How to excite a guy?

7 ways that will warm up even the coldest guy

Guys just mollycoddle like cats when a girl knows how to excite them in bed. Natural magnetism and sexuality are inherent in every woman. We tell you how to use the natural data competently and drive your favorite man crazy.

7 ways that will warm up even the coldest guy

In any relationship, an integral part is the sexual component. Sex is important for both men and women. It warms up the feelings and allows you to get the necessary emotions. Not always in a couple it is possible to maintain the former passion, and at the beginning of the relationship there can be shyness and timidity. An important role in intimacy is played by the girl’s ability to excite the guy properly. All men respond differently to the same methods. But there are some common methods on how to get a guy that work for almost all members of the stronger sex. Study them carefully and choose the method to your liking.

Method 1: Excitement in words.

Some men are delighted by compliments and flirtations. After a couple or three excitatory phrases they begin to imagine a picture of the future action and, of course, turned on.

How to get a guy with the phrases:

  1. Start the conversation with a casual conversation. It is unlikely to be easy to move the topic of work weekdays into the mainstream of erotic flirting. Talk about something pleasant. Talking about an interesting new movie or an upcoming trip to the sea will give your partner a chance to relax morally.
  2. Look at the guy from under the lowered lashes, tilt your head slightly, and smile slightly. He subconsciously notes the languid look and then clearly catches your verbal attempts to excite him.
  3. During the conversation, do not raise your voice. Try to use a gentle intonation and chuckle easily. Men are aroused by a woman’s sensuality and tenderness.
  4. After the preparations, it’s time to incorporate erotic overtones into the conversation:
    • “I feel so hot today, I want to strip naked and walk around the house like this.”
    • “It’s kind of chilly, why don’t we do something warm?”
    • “What a sexy tone of voice you have after all!”
    • “Remember the last weekend we spent in bed? How about we do it again?”
    • “I look at you and I get horny.”
    • “I want you here and now.”

Voice these phrases or make up your own. Soon you will feel how easy it is to get a guy excited by such words. Experiment and you will soon get great results.

Method 2. Excite by touch

If you are not confident in your oratorical abilities, or the man does not understand direct hints, study how to excite the guy with touch:

  1. If the guy is sitting at the computer or watching TV, approach him from behind and put your arm around him while stroking his chest with your hand.
  2. Massage his shoulders lightly, gently kneading and stroking the neck area (many men have an erogenous zone there).
  3. Wear a thin top without underwear and “accidentally” touch the guy’s breasts as you pass by.
  4. Sit on a man’s lap and embrace him.

The main thing is to choose the right moment to fulfill your intentions. If a guy is doing his annual report and you pester him with your eloquent touching, he is unlikely to reciprocate. Wait until his vacation time and then you will get what you dreamed of.

Method 3. Excite him with a kiss

Passionate hugs and kisses traditionally accompany foreplay to sex. The French kiss is the most popular way to give pleasure to yourself and your partner. However, it is often a stumbling block for young inexperienced girls. So how to properly excite the guy with a kiss?

The basic rule is this: do not be nervous during a kiss, it is better to relax and repeat the movements of your partner. Then the process will be a pleasant and exciting for both participants. To make the kiss frankly passionate, gently bite the guy’s lip. This method, of course, will excite him.

You can also give a man an indescribable feeling with the help of kissing other parts of the body:

  1. Earlobes are one of the most sensitive areas of the male body. Kiss and nibble on them if you want to turn a guy on half-heartedly. Combine this technique with gentle whispering, and the man will lose his head in desire.
  2. Guys like kissing the neck just as much as girls do. Smoothly move from the ears to the collarbones, gently touching the neck with your lips. A man will get goosebumps and an instant erection.
  3. Guys react violently to kissing the belly and chest. Gently caress these body parts and watch your partner’s reaction. If he is delighted, take note of this method of excitement.

Method 4. Excitement by dancing

Female grace unreal turns on any normal man. Ideally, you can prepare well and organize a striptease show. Guy will certainly appreciate the surprise. If you have enough free time, find a video lesson on the Internet or sign up for a personal training session. But a spontaneous dance is no less exciting either.

So, how can you quickly excite your boyfriend with a dance:

  1. Have a romantic evening and turn on slow music. Invite your partner to dance. During the action, snuggle up to him, stroke his back and shoulders. Look your boyfriend in the eyes and whisper sweet nothings. The setting, the music and the closeness of the bodies will play into your hands. Surely the man will quickly understand what you are getting at and pull you into the bedroom.
  2. Dance while cooking. Many guys love to watch their girlfriend cook. Add music and erotic homemade clothing to your favorite spectacle. Short shorts, top and apron look very intriguing. Start cooking some uncomplicated dish and dance as if you are doing it casually. Do not forget to playfully twirl your buttocks and occasionally wink at a man. Before the action begins, however, stock up on some food, because it is unlikely that you will be able to cook the dish until the end. Fascinated by erotic dance guy will not be able to resist the temptation to drag you into bed.

Method 5: excitement in bed.

Let us imagine the situation: the two of you lying in a bedroom, the light is dimmed, you are wearing pajamas, emphasizing the main advantages, and the guy stared at the TV and does not even think passionately pursue. Maybe he’s tired, preoccupied, or has had an accident in his life. How to properly excite the guy in this situation? Do not despair, take the initiative yourself:

  1. Give him a massage, moving smoothly to the erogenous zones.
  2. Undress completely and embrace the man.
  3. Suggest a role play: put on a maid costume or latex.
  4. Start kissing him and whispering all sorts of vulgarities.

Be relaxed and don’t be afraid to insist on your own, so that it will be as easy as possible to excite a guy in bed. Men like to feel sincere desire and lust on the part of the girl they love. Your partner will surely be pleasantly surprised by your initiative and will gladly make love.

Method 6: excitement with the help of flavors

Many girls underestimate the magic of scented oils. And very wrongly, because some of them contain natural aphrodisiacs. These substances stimulate arousal because they act directly on the parts of the brain responsible for libido. Many oils are easy to buy at the nearest pharmacy, so you don’t have to worry about searching for them. Consider the most popular products with a stimulating effect:

  1. Nutmeg oil – the tart and sweet aroma helps to loosen up and improve circulation.
  2. Jasmine oil – the floral aroma relaxes you after a hard day’s work and gives you the necessary energy.
  3. Ylang-ylang oil helps to cope with depression and stimulates the necessary centers of the brain.

Be sure to buy a set of these oils and experiment to find out which one is more effective. In advance find out from your partner whether he or she is allergic to such means.

How to use aromatic substances to excite the guy:

  1. Use special aroma lamps in the bedroom – in addition to the romantic look, they will add a miraculous smell to the room.
  2. Invite your man to soak in the bathtub together and drop a few drops of essential oil in it.
  3. Use it as a perfume: put it on your wrists and behind your ears, these pulsating points will help the scent spread more strongly.

Aphrodisiacs are not only found in essential oils, but also in foods. You probably heard that a man who ate a dozen oysters becomes as strong in bed as Casanova. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a seafood treat. But there are more affordable products that are on the shelves of any supermarket. What to feed a guy to easily excite him:

  • Bitter chocolate,
  • walnuts,
  • any kind of liver,
  • bananas,
  • eggs,
  • parsley greens.

Regularly add these foods to a man’s diet, and in a couple of weeks you will stop wondering how to excite your playful boy.

Method 7: Excitement over the phone.

If the man is far away at the moment, but you want him to come home faster and make love to you, you can excite your partner over the phone. How to get a guy to want you even at a distance:

  1. Start the conversation with casual topics: this is not the best time to discuss problems and grievances.
  2. Watch your voice: Speak in a measured way and don’t raise your tone.
  3. Insert into the conversation affectionate words and say a couple of compliments.
  4. After prior preparation, throw a fishing rod: “You know, I am now in beautiful lingerie lying in bed…”. – The guy is sure to react and show a desire to be immediately near.
  5. Continue in the same spirit and remind a man of previous brilliant adventures in bed: say you want to repeat.
  6. Try to practice sex on the phone, the so-called virtual – the guy will definitely be delighted.
  7. Describe in detail your excitement from the frank conversation: “I have goosebumps all over my body, my breath is confused, I’m all wet…”.

You have achieved your goal and realized how easy it is to really excite the guy on the phone. Now call him home as soon as possible, after all, real caresses are much cooler than erotic chitchat.

Now you are an experienced woman and you know how to excite a guy strongly by different methods. For a complete picture, you need to know what men are not excited about in an intimate way.

What will not excite a man under any circumstances?

Coming up with ways to get your boyfriend, many ladies make mistakes. And then they are surprised why they did not produce the desired effect. In such a delicate matter, you must be careful: any little thing can ruin everything. So, what does not excite men:

  1. Lack of grooming. Not tons of cosmetics paint the girl, and her neat appearance: light styling, clean skin, lack of hair in unnecessary places. All this in itself makes a woman sexually attractive. So do not forget about these important points, if you want to seduce a man.
  2. Manliness. Loud laughter, dirty jokes and dirty words – attributes of asexual girls. Be softer and more feminine in behavior, and your man will appreciate it.
  3. Nuclear Perfume. Even if your chosen fragrance is very seductive, do not pour the whole bottle at once. Gas attack is used to crush the enemy, not to excite your partner. If you use toilet water or essential oils, limit yourself to two or three drops. The natural smell of a woman’s body attracts no less.
  4. Incomplexity. Let’s say you are not a femme fatale and not a tigress in bed, but to relax and have fun – your direct challenge. It is difficult for a man to get aroused with a stuck up girl. So throw away all the complexes and conquer the pinnacle of pleasure together with your loved one.
  5. Constant scandals. A frequent cause of insufficient arousal men – his depression due to regular quarrels. Believe me, the emotional side of the relationship worries guys no less than girls, and affects their libido. Keep harmony in a couple, and then get a man at any time will be easy.

We hope that you will be able to fulfill all your erotic desires. Let the fire of love and passion in your couple will never go out!

How to excite a man: Top 10 tips

Physician sexologist highest category, psychiatrist, psychotherapist. I have been working as a sexologist for over 10 years. I help couples resolve problems in sex life.

How do you think, what point should be touched on the man’s body to excite him? In fact, any area on the human body can be erogenous, if it is affected in the appropriate way. But all this is forgotten when you’re in the heat of it all begin to undress each other and go to the usual scheme: kissing, sex, kissing, sex, orgasm. The latter is not worth talking about at all.

But back to the erogenous zones. You’ll be surprised to learn how powerful the stimulation of these areas is. Moreover, if you combine tactile stimulation with visual, you are guaranteed the highest level of pleasure. Linger a little longer on foreplay and play with your partner. Catch the top 10 tips from experienced sexologists who know exactly how and what you need to arouse a man.

Top 10 tips for arousing a man

  • Stimulate the erogenous zones

Exciting a man through exposure to certain areas of his body is a 100% win-win option. But what areas should be stimulated, we will now consider in detail.

    Foreskin. There are a lot of nerve endings directed to the foreskin, and if you start with caressing this very area, a man will experience great pleasure. Try smooth movements up and down on the head of the penis. You can use a combination of hands, lips and tongue. This is a standard technique that always gives its mind-blowing results.
  1. The inside of the wrist. Moving your hand downward, stimulating the sensitive, delicate skin on the inside of the wrist will also add to the unforgettable sensations. This is a great erogenous zone that you can stimulate while you are out in public. Just stroke or kiss the inside of your wrist. All in all, it is a rather pleasant and arousing movement.
  2. Palms of the hands and fingertips. The hands are some of the most sensitive and responsive parts of the body. This area is full of nerve endings. Take your partner’s palm in your hand, run your fingertips along the inside of your palm and the outline of your fingers. Start kissing your fingers, alternately taking them in your mouth and lightly sucking them. Move your tongue over them, moving your lips along their length. In some cases you can perform these manipulations with your partner’s toes.
  3. The area behind the knee. Run your fingers over the delicate skin before sex or put a little pressure on this area directly in the process.

Additional X areas also include the scalp, feet, torso, and lower back. Stroking, kissing, and light massaging will work for these areas.

  • Tie your partner down

You don’t have to use hard bondage, chains and belts. Be gentle. Take silk stockings or a scarf, tie your partner’s hands, and blindfold your partner if you wish. A slight dominating effect will excite any man.

  • Take a shower together

Almost all men adore caresses in the shower. Kissing under water is a sure way to start the sexual action. Spritz some gel or lather and wash each other sensually. A note of caring and active arousal will serve as a good start to passionate play.

The erotic slow dance is a great seduction tool. It can be started anywhere and at any time. A few playful movements on the street can be complemented by passionate moments in the bedroom. And to avoid confusion at all – dance all the time: while cooking, cleaning or shopping.

Even if you do not have skills in erotic massage, you can easily cope with a simple stroking movements of the entire body of your partner. Use massage oil or special lubricant. Light candles, play sensual music. When your partner is completely relaxed, go to the heavy artillery – groin massage.

It may seem awkward, but the effect of self-satisfaction is there. In this case, we’re not talking about masturbation. We’re talking about the preliminary caresses of your body – your breasts, stomach, clitoris, buttocks. Move on to penetration with fingers or toys, preferably before sex itself. Let your man enjoy you and at the same time understand what you like, what you get pleasure from.

  • Start dirty talk

Men like dirty talk just as much as the ladies. Whisper in your ear, talk loudly, leave notes. Give free rein to your fantasies and you’ll see – your man certainly will not remain indifferent to such a change. As a start – send a vulgar text message, short and unobtrusive.

  • Do not turn off the light

Men rarely notice your seeming flaws: stretch marks, scars, bruises, scratches. It’s the whole image, the movements, the conversations that matter to them. So if you start foreplay with the light on, you will give a man more pleasure. Not only physically, but also visually.

Sometimes they say that a quiet woman not only does not excite, but also discourages desire. And it is so. Be more sonorous: breathe deeply, moan, scream. Don’t forget to use dirty words. Of course, if your partner likes it.

  • Use your acting skills.

Wear your best dress or maid costume. Find out from your partner what image excites him, and act it out. Remember that even fairies can be sexy and slutty.

It doesn’t take much to arouse desire in your man. Study him, find out what he wants. In the end – make a sexual menu and experiment. We hope this article will serve as a faithful and helpful guide to your intimate life.

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