How to drive a man crazy twin?

Man Gemini: 5 secrets of seduction

With fairy man gemini easy enough to find common ground, but not easy to understand how to surprise and win him. Because to surprise him would mean to win not just his attention, but his mind and heart.

The key to communicating with a man of Gemini

When communicating with a man named Gemini, it sometimes seems that the same body coexist two personalities! Then the generous and caring, considerate and sensitive, then suddenly capricious and restless. The only quality that can be called a constant, it’s just … his inconstancy.

Gemini men are not characterized by stability. It is this unpredictability, oddly enough, they are attractive! Around the Twins are always a lot of fans and admirers. From this, they are in seventh heaven with pleasure, in a total depression. And to unravel why this is happening, as a rule, is not possible. You can simply observe and accept them as they are created by the universe.

Secret 1

Being almost always in the center of events, in the thick of the crowd, representatives of this sign of the Zodiac spend a lot of vital energy on maintaining connections and interest in themselves and their work, almost constantly being on the verge of nervous exhaustion. And if with you Gemini relaxed – consider that you managed to surprise the man you love.

Secret 2.

Gemini men pay a lot of attention to their appearance, because in women they value grooming and style. However, this style does not imply the primness of the Queen of England or even the seductiveness of Coco Chanel. They like everything fashionable and elegant, bright but tasteful. Your way of dressing can be very unique, away from the trends of fashion, bold and even funny – it is quite in the spirit of the Twins.

Secret 3.

A woman who knows about “men’s hobbies” and can even hammer a nail if necessary, will not escape the inquisitive gaze of the Gemini men.

Secret 4

Gemini – a lover of solving mysteries, and the more unusual you are in his presentation, the more you have a chance to find a long and intriguing relationship with a representative of this zodiac sign.

Secret 5.

Never leave a Gemini man unattended: touchy and easily vulnerable, he does not tolerate being ignored. And jealousy, flaring up once, smolders for a long time and is easily blown away by the occasional breeze later. Remember, the Gemini man is a hunter by nature, but if the story drags on and becomes boring, he easily changes his hunting ground and target.

Pick a Zodiac sign.

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Gemini are agile, sociable and rarely suffer from excess weight, as they can eat enough caloric foods, without compromising the slimness of the figure. The problem may be due to the fact that the Twins are too companionable, never refuse a pleasant conversation and can become a victim of fast food, hostage to chips and sugary shakes.

Communicative, elusive and erudite man Gemini – a mysterious man. His thoughts, feelings and desires are changing at the speed of light, often contradict each other, causing others to be perplexed and surprised. You can endlessly explore the multi-faceted nature of men Gemini and each time to open something new. One thing is unchanged in it – inhuman charm, which, like bees to honey, flock to the girls. We propose to learn about the five main features of the men Gemini, which will keep him close to her.

About Gemini we can talk endlessly: a perky character and constant changes in mood make the representatives of this zodiac sign very unusual. In addition, their uniqueness is generously seasoned innate charm. It is impossible to list all the positive qualities of Gemini, but we will try to highlight the main

How to make a man fall in love with a Gemini: an effective tactic of winning

Gemini is a dual sign of the horoscope. Due to its changeable nature of the sociable and cheerful jolly man-Blizzan in the blink of an eye can turn into a brooding and unfriendly grumbler.

For women, this favorite of Mercury acts as a magnet, attracting them with its charm. Even if he does not have a striking appearance, it is unlikely to lack admirers. Women he conquers easily, on life looks often with irony. Intelligence and wit help him avoid dangerous situations, which he sometimes gets into because of his adventurous nature. In our article we will talk about how to understand a Gemini man to like him and forever win his heart.

Values and preferences in a relationship

From the first minutes of communication with a Gemini man, it may seem like you’ve known him all your life. He shines with wit, is an interesting conversationalist with a rich imagination, full of ideas. Twins believe in themselves and have a deep conviction that they can handle any task. Due to their ambitiousness, they are often successful in their careers. The only thing that can hinder them is their impulsiveness, which does not allow them to focus on one thing for a long time and see it through to the end.

Gemini are intellectuals with an agile mind and a great thirst for knowledge. They put a lot of effort to solve their problems, including material ones, and never burden those around them.

Gemini need new experiences and emotions. They are difficult to sit in one place. Stability for them is not a life value. Steadiness and deliberation are not their strong point.

This horoscope sign is the soul of any company. A born leader revels in attention and loves noisy parties. He has many friends and even more friends who always want to party the night away.

Gemini looks at love as a game that gives them an opportunity to assert themselves. Their feelings are superficial. They are romantic and sentimental but fickle. Real deep affection they rarely feel. They are not always ready to work on a relationship. Their principle: “If you don’t like it, don’t eat it.

Marriage for them often – it is a friendship or escape from loneliness. Alliances are predominantly late. Having met a girl, they think that elsewhere “the grass” may be much “juicier and greener,” so after some time, they break off relations with her sometimes even for no apparent reason.

Men and women Gemini perfectly complement each other. They quickly reach mutual understanding and subtly feel their soul mate. Get tired of their partner’s society only because of his excessive expression.

Gemini and Leo can have a happy union. Playing along with flirting Leo is able to captivate him and cause genuine interest. Both love to be the center of attention and believe they are worthy of admiration. Together they will conquer the dance floors, trying to outshine each other.

There are rarely conflicts between Gemini and Libra. They have nothing to share, as each equally values freedom and independence. There is no pronounced desire for leadership, so they are not inclined to figure out relationships and can make a strong alliance.

Gemini and Aquarius can form a close-knit family. Although their marriage is based on a partnership and not on a bright passion, it can be very strong, successful and fruitful. Astrologers note an 80% overlap of these signs on karmic and psychological criteria.

Alliances with other horoscope signs in impulsive, frivolous and windy Gemini may not be as long-term, but it is possible that they will be successful.

How to like a Gemini man and interest him

Gemini is one of the most communicative zodiac signs. He is erudite, educated, well-read. And his girlfriend should be like him. If she turns out to be a shy, modest and silent, she will be taken for a stupid and shallow idiot and will be dismissed.

Gemini is very active and curious. They are vividly interested in the events that occur not only around them but also in the world.

A Gemini man will not be satisfied if his girlfriend is only an attentive listener. He does not have enough feedback in the form of a nod, curt “yes”, “no. He expects from the interlocutor intelligent and accurate comments, reasoned their own judgment.

A fan of Mercury has a wide circle of communication, which includes not only guys, but also girls who sometimes have insidious ideas about how to seduce a successful and radiating confidence Gemini man. Scenes of jealousy will only fuel his interest in beauty, pushing him to assert himself at the expense of popularity in the sorority. Therefore, a wise girl will not start a scandal, if there is no real reason for it. Relationships with Gemini must be built on trust. But trusting should be checked. This sign of the horoscope is subject to the wind of change, and even with its light blowing, it may decide that it is time to set a new course. Therefore, a woman will have to be a subtle diplomat: outwardly demonstrate calmness, prudence and restraint, but in fact be very attentive.

In a relationship, the male Blizzard can afford frivolity not only in the form of flirting, but also parallel affairs, sometimes several, which by no means is allowed to his girlfriend. He will never agree to be a backup or second in a love triangle. He is jealous enough and will not look through his fingers at a woman’s affair.

How to impress a representative of the horoscope sign Gemini? Do not tell him the details about yourself and your personal life, your relatives. He should study the girl gradually. If you immediately reveal to him all their cards, he will quickly cool down. Information should be given in small portions, in doses. And that it was interesting to learn you, work on yourself, do self-development. Enroll in some training courses. You can do this on the Internet. Take up yoga, improve your body. By changing hobbies and hobbies, you can keep him interested for a long time.

To attract a Gemini man, you need, like him, to share the urge to change places. He is always on the lookout for new opportunities for fun, development and success. Boredom is his main enemy. A girl should be ready at any moment to pack up and go with him on a journey for striking impressions. So if you like to plan everything in advance and schedule a month in advance, then thinking about how to marry a Gemini man is an empty undertaking for you.

What you need to do to win his heart forever

Gemini – representatives of the air element. They are fickle as the fickle wind and can not exist without freedom of movement and endless space for activity.

To snag a male Gemini and subsequently become his soul mate, you need to follow the direction they set like a compass needle. Do not attempt to violate his personal space, do not try to limit or control his actions, keep him at home. A cozy atmosphere and a delicious dinner are not exactly what twins dream of, or rather, not at all. Of course, representatives of this sign appreciate good food and comfort, indeed, like all normal people. But they do not just leave the family routine, but run away without looking back.

How to interest and conquer a man-lazy? Establish a conversation with him quite simple. He is easy to make contact thanks to its cheerful and positive character. But to keep him in a relationship – it’s a whole science. He needs to be carried away. Be close to him interesting, unpredictable, mysterious. To captivate and fall in love with a Gemini man, you should surprise him with spontaneity of decisions and actions, to constantly excite the mind and imagination, to be different, to change and use such a powerful weapon as intrigue. A girl who knows how to try on different roles, from innocent Lolita to a woman vamp, will be able to be around him for quite a long time. After all, he will be lost in speculation, which turn of events from her should be expected. At the same time she must be a well-rounded intellectual person. Not every beautiful woman fits into the framework of these requirements. Perhaps that is why the Twins are in a permanent state of search.

Under the ban: what not to do.

Each new day in the company of a man-blitz is absolutely not like the previous one. The experience of communicating with him is invaluable, it will help the woman to reveal, reveal and love herself. In order to keep the relationship with this sign of the zodiac, it is necessary not to make some mistakes.

  • A Gemini man should be supported in all his endeavors. Do not try to fight with his desire to implement new life plans and ideas, do not be wary of his new hobbies and interests. Change his mind not to do what he had in mind, will not succeed. Arguments will end with him finding a more compliant lady.
  • To extinguish his impulsiveness is a waste of effort and time. He will not become different. Gemini is fueled by impressions, which they need to replenish the energy of life. With their impetuous impulses for change, you just have to put up with it.
  • The statement that an intelligent man-Bliznets prefers educated women, does not mean that the green light will be given to an intelligent and well-read lady, who is not interested in anything else except the process of learning. Share the bed for a long time, he will consider it possible only with a girl who does not allow herself to relax in a relationship, pays attention and his own development, and appearance, and home cares.
  • To criticize the Mercury favorite means to dig a hole in your relationship with your own hands. He is not susceptible to criticism. This postulate also applies to his friends, loved ones. Despite the fact that there are many of them and sometimes they own all of his free time, his circle of confidants should be friends, not warriors.
  • Gemini is selfish, vulnerable and in need of personal space. A man will definitely not like it if a girl wants to study his emails, messages, correspondence in Vkontakte or Whatsapp. Such liberties, of course, will end in a grand scandal.
  • Do not try to fight with him for supremacy in your couple, do not pull the blanket over yourself. The universe has one center. And that’s him. If the total company in front of his buddies and you begin to take away his palm of primacy, for example, actively communicating with others and switch their attention to themselves, he is unlikely to like it.
  • Praise your partner more often, admire him. Questioning his masculinity or intelligence, you will build a wall of incomprehension between you.
  • Sharing a common household with a man Bliznets, do not stop interested in the novelties of fiction, popular science articles and magazines, so you have something to talk about with him. Limited to a housewife he will quickly get bored.
  • Don’t pass your problems onto him. He doesn’t like to be obligated. Do not try to get his attention the usual feminine tricks like eye contact, gratuitous yanking his skirt around the bouncy thighs or adjusting the blouse in the neckline. Even a mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa will not work with him. He learned the language of women’s signals by heart long ago, because hundreds of times such things have been done to him. Flirting based on jealousy is also a very bad idea. If he suspects wrongdoing and stop trusting you, your relationship will end immediately.
  • It is impossible to force a Gemini man into marriage. This will only push him away. The initiative to create a long-term union should belong exclusively to him.

Romance with Gemini – it is sailing on the ocean on a sailing boat, driven only by gusts of wind, where you can not predict what tomorrow’s course will be. It will bring you a lot of vivid emotions and impressions, it will reveal your sensuality and fulfill your sexual fantasies. But if you dream of cozy evenings at home in the cheerful and noisy company of your own children and spouse, you better look for another man.

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