How to drive a woman crazy in bed?

Secrets of blissful women: how to caress her and what to avoid in bed?

Not every man can easily excite his woman in bed. And yet the ability to please a lady gives guys a huge advantage and makes your life together more intense and vibrant. Want to know how to caress a woman or just hone your sexual skills? Then our ABC’s of the female body will come in handy for you.

The hottest areas of a woman’s body.

Before you fondle a woman, you need to identify her erogenous zones. Each girl’s sensitivity of certain touch points is individual, but most often ladies respond to caresses in the following areas:

  1. Lips. Kissing turns you on for a reason, because on the surface of the lips there are hundreds of nerve endings. Passionate, gentle touches with fingers, lips or tongue to this area during foreplay can drive you crazy. Therefore, do not ignore the lips and dwell on them as long as possible when you excite your partner. The touch of weathered and chapped lips give very unpleasant feelings. Treat them in the cold and wind with a sanitizer sold at any drugstore. The procedure won’t make you any less masculine, but your kisses will be one that no woman can forget.
  2. There are two ways to use women’s ears for arousal: to talk dirty remarks or to caress them with your lips and tongue. You can combine these procedures or alternate them. Do you want to drive a woman crazy? Lightly bite her earlobe and continue the path of kisses, covering the neck with them.
  3. Neck- The thin skin of this area responds easily to kisses and gentle touches. Pull back the girl’s curls and run your fingertips from her earlobe to her collarbones. Neck kisses can turn any woman on.
  4. Hair. Generally, men love long female hair as an attribute of attractiveness. During lovemaking, be sure to stroke the girl’s hair, and for the sake of a passionate experiment, you can also squeeze it into a fist and pull it to yourself. Such an act of domination excites many women.
  5. Shoulders. During the day in this area accumulates stress, so use a proven means of relaxation: make your favorite massage. After you have thoroughly kneaded the muscles, start kissing the shoulders to excite the girl. This area may not be the most sensitive, but you should not neglect it during the foreplay.
  6. Breasts. All men adore the arousing view of a beautiful woman’s breasts. This part of the body responds to caresses most acutely. To excite your partner and sometimes even bring her to orgasm, caress the woman’s breasts as gently as possible during foreplay.
  7. Stomach. Gentle strokes of this zone cause a true bliss in girls, and it is very easy to excite the partner with the help of touching the belly. Kisses in this place excite no less than on the lips or on the neck.
  8. Thighs. Touching the thighs gives an unreal pleasure to a woman. The inner part of the thigh is a more tender area; only tenderness is appropriate here, and the outer surface allows the male passion to run wild. Spanking, firm grip and nibbling are all quite appropriate during intimacy.
  9. Glutes. These rounded areas have driven more than one man crazy. The buttocks area gives room for imagination, because it is sensitive to both tenderness, and to the manifestations of voluptuous roughness. Kissing and patting are just a small part of the variety that you can give to your partner in bed, using her sweet buns.
  10. Intimate area. A woman’s bosom is framed by the labia and clitoris, which are hungry for pleasure. It is possible to turn a lady on without touching these places, it is better to leave them for dessert. How to caress a woman’s pussy: gently or more insistently? Try both options and watch the reaction.
  11. Fingers and toes. Licking your fingers and toes is a real fetish for many girls. Try it this way to please a lady, she’ll love it. After all there are thousands of nerve endings on the fingertips.

It seems that the woman is almost all of the erogenous zones. And this is true, but only when she feels relaxed and calm with her man. Give her love and protection, then the girl will respond with a violent reaction to your caresses in bed.

How to caress a girl correctly: a guide for caring men

We have figured out what are the erogenous zones of girls. But to kiss a woman from head to toe does not mean to excite her. How to properly caress a woman to give her a heavenly pleasure?

A little bit about kissing

Everyone’s style of kissing is different, and experience in such an intimate affair can be either small or unsuccessful. To learn how to kiss well, you will not help tomatoes – you need practice. How to kiss a woman, so as not to fail:

  1. During the kiss, take your mind off the process a little bit and turn on your brain. Feel the movements of your tongue and lips, and try to repeat after her. Thus you combine your style of kissing into one and both will enjoy it.
  2. Use the tactic of alternating gentle kisses with passionate. This way you make the foreplay unpredictable and fantastically exciting. Bite the girl’s lips, play with them, gently spend your tongue on them: all this will diversify the already banal French kiss.
  3. If you kiss other parts of the girl’s body, do it gently. Do not go too far with the passion and do not leave traces in the form of hickeys, no one likes those purple marks. If a woman wants passionate rudeness, she eventually alerts herself to it.

Do not be afraid to experiment and act as your instincts tell you. You can directly ask the girl if she likes everything. Do not be shy to ask her opinion about the caresses. So you’ll be sure that you are moving in the right direction, and gradually pick up exactly the style of kissing that suits your couple.

Exciting touches.

After or during kissing, use touching on the woman’s body. Start the love game slowly, you have nowhere to hurry. Your goal is to make the girl blissful. How to touch a woman correctly to excite her:

  1. Gently, but at the same time passionately touch her erogenous zones with your fingertips: so you will prepare the girl for further continuation.
  2. When the lady is slightly warmed up, you can intensify the touching, squeeze and stroke her hands, shoulders, breasts and buttocks.
  3. Watch the girl: whether she has a response to your advances in the form of goosebumps or, on the contrary, she is uncomfortable.
  4. Don’t hurt her unless she asks for it herself.
  5. Alternate touching with kissing.
  6. Say gentle words or vulgarities describing your excitement.
  7. You can touch the girl not only with your hands, but also with other parts of the body: put your arms around her legs, rub her excited genitals, press with your whole body.
  8. Do not be modest, there is no place for shyness in sex.
  9. If you want to perform any unusual for your couple action, it is better to ask your partner’s permission.

Separately, we should answer the question of how to properly caress the breasts of women. This is a special part of the girl’s body, so act insistently, but with the utmost caution. The most sensitive part of her breasts – the nipples. Touch them with your tongue, lips and fingers to cause a storm of emotions. Try to caress the breast of a woman as gently as possible and you will soon hear passionate moans of your chosen one.

Erotic massage

Massage is a great way to relax a woman before sex. Even if you know nothing about it, you can learn some simple tricks of this skill to give your girlfriend pleasure. How to properly massage:

  1. Prepare the surface – for an amateur massage, a flat mattress is enough.
  2. Position your girlfriend so that you both feel comfortable.
  3. Use previously prepared massage oil with some enchanting scent: vanilla, patchouli, lavender will work fine.
  4. Lubricate your partner’s skin and start making warming movements.
  5. Everyone reacts differently to the strength of pressure: gradually select the force that will be optimal for your girlfriend.
  6. Massage the shoulders, then move on to the area between the shoulder blades – there are sensitive points, then go down to the buttocks and legs.
  7. Do not finish the massage too quickly, but do not rush: remember that your main goal is a good warm up and relaxation of the woman before sex, and not her sound sleep at the end of the session.

Massage will be a wonderful support for great sex between you. Such a procedure is a kind of care, so that the woman is sure to appreciate it and give yourself to you with the greatest possible passion.

Oral caresses

Such caresses please both men and women. Therefore, if you want to satisfy your girlfriend and really get close to her, do not give up cunnilingus. Often men just do not know how to approach the girl in this regard, and are afraid to do something wrong. If you are familiar with this feeling of awkwardness, don’t worry, you are not alone. Learn how to properly caress a woman with your tongue:

  1. Don’t start foreplay with cunnilingus. Not all ladies loosen up quickly, many need time to prepare for such an intimate act. So start with other caresses so that the girl is as relaxed as possible.
  2. Let the woman know that you are really turned on by this action. Many ladies doubt that the presence of a man’s face in close proximity to her genitals can give a guy pleasure. Reassure your beloved, if such thoughts are on her mind.
  3. Lay or sit your partner so that it was comfortable for you to perform oral caresses. In this case, you can not hurry, so take care of mutual comfort.
  4. Each woman likes a different tempo and movement of the tongue. The basic technique includes the following steps:
    • caressing the small labia and clitoris with the tongue,
    • periodic touching of the same places with the fingers,
    • reciprocating movements of the tongue in the vagina.
  5. With your free hand, caress other erogenous zones of your partner: stroke her belly and the inner part of her thighs.
  6. If a woman is very shy and you really want to give her pleasure orally, try blindfolding the lady. Such a trick will make her switch her attention to tactile sensations and add spice to them.

Monitor the reaction and remember the girl’s preferences. With each time you will gain experience in oral caressing and become a true master of cunnilingus.

What kind of caresses don’t women like?

Your desire to please a girl is commendable. But, as in any other case, in the intimate caressing can make a mistake. In order not to do something fatal, act as carefully as possible: do not insist if the girl does not feel comfortable, and gently move on to more intimate areas.

How do you know that a man is not correctly caressing a woman? Most likely, she will admit her own discomfort, or you will see the negativity on her face. A list of caresses that women may not like will help avoid such situations:

  1. Strong biting of any area that causes painful sensations.
  2. Prolonged hard stroking of the same spot: act softly and in a variety of ways.
  3. Twisting of hands and weighty slaps on the bottom (if you really want to show a little roughness, get the girl’s consent beforehand).
  4. Short on duration caresses, not able to excite enough.
  5. On the contrary, overly long caresses that provoke a decrease in libido at the end.
  6. Careless handling of your breasts and clitoris: the sensitivity of these female areas is high, and rough touching can cause pain.

Set yourself up for a wonderful time together. Do not fuss, and everything will go like clockwork. For a woman to relax and enjoy caressing, most of all she needs peace of mind. Give the girl support and encouragement, take care of her and caress her properly.

All is not yet lost: how to surprise the girl in bed?

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Men ask the question “How to surprise a girl in bed” for different reasons. Some have intimate life has lost its former passion. Someone wants to conquer a new lover. Some have sex for the first time and want everything to go well.

In general, it seems quite difficult. Well what else has not tried the modern girl? But, in fact, the modern girl may not have had time to try many things. It’s all about shyness and inability to talk about their desires.

What to do and how to surprise her in bed?

To begin with, you should carefully observe what she likes.

If this sex will not be the first, you should pay attention to the signals that she gives during sex. Moaning, squeezing her hands, scratching her back all indicate enjoyment of what is happening at the moment. Studying your partner’s body and what he or she likes should be a constant activity. Over time, tastes may change, and the man won’t even notice it, because he stopped listening to non-verbal signals.

If sex is the first time, you can understand something from kissing, hugging and stroking. At a minimum, this will show what the girl’s temperament is. Maybe she wants gentle sex, or maybe she wants very wild sex.

The easiest way to surprise a girl in bed is to do something you haven’t done before. Maybe the couple has never tried rough sex before. Or, on the contrary, there was no gentle and romantic. If sex is constantly in the apartment – you can get out into nature or make love in the car.

Basic techniques


There is nothing to be surprised about. Not all men dare to cunnilingus. And those who do – most of them do it wrong. There are a lot of described techniques, so they will not be in this article.

The main thing – do not make popular mistakes, among which stands out especially ignoring the clitoris. It is he who gives that spicy pleasure to the girl, for which cunnilingus is famous. It is also important to understand that it is a very delicate organ, and that simply driving your tongue there in random directions is not enough. The correct technique is to lick it gently and penetrate it with your fingers.

Cold and hot

A great way to diversify your sex life. Due to the difference in temperature, the girl will get unreal pleasure. In addition, it’s just like in the movies. You will need an ice cube and a candle. The ice cube is taken with the lips and slowly spent on the most sensitive parts of the body. For a thrill, a couple of drops of hot wax can be placed on the ice-cube path.

Virtual reality

It is enough to recall the beginning of a relationship and the hot texts that the couple sent to each other. It can be repeated and it will be beautiful.

Just take a separate vacation and drink some wine to do it.

Forbidden sex

A popular way to diversify sex life and surprise the girl, were and will be role-playing games. As an option: you can rent a hotel room and play a situation where the girl will be a prostitute. Quite a frequent fantasy among girls, you should not be afraid to offend her.


Everyone watches porn, but very few people star in it. Why not try your hand at being porn actors. You will need sexy costumes, a little script and a good mood. The main thing is that this video did not get on the network.

See no one, hear no one, say nothing to no one.

It is known that turning off one of the senses makes the others work harder. It is worth trying to have sex with your eyes closed, with a gag in your mouth, or wearing headphones.

Here will be important the level of trust between the partners, but the experience is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

How to surprise correctly

When it becomes clear exactly what the girl wants, it is necessary not just to do it, but to do it correctly.

  • Pulling her hair is very sexy, but it is not sexy to hear her screaming in pain and see her twisted face. The hair can be gently wrapped around her hand and pulled, gathered at the base of her neck. You can also just run your heel in. The main trick is to pull all the hair at once so as not to give the girl unbearable pain.
  • The change of pace of sex is pleasurable only when it happens correctly. During slow sex you really have to move slowly, not entering the girl all the way in and making her want it even more. In the fast phase the movement should start with sharp penetration, enter all the way in and stop for a second, and then continue with fast sex.
  • Kissing can be completely different. To kiss a girl like in the movies, you need to put your hand on her neck and pull her passionately. Or gently pull her chin to yourself with your fingers and give her a gentle kiss.
  • Talking in whispers in your ear has one main rule – do not be shy. If you want to say rudeness, then you have to say the dirtiest words. The main thing is to do it confidently.

Talking to your partner about desires and fantasies will always help you find common ground. Perhaps both in a couple want to try domination, to break down the roles of teacher and student, or to try out a new vibrator. So what’s the point of denying yourself this pleasure?

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