How to diversify a relationship?

How to diversify a relationship

Falling in love is incomparable to any other feeling: it gives a surge of hormones and an inexpressible feeling of happiness. But falling in love is followed by disappointment or an emotional downturn, because it’s impossible to always be at your limit. If a few months or years ago you were going crazy from the moments of separation and were willing to do anything to be together a little longer, now there are more fights, and spending time together doesn’t seem as exciting anymore. This is where every loving person will think about how to diversify the relationship. Looking for another girl is not such an option, but at the same time want that novelty and the frantic pounding of the heart from her touch.

Let’s see how to freshen up a relationship and make sure that everyday life doesn’t ruin love. Let’s start with 10 tips to shake up a relationship.

Tip #1: Accept change normally.

You’re changing, and so is she, so the format of the relationship is constantly transforming, too. She won’t always be the young girl you fell in love with, and you need to accept that. You’re not the skinny kid either, but quite an imposing man with equally brutal stubble. The changes will be physical, psychological. You will get to know each other anew every day, and here it is important to love the person who is near, not his distant image. Surprise each other with your new positive qualities, do unexpected and atypical things, so that she can not say that you are predictable.

Tip #2: Give each other more personal space

If you’re together, it doesn’t mean that you have to grow together and not let your loved one go anywhere. In order for you to have fun together, you need to each also have your own experiences that you’ll want to share. Trust should be unconditional: no tantrums that she got held up at a friend’s and you decided to meet up with friends. Yes, doing things together brings you closer, but it’s the separation that invigorates, motivates and shakes up the relationship. There are many options:

  • hobbies can help diversify communication with a girl;
  • Work is a part of life, and it’s harder to diversify a relationship without it;
  • Meetings with friends shake things up and diversify communication;
  • courses, training seminars.

It’s great when after spending time with other people, you realize that your girlfriend is the best. It can be the other way around, but we’re talking about real feelings that need to be shaken up now.

Tip #3: Come up with an activity or vacation together to diversify the relationship

This is the other side of the situation, here both are too busy, so they do not find time to communicate with each other. If you see each other for a few minutes a day, not counting the short sex before bedtime, you can quickly come to the conclusion that you are strangers. You’ll just miss the moment when you both switch and suddenly realize that you were falling in love with a completely different person. Let alone renew your relationship: there just won’t be time for that.

Tip #4: Appreciate her and your relationship

We quickly forget to be thankful for the ordinary little things in life, care and help. If she takes you for granted, show her by example that this is not the norm and it shouldn’t be. It’s easy to diversify your relationship with a girl if you start treating her like a stranger you like. Say nice words, be polite, and thank her for the ordinary little things in everyday life so that she feels your love again and knows she is appreciated.

Tip #5: Trust each other and talk openly

Intrigue and intrigue are enough for you at work, but at home you need to be as open as possible and make it so that the girl can also freely express her opinion or tell you what’s on her mind. This intimacy is both necessary and dangerous. In psychology, there is an opinion that this kind of kinship makes you perceive the person you love as a brother or sister, which reduces the attraction. That is why in addition to candor, it is important to maintain attraction by constantly using flirting.

Tip #6: Flirt to diversify your relationship with your girlfriend!

And not with anyone, but with your girlfriend. Give gifts, make nice surprises. You did this when you first started dating, and if you didn’t, it’s all the more time to catch up. Flirting doesn’t always have to lead to sex. What’s important is that there’s constant flashes of lightning and tension between you. Kisses, hugs, and compliments lift your spirits. All of this should be in moderation. Sometimes let the girl yearn for your attention, so that there is no satiety.

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Tip #7: Watch yourself!

If she fell in love with you not for your looks but for your intelligence, then you can relax and continue to chew the granite of science, but if she’s excited about your abs, it’s silly to throw away the gym. Take care of yourself, don’t let her get too comfortable. Do not spare money on her development, sports hobbies. From this, you also benefit!

Tip #8: Develop together to diversify life

Learn something new together: rowing, rollerblading, cooking classes. Here it’s up to you to see what you prefer. Achievement strengthens relationships, allows you to get to know each other better and feel supported. Choose what interests you: read a book and discuss, go to the gym or play an online game. You don’t have to conquer Mount Everest to get close.

Tip #9: Let your sweetheart bore you for a while

If you’ve already crashed to freshen up the relationship, and she’s still acting like a queen, try playing the ice lord yourself. Become cold, give yourself away a little. Let her miss your attention and worry if you’ve found someone.

Tip #10: Change the environment to diversify your communication with your girlfriend

You can start repairing or traveling: if it does not lead to a divorce, it will definitely cheer up the relationship. Get emotion together, solve problems, make decisions and watch the results. Work, like rest, is a great motivator, as well as showing the problem areas in the relationship.

Ways to get more positive emotions together

And now some separate tips that are aimed at reducing irritation, reducing the number of nagging and normalize the situation. These tips will be needed if you are more likely to experience negativity when communicating with your loved one than pleasant feelings:

  • device a pleasant surprise: it will help to diversify the relationship with the girl;
  • give a small gift;
  • recollect the most pleasant moments from your past together;
  • think of traditions for your couple to diversify everyday life;
  • organize a joint vacation: a movie, a theater, a trip, a walk – a real date;
  • Make a variety in sex.

This way you can both renew the relationship, and give them spice and passion. Rediscover each other and discover new facets of sensuality and character. Help each other to develop and change, spend more time together, but so that it was bright moments, and not so that it seems to be near, but each in his phone.

How to refresh the relationship at a distance

And now let’s talk about how you can diversify your relationship if you are far from each other. Such feelings are exhausting and sometimes it is not clear whether it is worth waiting for a meeting, if there are so many resentments and misunderstandings now. To relations have not fallen to the level where it is better not to meet again, it is worth a little work on them:

  1. It is better to use a separate messenger for your beloved. A work account is not the best place for a love correspondence: you will be constantly distracted, and she will be angry that you are online but not responding. She doesn’t care much about your deadlines, burning report and having to report to your boss and urgently fixing a problem. All she cares about is that she’s not in the first place, and at a distance resentment will only alienate you.
  2. Communicate more by video and send each other voice messages. Nothing is as annoying as voicemails from coworkers or a similar group. Why would you want to listen to someone else’s train of thought that can fit into a couple of lines? But it’s different with your beloved: be sure that when you quarrel, she will listen to your dialogues with declarations of feelings.
  3. Online dating: spend more time together, albeit via video link. Make the same dinner, watch a movie by turning it on at the same time.
  4. Use private streams specifically for your beloved: you can not only show how you play, but also arrange broadcasts from work or the gym.
  5. Share with your favorite music: the one that reminds you of her or just funny tunes that lift your spirits.
  6. Play one online game to diversify your relationship with your girlfriend.
  7. Make gifts and surprises at a distance – now it’s very easy to organize. It’s so easy to diversify your everyday life and make it nice.
  8. Try to be physically a little closer: there are special gadgets in a sex shop, but you can get by with a smart bracelet that vibrates when the other person sends a signal. It will diversify your relationship, and you won’t be looking at other girls.

Try different options and you’ll succeed in both diversifying your relationship with a girl and making her fall in love with you all over again. Everything will work, but only if your significant other is also interested in developing the union and is also deeply in love with you. In any case, your efforts will not be in vain: they will show whether you can revive love or it’s time to think about finding a new relationship.

How to diversify your relationship with your partner?

Professional journalist, author of a poetry collection and several literary publications.

Expert – Margarita Lopukhova

Family psychologist. For 8 years I have been saving “family units” from disintegration. I help couples regain love and understanding.

Before answering the question of how to diversify relationships, it is important to think how much is needed? Some people are completely unprepared for the changes habitually arranged daily events. And a steep turn, even on an axis, can sometimes achieve a slightly different effect than what was expected.

Most often, attempts to change the established way of life, undertaken by couples who have long been together, or rather only one of its halves. No matter male or female initiates variety, it is important to remember that the hated routine, ostracized by one of the partners may be the highest achievement for the other. And trying to change anything may seem to the spouse, or lover, to be an attack on the best that he or she has been able to build.

Once you’re convinced that destroying the stereotypical existence won’t undermine the solid foundation of the relationship, you can think about how to diversify the relationship.


It is logical to assume that the novelty in life will benefit people who have known each other for a long time, and sometimes better than themselves. Based on this, the easiest way to break the vicious circle of habit becomes an elementary change in appearance. A new hairstyle, a radically different style of dress, the complete opposite of the behavior, any physical changes.

The easiest ways for women

Of course, the trick with the new hairstyle is easiest for girls, even without changing the length of their hair and their favorite haircut. It is easy to arrange a complete coloring from brunette to sultry red beauty, or aristocratic blonde. Or instead of a comfortable ponytail, do style, curl straight hair, straighten curls, in the end to build a nest on the head like Yulia Timoshenko.

And most importantly, it is easy to complete the image of a woman with clothes. From the housewife or lady of the office, especially remembering changes in hairstyles, it is easy to become a princess, courtesan, milkmaid, and even an international spy) And let’s not even mention that an important part of the image is entering the role. All female bust owners, born actresses, especially when it comes to, if not to save the drowning relationship, but at least to improve and develop it.

The easiest ways for men

Naturally, the scope for trivial changes in hairstyles of representatives of the stronger half of the world is very limited, but without resorting to external changes, it is very easy for men to surprise his lady with a change in attitude towards her. Flowers, compliments, attention, opening the door to a companion, little romantic surprises, will have a very positive impact on the relationship in the couple. Reincarnation of a man from a strict father and big boss into a husband in the kitchen, in an apron on his bare torso, will not leave unnoticed by any woman.

Changing your favorite tracksuit and sneakers in a strict classic suit, coupled with an invitation to the theater and the simple rules of etiquette, will blow away any wife and constant companion. For those who, reading the lines about the theater, thinking that he does everything right, since he always does as written, there is also a very solid recipe. A leather jacket, jeans, a rental bike, and a pair of helmets. Added to this list is a bouquet of carrots, not the classic roses, and a motorcycle ride with your beloved toward the sunset!

These elementary ways are one hundred percent consistent with two of the world’s standards: 1 – “women love with their ears”, 2 – “men love with their eyes”. However, in the name of safety, it is worthwhile to find out in advance, very delicately, the other half’s attitude towards what is supposed to be put on the line of change. Perhaps a partner has a negative attitude toward blondes or the image of, for example, stewardesses, and the partner is terrified of motorcycles. These same tips easily apply to couples whose relationship is still fresh and has not marked its first five-year anniversary.

Methods of medium difficulty.

For those whose desire for change, are not satisfied with the ideas from the previous chapter, there are more complicated methods. For their implementation will require a certain amount of financial expenses, and free time, which in today’s world is even more difficult to get than the proverbial money.

Method number one is a joint hobby. Good if the couple have some common interests, then they will be easy to develop, and the banal relationship of bed, work and dinner will take on new shades of friendliness. Favorite hobbies associated with the other half will attract to each other even more. A little harder, it is with couples who have very different views on recreation and can not find common interests, in such cases, the initiator will have to penetrate into the essence of the hobby of the second half, and share his preferences. True, this option requires the necessary patience and understanding.

Way number two – travel. A vacation spent together not in the garden beds with potatoes, and not on the couch under the TV, will energize any relationship for the next two to three months, of course, provided that the place of rest is chosen jointly and to the mutual liking of the parties. Whether it is the nearest sanatorium, or a trip abroad, impressions and discussions will last a long time, which, incidentally, can be a pretext for a gathering of old friends, both at the table and for a joint trip.

Cardinal measures with high risk and complexity

A change of scenery is the best vacation, but a change of home environment that involves renovation is not a vacation at all, but hard work. Those couples who have managed to survive more than one repair together are considered strong and stable. True, many argue that the wallpaper should glue itself, and to strengthen the feelings of weak alcoholic beverages and profanity in the process, and the wallpaper is better glued, and people talk for many years of life together. If the process of changing the home itself is entrusted to professionals, then the updated interior and its troublesome choice, one way or another, will bring variety to the habitual way of life of the owners.

Another way to change the environment, but more complicated in execution. Joint choice of a new place of residence, whether it is a nearby street or another country, inevitably involves a lot of communication partners in unusual unusual topics. And let the move itself will not happen, but in the course of its discussion and planning can learn a lot of new facts about each other. And if a change of residence – be, then the hassle associated with this event will significantly distract the couple from the familiar life. A sea of new experiences and concerns await both partners. It will take at least a couple of months for everything to go back to normal.

Of course, this is a measure of last resort, but it is not necessary to separate in an ultimatum, under the pretext of thinking and taking a break from your partner. You can go on vacation, on a business trip, to study, to visit a sick grandmother, or just a distant relative. Some people just need a couple of days away from the annoying bustle to realize that they no longer can without it.

Answers on how to diversify relationships, very much, but few advisers will warn that any changes may not be to the liking of every family member or partner in a couple, and before taking any attempts to any dramatic changes, it is worth taking care about the feelings of the second half, and at least make sure that innovation will not harm relationships.

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