How to excite a Taurus man?

What a Taurus man likes in sex, what poses he likes. Behavior in bed and requirements for a partner.

Taurus man is one of the best sexual partners. It is distinguished by an unusual attentiveness to the feelings of the chosen one, romance and constancy. Man Taurus in sex is passive and expects activity from the woman. If you are engaging in sexual intercourse with a representative of this sign of the zodiac, be careful. Don’t do anything frivolous or eccentric and forget about wild sex.

If you want to try poses from the Kamasutra, take the initiative into your own hands! The main thing is not to rush and do not push it. After all, anticipation of something more for Taurus is true pleasure. The lack of his sexual imagination he will compensate to you with his indefatigability, because he is in good physical shape.

These natures need security and companionship. When he feels secure and relaxed and fully connected to his beloved by spiritual ties, he will be able to open up to the fullest and satisfy any woman.

Many people say that Taurus is boring and primitive in bed. However, it is not so, they just need other ingredients. Their partner needs to be patient and empathic, making the Taurus feel comfortable. Who knows the Taurus best is the other Taurus. The sexual connection between them is full of eroticism, romance and sensuality.

The main secret to turning on a Taurus is touch. Natives of this sign are extremely sensitive in the sense of touch, and so you need physical contact to “turn him on”. Preliminary caressing is the main phase of sexual intercourse for them. When a Taurus feels attracted, the “tactile recognition” phase begins, in which he connects with the other person through touch. Then comes genital stimulation, either orally or with the hands. And finally, there is penetration.

Sensitive areas of these natures neck and throat, kissing his neck you can “melt” a Taurus. At the same time they are very sensual, they understand any hints and their partner’s state, as well as the fact that the degree of pleasure of a woman depends on the preliminary caresses. Therefore, cunnilingus, after kissing your toes, you are assured – “no grease won’t go,” they believe.

Compatibility with a woman of the signs Scorpio, Virgo, Pisces, Taurus.

Behavior in bed, what he likes in sex

He cares about details. Therefore, it is better to be sensitive and sensual, to offer him a good dinner, to prepare the bedroom, than to proceed immediately to intimacy. After that, he will certainly want to continue the relationship, because you have made him happy. If you will appreciate it truly he will give you unearthly pleasure, play the role of lover and protector.

This is a reliable, stable, gentle lover and life partner. It attracts the opposite sex. But take note: sometimes it seems too passive, because he wants equality in bed. He likes the initiative of the girl. Women who see only dominant tough males as a lover are not satisfied with the Taurus partner.

He is not always straightforward. Prefers to look closely, to act subtly. Because of this sign is a truly attentive, courteous, caring. He is open to new things, to experiments, to the girl’s ideas. But such a deep approach makes him slow.

The seeming inertness can offend, irritate partners. The illusion of a lack of passion with a Taurus partner is created. It is worth to wait, to give him time to study the body, the girl’s sexuality. After that, the sign becomes more dynamic, begins to embody his desires, fantasies of the partner. Many patient girls eventually understand the initial slowness of Taurus. Constant women of the sign, as a rule – satisfied, surrounded by all kinds of caresses.

The behavior of the sign during the sexual act is influenced by the temperament of the partner, her age. Practices an individual approach to each chosen woman. Able to reveal women, give them only what they need. He is for quality rather than impetuosity and quantity. It is a “nerd” sexual pleasures. Practices traditional sex and canonical positions. Very much appreciates sincerity and honesty, you can reveal your needs and fantasies to him.

Sometimes all these features seem to be played up, as if a learned role. But the man is simply conservative. All his affairs, including the intimate sphere – ordered, thoughtful, stable. He is an excellent family man. It is in a long relationship reveals itself best. Partner studies, like a new project, a big serious task. As a result, knows how to manage all her hidden “levers.

Rudeness in bed, vulgarity – not about him. His role is a knight who respects his ethereal lady. In the arms of Taurus girls feel like heiresses of the throne. This guy is capable of sincerely worshipping a woman’s beauty. To partners, this trait can seem fake, wimpy. But he is honest. And he perceives beauty in a deep, peculiar way. For him, it is not synonymous with model-like appearance.

Love for the sign is a necessary component of a bedtime relationship. Two people should be open not only physically but also spiritually. The Taurus man is an altruist. He will get his pleasure, but only after he deserves it. First give, and then take. Appreciates soulful, warm, feminine partners.

After sex, you can and should talk to Taurus about what he likes and what he does not like.

Man Taurus in sex.

Patient, strong and confident man, hides in the body of Taurus, so for many women, this sign is one of the most desirable, because the support and masculinity is an accurate description of him. A strong Taurus man in sex, as well as in life, does not show much of his emotions. But if he has set a goal, which is a woman, there is no point in trying to keep a distance, you will sooner or later find yourself in the arms of this passionate male. He is very sensitive to lies, so if you want to show that you do not care about him, he will only become even more persistent in achieving his goal.

It is safe to say that the Taurus man is the most stubborn of all those with whom you have had a close relationship. He knows how and tries to make compromises, but only if he can derive benefit from them, compromises in his favor, which do not suit everyone.

By nature they are endowed with good physical data, which, combined with the intellectual sophistication that can not take away from them, just able to conquer any woman, even the most unapproachable. If you have not yet realized that inferior to him in everything commonplace, then the scandals can not be avoided. Man of this sign is very demanding, not only in life but also in terms of intimate relationships. Achieving his goal, he is ready to break through, not afraid of difficulties and knows that he has a damn attractive, exciting body. Despite its stunning charisma and secretive nature, he is very sensual and sensitive nature.

Taurus man in sex likes to surround himself and his partner with perfect comfort. The romantic setting, every detail, as well as the process itself, plays an extremely important role for him. He tries to create a beautiful atmosphere, not just to quench physical thirst, but to conquer his chosen one, to take everything from intimacy, giving in return even more than is expected of him. Not against lyrical melodies, dim lights and light drinks, which will only make him more liberated, enthusiastic and frank in his desires. It’s important for him not just to enjoy himself, but also to leave a sweet aftertaste for his chosen one, so that she knows what she can lose if she breaks up with him. But all this only if the woman is really interested in him, because under other circumstances, he won’t even let you get close to him.

Good food and all the temptations of the surrounding world that can bring pleasure is a weakness of a man born under this sign, therefore, they should not rarely limit themselves in their desires in order not to run into a problem with excess weight. In all he is a real gourmet, he chooses only the best and goes through life with the motto: Better to be alone than with just anyone! Women for him are not a gambling way of self-expression and proof that he is the guru of love, he does not need praise, he knows the value of himself and his desires. Beside himself wants to see an equal partner, capable of satisfying his sexual appetite, a passionate nature, dynamic, which has in its stock of caustic words in any guise. His craving for perfection is a great virtue and a drawback at the same time, because often, Taurus can look for a long time his mistress, leaving him without sex and without love. But when he finds one, he is ready to throw the whole world at her feet, surround her with care and warmth, and he is certainly capable of it, because he is a man with a capital letter.

Thanks to his sophistication and confidence in his sexuality, sex with a Taurus man will never bore his partner. He knows about his abilities and that all the trump cards are in his hands, so to fulfill the desires of a woman, for him a certain goal that he will try to realize as much as possible in every sexual act. This is an absolute man-maximalist, confident and persistent, loving life and taking everything it is ready to present him. Each of your date he will try to make an unforgettable, so you do not have to act enthusiastic or imitate orgasm, it will be a real emotion of a happy woman in his arms. He will not splash out on flattering compliments, but will convince you that you are the standard of beauty, femininity, and the only girl he wants to see in his life. He is rational in everything, and that is why do not expect to receive gifts every day, because Taurus would rather make some really worthwhile surprises that will make all the envious people dumbfounded. But this will only happen if a woman will not only take, but will learn to give him all of herself, her time, her passion and tenderness.

Interestingly, during sex, the Taurus man is ready not only to lead his partner, he can also be led, by the way, this is the only way to bring him to tremulous emotions, to suppress under himself, but only for a while, while you are in the top position, for example, in the horsewoman position. They are not shy and do not run away from hard physical work and in life, knowing that it will help them achieve their goals, self-fulfillment, will take on any task that is beyond the power of many others.

These guys seem strong and unshakable only at first glance. Behind a stone wall, impenetrable character, hiding emotional worries that torment him from the inside and often affect the health. From illness it takes quite a long time, sick often, so be sure to appreciate the minutes of your care for him, although he would never ask for it, for fear of seeming helpless, which for him is tantamount to death. But if he insists that he is fine, do not persist, it is a pointless struggle, the winner of which will certainly be a Taurus.

For his woman Taurus is ready to do everything, but you can not put pressure, you just need to show direction and clearly set their desires, then just wait, over time, he will fulfill even your most cherished dream. Persistence, constant complaints can bring him out of himself, although it should be a lot of accumulated negative. In moments of fury, he is irrepressible, so it is better not to bring conflicts and choosing a representative of this sign, you should learn to control your actions, because he is very stubborn, not ready to hold back, pass by. Such a man is open in his actions, he will not and cannot lie, he will always answer for his words and will prove by his actions that he does not talk trash. This is good and bad, because if Taurus decided to leave, he does not leave the door ajar, but slams it forever with unbelievable force.

The greatest disadvantage of Taurus is his all-consuming jealousy, which he can never cope. He will be jealous of his beloved always and for everything, with or without cause, even if he will not talk about it, but it is enough to get one look from a built male that he would hate him and want to deal with a rival in private. As long as he loves his woman, he will never give her to another, will not let her go alone to a nightclub and will not allow anyone to claim his property. But if feelings have cooled down, the most you can count on is a pleasant friendly relationship, because Taurus men are reliable friends, loyal and faithful, ready to always come to the rescue. By the way, family and friends are the main priorities in his life, so do not try to dictate your terms to him, prohibit or set him up, this will only aggravate the situation in your relationship.

Man Taurus is very impatient, and always, especially in sex. He will not be embarrassed by an unfamiliar environment, not the right time, if he ignited the desire, he will take you with primitive force in any secluded corner, but you can rest assured that you will definitely like it. If you are looking for a reliable man to rely on in everything that will be your protection and support, with an attractive appearance, sexy body and very creative in sex, the Taurus man is your ideal!

Sexuality of the Taurus man

Sex is the favorite activity of a man born under this sign. He really enjoys the process, he likes to try different positions for sex, listening not only to how he feels, but also to the feelings of his chosen one, which plays a crucial role for him. He is very sensual and literally insatiable. You do not have to persuade him to have sex, you will flee when, for the tenth time in twenty-four hours, he will press you passionately again.

Sexual life in Taurus begins early enough, he’s a good student who captures everything on the fly, trying his best, remember feelings and knows how to not just get, but to give pleasure to the girl, to bring her to orgasm, to the brightest and strongest, so that the ground has left under her feet. Long preliminary caresses, sensitive touches, passionate kisses play a very big role for him, because he likes to be perfect in everything, because he wants to enjoy every moment, especially in sex. He has a very great endurance, so even if he has not had sex for a long time, this man will not pounce like an animal on his victim, he will wait, prepare the ground and will passionately torment her until she herself asks for mercy.

To excite Taurus, it is enough to show imagination, to wear beautiful lingerie, cook a romantic dinner or just whisper in his ear his indecent desires, it will be quite enough. With him, you need to be frank, to allow the experimentation and not be afraid to trust, because the trust is very important for his peace of mind. Be willing to give in, to surrender to him and seem defenseless, even if you live inside a cat with sharp claws. Otherwise you can not tame him, but tamed, he will be faithful to you until the end.

The erogenous zones of the Taurus man

The most sensual areas of a Taurus on the body are the neck, the upper back. It is a win-win option of preliminary caresses to kiss and nibble the neck, gently touch the strong back of this strong man. In order for a Taurus man to be satisfied in sex, you need to touch him, respond passionately to his caresses, talk about love, let there be not so many words in response, only this way you can prove your love to him. He is very sensitive, so will respond to your every touch, not the exception and rude caresses, it turns on the representatives of this sign, but they should be appropriate.

Even the occasional touch makes him tune into an intimate wave, it is important for him to feel tactile contact, to see that you are pleased to excite his imagination with your touches, Taurus are very sensitive to female caresses. They love it when a woman is able to just take her hand, touching his chest, playfully running her fingers along the unbuttoned collar of his shirt, lightly touching the hot skin of his chosen one. They experience a real explosion of emotions when you sneakily try to get under his shirt when you can be seen, but that does not stop the little sin of touching the buttocks of your rampant male.

To get Taurus to get even more attached to you, play by his rules, tease and run away, beckon and give in at times when he doesn’t expect it at all. Touching is a small lever that will allow you both to tune into an individual wave that only a crazy couple like you can understand.

Sexual compatibility of the Taurus man with other signs

Taurus man in sex with an Aries woman. These personalities are completely different, they have no common interests, similarities in character, so the future is also not worth predicting. He does not tolerate cheating, she, on the other hand, is quite rampant in his actions and desires. He does not like to be rushed and asked for more than he can give, and it will be very difficult for her to accept.

Taurus man in sex with a Taurus woman. Mysterious union, which is quite possible, if he or she, will be able to suppress the partner, or strong feelings will prevail. It is worth considering that the woman will always want more, the man, however, will try to limit her personal space. Sex will be intense, but for both there will be something not enough, playfulness or lightness, from the unspoken claims.

Taurus man in sex with Gemini woman. Playful and sexy Gemini woman attractive party for him, which just needs to be diluted with ease. True, Gemini men don’t always like his clumsiness, his slowness and restraint, but if they come to a consensus, the connection promises to be hot.

Taurus man in sex with a Cancer woman. A relationship with a Cancer man is ideal for such a guy who wants to be confident always and in everything. They have the same thresholds of sensuality, she will not give a reason for jealousy, and he in her will find the same romantic partner as he himself. True, he will have to learn to accept the indecisive Cancer with its peculiarities, avoid irritability and irascibility, so as not to scare away his partner.

Taurus man in sex with Leo woman. Relationships between them are possible, because the first will find in the other a good listener and an object at the expense of which you can assert yourself. Self-confident Leo will appreciate the reliability of his partner, will feel his strength and will try to bind his partner to himself. If he is willing to be in the background, they will not have disagreements in bed.

Taurus man in sex with a Virgo woman. Here he will definitely need to make serious concessions in bed, and it will be very difficult to do so, given his insatiability. Virgo is quite restrained in terms of eroticism, so it is a good match for marriage, because Virgo will always give in and compromise, but for his happy life full of sexual adventures, you should look for a more interesting partner.

Man Taurus in sex with a Libra woman. The combination of these two signs, promises all-round harmony, as Libra will be able to balance his doubts, calm and assure the sincerity of their intentions. Sexually, Libra will flex under their partner, allowing them to come up with new incredible positions for sex and choose new places, but do it in moderation. Therefore, it can be stated that the signs will complement each other in the best way.

Taurus man in sex with Scorpio woman. Both signs are constant in their relationships, love to make love and know their worth. Could be a good partner in bed, but in life it will be quite difficult, as the emergence of many conflicts due to his short temper and her anger, simply can not be avoided.

Taurus man in sex with a Sagittarius woman. It is unlikely that he will be able to tolerate the adventures of Sagittarius, who loves to play on her emotions, he will try to limit her freedom of action, but this attempt will surely fail. Problems in intimate life they will not have, because both partners are sensual natures who love romance and long foreplay, but in life, their paths are doomed to diverge.

Taurus man in sex with a Capricorn woman. A good union to build a family on respect, but each of these zodiac signs will remain with their own thoughts, their own feelings, that is, the spiritual intimacy is almost zero. In terms of sex, too, things are not so simple, as Capricorn likes more standard Kamasutra poses and soon, he may just get tired of the routine life on the bed front.

Taurus man in sex with Aquarius woman. He is unlikely to find his solace in the arms of Aquarius, who is indifferent to everything except cognition and intellectual communication. They can make good friends, colleagues, but in life, as well as in bed, they should not choose each other, because he wants a sensual relationship with peppery, and she wants harmony and tranquility, the ability to enjoy his invented world.

Taurus man in sex with a Pisces woman. An interesting union that can turn in the long run, into a very strong and happy marriage. Pisces is quite playful and fickle, so he will not get bored with them neither in life nor in bed. The reins will be given to the man in everything, and Pisces will be happy to be behind the back of a reliable partner who can satisfy them in bed and protect them in life.

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