How to excite a Capricorn woman?

Capricorn sexual horoscope.

Their passion is not as open and free as Scorpio’s, but is restrained and disguised. Capricorn’s sexual impulses are not governed by their object of love. Capricorn is an earthly sign, their desires are real and practical.

2. In the second period of Capricorn’s sexual life (let’s say from the age of 30) they usually achieve some success in business and then, already more confident, they start experimenting in the field of sex. Afraid that they might lose a lot of precious time, they try to catch up with their astrological brothers and sisters and really unravel.

Capricorn men rarely have the alluring mannerisms of Aries and the sexual dynamism of Gemini. But they feel at ease in the financial world and know the price of affection and what they are willing to pay. And they approach love affairs from a position of money and power.

Capricorn does not know how to act out beautiful love, does not know how to flatter, although he is smart enough to outwardly formalize his interest somehow, for example, to send flowers, candy, theater tickets. In relations with the woman he loves relies on his status and dignity, hoping that this will earn her approval. He gets women as well as would have sought a promotion. If he is also beautiful, then the woman will certainly hope that she has found her ideal. But let us be frank – Capricorn is not the most passionate lover. He is lustful enough, but cold and reserved and unable to create a romantic environment of love.

3. In the third period, Capricorn shows himself. After the age of 40, he usually reaches a long-awaited prosperity and decides to destroy the facade of moderation and restraint in his sexual life.

To sum it all up, very few people achieve harmony between the romantic and sexual aspects of their personality, these two areas collide all the time.

To say that Capricorns are skilled in non-sexual manners is to underestimate them. Because Capricorn invented non-sexual manners. If we were to determine which sign the luckiest people are born under, we would find that the largest percentage of them are born under Capricorn, then, in second place, Cancer.

The ambitious Capricorn man in the isolated world of business and secret love affairs. A Capricorn man’s non-sexual behavior is always related to the price Capricorn offers.

Capricorns are very patient and can wait a long time to get what they want, in other words, can “wait out” the competition. Capricorn women are equally adept at non-sexual maneuvering They need their husbands to succeed in business, their friends to please their desires, and their relatives to support them in all activities. They are tireless toilers.

How to satisfy a Capricorn.

The first thing to remember is that the romantic aspect of a Capricorn relationship rarely lasts more than three months (long enough to solidify the relationship). Then the sex. The aspect will be reduced to mere necessity.

Erogenic zones.

The Capricorn man likes it when a woman slowly strokes his face, lips, breasts, stomach and groin with her nipples. These caresses drive him insane.

A Capricorn woman’s passion will ignite with fierce force if her partner kisses her navel or the back of her knees. Women born under this sign are highly sensitive to the skin around the navel. And the back side of their knees responds to sensual exposure just as much as other women do to the inside of their thighs.

Capricorns of both sexes will be thrilled with a massage in which your hands move from the lower back to the shoulder blades on either side of the back. Then run your tongue down your spine, making slow circular movements.

In my counseling practice, I have found that a significant portion of Capricorns get sexual pleasure by using a woman’s armpit instead of her vagina. Keep this in mind.

Sexual Characteristics of the Capricorn Man

When you say good night to him and try to close the door, he will put his foot up to prevent you from doing so. He doesn’t understand the word “no” as an answer. He will try again and again to overcome your resistance.

Of course, there are ways to say “no” as if it were a yes. But why say “no” at all?

Capricorn is the sign of the Goat, and he brings to lovemaking all the voluptuousness inherent in this four-legged man. Love is as essential to him as food and drink.

You may begin to suspect on a first date that he is a voluptuary, believing that a woman will submit to all his desires. He believes that inside every virtuous woman sits a promiscuous woman, striving to the outside. He cares more about the sexual relationship itself than the woman he is involved with. You could argue that Capricorn men make up the bulk of male chauvinists.

He approaches the choice of his mate judiciously, thoughtfully and discreetly. Therefore, you can not be limited to the elements of sexuality here. Tell your man about his achievements at work, how you are valued and respected by colleagues.

Important part of the female body – the knees. Therefore, the length of coats, dresses, skirts should reach the knee. Great stimulate the male interest in breeches and socks, high lace-up boots, rough stitching on shoes and on clothing. Another sexy area is the bend of the elbow and wrist, they can be emphasized by 3/4 length sleeves, buttons, buckles and high bracelets.

Sexual stimulus – an enclosed cramped space, an elevator cabin, your bedroom decorated as a troglodyte cave in anticipation of the New Year, decorated with lanterns and dried plant compositions.

Capricorn is not as tough as Scorpio, but his strong sexuality makes him promiscuous. He will gladly take advantage of inexperience or naivety and likes partners much younger than himself.

He is cautious, very sensual and does not tolerate rejection of anything. He will not put up with a woman’s quiet coquetry. He does not like to waste time. However, he will accept well reasoned objections explaining why you do not go to bed with him, he is able to be patient. An honest statement that you don’t feel well may be enough, as long as you really feel that way. If not, it’s better not to try to delay getting closer, he won’t like it very much, he’ll figure it out.

Basically, he wants you to assure him that you love him. He demands a lot, because he wants you to give yourself entirely to him. Encourage him, show him how you enjoy his company, and he will be attached to you, like a toy kite to the string, exactly as long as you want. He’s a loyal nature. He doesn’t really understand why so many men are looking for extra fun. If you have one good woman, what are the others for? Capricorn is quite happy as it is.

He prefers to stay home rather than go out partying or partying somewhere else. That doesn’t mean, really, that home life will make you bored. The sexy Capricorn never has enough time to spend in the bedroom, and the older he gets, the better he gets at it. His interest in the physical side of love never wanes. At a time when others don’t get out of their chairs, the aging Capricorn – or should I say: old Capricorn? – will still persuade women to be in the bedroom. And his technique only hones over the years.

Although he needs a satisfying sexual connection, sex is not enough for him. A woman must have other qualities, not just be a good mistress. He wants her to be a wonderful hostess, a partner at work, a devoted friend. He needs to feel that you are both connected by destinies. Really, if that doesn’t happen, he won’t suffer much. As a Capricorn man once told me, “If you admit to yourself that happiness – not what it seemed before, you can be quite happy.

He loves money. Also. Capricorn is a cautious, careful, uncompromising man. When characters clash, don’t count on a reasonable compromise. If he makes something resembling a concession, it will only be a time delay.

You will never know what is on his mind. He knows how to hide his thoughts under his moods. One thing you can always be sure – under his calmness burns the fire of desire.

He’s going straight for the goal. He is convinced that the goal is one and it must be achieved in any way. He knows that any talent will not find expression if a person does not know how to work. This is the key to his success, both in love and in business.

A born manager, he usually gets high positions in the business he chose. He is practical, goal-oriented, and ambitious. Those who do him favors in his way will always be handsomely rewarded. If he encounters failure, he will be able to fend off the blow with a firm grip on his feet.

It is fair to say that Capricorns are more likely to marry money than other signs. Their practical mind does not understand why love cannot come second to self-interest. In fact, is it really that hard to fall in love with a rich woman rather than a poor one? Making love in a shack is no more romantic than making love in an expensive mansion. And in the same way, having to refuse to eat sometimes doesn’t really whet your sexual appetite.

Mostly, however, he is a voluptuary. He seeks the heights of love through physical passion. In a spiritual connection he demands much and gives little. He will not give up his interests in order to please someone. He will try to be charming in order to win someone’s love last.

With this kind of attitude towards a woman and with a knack for money, it is no wonder that so many Capricorns become pimps and porn producers.

Sexual Characteristics of a Capricorn Woman

She is easily inflamed.

Sometimes you can ignite it with just a gesture, a caress. And it won’t be a smoldering fire, but a raging flame.

Don’t be offended if she prefers different beds. That’s just because she wants privacy.

When she’s in the mood for love (she often finds herself in that mood), you’ll be happy to talk to her.

She doesn’t need long foreplay because she gets extremely excited very quickly. She wants to take the lead in having sex. She can start making love in the shower or bathtub. Then, perfumed and powdered, she is ready to move to another room and other activities. Don’t try to surprise her. She constantly wants to know what the next step will be.

Because of her great sexual capabilities, she assumes her lover will be able to sustain the game long enough. She is not interested in exoticism, only in the process. She achieves wonderful results with traditional methods as well. She does not understand why all this acrobatics is necessary when there is a more direct way to pleasure.

Since she likes to dominate the act of love, she is especially satisfied with being on top of a man. Then she can control the situation. He lets her kiss her breasts and she entertains herself with his cock. What’s important is that she sets the pace, and both of them climax at the same time.

Once set to the rhythm, she goes all the way to the peak. She can scratch and squeal. Making love turns into a wild competition, the prize of which is an orgasm. You can be sure she will get it, and more than once.

She loves long sessions of sex and has the rare ability to do it often. If a man is powerless, vibrators come to the rescue.

She enjoys canilingus, but will only engage in fellatio if a subsequent erection is needed for her own satisfaction. She is not interested in a one-way connection, when at a critical moment she may be discarded.

Animal skins scattered on the floor or on the bed will give her pleasure. She likes the feel of the short fur and is erotically stimulated by it.

Hint: With your thumb touching her clitoris, you’ll drive her crazy. One touch will ignite her. You can try to do the same with your armpit – many Capricorn women experience sexual pleasure from this.

Often reasoning about her sexual urges, the need to get satisfaction leads to nymphomania. Reaching a climax, she wants to feel the earth move. She wants nothing more.

Beware: she likes to bite. Sometimes it’s erotic enough. But when she makes love, biting before and immediately during orgasm can be very painful. It is not the kind of pain that can turn anyone on, anyway.

Her other predilections also reflect a tendency toward sadism. Slapping her buttocks with the palm of her hand or something harsher before intercourse will excite her. Don’t think of her as a spanker, no. She is “punishing” her partner to bring her to the necessary state of ecstasy. However, if he likes it, who should complain?

She also likes to insert a vibrator into her partner’s anus. This is one of her favorite sexual tricks, it serves two purposes: his erection increases, and the vibrator forces him to move more actively, which gives her great pleasure.

The Capricorn woman may seem cold, but that’s just a mask. Once you tear it off, you will find many surprises.

What a Capricorn woman likes in bed

Girls depending on the zodiac sign are different. How to understand the preferences and tastes of a Capricorn girl? What kind of sex does a Capricorn woman like? You will learn more about everything in detail in this article.

Capricorn woman sexual horoscope

In life, representatives of this zodiac sign are realists who have a strong and firm character. They are used to be guided in decision-making by common sense, not emotions. The partner, which is a Capricorn sign on the zodiac, can be described in several words: it is loyal, constant in feelings, loyal girl, in addition, she has self-esteem and is able to look after herself.

Due to her character, the Capricorn girl is always restrained, sensible, likes to keep everything under control. That is why it is not easy to achieve such a girl: she refers to the choice of a partner very seriously, at first she is always distrustful and cautious. She likes to plan and calculate everything, carefully assesses all risks, both in the professional sphere and in relationships with the opposite sex. These girls need a lot of time before a man really give himself: she needs to get to know him better, to “feel out”, evaluate, weigh everything and make conclusions. But if she has already let someone into her world, she gives herself with great passion: she will be a sensual mistress and a reliable support in the relationship.

Characteristics of a Capricorn woman in love and in bed: they have inside that unsolved mystery and “zest” that is the strongest magnet for men. And even in marriage she can keep this mystery and a certain charm, rarely tells about her secret thoughts and feelings.

Your support and admiration are important in the relationship, in return she will love you even more. If a Capricorn woman is appreciated on merit, she will blossom and shine, showing all the tenderness, passion, femininity and sexuality. Appreciate such a woman, and she will give you heavenly pleasure in bed, you can be sure. The main thing is to be sincere, girls under this sign do not tolerate lies and betrayal. And they also do not know how to perceive reasonably and adequately to criticize them, which often leads to insults and closeness.

She is attracted by self-confident men with a pronounced male ego. What Capricorn values, above all, in men: seriousness, responsibility, honesty, wit and determination. With these qualities, you can become a favorite for a Capricorn girl. But they do not tolerate vainness, impulsiveness and mismanagement at all. They will not allow themselves the weak in spirit of a man who does not match her standard of living.

Representative of this sign should always be confident in the future, in their chosen one and its position in society.

A bright representative of this sign is Amanda Sayfred – reserved, cold, but bright and charismatic, she attracts men, conquering them with her wisdom and charm.

What a Capricorn girl likes in bed:

  1. Romance and foreplay. To feel comfortable and relaxed, they just need a cozy bedroom, a romantic atmosphere, beautiful linens and the tenderness of their partner. The Capricorn girl will especially appreciate the foreplay and massage (tip: with Masculane massage oils, you do not need to be a professional at all to deliver maximum pleasure). By the way, the erogenous and particularly sensitive areas of this sign are the navel area and the bends of the knees. Believe me, your “Snow Queen” will melt from such caresses.
  2. Soul intimacy. For a Capricorn girl in bed, not only “physical” sex is important, but also connection on an emotional level. Otherwise, they simply will not be able to open up.
  3. Conservatism or “home-style” sex. Adventurous, spontaneous sex anywhere is not about her. The Capricorn girl holds conservative views not only in relationships with men, but also in bed: she prefers traditional positions for sex. She can go for some experiments only for the sake of her man, but she will not get pleasure from them herself. If you want to try something new in sex, it should be discussed in advance and by no means pressure.

How to behave properly with Capricorns:

  1. Pay attention to mental intimacy: for ladies of this sign, support, understanding and interconnection on a mental level is important.
  2. Do not hide your feelings and desires: your openness will help achieve trust and will not go unanswered.
  3. Do not manipulate, do not pressure and do not show physical rudeness in relation to a Capricorn girl.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, even if Capricorn wins in that comparison. Never a woman under this sign will imitate anyone.
  5. Don’t criticize: she doesn’t tolerate comments.
  6. Try to behave in a mirror manner: Capricorn always expects a response to her movements and actions.

Compatibility with men of different zodiac signs

  • An ideal partner for Capricorn can be a Taurus man. The similarity of temperaments and the same system of values in many ways helps them to create a harmonious relationship: these signs are perfectly compatible and in life and in bed.
  • Also a good union can turn out and with a guy under the sign of the zodiac Cancer. Calmness, stability and the value of family life are the qualities that unite these two signs and make their relationship strong. True, in bed, such a couple can be devoid of imagination.
  • The strong Capricorn girl is a good partner for the Pisces man, they complement each other and are excellent at finding understanding, but in sex, the shyness of Pisces and the submissiveness of the partner do not combine and lead to a routine.
  • Sexually, Capricorn can be the perfect partner for the Sagittarius and Scorpio man.

Her strength of character and self-confidence sets Capricorns apart from other girls. She will be an ideal wife and mother, while also achieving everything in her career. She builds relationships for the ages and always remains faithful to her man.

Other news

Capricorn men by horoscope know a lot about love, know how to love and are looking for a partner who will sincerely treat him as well and share his attitude to sex.

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