How to divination for love?

Self-telling divinations for love.

Since ancient times, girls are interested to know about the upcoming love or the truth about the real feelings that a young man has for them. Answering relationship questions will help independent divinations, which are carried out at home.

  • How to divination for love – the preparatory stage
  • Ways of simple divinations for love at home
  • Ritual with a pen and a sheet of paper
  • Fortune-telling on the thoughts of the beloved with the use of threads
  • Ritual on the attitude of a betrothed on playing cards
  • Fortune-telling on a Mirror
  • Modern Fortune Telling on the Phone
  • Fortune-telling on a Walnut Shell
  • How to know the name of betrothed?
  • Fortune-telling on the beloved with matches
  • Useful advices
  • When does the prediction not come true?
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Fortune-telling by yourself for love is simple enough, because the assortment of ways using various attributes is enormous. Fortune-tellers have been used for many generations in a row, and they, in turn, reveal the truth and point the right way.

If you are ready to find out the true feelings of your beloved, fortune-telling for a soulmate will reveal secrets and help you figure out the future development of the relationship.

How to divination for love – the preparatory stage

Determine the purpose of the ritual. If you wish to simply have fun, no special preparation is required. When you are serious about knowing the future, follow a number of rules.

  • If you divination with your friends, call those who believe in the truthfulness of the process. There should not be any skeptics in the company.
  • Seriously think about whether it is worth carrying out a ritual, because it’s magic, and therefore it can carry certain consequences.
  • Do not intrude into the future without good reason.
  • Prepare to see honest answers, not always positive. If you see something you don’t like – don’t dwell on bad information.
  • Clearly follow the rules of fortune telling, otherwise you can get in trouble.
  • The most truthful fortune-telling during a full moon, but turning to it for fun, there is a risk of causing trouble.

Ways of simple divinations for love at home

There are many types of divination for love and relationships, a few of the most common ways will help to find out the truth.

Ritual with a pen and a sheet of paper

One of the simplest and safest is the ritual with a pen and a sheet of caged paper.

The method will help to find out what feelings a particular young man is experiencing. The nuance of the ritual is that left-handed people need to write with the right hand, and right-handed people, respectively, with the left hand. In a corner of a sheet write the name of the beloved, and in the center draw a heart.

Separate the whole cells from those which have touched the outline of the heart. Cross out the whole cells in three pieces, and those that remain will tell you the result of the divination.

Explanation of the number of cells remaining:

One cell. A man loves you.
Two cells. The young man does not feel in love.
No whole cells. You will meet your love, you just have to wait for it.

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Fortune-telling on the thoughts of the beloved with the use of threads

Prepare balls of thread of five different colors: white, red, blue, green and black. If your beloved will not know what is in his/her heart and what is in his/her mind, tell the secret of your beloved’s identity to you.

After that, take out 5 threads – when all the threads are of different colors, the higher powers cannot give an exact answer to the question. When there are two of each thread of the same color, it means that the predictions will come true at different intervals.

WHITE A man will become your husband.
RED The man’s feelings are very strong and he will do anything for you.
BLUE There are more friendly feelings between you than love.
GREEN Your partner is not ready to take responsibility for you.
BLACK The young man is not interested in a serious relationship, there may have been cheating.

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Ritual on the attitude of a betrothed on playing cards

It is recommended to guess in the late evenings of odd numbers. Shuffle the deck, shift the cards with your little finger and move them to the bottom. Each card after shifting will reveal a secret about the young man’s feelings and the further development of the relationship.

Interpretation of the cards

  • Hearts – Symbolizes love
  • Cross – Adversity awaits
  • Diamonds – Joy and happiness
  • Spade – Trouble and unpleasantness
  • Six – Unexpected news, travel
  • 7- Fun, entertainment
  • 8th – Discussions about the future
  • 9- love for each other
  • 10- lucky future, plans and dreams
  • Jack – Trouble
  • Queen – Rival or adversary
  • King – Favourite, boss, colleague
  • Ace – Strong and stable relationship

Fortune-telling on a Mirror

Rituals with mirrors are considered the most dangerous and seldom girls dare to perform them at home.

The divination is simple enough – put two mirrors against each other so that a certain labyrinth of reflections will turn out, and in front of them light one candle each. Say: “Sweetheart, come to me for dinner”. After that, he should appear in the reflection. You must quickly say: “Dibs on me”, if you don’t have time to do it, misfortune will happen.

Modern Fortune Telling on the Phone

Enter any combination of numbers in your phone and dial a number. Then listen carefully to the voice and the phrase that will be answered:

What do you hear? Meaning What do you hear? Meaning
Male voice New acquaintance in the coming year “Speak.” Success in love depends on you
Woman’s voice Intrigue and jealousy from rivals “Well, who’s that!” Don’t be too intrusive.
“Yes.” No one will say no in the coming year The line is busy. Your actions will affect the future of the relationship
“Hello.” Implementation of plans and goals Wrong number dialed There will be retribution for your mistakes
“I’m listening.” Expect help from a strong person Silence Nothing serious waits

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Fortune-telling on a Walnut Shell

Insert a small candle in half of the shell so that this “ship” will not turn over. Dip the shell into a container full of water. The sooner the candle burns out, the sooner you can expect marriage.

How to know the name of betrothed?

Go out at midnight to a crossroads and ask the first person you meet his name. This will answer the question about the name of the future groom.

Another option: write men’s names on small pieces of paper and put them in a small bag or a box. After that, mix them up and take out the first one you see – that will be the name of the betrothed. This kind of divination is usually performed the night before Christmas.

Fortune-telling on the beloved with matches

Take two matches, associate one with yourself and the other with a young man to whom you have a liking. At the same time, set them on fire holding them in an upright position. When they will completely burn, look at their position, it will tell you about his/her attitude towards you.

The matches are leaning toward each other. He’s in love with you.
Their position is even. The man is indifferent.
His match is leaning away from you. You cause negative emotions to the man you were fortunetelling

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Useful advices

Carrying out the ritual, it is important to follow the rules that will help you get truthful answers.

  • The first thing to do is to choose the right day and time of the ritual. The ideal time is the evening after about seven o’clock. As for the day, choose any day except Saturday and Sunday, and also church holidays.
  • It is recommended to make a hex of your future and love while you are alone in an empty room. Do not tell anyone about the ritual, otherwise the otherworldly forces might not give truthful answers.
  • When divination, concentrate completely on the process. Turn off all devices which disturb the silence: cell phone, TV, computer, radio. Close the windows and doors tightly so that the room is quiet.
  • If you dared to divination, faith will help a beneficial result. Do not guess out of interest, not having faith in magic, otherwise you will not get honest answers to the questions asked.

When does the prediction not come true?

A few reasons why fortune-telling turns out to be untrue.

  • You are still inexperienced and cannot correctly interpret the answer you see.
  • At the time of the divination, your thoughts were focused on something else.
  • During the ritual, you were not feeling well or in a bad mood.
  • Your emotional state is restless.
  • The divination is happening too often.
  • The wrong question was asked.

Following the tips described in the article, the result of the divination is sure to be truthful and effective.

The most important thing to remember is that our happiness depends only on us, so do not dwell on the received answers. Listen to your heart and go towards your goals and dreams!

Guessing for Love and Relationships

Love is a feeling that everyone will think about and worry about. Sometimes this feeling brings us quite a few questions, the answers to which are quite difficult to get. To help in such situations come online divination for love and relationships. With our love divination, you can get answers to many questions regarding your partner, his feelings towards you, whether there is a prospect of an alliance or not, and in the end, whether your partner is other/other?

Every girl wants to know who her husband will be. In ancient times, for an answer to this question went to the gypsy, today you can get it with the help of cards.

Divination will help you to reveal what he thinks about returning the relationship, what he likes and what he does not like, whether he really wants to return what he lost or not, and whether you should make peace with him after the final quarrel.

This question worries a lot of girls who dream of love and want to understand the true intentions, thoughts and feelings of a loved one. This divination opens the veil of a man’s feelings, helping to understand his intentions, feelings, thoughts and more.

Love – a beautiful feeling, bright and very beautiful, but sometimes the heart of a loved one seems to be a mystery covered in darkness. Divination on the thoughts and feelings of a person you like will help to understand this issue.

Fortune-telling on treason husband/boyfriend allows you to not only understand whether there was treason at all, but also to understand the origins of this event, your own mistakes, blunders that may have provoked treason of a loved one.

Love relationships have always been full of mysteries and secrets. Unravel many of them will help this simple fortune-telling on playing cards, which helps you understand what your loved one is thinking and feeling.

Every girl has not once wondered whether she is destined to experience the joys of marriage and a happy family life or not, it’s unrealistic. In order to understand this question, a reading on the Tarot cards will help.

Love – an important part of the relationship, but in some cases, many take for it the usual sympathy or something else. To understand the answer to this question will help this online divination.

Love is overwhelming, forcing you to trust a loved one, but in some cases, the question arises – whether he is not dating someone else? You should not ask your loved one this question because he is unlikely to answer it sincerely and honestly, if he really has another.

Men are prone to adultery and, at times, the presence of a wedding ring does not stop them from frivolous acts. Do you want to find out for sure if he has another woman and how far he can go in his adventures?

Rivalry in love and at work is an important part of everyone’s life. Very often it is a rival becomes the cause of failure, trouble in love, family life or ruined relationship with the boss.

It is known that people break up, their life paths diverge, but there is almost always a curiosity about the ex or ex – what is happening on the other front line?

Each person’s name has its own sacred meaning. Curiously, divination allows you to find out and understand the name of a loved one, a man who will not only change the girl’s way of life, but also affect her thoughts, feelings and destiny.

Many girls are very interested to find out what their loved one is doing at the moment and divination will help to answer this question.

Every woman or girl wants to know who her future husband will be and what her life will be like with him. This divination helps to understand what exactly this person will be and what awaits you in the future.

Love comes suddenly, but the future of the relationship is often hidden from view. Understand what will happen next, will help you decide on the Gypsy card.

Reveal his plans for the future of the relationship will help online raskladka gypsy cards, which reveals plans for the future and works regardless of what you think together, how you imagine the relationship, at what stage you are.

Love is a beautiful state of mind that twists thoughts and feelings, filling life with a special meaning. Everyone wants to know whether it will be long, whether your partner or partner’s behavior will spoil it, whether other people or circumstances will prevent you from being together.

It is believed that the divination “Crown of Love” gives a very accurate answer to almost all questions, especially if you can not understand the feelings of a loved one. It will tell you what he thinks and what will make your happiness come true.

The “Statue of Love” divination reveals a lot about the person you like best – his motivation, behavior, actions, aspirations, thoughts, feelings and much more.

Tarot cards quite easily reveal a person’s thoughts and feelings, the motivations that made them do the deed. You will easily understand if the person you love is lying to you or not.

Love is a beautiful feeling, but in some cases it gives you a sense of uncertainty and great distress. A love puzzle will help you understand what is really going on.

Tibetan MO divination will help you learn a lot about love, your relationship with a particular person, the positive experiences and emotions you are having. This divination will allow you to reveal a lot about your personal life, love and your partner’s true attitude towards you.

This divination is also suitable for the wives of men who have a passion on the side. This divination helps to understand one’s role in a relationship and to feel almost all the nuances.

This divination can be performed for those who are dreaming of a new relationship and true love, want a virtual affair to grow into something more, or for those who are forced to be apart from their loved one for some time and are afraid that they will fall out of love and feelings will change.

Raskladki on Tarot arcana will understand why a loved one has grown cold, what feelings he has at the moment, and what to expect from him in the future.

The love deal to clarify the love affair between a woman and her husband and lover, what prospects await her with these men, and how to deal with the situation.

The reading will allow a woman to understand who eventually a man will choose: his wife or his mistress, for whom he has more feelings.

The reading is suitable for wives and lovers who want to understand the sincerity of a man’s intentions and feelings.

One way to understand why there is no true love and why personal life does not add up – to predict the Tarot Manara. It will tell you why it is difficult to build a personal life and find your own happiness.

What should you do to feel real happiness, joy and positive experiences, overcoming the problems? Egyptian Tarot divination “3 cards” comes to the rescue.

The reading will clarify the situation in love and relationships, what prospects await you with a partner, what to be afraid of, etc.

With the Tarot reading for love and relationships, you can learn the thoughts and feelings of his beloved, as well as understand what prevents the progress of your relationship.

Fortune-telling on the Scandinavian runes in love and relationships, is one of the most accurate and truthful divination which helps to solve many personal problems.

Easy divination playing cards that will clarify the situation in love and relationships between partners.

Fortune-telling on playing cards on your loved one, his thoughts, desires, what he wants and what he is afraid of.

Advice: Do not use too many divinations of love, as it can mislead you.

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