How to divorce your husband without his consent?

How to divorce your husband without his consent?

Often women wonder how to divorce without the consent of the husband. It is possible to do this in court, but there are situations where the dissolution of marriage is registered in the registry office. To achieve the desired, you need to know the rules of law and a step-by-step algorithm of actions in different situations.

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This article will tell you:

Is my husband’s permission for divorce necessary?

It is possible to divorce without the husband’s consent, but you will have to go to court for this (in a divorce through the registry office, the husband’s consent is mandatory).

There are exceptional grounds for divorce without the consent of the husband through the registry office, they are listed in Article 19 of the Family Code. These include the recognition of the man as missing, legally incapable, as well as imprisoned for a crime in IC for a period of 3 years or more. The certificate should be applied for directly to the registry office, there are no court proceedings.

In a court divorce, there are a number of complications that increase the length of the divorce process:

  • Appointment of a Conciliation Period . If the defendant wants to reunite the family, and the judge thinks it is possible, the parties have up to 3 months to reconcile. If, after that time, the plaintiff insists on the claim, the marriage is considered annulled.
  • The need for evidence of the defendant’s misconduct to avoid setting a time limit for reconciliation. If the spouse has beaten the spouse and there are medical certificates documenting the beatings and the negative behavior is supported by witness testimony – even if the man insists on reconciliation, there is a high probability that the claims will be granted at the first hearing.
  • Issuance of a Certificate . Unlike going to the registry office, where the certificate is issued as early as one month after application, a divorce through the court involves applying for a certificate only after 30 days from the date of the judgment.

The procedure of divorce in court without the consent of the husband

The basis for initiating court proceedings is a lawsuit from the spouse. The defendant’s permission is not necessary, but it affects the speed of the case. The procedure for court proceedings is as follows:

  1. The plaintiff fills out an application on her own and submits it to the court along with the rest of the documents.
  2. The judge, within 5 days, accepts the documentation for review, makes a determination about the start of proceedings.
  3. The parties are notified with the date of the first hearing. They have the right to file a motion to hear the case without their participation or with the help of legal representatives.
  4. The judgment is pronounced and becomes enforceable after one month.
  5. The transcript is sent automatically by the court. The plaintiff will produce certificates on the basis of this and the certificates she has submitted.

Each party is given one copy of the certificate of dissolution. The third remains in the Registry Office for safekeeping in the archives.

What court should I go to?

By default, the suit is filed with the court at the place of residence of the dissenting party. According to Article 29 of the RF Civil Procedure Code, if the defendant resides in another city, the plaintiff has the right to send the claim to his address of registration, if he cannot leave the region due to illness or if he has a child with him.

Statement of claim

The claim shall be executed in accordance with the rules of Art. 131 of the Civil Procedure Code and must contain the following data

  • the name of the court;
  • The name and place of residence of the defendant;
  • Date of registration of marriage;
  • Common children: name, date of birth;
  • passport data;
  • demand for termination of marriage;
  • date of termination of cohabitation.

Obligatory presence of the plaintiff’s signature.

Separately, it is worth considering indicating the reasons for the dissolution. By law, plaintiffs are not required to enter detailed circumstances in applications, but in practice this allows the courts to make decisions faster.

The official reason may be the incompatibility of characters, domestic disagreements, deliberate unemployment of a spouse.

Sample of a statement of claim

A Justice of the peace to the judge of the judicial district No. 5 of Chelyabinsk. Chelyabinsk

Claimant: Artamonova Y.G.

Address: The city of Chelyabinsk, Metallurgov St., 23.

Defendant: Artamonov N.E.

Address: Chelyabinsk, Kosmonavtov St., 17.

The application

Marriage was concluded on 20.05.2016 by the Central Registry Office of Chelyabinsk. We lived together and had a common household until 17.04.2018, after which I decided to divorce and moved.

Since that date, there is no relationship between us. The defendant opposes the dissolution of the marriage. Reconciliation, further life together, preservation of the family is impossible.

Guided by Art. 21 of the Family Code, I ask: To dissolve the marriage between me and the defendant Artamonov N. E., registered in the Central Office of the Registry Office of Chelyabinsk city under the deed number 474959.

19.10.2018 Plaintiff’s signature

Required documents and state duty

To the court is provided:

  • Statement of claim,
  • plaintiff’s passport,
  • receipt on transfer of the state duty,
  • marriage certificate,
  • certificates for children.

The defendant or plaintiff may submit a petition to consider the case in absentia.

The plaintiff before turning to the court shall pay 650 rubles. When filing a claim for division of acquired property in the family, a separate fee calculated according to the rules of art. 333.19 of the Tax Code depending on the claim amount is transferred.

After the decision is executed each party shall pay 650 rubles for the preparation of the certificate.

Procedure and terms of consideration

As a standard, cases are resolved by the justice of the peace within 1 month. When appealing to the district court it can take 2 months. The husband’s dissent delays the procedure, because in this case, a conciliation period is very likely to be appointed.

What it looks like:

  1. The first hearing decides whether conciliation is possible.
  2. Once conciliation is set, the next hearing is in 3 months.
  3. If there is disagreement, a judgment is rendered.
  4. The decision becomes effective after 1 month.
  5. The certificate is prepared for 1 day, after which the parties can pick it up at the registry office.

Is it possible to speed up the process of divorce?

The law does not provide grounds for expedited termination of marriage. The minimum period of consideration is 1 month, the maximum case can take up to six months.

How do I divorce my husband if I have an underage child?

Divorce without the consent of the wife

With what to begin the process of divorce with a husband or wife?

Case law

Most often, the courts assign a conciliation period when the defendants object to the divorce. Thereafter, in the absence of a positive change, marriages are recognized as dissolved.

Let’s look at a practical example:

Adamova O. N. At the hearing, the man speaks out against the separation, arguing that he wants to keep his family and the presence of a common child. The court accepts the verdict on the reconciliation.

Three months later, the second session is held. On it by questioning the plaintiff establishes that the term did not bring positive results, she still refuses to keep the family, arguing that the tough character of the spouse and domestic incompatibility. The marriage is declared dissolved.

Peculiarities of divorce in the presence of a child

Spouses with children are divorced only in court. It is important to consider several nuances regarding the requirements:

  • The plaintiff has the right to recover alimony from the defendant . The issue of leaving the children with the parent is also resolved if there is a disagreement. The lawsuit is filed in the district court when two claims are filed simultaneously.
  • Claims for the protection of the rights and interests of children are not subject to state fees. Payment is made only for the consideration of the case of separation.

On the basis of Article 19 of the UK Russian Federation in certain circumstances of treatment in court is not necessary. Enough of a statement from the spouse and a copy of the decision or the verdict.

Lawyer answers to common questions

Can I file for divorce online without the knowledge and permission of my spouse?

No. Online filing is only available through State Services. An invitation of the other party is required when filling it out. Jointly completed applications are submitted through civil registry office websites.

Online filing is not available in most regions.

How to get a divorce and where to go if you do not know where your husband is?

According to Article 29 of the Civil Procedural Code, it is allowed to sue at the address of residence of the defendant, where he last lived, according to the plaintiff, or at the location of his property.

My wife divorced me without my knowledge, is this legal?

No. You cannot get a divorce at the registry office without the other party’s knowledge. The court may annul the marriage, but this must be preceded by an action to notify the defendant.

If the defendant was not notified and is against it, he can challenge the decision before it comes into force in the court of appeals, and afterwards – in the court of cassation. The complaint shall be filed with the court that adopted the challenged document, subsequently redirected for consideration in a higher instance.

Opinion of the Expert

The dissolution procedure without the consent of the husband takes from 1 to 6 months. The maximum period is set when attempting to reconcile or dealing with secondary claims. Fast divorce is possible only through the registry office, in other situations, the procedure established by the Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation applies.

Can and how can a divorce be obtained through the registry office, if there is a minor child?

Divorce with a foreigner in Russia

Can I divorce if my child is under 1 year old?

Can and how can I divorce in absentia?

How to divorce a citizen of Ukraine?

Can I get divorced without a certificate of marriage?

I have my own apartment, my husband is registered in it, I will soon get a new one, can he claim it after my death?

The fact that your spouse is registered in your apartment means that he or she is living in the apartment on the basis of the right to use it. The right of ownership does not arise in this case. The registration of property rights to new public or municipal housing involves privatization, in which the husband has the right to participate. The apartment between the spouses is distributed in shares, as it is not jointly acquired property, and cannot have the status of joint ownership. If the property is privatized but the state registration of rights is not carried out (data are not entered into the Unified State Register of Real Estate), the citizen is not recognized as the owner (Article 1 of the Federal Law “On State Registration of Real Estate”). When one of the spouses dies, the title to his or her property passes to the heirs. Under the law the second spouse is among the heirs of the first order, unless otherwise provided for in the will.

Hello. Can I divorce my husband without his consent if he is in another city. There is a child of 1 year. I am unemployed, my husband is employed. Can my child be left with my husband?

Divorce with minor children and the disagreement of one of the spouses is carried out in court. The choice of the competent body – district or world court depends on the list of claims. World: – the presence of children under 18 years old; – the disagreement of the spouse; – the recovery of alimony; – division of property, the price of up to 50 thousand rubles.

District: – division of property, the price of more than 50 thousand rubles; – disputes about children: – determination of place of residence; – the order of communication; – contestation/establishment of paternity; – restriction/deprivation of parental rights.

If a dispute is declared about a child’s place of residence, the court takes into account the following circumstances: 1) Housing: – arrangement; – living conditions. 2) Social status of parents: – employment; – regularity of earnings; – health status. 3) Age of the child. 4) Possibilities of upbringing and development. 5) Relationship between father and mother. 6) Opinion of the body of trusteeship and guardianship.

As court practice shows, in 90% of cases, children (especially under 10 years) after a divorce remain with their mother. You need to file a claim for child support for the minor and yourself until the child is 3 years old.

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How to Dissolve a Marriage Unilaterally

To understand how to dissolve a marriage unilaterally, it is necessary to refer to the norms of the Family Code of the Russian Federation. It is there are enshrined the basic rules of the conclusion and dissolution of the marriage, the division of property by the spouses. Undoubtedly, that the divorce is easier to implement in Registry Office, but that’s just not always possible, since the legislation includes several circumstances, in the case of which for the decision of the issue need to go to court. To dissolve the marriage, if it wants only one spouse is even more difficult.

How to get a unilateral divorce through the registry office

As a general rule, spouses who do not have common minor children, and between them there is no property dispute about the joint property belonging to them, can apply to the registry office and divorce according to the established procedure. But from one spouse there application will not be accepted. The exceptions are the following situations:

  • When the court declared the spouse missing;
  • When the court declared the spouse legally incompetent;
  • When the spouse was held criminally liable, and the punishment is imprisonment for a term of not less than three years.

It is logical to assume that in the situations described above, the spouse simply cannot appear at the Registry Office, so they will only accept an application from the spouse who wants to and can file for divorce.

Again, the recognition of the spouse as missing does not automatically result in the termination of the marriage, as it happens in a situation where a person is recognized as dead.

How do I dissolve my marriage through the courts?

If one of the spouses opposes the divorce, then the other spouse has the right to unilaterally dissolve the marriage through the courts. Marriage is a voluntary union between two people, and no one can be in it against their will. But here, in order to protect your interests, you will have to go to court.

If the court finds that further marital life is impossible, it will dissolve the marriage, even if one of the spouses is against it. The court does not have the right to make a decision right away, but to delay the proceedings for up to three months in order to give the couple another chance. But if this does not work, and the spouse who filed the petition continues to insist on their own, then the divorce is inevitable.

Dissolution of marriage through the courts is also possible if one of the spouses, although not opposed to a divorce, but evaded the procedure itself. Does not come to the registry office to submit an application or to a hearing.

How to put an end to the marriage unilaterally: the preparation of the claim

Legal grounds for dissolution of marriage relations are established in the Family Code of the Russian Federation, but the procedural features are regulated by the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation. To the marriage was terminated unilaterally, it is necessary to prepare and submit to the court the corresponding claim. The requirements to this document are established by article 131 of the CPC. Thus, it must specify:

1. Passport data of the plaintiff, the address at which he resides.

2. similar information about the defendant.

3. Name of the judicial body, where the application is submitted.

4. The plaintiff’s claim (in this case, the claim for divorce).

5. Justification for their claim (reasons for initiating the divorce case).

6. List of attachments to the claim.

In addition to the application are attached the necessary supporting documents, a receipt about payment of state duty, copies of the claim and annexes – for the court and the defendant.

If the plaintiff’s claim is only a divorce, the claim must be filed before a justice of the peace.

The procedure of divorce in court

In addition to the issue of the possibility of unilateral dissolution of marriage, the court also decides the related points. If the couple has minor children, then they must resolve the issues of the child’s residence and alimony payments. At the same time with the divorce procedure may resolve a dispute about the division of property, if the parties have already understood that they will not be able to agree independently.

The decision of the court on dissolution of marriage does not put an end to the divorce, it is necessary for this decision to be registered at the registry office. Only after receiving a certificate of dissolution of marriage can be considered a divorce.

Nuances of the procedure

Dissolution of marriage unilaterally, although the procedure is not complicated, but has several procedural issues that only a qualified lawyer can understand. For example, often the wife, who wants a divorce, does not know where her second half, and therefore it is difficult to determine the judicial authority, in which to send a claim. Or, for example, there are situations when the spouse has left the country.

In such cases, the help of a competent specialist, who has experience in family disputes, will be just necessary. Moreover, such a specialist will save not only the time of the husband or wife, who have decided to start a divorce, but also save their nerves, which ultimately will affect their future relationship (because they may part or enemies, or friends).

In addition, a good lawyer will advise the spouses on the possible consequences of the divorce and other family issues.

lawyer Ekaterina Mikhailovna Murzakova offers its legal services to married couples, as mutually accepted the decision to divorce, and those in which only one of the spouses has a desire to break the union. In this case, assistance may be provided both in court (including when there is a child), and when applying to the departments of the Registry Office. To make an appointment for a consultation please call 8(495)505-24-50.

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