How to earn a lot of money?

How to start earning more than 300 thousand: the strategies of those who were able to

Many people dream of becoming millionaires, but do nothing to make it a reality.

However, there are more motivated people. We found T-G readers who earn over 300,000 rubles and asked them to tell us how they managed to become that kind of a millionaire, how much they changed their spending and lifestyle, and what they had to do to get their salaries to multiply by 10 or more.

Change job or profession if something goes wrong at work

First salary: 60 000 R/month Income now: about 320 000 R/month

As a kid I really loved playing computer games and always thought it would be cool to be able to make them myself. Somewhere in seventh grade I played “Cursed Lands” and became very interested in how such games are written. I searched on the Internet and realized that I had to learn C++, specifically Microsoft Visual C++. I bought a CD with the program, read several chapters of the reference book and gave up until the best of times. Those times came 13 years later, when, because of the crisis at work – I was working in the technical support service and had conflicts with the management – I decided that I needed to learn C++ more.

As a senior engineer on the technical support department I earned about 75 thousand, but I realized that nobody would give that much money to a green novice programmer, and I was ready to receive two or three times less. It was important to write in C++ for the sake of experience. But in the end, I was lucky: I was transferred to another department within the same company with a little loss in my salary. They took me to develop the product, which I had been supporting for several years.

I started with 60 thousand, and six months later I moved to Moscow, where my salary was 113 thousand. After a year I changed my job to 150 thousand. A year later I was offered 250 thousand. There my salary was raised, and it was in dollars, the sum total came to about 320 thousand per month.

Now I am a senior C++ programmer in the Moscow office of a large American corporation. I work 5 8 hours a week, no free lunch break, free schedule. It takes me two minutes to get to work, I’m lucky to have rented an apartment. I practically do not have any responsibility. If I screw up somewhere, well, I’ll fix it the next day, since the product is just being developed. I work late only at my own will, I don’t go out on weekends or holidays, because I meet unspecified deadlines.

The only caveat: sometimes I have to talk to colleagues from America, and then I sit at a conference call closer to the night.

But the work is not free, as it may seem, it requires a huge amount of specific knowledge.

In addition to the salary the company allocates about 7-8 thousand extra a month for food. And then there are RSUs (Restricted Stock Units), which already bring a small but steady bonus. Right now I have two stock grants, totaling $25,000, which will run for 4 years. You can spread them out over that time, they will bring in about $500 a month. But further the grants will accumulate, and ideally in a couple of years with RSUs alone will be about $1,000 a month, assuming their price doesn’t change.

I’m a bit of an investment player: I’ve invested a million each in trust management and in bonds. Trust management is performing worse than a regular bank deposit, and I like bonds.

I grew up in a very poor family, used to saving money and getting very little. Now I order food more often or go to food courts a couple or three times a week, I only go by cab, and I like more expensive equipment: my computer costs about 300,000 rubles.

I do not count money at all, the only limiting criterion is greed. For example, I cannot afford to buy a telephone for 50 or more thousand rubles, although the purchase will not affect the budget in any way. I always save more than half of my salary, sometimes 200 thousand, even though I pay about 50 thousand a month for rent.

I used my salary of 75 thousand rubles to buy an apartment in my home town: I just lived on 15 rubles and saved 60. I saved a million and a half, and gave a million from Moscow.

With my current salary I went to the Czech Republic and Italy and assembled a good home cinema for 200 thousand rubles – I am closing my childhood gestalt.

And, of course, I am thinking about an apartment in Moscow. I would like to have my own place, have a kitten and meow with it in the evenings, which, alas, is impossible in a rented apartment. My income does not allow to buy a good two-bedroom apartment without a mortgage, and technical innovations often cost prohibitive, so I would like to earn more. Although what I have is enough.

To increase your income, you either need to move to the U.S., but there are difficulties with work visas H1B, or grow in your job – it is quite realistic. There is no point in stopping, you always need to grow in something.

Not afraid to lose money for the sake of future development

First salary: 37 000 R / month Income now: 375 000 R / month + bonuses and income from renting an apartment

I work as a sales manager for the Northwest in a large international company that produces confectionery products. Profession I did not choose, rather it chose me. I am a marketing specialist by education, but I worked in sales from day one. I immediately set myself the goal of getting a job at a large international company. But the marketing departments are all in Moscow, and at the start of my career I didn’t want to move from St. Petersburg. At first the income was not very important, the company itself, its name and its place on the market seemed much more important at the time.

My first salary in 2004 was 37,000 rubles. The income grew steadily from year to year, along with my career advancement. However, there was one serious step backwards in terms of money for the sake of a career. In 2015 I left my first employer, at that time my income was 270 thousand rubles and a very good social package. I was working in another country and had all the benefits of an expat: paid private school for the children, home rent compensation, two corporate cars, and a hardship allowance.

After I left I searched for three months for a new company, where I could build my career, and finally I came to my current employer, but with the salary of 250 thousand rubles. But I had to go to Moscow, rent an apartment there at my own expense and visit my family in St. Petersburg at weekends. I have no regrets; the new company gave me a strong impetus for development, after two years my income has already exceeded the one I was leaving. Private school for the children, however, no one else is paying.

Now my salary is 375 thousand roubles. There are bonuses at work, from 10 to 100 thousand a month. But I do not include them in my income, as they are not permanent and I cannot count on them. For example, last year I got 120 thousand rubles, and this year I got about 300 thousand in 3 months. So you never know.

I also have two apartments, which I rent out – it’s 53 thousand rubles a month. One of them I bought in order to rent, the second apartment was bought for the family, but last year we bought a townhouse and moved.

I have a clear feeling that I work exactly for the amount I get. I just wish I could see bonuses more often. I work 5 days a week from 9 to 18. The sales staff has a more or less free schedule, you can come in later or earlier if you need to.

There is a lot of responsibility, but no more than I can take out. Often tasks have to be prioritized, as I do not have time to do all projects, but this is a normal process, as long as the supervisor is adequate.

My work involves a lot of business trips – 3-4 per month for 2-3 days. They take a lot of energy. The hardest part is finding a balance between convenience on business trips and time spent at home. For example, if I have an appointment in Moscow for 10 in the morning, I can fly into town in the morning or evening the night before. If I fly in the morning, I spend a normal evening at home and put the kids to bed. But then I would have to get up at 4am for the plane. An alternative – to fly in the evening right out of the office, get a good night’s sleep in Moscow, but I won’t be home for another evening.

I usually plan three kinds of vacation for the year. Individual: when I go alone or with my girlfriends to some place of my own interest. This year we went to Karlovy Vary to a spa hotel. Romantic: just the two of us with my husband. Planned to go to Japan in the fall. Family: all together with kids, usually a vacation at sea. This year we are planning to go to the Baltic Sea coast – via Latvia and Lithuania to Kaliningrad. In winter, we all go skiing together in the mountains.

Since 2017, I have been keeping a table where I plan my expenses, income and savings. As my income grows, I try to save more rather than spend. Unfortunately, conscious saving didn’t come into my life very long ago, although I was able to pay off two mortgages, two car loans, and save for a new house. But it still seems like I could be more efficient at it if I did everything systematically.

How to keep an eye on the budget.

There is still cost inflation. Children grow up and require more and more spending: activities, clothes, phones, leisure time. As income increases, the number of trips abroad increases at once. We used to go on vacation abroad once a year, now we go 3-4 times.

We in the family try to save money within reasonable limits. For instance, recently we refused a home helper, as we decided that together with the kids we can clean the house in 2 hours, and still enjoy the joint activities.

Aside from apartments and cars, the most expensive thing I bought for myself was a Macbook in 62 thousand rubles, and once I bought a jacket in 30 thousand. I don’t see the point in surrounding myself with expensive things, I want to spend money on impressions, not on things. I dream of going to the South Pole. I’m looking for time and company for that. When I decide it’s time, I’ll save up in 3-4 months.

Experience has shown that an increase in income entails a significant and sometimes disproportionate increase in responsibility and hassle at work. Therefore, I do not plan to increase my earnings at my main job, it is enough for me. Now I will work on getting the full bonus more often.

I could increase my income by moving to the next role in my company or in another one. But more often than not, such a move would involve moving to Moscow, which is not in my plans at the moment. Of course there are employers in St. Petersburg who are willing to consider me for high positions, but more often they are local Russian companies that I am not interested in.

Start working for myself

First salary: 10 000-15 000 R/month Income now: 300 000-500 000 R/month

I am engaged in the automation of accounting and business processes of organizations on 1C with the use of related technologies. As they say, I am a 1C man. I chose this profession because it is directly related to the profile of my education – computer systems, programming, economics and mathematics. There was a low threshold of entry into the profession: the 1C franchisee company held an open house in my university, and took all applicants for internship. Already later, having searched “Headhunter” and “Superjob”, I realized that in 1C you can earn good money.

I began working in Saratov, the income was very unstable: the rate of 200 rubles per hour, but only from the closed acts of the client. On average 10-15 thousand a month in 2007 for a student without experience was considered a good wage. To increase income changed my job, went to where they paid more. It is true that the maximum income in Saratov was 35 thousand rubles.

I got a job with a 1C franchisee again, I had to communicate with a lot of IT managers, chief accountants and directors, so I acquired contacts. At first the income was about 60 thousand, then gradually rose to 100.

After another successful project, the client told me to name the amount for which I would go to work for them. The work itself was much more monotonous and quiet than in the franchisee, so I decided to call “bargain rate” – 130 thousand rubles. Suddenly the amount was agreed upon, and I had to keep my word. And not for nothing, because it was quite a large bank holding company, and I was the only 1C specialist there. I managed to make a lot of useful contacts.

I also found myself in my next job because of the increased salary of 145 thousand. Throughout this time I was constantly getting small part-time work from acquaintances and word of mouth, and regular customers began to appear.

I had already decided to quit my job and move in the direction of my own firm, but suddenly I received an attractive offer, both in terms of money and conditions.

So I raised my income to the maximum, working without shutting down an average of 300 thousand, and in particularly good months up to 500 thousand. Revenue from several sources: the main work, their clients, and the publication of development on the site programmers 1C (this is like AppStore, but the subject – 1C, and buyers – legal entities).

Significant contribution to the net income was brought by the decision to minimize the tax burden – I opened IE at 6% and began working only through it. At this point the total experience, since the third year of university, was 10 years, 5 of them – in Moscow.

I work late on weekdays and can work on weekends and holidays, I do not have any special prejudices. But when I feel it begins to affect my performance, I allocate time to rest. I go on vacation 2-3 times a year for 1-3 weeks.

I wouldn’t say that my lifestyle has changed much. Money gives a little more comfort: I live in the center, close to the office, travel by cab, choose a seat on the plane based on convenience, do not look at prices in the grocery store, I can afford to travel without much strain on my budget, I use the service of cleaning the apartment and food delivery for a week. Expenses have increased considerably: I took out a mortgage, started helping my parents, so that they could also experience the pleasure of travel.

But at the same time I got an opportunity to save money, invest in index funds and bonds. I started investing two years ago, but the result so far has been modest.

In general, buying things does not bring me much pleasure. If there is an opportunity to spend a little more – it is better to spend money on new impressions in travel or on long-term investments, including own education.

My most expensive purchase is an apartment on a mortgage, but for investment purposes. Of course, I can’t afford many things: for example, a cool car or a house, but I don’t have a goal to buy anything in particular either. Right now I need money primarily for organizing passive income, and passive income is for income diversification as such. Secondly, for the startup capital of a future firm.

I want to constantly increase income and development. For myself I have defined that it is possible to increase cardinally income on a long distance, having created the company and having found new sources of the profit. The fear of risk prevents me from this. The company may “not take off”, and securities may cease to be valuable. But I am systematically working on it, and, hopefully, in the end everything will work out.

I cannot give you a specific figure, which would suit me. In Moscow, you need about 500,000-1,000,000 rubles a month to provide for basic needs and an average level of comfort. It is clear that not everyone is able and willing to earn, to raise their standard of living and their level of consumption. But you need to be equal to the best, not to everyone.

Do you earn even more, or do you have better “tips”? Tell us your story.

What do you do to increase your income? And what expenses are added when you start earning more?

Maybe someone will find it useful, a couple of thoughts from my experience. 1. If money is seen not as a means to achieve goals and ideas, but as an end in itself, then the person is either stuck in the middle income trap, which is much earlier coming, approx. 100-150k/month, or ossified and ready to increase income at any cost. 2. Expenses and needs do not depend on income, but on the upbringing and values of the person. Hence the syndrome of a lottery winner and so on. There are enough people whose income grows over time from the conditional 50k to 500k, while expenses do not change. Only a person who grew up in poverty and could not get over his complexes, his expenses grow drastically as his income increases. 3. As income rises, the cost of an hour of your time rises. You have to assess your priorities very differently, and many things which are unavailable and expensive for others, but allow you to save your time, become a profitable investment – food prepared for you by others, cleaning up after you, cabs to take you, etc. There’s no time for all this, and it doesn’t matter if you spent 40 or 80 thousand on it. It’s not a waste, it’s a good investment. To others, it feels like you’ve become lavish. 4. Closely related to point 3 is the fact that only those who you really care about and need are around, because you have no time for the others – any meeting with people who don’t bring financial or any other benefit (emotional, spiritual, etc.) is tantamount to a loss of a lot of money. It’s not greed, it’s the cost of expensive time. 5. Any activity, idea or plan is evaluated primarily in terms of cost/income per notional hour of time, you gradually stop owning yourself, because efficiency must increase, and therefore there is no room for anything less meaningful. 6. It is impossible to earn anything by saving, it’s self-deception) 50k even if you eat bread with water and live on the street will never turn into 500k/month. If you want to increase your wealth, you should change, get out of your comfort zone – change jobs, cities, countries, activities, risks and mistakes, learn from mistakes, try again and so on. Who wants to find a comfortable place to live will never become rich, no matter how much he saves. The satisfaction of the successful realization of an idea or achievement of a goal gives 90% of happiness, while the money associated with it is 10%. It is only a pleasant bonus.

6. Well, from the article, I liked the sentence the best:

“When everything suits you, it’s bad.”

I myself am in such a pit of the comfort zone, when the income is more than average and more, it seems, it does not need much. Like limousines and villas. Yes, you could change cars or expand your apartment, but the ascetic isn’t doing too badly, so it’s hard to force myself to do anything else.

31 smart ways to make a lot of money without doing anything (almost)

And everyone’s reasons can be different. Someone is looking to pay off debt, finance a trip, shop, save for the holidays, create a savings fund, etc.

We all have our needs, and we want to find ways to make money online.

No matter what your needs are, today you will learn how to make lots of money online without doing almost anything.

You won’t have to “work” to make extra money. You just have to do what you do every day.

Yes, that’s right, you can make extra money by doing what you do every day.

Perhaps you will just sit and watch TV. Or learning English. Or maybe just play games.

So these are actually simple ways to make a lot of money from home while you do your daily routine.

And so let’s start exploring these clever ways. As they say, there is no such thing as a lot of money. And strive to earn them as much as possible. To multiply your income and put a few extra dollars in your pocket.

I want to note that all types of money making, will be shown by the example of a bourget. That is where the highest rewards are.

Simple and creative ways

How to make a lot of money, doing nothing

Voice your opinion

We all have our opinions about different things. What if you could just voice your opinion and make extra money online while watching TV?

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A little advice – choose high paying surveys to make the most money in the shortest amount of time.

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Sitting online and making money online

On average, we spend 60% of our time searching for something or just online . So why not pay for it? It’s simple. Just use Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel or Smart Pane l .

You get good extra money as long as you have free time. This may be your answer on how to make money fast while you are free.

Watch the video and get free money fast

This one is my favorite kind of making money online . You don’t have to do anything, you just sit on the couch and watch TV. Watching TV or videos is the single most popular thing everyone does. If you watch something on your phone or TV, you can quickly earn extra income just for that.

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Rent out your car.

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Use your phone

I know that using your phone is something you do every day. And it’s probably one of the easiest ways to make a lot of money online. Earn extra money to unlock your phone with apps like Slidejoy , Fronto and Perkscreen . These money making apps allow you to earn money whenever you unlock your phone.

Walking with Dogs

What do you do after you get home from work? Obviously, walk your dog and give him fresh air and play with him. Well, that might give you some extra money. You can walk your furry pets and earn extra income from Rover .Could be one fun way to make money with your beloved friends!

Take pictures

How many times have you noticed that people take pictures and feel good about their hobbies. I’m sure dozens of times. Well, this could be your way , to make a beginner’s money online without investing .

You can use your photos to make extra money on apps like Foap , Iconzoomer or even larger websites like Depositphotos or Fotolia .

Play games to make lots of money

Again, this is something everyone likes to do, and I’m sure you do too. You can earn extra money by playing games on sites like CashCrate and InboxDollars .

If you like it and want to make it your hustle, then check out PlaytestCloud, where you can play/test new games and get paid for it. Pretty easy way to make money from home!

Keeping an eye on your home.

You have to take care of someone’s house and get paid for it. This is one of the easiest ways to make money just by doing nothing.

Contracting is done in several ways, such as payment or free living. Just sign up on sites like , Housecarers , MindMyHouse and Nomador and enjoy your stay in your new place.

Get rid of the clutter

Planning on throwing out the junk in the house? Turn it into extra money, especially if it’s electronics. Decluttr allows you to make extra money by selling your CDs, iPads, phones and more. It’s a great way to get rid of junk and make extra money making internet without technically doing anything.

Make money with ticket reservations

Do you love to travel? I’m sure you’ve made plans for the summer. If so, there’s a way to make money from your reservations. Just download the Dosh app and book your trip through it. Ta you will earn extra money from it. One of the cool apps that pay you for doing what you like!

Earn money automatically with your purchases.

I love it when you can make money doing what you normally do, even shopping. You can make money just by using a cashback app like Ebates or Ibotta . For a limited time, you can even earn $10 by signing up for Ebates .

Speak English and make money from home

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Walking to the stores.

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Rent your empty place

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Become a Roadie

What is a Roadie? Well, if you’re going somewhere, you have a way of making a lot of money along the way. This is possible through Roadie . It is an app that allows you to deliver things on your way. It’s a very unique concept as you don’t have to go specifically to the delivery, you just deliver things by following your route.

Shopping in stores.

There are many things you can do by shopping. This is a great way to become a mystery shopper. What does a mystery shopper do ? You do sales gigs for companies, check out service, ask questions, etc. In return, you get cash or get free food or groceries.

Doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything right ?! Join companies like BestMark , Perception Strategies, etc. to become a mystery shopper.

Sell your old books.

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Reading emails

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Journey Plan.

Are your friends reaching out to you to plan their vacations? Then you have a great way to make money doing almost nothing. Planning trips for others is a great way to make money on the side. If you love it, it could be your future profession . Just a fun way to make money!

Get around your city.

You love your city. Many of us love the cities we live in and almost everyone knows about them. Use that knowledge to make money as a tour guide . It can be as simple as visiting your favorite places in the city where you live.

Store with Amazon.

Everyone shops online, and 90% of people shop on Amazon. But did you know that you can make money online just by sharing your purchases on Amazon?

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Listen to music

If you’ve ever wondered “how to make a lot of money” The answer is simple, listen to music. It’s that simple.

I love listening to music. It’s a really unique way to make money where you just listen to music. With Slice the Pie you have to listen to music and categorize it. While it’s not a consistent job, it’s a great supplemental income option.

Get a job.

If you have a phone and see any “Wanted” ads. then you can make extra money just by taking pictures of these ads. Download the Job Spotter app and earn points when you take pictures of small business ads. This job is suitable for people with no education.

Answer questions.

If you pride yourself on being an expert at knowing things, go to JustAnswer or Experts123. To answer questions and make money online. Some questions may need some expertise, but many are about common things.

Just stay in shape.

I’m sure you do your daily dose of exercise every day. I certainly do, too. But what if I told you that you could make money doing exercise every day, even if it’s just walking? HealthyWage allows you to earn extra money by making the effort to stay in shape.

Cook dinner.

Do you love to cook? Then try your cooking skills on people in Moscow who would like to eat with you. It’s a new way to creatively make money while you’re cooking. EatWith is a way you can invite people over for dinners and get paid for cooking.

Tell your friends.

This is the easiest way to make money. Just refer your friends to brands or products you love and get rewarded for referrals. Almost all the big brands have referral bonuses . And this is the most passive way to make a lot of money, not to mention the fact that it is, one of the fastest ways to make money .

Use social media.

Do you like to post on social media? Use it to your advantage by subscribing to Izea and collaborating with brands. The only requirement you need to have is a good following and engagement. I’m sure you’ll love it because social media is all play.

Clean Closet.

Do you have piles of old clothes in your closet? Sell them for extra money on Poshmark or thredUP . You set your own prices, and it’s pretty easy. This type of earning is more suitable for a girl, because as you know they have a lot of clothes.

That’s it, these are all the ways you can make extra money in life by doing almost nothing. These are all additional ways to earn income, and they can certainly give you a good backup fund. So, before you think about how to make money doing nothing, read this post and get all the inspiring ideas.

Interested in exploring new ways to make money with extras?


If you have a car in good condition and love driving, you may have another way to make extra income. This is a great way to make money if you have extra time.


I am surprised at how profitable this simple business is. In fact, it can be a major source of income for you. Melissa made more than $40,000 last year by reselling merchandise for part-time charity stores. And she doubled it this year, earning more than $130,000 . Pretty cool, huh? !! This can be a very fun and flexible hustle and can make over $20/hour. Take this FREE VIDEO COURSE and learn all about how to do nothing and make lots of money.

Virtual Assistant.

This is the most in-demand job at home , and it can be very flexible. Virtual assistants are on the rise, and now is the perfect time for you to pursue this lucrative online job. You can learn sales technology how to make obscene amounts of money and reach an income of $35 to $50 an hour as a novice virtual assistant.

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