How to enchant a girl?

How to bewitch a girl: proven incantations, tips and consequences

With the help of a love spell, you can enchant a girl from a distance. Rites act instantly and allow a man to permanently fall in love with his chosen one. Lover’s spells can be performed independently in the home. If you follow all the steps correctly, the performer will avoid negative consequences.

Powerful spells for a girl or a mature woman

Before you enchant the girl you love, you need to make sure that your intentions are sincere. Sometimes the performer is driven by feelings of revenge, envy or other negative motivation. In such a case, the love spell will lead to various problems for both the victim and the sorcerer. There is a risk of getting the opposite effect – you will never be able to create a couple with the object of the incantation.

A strong ritual that will definitely work

This is the strongest spell on a woman, so it should be resorted to in case of extreme need. Most often the conspiracy is used when you want to marry the victim or when you need to push her into a serious relationship.

This quick charm will make a woman love the performer for a lifetime. The action of the magic is based on the effect of the pincushion. In addition to subconscious affection, a powerful sexual attraction is created.

The first option is suitable if there are sexual contacts with the chosen woman. Sequence of carrying out a ritual:

  1. Before a joint night with the victim, it is necessary to collect a glass of holy water and put it under the bed.
  2. After the intercourse, you should whisper: “Passion will envelop you, I will be forever beloved.”
  3. In the morning, remove the glass discreetly and drink half of the incantation water. The other half should be given to the girl to drink.

For the second way, it is necessary to conjure the soap that was used by the woman. The incantation is made on Friday night:

  1. The soap is lowered into a container with running water.
  2. In water, add red pepper and a few drops of your own sweat.
  3. The left hand begins to stir the liquid and pronounce three times: “I bind the life of the servant of God (name) with mine. Everything will be smooth as in a happy dream.
  4. The soap is returned to its place. The victim must use it at least once.

With the help of a photo of the chosen one.

To dry the girl by photo is an effective method, which allows to cause not only love, but also sexual attraction. It helps even if you want to get an unfamiliar woman.

Before making such a love charm, it is necessary to choose a suitable photo. Requirements to the photo:

  • the image of the girl in the photo corresponds to the current appearance (the same hair color, similar hairstyle, figure, etc.);
  • the woman is alone in the picture;
  • the face in the picture must be clearly visible;
  • The quality of the picture must be high.

The incantation shall be made during the period of waning moon. It is desirable that this day falls on a Friday. Algorithm of actions:

  1. On the table, a white cloth is spread out.
  2. Place seven red candles in a semicircle and light them.
  3. A small mirror is placed in the center of the semicircle. Then it is necessary to sit so that the face of the executor is reflected in this mirror.
  4. Above the fire, spend three times with the palm of your hand and burn a few of your hairs. Do it on the candle which is closest to the left hand.
  5. Put a photo under the mirror and recite the text of the incantation: “This girl will be mine. I will cherish and cherish her, protect her from trouble, give her protection. I will never change my decision – only she is needed, I don’t want another”.
  6. With the right hand, stroke the face on the picture and look into the eyes. During this process, it is necessary to whisper: “I will not give up on her until the end of my days. Otherworldly forces will make our way, help bring us together”.
  7. The image is placed face to face in a mirror. After that, the mirror is held over each candle. Make three circles clockwise.

The effect of the incantation comes within a week.

The variant without consequences, which works at once

A spell on a woman without consequences can be performed with the help of a prayer. The rite belongs to white magic. With its help, you can make a girl fall in love with a guy from a distance without personal contact.

The spell is read every day for a week. At sunrise, one must stand at a window and say: “As day goes after night, let (name) step heart after mine. If your heart will run away from all obstacles, cross fields, oceans and seas. Our happiness on the lock, and the keys to distant lands. The red maiden won’t be dissuaded, young or old. My request is heartfelt and sincere. The desire is strong, the heart is faithful.”

With the help of a gift

This Muslim incantation is considered universal and applicable to girls of all religions. In this case, the curse is directed at any object, which is later presented to the victim as a gift. In this case, the person is not allowed to be in the house, but is not allowed to be in the house.

In order to do this, it is necessary to make a pact with the victim. The day before, it is necessary to remind about yourself to the object of passion. It can be a call, a message or a sudden meeting. Sequence of further actions:

  1. The day before giving a gift, it is required to stay at home alone. Place three red candles on a table in a shape of a triangle. They should be lit with matches.
  2. Place a gift or treat in the center of the triangle and cover it with the palm of your left hand. Hold it over the gift for two minutes, imagining the relationship with the girl and visualizing her image.
  3. If you have a heart and a heart of a woman, you will be able to see her in the form of a gift, and then you will be able to see her in the form of a heart. In return, take my heart forever, not for a year or two. My words ignite a passion that will never be extinguished.”

For this love spell to work, you need to give the enchanted gift within twenty-four hours.

Spell on a mirror

On the day of the incantation, go to church and buy 12 church candles. When buying, it is impossible to take change, and it is desirable to pay with coins.

Beforehand, you should also wash the floor in the room where the sacrament will take place. Further actions:

  1. Candles are placed on the floor in the form of a circle.
  2. In the center of the circle, place a mirror and sit opposite to it.
  3. On a sheet of red marker write the names of the performer and the victim.
  4. Put the paper under the mirror and say a whisper: “Magnet will attract hearts. Yours to mine, mine to yours.”
  5. The candles are extinguished and put together with the paper in a secret place. The sheet is burned on them after the appearance of signs of attention from the girl.

On a curl of a beloved.

A love spell on a girl using her curl is carried out on the waxing moon. For the ritual, it is necessary to extract three hairs of the beloved.

The girl’s locks are wrapped around five hairs of the performer. After that, the bound locks are set on fire on a red candle.

During burning of the hair, it is required to say: “Dark forces, I ask you to burn these hairs with your fire to the ground. After that, my heart will be united with the heart of (name). Help to make that connection will be strong till the end of time.

To increase the effectiveness of the spell, magicians recommend to perform it once a week for a month.

On chocolate

This spell on food begins at midnight. As a delicacy choose black chocolate. Algorithm of actions:

  1. In front of you, you need to put chocolate and any dry flower.
  2. Light a red candle and pronounce: “Sweet passion and desire to be with me. Not be able to get rid of them my maiden. She will become dry without me, her love will seize her. What is in my dreams is real.”
  3. The plant is burned and the ashes are scattered in the wind.
  4. On the next day, the girl is treated to enchanted chocolate.

Over the phone

If it is impossible to make personal contact or to give the incantation gifts and treats, you can use a spell over the phone. The incantation will work even at a great distance.

For the ritual, you should use a different number or an antidetector. The whisper is uttered when the girl picks up the phone: “From this day until the end of time you will be mine, you will never fall in love and you will never leave me.”

The words should be read softly – the woman should not hear the whisper. Only then will the spell begin to act on the subconsciousness of the chosen one. Magicians also advise to change your voice.

The action of the spell can be activated by sending an SMS. This option does not require anonymity, you can send a message from your number.

The nature of SMS can be anything – it is necessary to establish communication under any pretext. The spell is read before the message is sent: “Pay attention to all the letters you read. The message will reach your heart and show the way to me. You will love the servant of God (your name). It will be so and not otherwise.”

In using the texting method, it is important that the girl responds within one day.

On clothes

The incantation for clothes should be made on a full moon. Use any thing that was worn by the beloved girl.

Wrap the object of the closet in a white sheet, put on it two dried nettle leaves. Then light a red candle and take it in your left hand.

Spend three circles with the lighted candle over the sheet, recite: “Like nettles that burn the body, let passion burn the soul of my beloved. Let her soul burn and blaze.

Take the incanted clothes out of the sheet and sprinkle with running water. Leaves of the plant burn on a candle flame and say: “As water quenches fire, so I will be able to extinguish your passion. Only in me you will find comfort, no one else can quench desire.

Another way of carrying out the ritual assumes use of underwear of the beloved. To bewitch a girl at home by this method, it is necessary to read over the thing the incantation: “As this thing is drying, so the girl is drying for me”.

On a red candle

A spell with a red candle belongs to black magic. Put a candle on the photo of the chosen one and light it. Having waited until the wax begins to drip on the picture, quickly pronounce: “I burn you with sexual attraction, you will suffer and cry without me.”

The words should be repeated nine times. Magicians advise to conduct a charm during the rising moon.

The use of black magic requires a payoff. To do this, you need to throw a few coins of large denomination into a natural body of water. Before this, pronounce: “Thank you for your help. I will protect the maiden and enjoy life”.

How correctly to read the words of the incantation at home

The application of magic requires observance of several rules. To bewitch a girl without consequences at home, it is necessary:

  1. Use the Yang energy. You can see its concentration on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. It is these days should be chosen for rituals for love.
  2. Read a spell in a secluded place: nothing should distract the performer from the sacrament.
  3. Learn the magic text by heart.
  4. When carrying out the incantation, be in clean clothes.

About the consequences of the ritual

Negative consequences await those who have made a mistake in the implementation of the ritual or were guided by evil motives. In such a case, various troubles await the victim of the incantation and the performer: from lifelong loneliness to diseases with lethal outcome.

The person you love can always be enchanted with the help of conspiracies. In order for the ritual to work, you must clearly follow the instructions and be guided by sincere intentions.

A spell on a girl according to a photo

The main thing is that the main purpose of the magic rituals is to put a curse on a girl in order to bring her love and to bring her back to reality. This type of magic can be applied only on men, on women and on men in order to protect them from all negative emotions. But in fact, sometimes even the representatives of the stronger sex are ready to try magic methods if the traditional ones do not work for some reason. Today our article is written specifically for men – we will consider how to make a spell on a girl according to a photo.

Rules of the ritual

  • First, before you do a girl’s spell by photo at home, make sure that you are going to win the love of the lady not just for the sake of sports interest. In this case, the main purpose of the ceremony is to create a “love connection” between you and your beloved.
  • Secondly, you should have a clear idea of what you can get in the end. This is a very effective way to make a magical love bindings, which have many unpleasant consequences, both for the conjured object and for the one who performs the ritual. We recommend you to read the article about the signs of love spells in women, in order to understand how your influence can affect the person you love.
  • The third important point is a serious attitude towards the ritual. If you make a magic ritual just out of curiosity, to see if it will work or not, you can be sure that nothing useful will come out. And even on the contrary – you can get a powerful blow back, which will manifest as problems with health, failures in all areas of life. If you will not be able to use a talisman, you must use the power of the talisman in the performance of its functions.

The following rules relate to purely practical.

  • It is better to perform the ritual on a rising moon.
  • At the time of the magical action, it is necessary to be pure of mind and body: take a shower, put on clean clothes, free yourself from all interfering thoughts.
  • The text to be read must be learned by heart, in no case replacing one word by another.

Choosing the right photograph

Before you make a spell by photo, it is worth making sure that you have chosen the right photo.

  • The photo should be as “fresh”, at least made no later than one year before the ritual. The newer, the better, of course.
  • There must not be any other people or even animals in the picture – only one girl whom you want to be bewitch. It is strictly forbidden to cut off an image of the object of sympathy from a group photo.
  • The picture should be clear, not blurred, such that the woman’s eyes are well visible on it.
  • In this case, you should not use a photo of a woman with a sympathy of the other woman.

So, you are familiar with the rules, you have prepared the right photo card, and now all that is left is to figure out how to do a spell on a girl by photo. Let’s move on to practice.

The simplest rituals

If you consider yourself a beginner in magic and are afraid to mess up anything during a complicated ritual, try to perform the easiest girl charm by photo. To do this, you only need to put the picture on the floor, stand on it so that the face of the object of sympathy is under the left heel and say three times the words of the incantation:

“As my heel presses you, slave of God (girl’s name) hard, so your heart let it be hard, that it pulls you to me, slave of God (your name). Amen!”

It is recommended to carry out this simple ritual three days in a row.

There is another way, which will also suit beginners. You just need to think about your desire, take in your hands the photo of the interested person, mentally try to convey your message to the girl, and then say the following words seven times:

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“As I love you, slave of God (girl’s name), so you cannot be without me, slave of God (your name). Let it be so. My words are law. Amen!”.

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After reading the picture card put in an inaccessible place and keep until there is no desire to part with this lady. The effect of this love incantation comes in about a week.

Rite “Four Sides of the World”.

This strong photo-based love spell has a very powerful and fast effect. The text of the incantation itself to be read is quite long. If you cannot learn it by heart or are afraid to make a mistake, it is better to rewrite it on a sheet of paper, but necessarily by hand! If you simply print it out on a printer, you will not achieve the desired effect. Read magical words exactly at midnight. For the first time, pronounce the incantation turning to your left, then to your right, then backwards and, for the fourth time, pronounce the magic words after you return to your initial position. At the same time, the picture of your beloved girl should be held in hands and mentally imagine her appearance in all the smallest details.

“On the Basurman and Russian lands the fiery prince drained seas, rivers, streams, so would you dry, the slave of God (girl’s name) on the slave of God (your name), that you could not live and be without him, in 70 joints, in 77 veins. There is a black falcon in a clear field. I command him to fly to a clear field, to the dark forests, to the blue sea, to give him strength to get to the slave, the maiden in the mansion. I will give him the strength to get to the maiden in the towers of the mansion. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

The old pincushion “Dungeon”.

This charm for love of a girl in a photo came to us from rites of rural magic. As you know, our ancestors believed in the miraculous power of herbs, plants, fruits, so it is not surprising that this ritual uses an onion. Yes, a very ordinary bulb of onion! This time, you need an onion as well as a black candle, a picture and some leaves of mint, basil or parsley. However, it is not forbidden to use a mixture of all three of these herbs.

In this case, you must have a black candle, light a black candle, take a photo card and lightly scorch all four corners of it from the candle flame. At the same time, read magic words on each corner:

“The dungeon is open, the maiden is ready! Sit, wise up, call your beloved! As you open the heart, I will come to the dungeon porch!”.

After that, you must take an onion, cut it exactly in half, put in the center of it an onion and herbs that you prepared, and then connect the two halves of the vegetable again, sealing them with wax from the same candle so that they will stick together. The enchanted onion you put away away from prying eyes and keep until the relationship with the person you are interested in will be normalized.

This love spell in a photo has one important feature: strong feelings appear not only in the girl but also in you. When you will feel that the craving for your beloved has become stronger – it means that the lady of your heart feels the same.

Ritual with a candle

When the work of the magical mystery and the mystery of the loved one is not completed, it is necessary to redeem the magical power of the magical potion – to wrap it in a thick layer of a rope – and to put it on a flat surface. For this, you need to prepare a candle: you can take a church candle or a common wax candle, but preferably of natural, yellowish color. At night, after midnight, make yourself comfortable in an armchair or a chair, put a picture of your beloved in front of you, light a candle and take it in your hands so that the flame is at eye level. You should look through the flame at your beloved’s eyes, and then read seven times yourself a picture charm:

“Hot and ardent fire is blazing! You have to look at your beloved’s eyes with your own eyes. The fire is burning with fire, and the fire is melting in her heart. Slave (girl’s name), let in your thoughts! As there is no fire without a wick! So no life for slave (girl’s name) without me! As soft wax from the candle flame, so without slave (your name) slave (name of the girl) no more! My heart groans and my soul yearns! Slave (girl’s name) understands what her life is not good! No flowers bloom without the warmth of the sun! The slave (girl’s name) without affection and body of the slave (your name)! Amen!”

After reading, sit in silence, think about the object of your affection until the candle burns out. And the next day, try to see the beloved woman and look intently into her eyes – when she catches your gaze, the charm will begin to work.

Pursuit for red candles

There are two ways to make a love spell on a girl in a photo, for which you will need a red candle or candles. If you want to make a love pincushion on a girl in a photo, you will need a candle or a candle of red color.

Variant 1

In this way, at night when you are alone, put in front of yourself a photo card and light a red candle. In your mind, look at the flame and pronounce the following words:

“Tomorrow I will go, (girl’s name), I will find. If you will find (name of the girl), I will look in her eyes. If you see my look, don’t look back. You will come to me (your name), smile, take my hand. I don’t whisper of love, I don’t speak of passion. (Girl’s name) I don’t captivate, I don’t persuade. My whisper has one goal – look at me. In this case, you will have to see your future love”.

On the next day, you need to see the person you are interested in, but don’t talk to her first, and look at her reaction. If she smiled to you amiably or approached you first, then the pincushion worked. It remains only to wait for a convenient moment and invite the object of sympathy for a date.

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