedom. The girl respects her life partner, knows how to create harmony in the union.

After sex with Taurus, you will be like a “squeezed lemon”

The sexual life of the sign is influenced by Venus. Passion, tenderness can be hidden by representatives of the constellation. Taurus partner may not suspect the feelings of the sign. But a truly in love lady will achieve the attention of the chosen one. She will be helped by purposefulness, diligence, persistence. These are the basic traits of Taurus girls.

Taurus girls are the model feminine women. They are beautiful, charming, and they know how to use it. They know how to emphasize attractive features. They even have sexy gait, body language, intonation.

All of this shows in an elegant dress and in sportswear. They are exquisite, appealing at all times. These typical girlish traits are combined with strong character and loyalty.

Taurus preferences in love.

Her calmness, prudence will be the envy of many.

Taurus girls already in their teens dream of sublime love. Before the first intimacy sign requires a long courtship.

Sensuality, sexuality of the constellation reveals gradually. Passion appears slowly, almost imperceptibly. But when a girl gets to know her lover, becomes attached, trusts – her eroticism and loverfulness will amaze the partner. Passion will not subside during the relationship.

Even in unhappy unions Taurus girls remain true to themselves – loyal, honest, strong.

A Taurus girl’s man should be:

  • Athletic, muscular, proportionately built;
  • natural;
  • open-minded;
  • sensual;
  • As masculine as possible.

Sensitive areas in Taurus are the neck and back of the head. In passion loves it when she firmly squeeze her buttocks, pressed hard to the body. Excited by the fact that someone can see or hear you having sex.

Excellent foreplay will be an erotic massage with aromatic oils. This will be an unforgettable night with the Taurus girl. At the highest excitement, she will be one big erogenous zone. For such an exquisite lover, these natures are even capable of experimentation in bed.

Many sexologists notice that Taurus has a very strong sexual need, eventually bordering on nymphomania. These natures are also prone to oral pleasures and can find the most sensitive point on your body.

The erogenous zones of the zodiac signs in women that everyone should know. What erogenous points excite women by zodiac signs?

You can’t be a flawless lover if you don’t know your partner’s erogenous zones. This article will tell you in detail how to find erogenous zones and stimulate them.

It’s no secret that each woman has her erogenous zones . These places, sensitive to caresses, quickly respond to touch and put a woman in a state of frenzied arousal. It turns out that the erogenous zones are not only different for everyone, but also depend on the zodiac sign!

What erogenous zones excite an Aries woman?

The main erogenous points of the female Aries are concentrated on the head, particularly on the face. Even a simple stroking of the hair can lead this woman to a strong excitement, let alone more daring actions! Aries will be delighted if a man stanete play with her hair, ruffle them, run his fingers through the piles of strands.

The face and the scalp are the main erogenous zones of the Aries woman

Also the erogenous zones of Aries women can include:

Stroking the lips with the fingers, nibbling the ear , gentle kisses on the neck – all this can just drive the Aries woman crazy. Also, she is not indifferent to the specific caresses such as light kisses closed eyelids , biting the lips, and even tingling the skin of the face with a man’s stubble.

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What erogenous zones excite a Taurus woman?

Taurus woman was born under the sign of voluptuous Venus, so this young lady knows a lot about sex and can open a lot of secrets how to bring her to the peak of bliss. The Taurus girl has a lot of erogenous zones, among them:

Special excitability on the body of a Taurus woman can boast of the neck.

All kinds of stroking, nibbling, kissing in these areas excite a Taurus woman very much. Kisses for such a lover should be reverent, tender, teasing and even the partner’s breath on her skin will bring her into excitement. As for kisses on the neck, they can simply melt the ice and break the will of any Taurus woman.

The ideal option of foreplay for Taurus girls is a sensual back massage. It is not necessary to use only hands and fingers – the lips can also bring pleasure. Gentle massage movements, touching fingertips, light touches of the lips on the sensitive skin – all these actions can easily lead a Taurus woman to orgasm, even without intimacy!

What erogenous zones excite a Gemini woman?

Gemini women come to the delight of the very idea that it touches her strong male hands . Speaking of hands, we note that for the mistress born under this sign, it is very important to kiss the shoulders and elbow curves . Will wind up a Gemini girl and gentle caresses of the fingers in these erogenous zones. No less sensitive in this young lady fingers and hands.

Female Gemini delighted by the gentle touch of a strong man’s hands

The only taboo in bed with a woman-lady is rough handling. Whatever part of the body a man dares not to caress – you should definitely do it with great tenderness and reverence.

It is interesting that a particular sensitivity of the hands “wakes up” in the Gemini women in a more mature age. The young representatives of the sign receive unearthly pleasure when the partner caresses the curves of the neck. And the caresses of this zone can be very different – the only rule requires maximum tenderness in such caresses.

What erogenous zones excite the woman of Cancer?

Representatives of the sign incredibly sensual and even a slight stimulation of the erogenous zones can awaken in them a brutal desire. The whole body of a woman-rapes – solid erogenous zones, which are activated only with the right caresses.

The breasts of the female Cancer – the main erogenous zone

As for the main erogenous zone, it is the chest . Nothing will excite the Cancerian mistress like kissing her nipples . But this does not mean that it is necessary without end to lobbies partner’s breasts: she will inspire and from stroking and nibbling.

Another important area for the woman of Cancer are the lips . She knows how to kiss and knows how to get real pleasure from kissing. It is possible that a passionate kiss can bring the girl-Raka to the pinnacle of bliss.

Representatives of the sign very fond of kissing

With a female Pisces should not invent the most sophisticated preliminary caressing. These representatives of the fair sex will turn into courage from a gentle and passionate kiss on the mouth, and if you connect it to more and caresses the chest, this promising start will certainly outgrow in a violent conclusion.

What erogenous zones excite a Leo woman?

A true Lioness will not refuse to be stroked. Paying special attention to her back and buttocks , her partner will soon see in her eyes the sparks of excitement. To excite the Leo woman the ideal option would be an erotic massage that includes stroking, kissing the back along the spine, cleavage and buttocks.

Leo woman is so self-sufficient that she will indicate where to caress her and how. At the same time, the caresses should be reverent, because she – feels like a queen, and her lover – her slave. Lioness will delight in multiple kisses all over the body, and if the partner decides to cunnilingus , she will be with both hands “for”.

Leo woman will set the tone for foreplay

Some representatives of the sign do not mind having rough sex, so the caresses leading up to it should be rough. Difficult dilemma between tenderness or rudeness Leo woman decide for herself by setting a tone of interaction for her partner. In the stimulation of erogenous zones should also take into account the fact that in moments of pleasure Leo woman so indulges his sensations, which can scratch her lover with his “claws.

What erogenous zones excite a Virgo woman?

The restraint of representatives of this sign often makes men think that Virgo women are absolutely indifferent to sex. In fact, this is far from being the case, and every Virgo woman loves intimacy, but in order to obtain selflessness Virgo must be properly turned on . And for this you should know by heart all her erogenous zones.

The lower abdomen and crotch area are the main stimulation zones for a Virgo woman

The most sensitive in Virgo are the crotch and abdominal area . Lashes, starting from the chest and leading to the clitoris, bring Virgo maximum pleasure. You can use absolutely everything: hands, lips, tongue, and even something more intimate – most importantly, caress your partner slowly and with maximum tenderness. Experiments in bed will be successful if the partner will not allow rudeness.

Special pleasure Virgo woman will bring a joint shower or bath, because in this case she will be able to receive caresses not only from her partner, but also from the flow of water and soapy foam.

Foreplay during the bath will give both partners a lot of pleasant moments

What erogenous zones excite a Libra woman?

In bed, the Libra woman – supporter of the classics . She will not be interested in newfangled caresses and various fantasies of her partner. Such a young woman needs standard sex: a long and tender foreplay, sexual contact at the peak of passion, a stunning orgasm of both partners and a long embrace afterwards.

The erogenous zones of the Libra woman is like everyone else. Most often it is the area of the sacrum and the buttocks. With caresses in this area must be extremely careful: the representative of the sign of Libra likes the golden mean, when the partner skillfully balances between trepidation and animal passion.

The buttocks of a Libra woman is very excitable and susceptible to caresses

The buttocks of a Libra woman are a separate story. They accept the full range of caresses: from kissing and gentle stroking with fingertips to nibbling and even biting. But do not dwell on one erogenous zone – you should also pay attention to the back of your partner.

What erogenous zones excite a Scorpio woman?

Female Scorpio – solid erogenous zones, which accepts absolutely any caresses and experiments. These women are so fond of sex that even a simple touch of a man without erotic overtones can give the Scorpio woman goosebumps.

Even the very thought of sex leads representatives of the sign in a pleasant awe, so with the arousal of a mistress of this problem does not usually arise.

Female Scorpio has erogenous zones all over the body

The genitals are the most sensitive to caresses of women Scorpios. But this does not mean that you should go straight to the main thing, omitting all the preliminary caresses. And although the Scorpio partner has nothing against fast sex, yet it is worth to give time to foreplay.

Caressing the neck, chest, abdomen will quickly raise the degree of passion of a woman Scorpio to unimaginable heights, and completing foreplay genital stimulation can quickly bring the partner to the peak of bliss. In this case, do not stop if the Scorpio mistress experienced an orgasm – these women are often prone to multiple pleasures and it is a sin to deny Scorpio.

What erogenous zones excite a Sagittarius woman?

Sagittarius women literally radiate sexuality . In intimacy for them the most important thing is affection and care, not skillful technique. Of course, Sagittarians as great adventurers are prone to all kinds of experiments in sex: from a variety of new positions to bisexual relationships and BDSM.

Sagittarius women do not mind rough caresses

The main erogenous zones that excite the Sagittarius woman are:

  • Legs and hips. Your partner will be delighted by caresses and gentle touches on the inner surface of the thighs, gentle massage and stroking of the shins, gentle kisses and licking your toes;
  • Back. Massage, stroking and kissing this area will give a Sagittarius woman a real pleasure and will give the effect of complete relaxation;

Erotic massage is what the representative of the sign needs

  • The buttocks . This is an erogenous zone of most women, but many do not even realize it. In this area, the most suitable is gentle kneading, light patting;
  • Hair and scalp. You can excite a Sagittarius woman by scratching behind the ear and stroking her hair;
  • The intimate parts of the body of Sagittarius women are the most powerful erogenous zones. Stimulation of the clitoris will fully awaken the sensuality and in the best way will attract a woman to intimacy;
  • The nipples are also the erogenous zones of Sagittarians. Gentle stroking, twisting between the fingers and sucking the nipples can bring your partner to orgasm.

What erogenous zones excite a Capricorn woman?

Sex for the Capricorn woman can, in the fullest sense of the word, be an occasion for lovemaking. These women interact with their partner with great dedication and know how to enjoy themselves in bed. Proper stimulation of erogenous zones will quickly excite the Capricorn woman partner and bring her to a real explosion.

Capricorn woman is very sensitive to all kinds of caresses

Capricorn women have quite a few sensitive areas:

  • back
  • Knees and hamstrings
  • feet
  • nipples

A Capricorn girl gets special pleasure from back massage . Gentle strokes along the spine, massaging each vertebra and kisses can drive her crazy. Caresses for the Capricorn mistress should be properly dosed, paying attention to all the sensual curves of the body and at the same time not forgetting about maximum tenderness.

What erogenous zones excite the Aquarius woman?

Do not think that the Aquarius woman is able to get instantly aroused. This type of women do not understand animal passions and unrestrained excitement – it comes to them only after prolonged stimulation of the erogenous zones. In this case, if the partner still manages to excite a representative of this sign, she and the prudish lady into a real courtesan and sex goddess.

Female Aquarius sizzles with his passion, if you bring her right

The most receptive to caresses the ankles and calves Aquarius woman. Ideal option for stimulating these areas – caressing the lips, tongue and even sponge during the bath. Do not refuse a woman-the Aquarius and from gentle strokes on the legs and buttocks, kissing the neck and nibbling the ear. It is necessary to carefully examine the body partner and watch her reaction – if the Aquarius girl did not flinch from stroking, you can safely kiss and caress the area.

What erogenous zones excite a female Pisces?

The most excitable areas in the Pisces – the entire surface of the legs . Extremely sensitive her fingers, feet, calves and ankles. Gentle massage of these areas with your fingers or tongue can bring your partner Pisces into a frenzy. The same sensitivity has the inner part of the thighs – its stroking and licking will bring the representative of the sign in delight. Caressing this area should be extremely gentle, in any case should not resort to nibbling or pinching.

Main erogenous zones Pisces – fingers and toes

A Pisces woman has many other special points on her body:

  • knees – gentle strokes with fingers and palm will do the trick;
  • Your lower back – an erotic massage with essential oils will stimulate this area in the best way possible;
  • lips – soft kisses, caresses of the tongue, barely noticeable biting will perfectly help excite your partner;
  • Neck – even one partner’s breath on the neck of a female Pisces can create a miracle and ignite a real flame.

The erogenous zones are great aides in love affairs. Delivering pleasure to your favorite woman should not forget that although the horoscope erogenous zones are effective, each member of the fair sex is special and her body can have its own individual erogenous zones.

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