How to excite a man from a distance?

How to excite a man at a distance: 60 original erotic texts

He became cold to you? Or your relationship has just begun, and you do not know how to hint to him for sex? If before men were aroused by the ajar knees of girls in the subway, now the world has become much more accessible. You can excite even at a distance. It’s enough to just dial erotic texts on your phone to a man.

Sexting or erotic texting is an intimate correspondence, sexual play, a kind of foreplay before sex. Her goal – to bring a man to the peak of passion. After all, nothing excites as anticipation. At a distance you do not have the opportunity to touch each other, but your fantasy gives itself full play.

Do you want him to think only of you? Why not try it? Offer him an erotic game, text sex! But what to write and how not to go overboard, not to appear vulgar or intrusive?

Contents of the article “How to excite a man at a distance: 60 original erotic text messages:

Why correspondence excites more than conversation?

They say that men do not like affectionate words in their address. In fact, it turns them on too. The main thing is not to do it in public – will be embarrassed and irritated. But some women are ashamed to talk about their fantasies and what really excites them. Erotic messages are a kind of sex communication, when feelings and desires are there, but barriers prevent you from speaking.

Imagine texting an erotic message. While in normal life the reins of seduction are given to men, in correspondence the initiator may well be a woman. The one who seduces becomes many times more desirable.

Erotic texts – complete freedom for you and your fantasies. Ask questions, simulate situations, throwing wood on the fire. Give him the opportunity to dodumatte for you to fantasize. His mind will draw the most passionate scenario of your impending date, and you get something that even in porn movies do not show.

How to communicate? The rules of the game

Sexy texting gives you the opportunity to establish a close, trusting relationship. Between the lines you can tell your dreams and find out what he wants. Correspondence will save you from awkward pauses, silences and misunderstandings during intimacy. He won’t ask you a stupid “how’s it going?” question. – He’ll be sure you definitely liked it.

How do you start an erotic message? First, figure out how ready he is for such messages. Tell him about some fantasy of yours that is only indirectly relevant to him. Erotic messages to a man are always a game. If he likes it, he’ll pick up on the subject, continue on. For example: I had a dream.

Did he continue? Great, we can keep playing. Now we can talk about your desires. Define it and your limits. Ask yourself, what turns me on that he doesn’t even know about? Tell him about it. “And in my dreams I’ve done this. “

The main rule of sex correspondence is to hold out for a pause! In the moment of waiting, each of you is making his own movie. There is no need to write message after message, to terrorize with texts. A few messages and move on to a neutral topic, talk about your day. And closer to the evening, start sex messages again, teasing and fueling his interest in you.

Hint subtly.

Don’t be afraid to scare him with your candor. Of course, when your relationship is just starting out, you have to be careful about intimate texting. But by taking the risk, you’ll know if you’re right for each other. It’s better to tell him about your fantasies in correspondence than to dream, be embarrassed to share and walk around unsatisfied.

By messaging, you’ll weaken your defenses and allow him to seduce you. If you feel like he doesn’t know how to get close to you, a sexual message will relieve that tension. Moving on to a sexier and more intimate topic will become much easier.

I’ve got something in mind! If you’re wondering what, come visit!

Pussy is already fluffing her tail and waiting for her kitty. Meow!

Sweet knight, don’t break your sword. We’ll need it today.

I want to buy you a hot muffin. I’ll see you tonight.

I read my horoscope. I got hot sex in it tonight. Do you believe in horoscopes?

I’m making a pie! 200 grams of passion peppers, a couple of hot kisses, a cuddle to taste. Waiting for you for dinner.

I got caught in the rain. I’m soaked. Especially my panties.

They say knowledge is not sexually transmitted. You think they’re lying?

In case of fire, call 01. In case of robbery, call 02. You want affection and love? You know my number.

I want you for dessert

I want in your dreams, I want to do everything I dreamed of.

You’ve infected me with love. We need bed rest now!

The cave misses you and is waiting for his spider.

I’m burning with passion, where are you, my fireman?

I’ve made you dessert. Will you have me with cream or hot chocolate?

Offer situations

Spontaneity is your thing. Nothing turns a man on more than intimate texting during a business negotiation. He will hide his reaction, his feelings. Such erotic messages will excite him doubly. But it is important to know in advance about his plans for the day. He really may have an important meeting where you can’t be distracted, and your messages will confuse him – there will be a backlash. So any improvisation is good preparation in advance.

But if the timing is right, a spicy correspondence will only excite him. Think about what excites him most? In a text message sex can be very diverse. You can play a wind-up word game, such as associations. Or invite him to play the situation, “What would you do if . “

If I came to your office for lunch, where could we get some privacy?

I want to do something naughty with you.

Too bad your morning started without me, I would have woken you up right.

Car, elevator, bed or kitchen table? Pick a place we haven’t been yet.

I dream of seeing you again in my shower…

Shall I make you dinner or a bed?

Hey, did you get a package? I ordered you an evening of passion and love.

Would you like an erotic massage with a continuation?

Get some sleep, darling. Because when we meet, I won’t let you fall asleep!

I kiss you all over. And there, too.

I’m lying in a hot bathtub. Drops of water run down my chest. It’s so hot. Will you be long?

I dream of taking a shower together.

Don’t be late or you won’t have any sugar.

They say sex relieves stress. Will you help me relax?

I’ll make you dinner in an apron.

More fantasies.

Have you already tried a variety of ways to seduce? Explicit texts about sex will add new colors to your intimate life. Unpredictable, spontaneous, passionate – be different! And nothing to be ashamed of. Just write what you want. Don’t worry about showing him too slutty. Believe me, if you’re together for a long time, he will not think bad of you. But the correct erotic text message to her husband will excite him just right!

Ask him the question “Shall we play?” Write sexy sms that would stimulate him to respond. Next, give free rein to your imagination, describe a picture of what awaits him after work. Such sms erotic content will turn him on for sure!

I forgot to wear underwear. Check it out?

I remember you, and my panties get wet! Take responsibility for your actions – come and take them off of me!

I miss your baby, tell him I say hi.

It’s nice to see how nice you are.

Come to my work right away. I need to relieve my excitement.

I miss you so much! I need your caresses right now.

I love sweets. But tonight you’re my dessert!

I want you to rip off my wet underwear.

I’m itchy with excitement, can you bring me your lube?

You like bad girls? I’m very naughty.

You want to bet I can satisfy you five times in one night?

You want my lips?

My tongue will prove to you how much I’ve missed you.

You inspire me to do the dirtiest things, darling.

Praise his virtues

Raise his self-esteem. Almost every man melts from compliments and hot phrases. But don’t tell him he’s as beautiful as a rosebud-he’s not a woman. Only say things that will raise his self-esteem. And not just hers.

It’s a little psychological hook. Man will feel that you want him. Such erotic sms will loosen him up, make him free in his desires and actions. Give him intimate compliments, praise him, and the result will not make you wait long!

Hello, my sexy macho!

My bed is made for your divine body.

Your mind excites me. I want you.

Your body is my talisman.

Your coffee is as hot as you are.

I can’t get enough of you!

You’re the best man in my life!

You’re a god, because only gods are perfect everywhere: at work and in bed.

You’re the king of my bed.

I want to lick the cream off your tender body.

Your cock is perfection!

You give me shivers all over my body.

Your firm ass is my dream.

I want to feel the tenderness of your body and the strength of your embrace.

Only you can satisfy my hunger.

Offer me a virtual

Nothing is as exciting as virtual sex – sex via text message and other ways of communication over the Internet. For example, you need your phone not just for calls.

Now, texting phone sex is giving way to voice and video messages. Record him an audio in which you low, sexy voice, with a gasp to tell him everything you’re going to do with him tonight. You can record some of your moans, but most importantly, don’t overdo it.

Add a photo or video to the message. Take a picture of part of your body or your whole self in the mirror. Record a video from the shower. An erotic message to a guy is always an opportunity to show him what’s waiting for him when he arrives. It can be a nude photo. You can make an animation of the photo – creativity is welcome. Just no stickers and smiley faces in the intimate areas – filters and photoshop do not excite at all!

Make a video call. Say you can’t take it anymore and would like to start right now. Caress yourself a little, lift the veil of mystery. Tell him you’re thinking about him even when he’s not around. Intrigue him, tell him he’s in for a surprise next.

If you have your home video, send him a little piece. Or drop off a scene from a porn movie you like. You can shoot a video of yourself fondling yourself. This kind of sex correspondence is an example of the most trusting relationship!

What not to do?

You shouldn’t make jokes about his appearance, remind him of sexual lapses, or comment on his sexual abilities in a joking way. Not only will this not turn him on, it will offend him.

Don’t build your correspondence on jealousy or on comparisons to his exes. Don’t provoke him in that way. This isn’t passion, it’s aggression! Don’t make things clear in your intimate correspondence, this can also be repulsive.

Don’t push him if he’s not in the mood to play the game. Remember. Sexy texting a man should be fun for both of you. If he’s not in the mood for games right now, there’s no need to be offended by him. In order not to upset you, he will start giving in to your desires. But this is selfishness and manipulation on your part, it will ruin everything.

Be yourself! Don’t be ashamed of your desires. You can tell him what you were afraid or embarrassed to tell him. Use this spicy option as an extra stimulant in your intimate life and it will boil to the full!

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100+ Exciting text messages to men that will drive him crazy


These messages are sure to get his attention and make him think of you .

Dating, flirting and developing relationships these days are hard to imagine without text messages. They are a new way to interact and bring a spark to a relationship.

We’ve gathered ideas for 100 playful and exciting text messages for the guy or man you like . They will suit both those who have just started communicating, and those who have been in a couple for a long time and want to diversify the relationship, and those who are at a distance.

Try to send him these sms to surprise and add spice to your relationship with your man.

Exciting text message to a man in his own words

1. I would really like to be in your arms right now.

2. I recently remembered how we …(remember a spicy time)

3. Do you want to know what the first thing I’ll do when I see you? Use your imagination.

4. Making love to you is my favorite thing to do.

5. I have this desire right now…

6. Next time I see you, I have a surprise for you.

7. I want to play a game with you.

8. Let’s spend time doing nothing, in each other’s arms.

9. Put away your phone and come to me.

10. Hey, sexy!

11. I’m in the mood for love.

12. I have a bottle of wine chilling…

13. Let’s get comfortable and warm each other up.

14. I feel so good when I’m with you.

15. What are you wearing?

16. Put me on your list of important things to do.

17. I just got out of the shower and wanted you to know that you were in my thoughts.

18. How soon will your lips touch mine?

19. I was just wondering what we’d be doing right now if you were here.

20. Just so you know, you’re very sexy, and I can’t stop thinking about you.

21. I could text you all night, but I’d rather be alone with you.

22. I’d rather do now what we did last time we were together.

23. So. how soon can I touch you again?

24. Can you help me with something?

25. Let’s blow off some steam.

26. Our meetings are much better than dreams about you.

27. You forgot something at my place, won’t you stop by?

28. I could give you a massage to relax you.

29. My thoughts are very indecent today for some reason.

30. You are the first thing I think about in the morning, even before coffee.

31. I bought some new underwear today. How about a fashion show?

32. Imagine me whispering to you how much I want you.

33. Do you know what dream I had last night?

34. I woke up smiling. Guess what I was thinking?

35. I have a secret I wanted to tell you personally.

36. I know one way to make my day better…

37. I was just thinking about how sexy you are.

38. I can’t concentrate and it’s all your fault.

39. I’m making dinner tonight, what are we having for dessert?

40. I plan to seduce you, just so you know.

41. I’m always tossing and turning in bed when you’re not around.

42. The bed is so cold without you…

43. I want to hold you tight.

44. You realize that I’m writing to you instead of sleeping, and you know how much I love to sleep.

45. I go to bed thinking of you and by morning you are still in my thoughts.

46. I know you’ve had a rough day, and I promise to help you with that later.

47. I have plans for us today after work.

48. Shall we meet at lunchtime?

49. I have a surprise for you tonight.

Exciting text messages to a man from a distance.

50. I want you. Now.

51. I’m dirty now and I’m going to take a shower. But when I come back, I want you to make me dirty again.

52. I think it’s time we tried . (fill in the blank).

53. Looking forward to seeing you tonight.

54. I have so many unseemly thoughts today. Guess who the culprit is?

55. Lying in bed and bored. I wish you were here so we could play.

56. I’m under the covers and I’m still cold. I should probably get dressed…

57. I have a secret – I’m watching some very naughty videos right now.

58. If we were together, what would you want me to do to you?

59. I type with one hand because my other hand is busy.

60. This new underwear touches my skin so nicely.

61. I’ll only be wearing shoes today.

62. I’d rather be in bed with you. Right now.

63. When I think about your touch, it excites me.

64. I imagine your hands on my body, your lips on my body and your body on mine…

65. When your name appears on my screen, my knees go weak.

66. The next time I see you, I’m going to be very naughty.

67. It’s weird, but I can’t stop thinking about us last night. I replay it over and over in my head and it makes me feel so good.

68. I was thinking about you and me and all of a sudden I realized I was lying there with no clothes on. How did that happen?

69. Tonight you are going to be a special guest between my legs.

70. Last night you said dirty words, do you want to say them again?

71. I’m touching myself. I wish you were here.

72. My thoughts of you were so dirty I had to take a shower.

73. I’ll be home alone this weekend. You can scream all you want, and I plan to tear down the walls.

74. I wanted to make something clear. When we meet, there will be no foreplay.

75. I’m very shy, but you have no idea what I’m thinking about.

76. Wait a minute, are you alone right now?

77. Tell me about your secret fetish. I’m sure I’ll like it.

78. Send me pictures of you without your clothes on, and I’ll send you mine.

79. You know what? I so want to feel you now.

Exciting text messages to men.

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80. Just wanted to tell you that I’m lying naked on the bed thinking about you.

81. Tonight I want you to slowly undress me with your strong hands and bite every inch of my skin.

82. I wanted to tell you that my new red underwear is very nice to the touch and looks amazing. I would show it to you if you were around.

83. Guess what color my panties are? If you guess, I’ll do anything for you tonight.

84. You’re too hot for me to resist you.

85. It excites me wildly when you touch me there.

86. What are you wearing now? I hope nothing.

87. I just got out of the shower and I’m all wet.

88. What if I gave you three wishes? What would you like me to do in bed tonight?

89. It’s time to try those new poses you’ve been telling me about.

90. I want you so badly. Can you come over right now?

91. I wouldn’t mind giving you a hickey tonight.

92. I like sitting on your…

93. I sit on the kitchen table and think of you between my legs.

94. I wish you could fall asleep with me tonight and keep me warm because I’m only wearing panties.

95. I imagine you holding me against the wall…

96. I love it when you control me.

97. Guess where my tongue will end up on your body.

98. What turns you on? Let’s try that next time.

99. I had a very hot dream tonight. Do you want me to write you about it or listen to it at my house?

100. What can we do tonight…in bed?

101. What do you like best about our lovemaking?

102. You’ll have to help me take all the straps and clasps off my body tonight.

103. Just wanted to remind you. Don’t stop today.

104. Wanted to invite you over for the weekend, but I can’t guarantee to keep my hands to myself.

105. Kissing burns calories. I can help you burn them all off your body.

106. I get distracted at work all the time, especially when I think about you and your

107. Who gave you the right to be so sexy?

108. Will you help me put cream on my body? I’ll thank you by taking off my underwear.

109. You’re so hot and attractive. Can I keep you for myself?

110. If you were around, we wouldn’t be hugging and kissing. Do you know why?

111. I’ll meet you in bed when you get home.

112. Do you have fantasies that need to come true?

113. I feel like I’m missing something. You, between my legs.

114.I have a lollipop in my mouth. Guess what I’m thinking.

115. I need to change my underwear because I’ve been thinking about you.

116. The bed is so empty without you.

117. Do you want to do it in public places?

118. Good morning, best lover ever. We can check it out tonight.

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