How to enchant a man at a distance?

How to charm a guy (man) at a distance

Long-distance charms work on the personal power of the performer, his desire to arouse reciprocal feelings in the loved one. This article presents rituals of love magic using a photo, a mirror, water, blood, candles.

The principle of the action of the charms at a distance

In practical magic, there are several varieties of distant love spells. Conventionally, they are divided into white and black rituals.

    These magic actions are simple to perform and require minimum of ritual attributes. Often the power of magic is strengthened by energy of elements. technically complex. But most rituals are adapted for independent use. The category of black magic includes strong charms, which use the biological material of the object, menstrual or capillary blood of the performer. Often dark rituals provide for the presence of payoffs when appealing to the dark forces.

Lures have different effects on the object. Some of them are aimed at evoking feelings of passion (lust spell). There are rituals that provoke the emergence of feelings of love for the performer. The principle of the influence of magic on the object is almost the same:

  1. The man has a liking for the girl, a desire to be near her.
  2. Immediately the day after the charm, the object has unobtrusive thoughts about the performer.
  3. Over time, a feeling of love emerges. The man perceives it as natural, caused by natural charms, qualities of the woman.
  4. If the charm was aimed at causing sexual attraction, the guy cannot coexist with the feeling of passion, attraction to a particular woman.

The effect of white spells is short-lived – up to 4-6 weeks. If during this time, people find a common language, they can create a lasting, happy union. Black rituals are more aggressive. Some of them work for up to several years.

Carry out rituals of distant charms in the period of the waxing moon. But there are in the magical arsenal of rituals that are performed in the Full Moon, New Moon or Old Moon. In order for the magic of a charm to work, it is necessary to observe the rules:

  1. Carefully read the description and choose a ritual for the individual situation.
  2. Take into account all moments – phase of the moon, time of day, preparation of ritual paraphernalia.
  3. Spells learn by heart. Do not change the words, adapt spells, if it is forbidden by the description.
  4. During magical actions, it is impossible to be distracted. Therefore, it is recommended to stay at home in complete solitude, turn off all possible sources of noise.
  5. After the ritual, the objects that were used are hidden from prying eyes. No one should find them, touch them, go through them.

It should also be borne in mind that only a familiar person can be committed at a distance. A stranger simply will not understand who he is attracted to. To charm a married man, you need to use special charms. Most of the rituals designed for independent use are written to attract the attention of a guy with a heart free of feelings.

How to make a strong long-distance spell

The right choice of a spell ritual is 50% of success. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully read the description to the ritual, the peculiarities of its conduct. If during the study there are doubts, misunderstanding of the process, the sequence of actions – it is better to switch to another version of the spell.

By photo

The white charms by photo are effective if the performer chooses the “right” photo for the ritual.

The proposed variant of a spell is binary (acts at once on the object and the executor). It is suitable for independent use, safe (without negative consequences for the parties). To conduct a love ritual will require:

  1. A double pocket mirror. Only the case is needed for the ritual. Therefore, after purchase, the mirrors are carefully taken out of the frame, without breaking them.
  2. Two photos – of the performer and the object. The eyes must be clearly visible on the pictures. The photos are cut to the contour of the case and inserted in place of the mirrors. Their faces must face each other.
  3. Red wax candles.
  4. Matches.
  5. Biological material of a woman and a man (preferably hair).
  6. A sharp object.

Closer to midnight, a sharp object is used to write the names of the people (the performer and the object) on the candles. After writing, they are carefully twisted in a bundle. While a spiral is being formed, the incantation is recited three times:

“As the candles are being tied together, the candles are being tied together with each other. As these candles will never be separated so we (NAME), yes (NAME), never be separated.

Open case with pictures instead of mirrors at 90 degrees. Place it on the table. In front of the photos set candles. Light them with a match. At the flame of the candles seven times recite the incantation:

“With my strength I call fire, with my strength I call the spirit of fire to me. You are bright fire, you are pure fire, you are hot, bright, radiant fire. As you are fire, you are burning, you are burning all around with your heat. So passion, and love in (NAME), (NAME), in (NAME) for each other you ignite. Tenderness, care, and affection for each other, you give them love. As these candles are whole, but new do not become so, and the power of my words back. Let it be so!”.

The candles are left to burn. Take the hair of the people who are bewitched. Twist them together. The case with photographs is placed horizontally. On the image of the man placed twisted hair. Bury them in wax of burning candles. There should be enough of the substance so that after closing the case, both photos are in the wax. Burying the seal of the biological material, three times they say:

“You, (NAME), and you (NAME) together forever unite, your hearts, and your thoughts to each other. You will not be able to do anything, you will not be able to do anything at all.

Close the box. Bury the wax around the perimeter of the piece, closing all gaps. At the same time they say:

“Say: “I conjure (NAME) and (NAME) with each other and close your work from all sides.

Now wait until the wax hardens. Put the curled candles on the case and leave it to burn. When the fire goes out, the product with the remains of wax on it wrapped in a rag of red fabric, hide away from prying eyes.

The spell causes a feeling of reciprocal love between the man and the executor of the spell. It can be used to attract the attention of a single guy or divorced man.

On knots.

Nauses or knot magic has long been used by different peoples of the world to achieve their goals – to bind good luck, to attract money, to enchant a loved one. This type of charms have no negative consequences. They are perfectly suitable for independent use. The spell is carried out in the period of the waxing moon, preferably closer to the Full Moon. From the ritual paraphernalia will be needed:

  1. Three red candles.
  2. Matches.
  3. Rope of natural fiber length 30-40 cm. The thickness is arbitrary.

Closer to midnight, the girl should be left alone in the room. The candles are placed on the floor in a triangle. They are lit from a match in a clockwise direction. Other sources of light are switched off. Stand in the center of a geometric figure of lighted candles. Take a rope and start tying knots on it in random order, simultaneously uttering the incantation three times:

“In this case, you have to choose a person who is necessary for you and for whom you want to become a deceiver, a therapist and a philosopher. If you have not already done this, do not forget to say: “Let it be so.

When reading each time turn to a new candle. After reciting the incantation, place the rope with the knots under the pillow. Put out the candles with fingertips. Leave them on the floor until morning. In the daytime, remove them. It is possible to use at own discretion.

In 3-5 days, the object will begin to show signs of attention to the girl. The knots on a rope should be tightened from time to time, so that the power of the spell does not weaken.

Lure with blood

We have already described 5 blood charms. The simplest of them, more commonly known as a love potion, consists in mixing menstrual secretions with red wine, which the man must drink.

To enchant from a distance, you will need:

  1. A picture of the person you love.
  2. A sharp object.
  3. A red candle, matches.

Closer to midnight is set on the table, a red candle is lit from the match. In front of it, place a photo of your loved one. With a sharp object, pierce a finger of the left hand. Smear blood on the photo with the words:

“Let our souls be united forever and nothing can separate them. Let this incantation will help to achieve my beloved. Amen!”.

If the time of the ritual coincided with the second or third day of your period – you can smear a photo with fresh menstrual blood. You get a powerful sexual bind.

Burn the photo on a candle flame. The ashes are carefully collected. Take out into the street and flutter in the wind.

Lure a guy with two candles

Using this ritual, it is possible to attract attention, to cause love in a relationship-free guy. Candles have long been used in magic as a powerful conductor of information, improving the concentration of the wizard. The effectiveness of candles in witchcraft is supported by the element of fire, which is in close contact with the air. Charms are fueled by a properly chosen incantation.

Candle charms are performed in seclusion. There should be no other sources of light except the flame. The proposed spell ritual is a combined ritual. For its behavior, it is not required to learn the incantation by heart. The day before magical actions it is necessary to buy:

  1. Two church wax candles.
  2. A pen with red ink.
  3. Prepare a clean white sheet of paper.

In the night before midnight, write on each of the candles the name of the performer and the person to be bewitched. Heat them with warmth of hands. Curl them in a bundle. The candles are malleable, so the process will not cause difficulties. On a clean sheet of paper, write the text of the incantation with a red pen, painstakingly drawing out each letter:

“Let there come a longing of love to the slave (man’s name) for the slave (your name). Let him better die than refuse me in love. Demons and demons, drink the blood of slave (man’s name) until he comes to my doorstep, moaning with love. My word will be as strong as the keys of the underground, hot as fire, hard as a stone. Let it be so!”

When the clock strikes midnight, place the candles on the table, light them with a match. Three times read aloud the incantation written on a sheet of paper. Then burn the paper by the flame of the candles. Collect the ashes carefully, scatter them in the wind (it is possible through a window pane). The candles are extinguished. They must burn about half of them. The ashes are hidden in a secluded place.

In about seven days, when the first results of the incantation will be visible, take out the cuffs, once again write the incantation on a sheet, and repeat the ritual. This time, the candles should burn out completely. The remains of the wax are buried under a beautiful young tree.

Consequences of a man’s spell at a distance

The spell rituals adapted for independent use have no negative or undesirable consequences. In the worst case, if the performer made mistakes during the performance of the ritual, magic will not work.

When a black magic ritual was chosen to attract the attention of a man, violation of the ritual technology can turn out to have dangerous consequences for the object and the performer:

  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Disturbance of sleep, nightmares.
  • A streak of bad luck in all spheres of life.
  • Depressive state.
  • Manifestation of aggression, frequent mood swings.
  • Addiction to alcohol, stupefying substances.

Execution of spells at a distance is always associated with a colossal expenditure of energy. Their action is based on the woman’s personal power. Therefore, if all necessary actions were performed correctly, the next day the performer will feel malaise, headache, dizziness, light nausea, and loss of energy. These are symptoms of energy imbalance, lack of energy. When the balance is restored, the discomfort will pass.

The morning sickness is a sign that the magic has worked, taking away from a woman the necessary amount of energy for her. It remains to wait for the result and keep in secret the fact of witchcraft.

A quick spell

Can we say with certainty that the spells are a panacea for all problems? Certainly not. But in some cases, they help to achieve the desired result, especially if it doesn’t concern the human soul. But here, too, there are nuances that can be used without harming the other person. If you already know a little bit about magic and charms, you probably know that there are quick charms and not so quick. Sometimes there is no time to carry out long rituals, you want to get the fastest possible result. Today we will tell about how to achieve it.

Is it possible to put a fast spell on a person

As strong would be the desire to be near to a certain person, unfortunately, to get an instant result will not work. Because fast does not mean quality. Also we are talking about the human soul, which has freedom of choice. A white love spell only directs or strengthens the love between partners, and does not oblige to love the other person.

It is possible to make a strong and fast spell, purely for the sake of action and understanding that you have done something, but it does not guarantee the result. In any case, even the simplest ritual requires preparation. If you see ads from sorcerers that you can immediately help to bring a person and the effect will be obtained quickly, then you should not fall for it, because it happens only in movies or fairy tales. At the same time, you can always consult a professional magician, after which a period of time will start to work interesting charm.

When you decide to make a spell, you take responsibility for it as well as for further events that will take place in your life. Therefore, it is necessary to approach everything wisely.

Although spells are divided into white and black, in fact, a spell itself is considered black magic. Because a person interferes in the life of another person. The consequences can be anything. Powerful backlash can occur, especially if the ritual is done with malice. It is important to be prepared for this, so that there will be no questions later, “Why is this happening to me?

It is necessary to tell at once – if you feel internal doubts, tension, resistance, etc., give up the idea, because by doing so you can very much harm yourself. Luck charms do not tolerate people with weak energy field. Therefore, in an extreme case, you can resort to the help of specialists.

Quick charms

So, what to do if a person has decided to resort to rituals for love.

Conspiracy on the name

A simple, effective and quick love spell for a man. Acts in those cases where the witch doctor can meet in person with the object of his love. If the man is at a distance, nothing will work. It is believed that this simple spell causes a man to turn his attention to the witch doctor very quickly.

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To make a charm come true, you just need to learn the right words, meet the right person and read them after him.

The words sound like this:

“As I say ‘hello’, so your love will be hello, so your passion will be hello, so your tenderness will be hello. My words are strong, and you shall be mine. Amen.”

Before saying them, you should say hello to your beloved. Say – hello, (name). Then wait until the person leaves and pronounce the incantation after him/her. At your next meeting, it is very important that this person will say hello to you first. After that, whisper: “As my will is strong, so our love with (his name) will live forever.”

A red thread

If a person has not a will, and a direction of communication with you is necessary, give her a vow of love and strengthen the ties between them. At least friendly, or better romantic. Why do we need a charm in such a case? If a woman wants this man to be with her always and she doubts that she can keep him by her own strength. Here, of course, there are many other questions, but today we are not talking about that.

Eliminate 10 key beginner’s mistakes and start easily reading Tarot cards without any prior knowledge

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For the ritual will need an ordinary red thread, preferably made of natural material, as well as a church candle. You can perform the ritual on any lunar day, but a greater effect can be achieved during the full moon. Also, for women, there are the most favorable days for divination and charms – Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Be alone with yourself. Light the candle, meditate on it for a while, concentrate on your wish. Then say:

“A red thread knits, weaves, fastens the love of (your name) and (his name). As the thread is strong, so are feelings of (his name) strong, as the thread is bright, so is passion boiling. Amen.”

After the words, pass the thread over the candle, repeat the words. Repeat these actions three times in total. After that, extinguish the candle, hide the thread under your pillow. On the next day, it is important to meet your beloved and give him this thread. The longer he will be in contact with it, the greater effect you will be able to get from the spell.

A spell for a man

For this, you will need a photo of the beloved, where his eyes will be clearly visible, also in the picture he must be alone. And an ordinary church candle, which you need to buy for cash.

The ritual can be performed on any man, provided that his heart is not occupied by another person. If there is such a man and you still decide to resort to this spell, the consequences can be deplorable.

If you have decided to use this ritual, the consequences can be deplorable. For this purpose, it is necessary to make a full-scale ritual of the malicious power of the incantation, to burn a candle on a windowsill and to put it on a ravenous pedestal. If it is not enough to see a big difference between you and your beloved, you must have a dream of the Universe:

“No devil, no angel, you will have nothing, I alone will exist for you. As the flame will eat you (name) so you will be satiated with me. You will be satiated with me. Amen.

Whisper the words three times, wait until the candle burns out. In this case, you need to scatter ashes of the photo in the wind, and bury the wax of the candle. In this case, the moon is red, and the curse of the moon is red, but the curse of the moon is black, and the curse of the moon is red.

Using blood

Everything associated with blood is associated with strong black magic and requires the most responsible and balanced approach. It is not in vain that ancient tribes used blood for various rituals and sacrifices. This magic can be applied on a person who has a right to make a pouch with the help of an incantation, which is not necessary in the case of an incantation.

You will need red wine, a needle, two candles of any color. You should make the ritual on a new moon. Before proceeding, take a shower. In the night, when the moon will appear in the sky, light the candles with matches and put them on the table. Pour the wine into a glass, put it between candles. Recite the incantation:

“The moon will witness and fasten two hearts together. Let him see how I yearn for the beloved (his name), and let himself yearn. Let the beloved (name) know how I do not sleep at night, and himself lose sleep. Let beloved (name) hear how I call him, and let him call only me. If you will not have a dream, you will not be able to reach it with your own hands.

Take a needle sterilized beforehand in order not to have an infection and pierce with it a ring finger of any hand. Then add in the wine exactly three drops of blood. Bring the wine to the sky, saying:

“A drop of blood will take away the melancholy, a drop of blood will bring back sleep, a drop of blood will help find me. The moon sees everything, my blood accepts, two hearts join together”.

Leave all the paraphernalia on the table until morning, go to bed. In the morning, it is necessary to pour the wine back into a bottle, and then organize a situation in which a beloved would drink a glass of the bewitched drink. In this case, you will be able to see the effect of the ritual in the same way as you did in the past. You will be able to see the effect also within seven days, after the person will make a sip of this wine.

If it is not enough, you can repeat the ritual. If at the expiry of the term, you will feel that the effect became weaker, you can repeat the ritual.

Lures by photo

First variant

Prepare a photo of your beloved and an orange candle. If you cannot find the necessary photo, you can independently draw a person, even if it will look like a caricature. Be sure to sign the drawing with the name and surname of the betrothed. Get pure spring or well water – pour a small amount of it into a glass and add three pinches of salt.

In X (any day of the new moon) light a candle and put it on a flat surface. Put a photo next to it, over it should be placed a glass with water. In this case, you must have the same powers and ability to make a magical spell:

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